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Brave people, doing their best, in spite of being threatened by 'Steel Services' = Rachman Andrew David Ladsky'

Nucleus, Citizens Advice Bureau - re. Jefferson House, 11 Basil St, London SW3 1AX


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In the autumn of 2001, several leaseholders approached Nucleus, our local Citizens Advice Bureau, asking for its assistance in relation to service charge queries, and numerous other issues (e.g. 08.10.01 and 05.11.01 letters to Joan Doreen Hathaway, MRICS, of the then Martin Russell Jones (MRJ)),...

...including identification of the identity of the owners of Jefferson House (our statutory right). (See Owners identity # 1 for detail on the latter).

The main point of contact was Yemah Barlay, a truly dedicated, highly professional individual.

In relation to the queries on the service charges, Nucleus suggested we appoint an arbitrator (as per the clause in the Lease - Clause 2(2)(g)) .  

(NB: At the 29 Oct 02 pre-trial 'hearing' at the then London Leasehold Valuation Tribunal, the Chair highlighted the arbitration clause to us (i.e. the leaseholders), and told us that, because of this clause in our lease, the application by Steel Services might actually not proceed to a hearing by the LVT). (It did!).

Ms Barlay helped us put together an Arbitration document.

Lessees getting 'free advice' from the Citizens Advice Bureau was totally contrary to another critical element of the ' Business Model of the Unscrupulous Landlord in 21 st century England' - which is to ensure that they pay for professional advice.

The more they pay, the greater the likelihood that, to use the expression from Lanny Silverstone, Cawdery Kaye Fireman & Taylor (CKFT), (as he told me at the 24 Jun 03 WLCC's hearing), they will "make a commercial decision" (Overview - Note 4) i.e. pay what the landlord asks for... the threat of forfeiture and bankruptcy proceedings, as well as court claims = fraud tools.

It led to Nucleus receiving a 14.11.01 letter from 'Steel Services' = Rachman Andrew David Ladsky - stating:

"We write in relation to an application made to RICS by you on behalf of [Leaseholder A, the Elderly Resident] and other tenants.

"We will of course be holding the tenants liable for any costs to which we are put as a result of their failure to properly consult with us on any matters that they wish to raise." (1)

We are seeking legal advice as to whether you may be liable, personally or as an organisation for this conduct and we will of course be writing to RICS appropriately.

if you could give us an explanation as to why you are in fact dealing with this matter at all.

It is our understanding that [Leaseholder name] and [Leaseholder name] are persons with substantial means. We cannot believe that your organisation was established for the purpose of assisting wealthy individuals .

Should we not receive an explanation within seven days it is our intention to take this matter to the leader of the Kensington and Chelsea borough council, RICS and Mr Michael Portillo"

(1) See e.g. Overview # 1 , # 2 , # 3 and # 5 ; Extortion ; Advisors to Jefferson House - for Rachman Ladsky and his gang of racketeers' definition of "consult".

Rest of the letter: typical Rachman Ladsky type of letter - who knows that he has the run of this island-Kingdom - giving him the right to do whatever he wants - without fear of sanction.


Clearly, these threats amount to intimidation of Nucleus

Comparison of the 14.11.01 letter it received 'from' 'Steel Services' with the 25.01.01 letter Andrew David Ladsky sent me (and other leaseholders at Jefferson House) suggests the same originator: same layout, same typeface, same writing style.

Another letter in the 'same style', tone and presentation from 'Steel Services', dated 02.01.01 was sent to the Elderly Resident.

Of course, since then, there has been a mountain of evidence proving - undeniably - that Andrew Ladsky is the puppet-string-puller behind his gang of racketeers.

In addition, Nucleus also received threatening phone calls - as detailed in the ' 02.12.xx, Chronology of Events ' section, on page 6 of the draft Arbitration document they helped us prepare:

31. 13/11/01: A Mr [ ] phones to talk to manager of Nucleus / HASKC. Says that he is a freelance reporter. Refuses to state who has instructed him. Quotes Jefferson House 11 Basil Street. States HASKC is representing people with money. He is interested in running a story on this.

Manager points out that HASKC represents people in Kensington and Chelsea who are vulnerable. Irrespective of race, sexuality, gender, religion, financial means, age. We provide impartial advice and are interested in rights not privileges.

32. 28/11/01: a Mr Davies called Nucleus. He said he worked for Steel Services but refused to say in what capacity.

Was very abusive to Ms [ ] , manager. He wanted to know why she was dealing with the case and said he would be referring her to the Law society.

He was equally abusive to Ms [ ] 's manager"

YEP! That's Rachman psycho Andrew David Ladsky alright!


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