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A victim held to ransom, or an accomplice of Rachman Andrew David Ladsky?

Ex (?) Resident K - at Jefferson House, 11 Basil St, London SW3 1AX


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Events in relation to Resident K are covered under police # 1: KP(3) and background, and My Diary w/c 18 Mar 02 ; 25 Mar 02 ; 24 Apr 02 ; 31 May 02 ; 11 July 02.

As can be seen from police # 1: KP(3) and background, as well as the 11.07.02 letter from Sir Toby Harris, then Chair of the Metropolitan Police Authority (police # 1 background) - the police claimed that ALL the 20 anonymous phone calls I had received were from Resident K. Harris' letter:

"[Resident K] is held fully responsible for the crime.

There was therefore no option other than to hold Mrs [x] fully responsible for this crime"

As explained police # 1: KP(3) and background: the evidence demonstrates that this claim is FALSE.

On 24 Apr 02 Resident K 'cornered me' in Walton St at 19h30 looking clearly worried. I challenge her several times by saying:  

"Are you saying you made the calls yourself, not Ladsky?"

She said 7-8 times that she had "nothing against [me]", that she "like[d me]". She did not reply 'yes' to my question. I told her that the matter was not over.

I subsequently found, on the Land Registry Title for apartment 33, at 26.04.04, that a "caution", had been filed on 10 October 2003 in favour of Steel Services.

See the Particulars of Claim, for the 29.11.02 claim filed in West London County Court, which indicate that the claim against apartment 33 was the 2nd highest, at £62,000 (US$109,300).

Resident K came to my apartment, one day in Jan/Feb 02 to complain about Andrew Ladsky, saying that he was "making a lot of noise in the middle of the night, fighting with his girlfriend" . I suggested she reports this to the local authority.  

In 2001, Resident K had complained to Resident H (who headed the Residents Association) of "noise from Mr Ladsky's flat in the middle of the night".

(At the time, Resident H was trying to organise the leaseholders to respond to the so-called "offer" of buying the headlease - see Notices by landlord - 13 December 2000).

Leaseholder H reported that Resident K had told her she was "very frightened of Andrew Ladsky". Apparently, Resident K also said the same thing to Leaseholder A, the Elderly Resident.

When she came to my apartment in Jan/Feb 02, Resident K also told me that, one evening, as she was getting into the lift two men forced their way in and asked her why she was not paying her service charge.

(NB: Note that Joan Hathaway, MRICS, Martin Russell Jones (MRJ), sent the 'service charge' demand for "the major works" 5 months LATER, in a letter dated 15.07.02 - Overview # 1).

In addition to her visit, I also had 1-2 phone calls from Resident K in which she repeated the same thing, and said that she could "no longer live in the block". 2 years later i.e. in 2004, I saw her in the block!

In Aug 07 she was in Jefferson House - and told me that her fight over the July 2002 'service charge' demand (Overview # 1) had cost her "over £1 million" (US$1.8m). I replied that I was "amazed" at the fact that she was still in the block.

What really happened with this Resident?

In the light of events, and of my experience with many people in this island-Kingdom (My Diary # 2.4) - I am more inclined towards 'complicity with Rachman Andrew David Ladsky'.

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