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How many more residents have a story to tell?

Other Residents - at Jefferson House, 11 Basil St, London SW3 1AX


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This page includes other instances of harassment, bullying and intimidation of residents by Rachman Andrew David Ladsky (see also the Elderly Resident; the person who headed our Residents Association for other instances of harassment).

(This is in addition to harassment and intimidation by 'Steel Services' i.e. Ladsky, of our local Citizens Advice Bureau, Nucleus)

In her 01.11.02 letter to me, Leaseholder F wrote:

"Both I and my tenant, who is an extremely courteous and polite young woman, experienced unprovoked direct verbal and other abuse by Mr Ladsky late last year, to the point where I had contacted my solicitor with request to take legal action for threatening behaviour against Mr Ladsky, which I did not pursue.

My tenant was terrified and intimidated by his behaviour, and I, on confronting him directly on the phone, would have been terrified too, if I had not been so enraged by his actions.

He acted like a petty tyrant, and I am not afraid to put on record that I believe that he is capable of any unscrupulous actions in order to achieve his aims" [NB: A spot on assessment - see Extortion]


Letter from Leaseholder B to Nucleus, dated 11.11.01, in which the leaseholder reported:

" wife was alone in our flat when she heard someone using a key to try and enter our flat.

On opening the door she saw Mr Ladsky.

The police were called and he spoke to Mr Ladsky who admitted that he had tried to enter our flat for the purpose of getting our windows cleaned."


Leaseholder C sent me an email on 24.02.03 saying that a friend who had gone to her apartment had

"found legal papers stating my flat would be auctioned and the contents sold to the highest bidder on March 11.

I have not received a single piece of paper to this effect in the states and I think the flats would be literally GONE had [x] not happened to go over"


In March 2004, I heard that Ladsky had ' allegedly ' tripped one of the leaseholders' tenants in the corridor. She 'apparently' reported this to Kensington & Chelsea police. (The leaseholder had told me that she had challenged Ladsky)

How many more residents have a story to tell?

How many of these went to Kensington & Chelsea police to file a complaint?

Oh! but of course, as Paul Webster, Detective Inspector, Kensington police, wrote in his 23.04.02 'reply' to me (police # 1 - background)

"No crime report has been reported to this police borough regarding Mr Ladsky, in your letter you mention that other occupiers had complained this may be correct, but there are no reported crimes about Mr Ladsky"


(NB: Under the 26/03/2002-13h42 entry of its "crime report" (police # 1 KP(3)), Kensington police claimed that:

"Ladsky has not been the subject in any crime reports" ...


- v. its claim under para.6 of its 30.06.11 Application (following filing my 19 Apr 11 Claim against the police) that:

"All the details supplied must be recorded"

(Discussed e.g. under para.42 of my 17.10.11 Request for Oral Hearing of Permission to Appeal).


It is glaringly obvious that Her Majesty's police decided to not record crime reports against 'Dear Mr Ladsky', the 'sacrosanct' landlord and 'Jewish' Mason - see police # 4.


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