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Describes building a penthouse apartment as "replacing asphalt roof"

Mansell Construction Services - and Jefferson house, 11 Basil St, London SW3 1AX


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(NB: Mansell is covered in my 03.06.08 (74 pg) Witness Statement)

Brian Gale, MRICS, stated under "2.05 - Tender procedure " of his 13.12.02 "Expert Witness Report" to Her Majesty's then London Leasehold Valuation Tribunal (LVT) that Mansell had been "invited to tender for the works".  

As evidenced by the enclosures attached 'by' Joan Hathaway, MRICS, of the then Martin Russell Jones (MRJ), to 'her' 15.07.02 demand (Overview # 1) - Mansell opted to NOT tender for "the major works".

Because the tribunal's 2003 findings (LVT 4.1; Gale # 6 , # 7) were not to Andrew David Ladsky's 'liking' who 'needed' the money to make his multi-million £ jackpot, he and his gang of racketeers totally ignored them (LVT # 4.3).

The following year, and hence nearly 2 years after the above demand of 15.07.02, in 'her' (=Ladsky) 26.03.04 letter, Hathaway, MRICS, MRJ, wrote to "All Lessees":  

"Due to excessive delays in collecting the contributions from all lessees [*] we have to inform you that it has been necessary to commence renegotiations with the original contractor and other contractors."

At the current time the contract administrators Brian Gale and Associates are in discussion with the original contractor and others to obtain updated prices for the works.

Once these prices have been obtained we will write to all lessees again giving the current cost, the intention being that the proposed works can be started as soon as possible..."

(*) Contrast that with the previous claims, and therefore libellous comments made against me by Brian Gale and Ladsky during the tribunal hearings: Gale # 2; extracts under Extortion.

In 'his' 02.08.04 letter, Barrie Martin, FRICS, MRJ, wrote that

"the contract has been awarded to Mansells"


  • (1)- Mansell was not one of the contractors who tendered against Killby & Gayford (the Gayford's specification is stated under para.2 of the 17.06.03 tribunal report, ref LVT/SC/007/120/02, as being used during the hearings (LVT # 4 ; Gale # 6 , # 7); followed from the breach of statutory requirements that the maximum that could be demanded from EACH lessee was £250 (US$441), or a total of £8,750 (US$15,429)...

...- v. the £736,200 (US$1.3m) demanded in the 15.07.02 demand, and 7 Aug 02 application to the tribunal (see Overview # 5 for what took place).

Of course, Ladsky had employed a firm to fit in with the rest of his gang of racketeers.


Brian Gale, MRICS, and Mansell's 04.11.XX "Brief description of works" - At the start of "the major works":

"General repair and refurbishment of the main structure of Jefferson House, 11 Basil St, to include cutting out of spalled and defective brickwork and replacing to match, replacing asphalt roofs, redecoration externally, redecoration of internal common areas, replacement of lift"


And that's how "replacing asphalt roofs" translates:

Back Jefferson House in July 2002...

...and in September 2005

The scaffolding started to be put in place in the 3rd week of Aug 04.

As can be seen from the Photo gallery, by 1 May 06 (photo of the entrance corridor), "the major works" were not completed.

WHY? Because in addition to building a penthouse apartment that spans the whole length and width of Jefferson House,

"the general repair and refurbishment works " also included the addition of 3 other apartments. (*)

(See Brian Gale # 8 for how he continued to lie about 'the works' carried out)

(*) Amazingly, by 2016, they had 'disappeared': Martyn Gerrard # 30.


(Note - Apr 08:

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) was investigating alleged "bid-rigging activities, and in particular cover pricing" as well as "compensation payments" among 112 construction companies (reported at the time under

Mansell was one of the companies under investigation (listed number 12 in the OFT's list).

Its ultimate holding company, Balfour Beatty was reported to have "co-operated fully" and as a result "to have been granted leniency to reduce any possible fines"

= A typical outcome from a British Establishment (book reference) so-called 'regulator' when 'dealing' with misconduct / corruption by corporates e.g. financial sector.


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