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Albert Einstein is reported to have said:

"The world is a dangerous place to live;

not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it."

I was prompted to develop this page because of my experience since 2002, for committing the, evidently, 'heinous crime' of 'daring’ to stand-up for my so-called 'rights' - against what I came to conclude is British Establishment-controlled and protected organized crime:

examples of the persecution; 'surveillance' summaries; Case summary.

Although the black-on-white evidence in my case is very damning, my objectives in covering other people's experience is to add credence to what I report, and help shake off the prejudices that block a clear vision...

- as well as raise the profile of whistleblowers who, in the face of unbelievable adversity, and at immense costs to themselves, have the backbone to stand up for what is right. Hence, a page dedicated to their glory.

It contains only a handful of examples. Over time, I'll aim to add others.

In his book, "Greed, Fraud & Corruption - A Guide to Organisational Ethics" (published by Management Books 2000 Ltd), Samuel A. Malone has a section on 'whistleblowing' (page 82) - in which he cites examples of the experience of whistleblowers, as well as quotes the findings from a survey on whistleblowers, reported by the Irish Times of 27 Jul 04.

He follows this with "Thus the consequences for the whistleblower are very serious..." .

The Mail on Sunday sub-titled its 15 Feb 09 article, "We're letting down the whistleblowers" - with:

"They make a brave stand for justice... but the cost to their careers and health can be devastating"

The examples referred to on this page give an idea of the extent of the "seriousness of the consequences on whistleblowers".

In the United Kingdom, the state would have you believe that 'whistleblowers are protected through legislation' e.g. Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998.

In its (above) 15 Feb 09 article, the Mail on Sunday describes the Act as "little better than a shield of tissue paper against mistreatment."

In the UK, and, indeed in many other countries, 'dare' to stand-up, challenge, and then, out of despair, expose the malpractice and wrongdoings of the Establishment and of its hangers-on and cronies - and the 'knives are out'.

Because not held to account, and having put in place a system to ensure their protection, the power-corrupted supremacist monsters perceive themselves - and behave – as being 'above the law of the land' - untouchable.

Your card is marked - and there is absolutely nowhere for the 'the little people' to turn to for help and protection within the state...

- and, at times, even within the private sector, because of the closing of ranks / financial situation of the whistleblower e.g. Northern Rock employee; Dr Shiban Ahmed and Professor Ed Jesudason.

The automatic closing of ranks within the state and private sector, and between them, is amply demonstrated by the outcomes of my 50+ legitimate ‘cries for help’ and complaints – in vain.

The glue that binds the "fantastically corrupt" symbiotic relationships is the masonic network.

Even the police has its own masonic lodge.

(In my case, there are the additional factors of 'daring' to challenge and expose Jewish criminals, and the fact that the Jewish lobby is a dominant force in this kingdom).

Using their default omertà: 'Don't point the finger at the perpetrator, point it instead at its victim' – the tyrants perceive themselves as ‘being your victims’ – and crucify you in order to punish you, silence you, often aiming to destroy you.

In his 10 July 09 article "What kind of country sacks a dinner lady for telling the truth?", Daily Mail's Richard Littlejohn summed up the reaction of those challenged as:

"Whenever they're caught out, their first instinct is denial, followed by cover-up and a demented witch-hunt to discover and persecute whoever leaked the story."

The ‘British way’ of doing this to 'the little people', 'the Proles' / "the Oiks / the Great Unwashed" / "the Lobbyists"...

- "in Britain" which, according to the then Prime Minister David Cameron:

"...has a long and exemplary record on human rights..."

"We are not and never will be a country that walks on by while human rights are trampled into the dust"

(But then, the UK's Human Rights Act is a sham).

...- is through an arsenal of Machiavellian, extremely cruel, vicious, perverse, vindictive, sadistic underhanded criminal psychological harassment tactics...

amounting to victimisation that is relentlessly raping you psychologically and financially.

The power-corrupted, ego-crazed Establishment, its henchmen, henchwomen and stooges know absolutely no bounds in the 'retribution', as well as for covering-up wrongdoings.

Your ‘daring’ to not fall into a heap from their attempts at submission and lick their jackboots 'in gratitude' for their horrendous, extremely abusive and life-destroying treatment, leads them to constantly add to the mental torture and reprisals, and to their viciousness and cruelty e.g.:

— treat the whistleblowers as terrorists, by using anti-terrorism legislation e.g.

(1)- Mr Osita Mba ; (2)- Derby council

— spend millions of pounds gagging whistleblowers e.g.

NHS and Mr Gary Walker

— persecute, as well prosecute to the point of ruin those who refuse to be gagged and destroy evidence e.g.

Professor Ed Jesudason

— spend millions of pounds persecuting whistleblowers (it's taxpayers' money; so: no limit!) e.g.

(1)- Dr Raj Mattu: over £6million; (2)- Mrs Sally Murer: over £1million;

(3)- Mr Nigel Ward: over £1million; (4)- Canadian Lady: over £100,000.

...- in the process forcing them to spend vast amounts of money = aiming to ruin them e.g.

(1)- Professor Ed Jesudason; (2)- Chief Inspector John Buttress

— spend hundreds of thousands of pounds to uncover them e.g.

(1)- person who leaked the MPs expenses files; (2)- Ms/Mrs Lisa Greenwood

— orchestrate smear campaigns and character assassinations by making-up, and piling on outrageous, highly malicious and defamatory accusations e.g.

(1)- Dr Raj Mattu; (2)- Dr Shiban Ahmed; (3)- Dr David Drew; (4)- Dr Hayley Dare;

(5)- Chief Inspector John Buttress; (6)- train crash survivors; (7)- army officer;

...the false accusations include portraying them as 'suffering from mental issues' e.g.

(If you prove to be 'too inconvenient', you run the risk of being locked-up: secret prisoners).

(1)- Dr Shiban Ahmed; (2)- Ms/Mrs Kay Sheldon;

(3)- Dr Hayley Dare; (4)- Dr David Drew

— deny them justice e.g.

(1 & 2)- Dr Shiban Ahmed and Professor Ed Jesudason;

(3)- Dr Hayley Dare; (4)- Mrs Carol Hill

— prevent them from testifying / undermine their evidence e.g.

(1)- Mr Peter Tickner; (2)- Ms/Mrs Kay Sheldon; (3)- PC James Patrick

— threaten them with going to prison e.g.

Mr Ian Foxley;

— arrest them and put them in a police cell e.g.

(1)- Canadian Lady ; (2)- Mrs Sally Murer

— threaten them with having a criminal record if they fail to "cooperate" e.g.

Plane Stupid protester

— threaten their family e.g.

Dr Hayley Dare

— stalk them and hound them e.g.

(1)- Mr Neil Michtell; (2)- anti-racism protester

— monitor and record their conversations e.g.

Mrs Sally Murer

— burgle their home e.g.

Mr Neil Mitchell

— ensure they lose their job e.g.

(1)- Mr Paul Moore; (2)- Messrs Andrew Gillighan and Greg Dyke; (3 & 4)- Dr Shiban Ahmed and Professor Ed Jesudason;

(5)- Dr David Drew; (6)- Mrs Carol Hill; (7)- Mr Tony Goode

make it difficult for them to find another job e.g.

(1)- Mr Martin Woods; (2)- Mr Bob Winsor; (3)- Mr Tony Goode

attack the media if it has been contacted by whistleblowers e.g.

(1)- Channel 4; (2)- The Guardian.

Being amoral monsters, the power-corrupted Establishment does not give a damn about the impact of its malefic actions on people.

In fact, as long as it can also be done behind closed doors, it is also keen to assist other tyrants dish out barbaric treatment e.g. Libyan rendition victims.

As also demonstrated in e.g. the case of the Canadian Lady, and in my case, there is an endless supply of individuals who identify with their masters, keen to align themselves automatically on the side of the miscreants, and participate in the lynching - in the process, turning into extremely vicious, cruel, sadistic tormentors.

To those, including the so-called 'regulators', who say that ‘it is important for people to raise the alarm’ – I say GET REAL!

Having read the evidence on this page, (in addition to my experience) (Case summary), anybody still prepared to "speak out" (under the current environment) must have a desire for persecution; being ostracised as though they are suffering from rabies, and for totally destroying their life and losing everything they've worked for.

How many does that leave?

'Standing your ground' is certainly a hell of a challenge in this island-kingdom!

But, if we all walk away with our tail between our legs, taking the repeated beatings silently, too scared to stand-up for our rights, for justice, turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to wrongdoings: where do we end-up?

Look around! There is your answer - and it could be a lot worse, were it not for the very brave, selfless whistleblowers.

So, if you have moral values - if you come across somebody with the guts to stand-up, somebody who is not intimidated by, and will not yield to the FEAR and harassment tactics; not scared to put their head above the parapet:

if you can't help them, at least don't act against them.

If you think: 'not my problem; it's safer to go with the flow' - have a look at the 'Food for thought' examples. You never know what awaits you / somebody close to you - 'round the corner'.

It ought to be glaringly obvious that whistleblowers are a true asset to society.

I would like to see 'the little people' of the United Kingdom petition for a yearly day to celebrate whistleblowers for their invaluable contribution to society. In fact: it should be an international day.

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United Kingdom


(UK)- Financial


Northern Rock employee

In its 21 Jul 08 issue, the Evening Standard had an article headed "Northern Rock drives 'whistleblower' to the brink of suicide with £130,000 legal action" .

It reported that the man "has been unable to find a solicitor to take his case..."

Why? 'Daring' to challenge the Establishment. I have been receiving end of that as well - My Diary 11 Aug 11).

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Paul Moore, head of regulatory risk at HBOS bank, between 2002 and 2005

Mr Moore claimed to have been dismissed "personally" by the then CEO, Sir James Crosby, after he warned about HBOS "potentially dangerous sales culture".

Although he first spoke out before, it was raised again when senior bankers came before the Treasury Select Committee (TSC) on 11 Feb 09.

Mr Moore's allegations were denied by both, Sir James, and his successor Andrew Hornby, claiming that an "independent" investigation by KPMG found "no substance" in his claims.

The "no substance" translated into a £17bn bail-out of the bank by the British taxpayers. (At Nov 15: typically, everybody is getting away scot-free - Trust Fund-Intro).

"Sir James Crosby quits City watchdog role after whistleblower's claims", The Times , 12 Feb 09:

"It emerged yesterday that the accountants KPMG - the "independent" experts who reportedly cleared HBOS and Sir James of serious failings in corporate governance - have received more than £100 million in fees from the troubled bank in the past eight years.

The money was for auditing, tax advice, information technology work and compliance advice..."

"The closeness of KPMG's relationship with HBOS and the size of the fees... is likely to raise questions about the accountancy firm's independence in conducting the highly sensitive investigation. It also had to balance another potential conflict of interest because Mr Moore was a former partner at KPMG"

"Sir James Crosby quits City watchdog role after whistleblower's claims", The Times, 12 Feb 09:

"Lord Stevenson of Coddenham told MPs on the TSC on Tuesday that the Financial Services Authority was satisfied with the KPMG report and regarded the matter as closed.

He described the investigation as "independent""

The article does not state in what capacity Stevenson was able to make these assertions. According to the article, the FSA subsequently backed-up his position - while Mr Moore is reported to have said that "the KPMG report will not stand up to scrutiny"

The article also states "Mr Moore was described as "prickly" and "ranting" by members of the HBOS audit committee in the KPMG report...".

And in the Sunday Times, 15 Feb 09: "The KPMG report was full of colourful claims about the tension between Mr Moore and [person who replaced him] and states that Mr Moore was also described as "emotional".

(I can't help feel a very specific sense of 'déjà entendu': KPMG also voiced (among others) the adjectives "emotional" and "ranting" at me: KPMG # 5.1).

Sunday Times, 15 Feb 09:

"After his lawyer picked over the report, Moore was awarded a six-figure pay-off from the bank and left in the middle of 2005".

On 17 Feb 09, an ex .colleague of Mr Moore was reported in the media as saying

"After Paul had gone there was definitely a dumbing down of the risk function and certainly, challenging the business... was not welcome".

For sure, Mr Moore will have been sickened by the Nov 15 report on HBOS.

Sir James resigned from his post as deputy chairman of the FSA within less than 24 hours of the Treasury Select Committee hearing.

Why was nothing done in relation to HBOS? Something to do with the fact that Sir James was appointed (by Gordon Brown, then Chancellor) as deputy chief of the FSA?

(Apparently, Sir James was knighted on Mr Brown's recommendation, and was one of many showered with honours...for being key players in the financial crisis).

The TSC said that the banks had "too much clout with the regulators". Further evidence of conflict of interest came to light when it was revealed that the banks were regularly asked to input into the performance appraisal of the FSA individuals allocated to oversee their bank (!!!)

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Neil Mitchell and Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)

The case was reported on by the Mail on Sunday, on 15 Feb 09 - stating:

"Neil Mitchell approached the Serious Fraud Office with allegations of a sophisticated scam".

Also, that he "claims to have been followed by 'military types' who chased him through an underpass in central London". (1)

"Friends say a home in Oxfordshire was mysteriously burgled and it is thought Mitchell may have resorted to living abroad" (2)

I assume that Private Eye, 1355, 13-20 Dec 13, refers to the same case:

"Neil Mitchell, former chief executive of electronic tills and software company Torex plc who says his business was brought down by Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS),

identified 11 other companies placed in the clutches of the bank's Global Restructuring Group [GRG] and had provided Vince Cable's department [Business] with "black files" since 2010."

"Mitchell met with the bank's chairman, Sir Philip Hampton in August [who] admitted knowledge of allegations surrounding GRG. He denied any criminal conduct but acknowledged that there may have been “sharp business practice”. So, that’s all right, then."

Private Eye, 1400, 4-17Sep15, and 1402, 2-15Oct 15:

"After the last government adviser Lawrence Tomlinson alleged that GRG had been forcing businesses to the wall using unethical tactics, RBS…has commissioned its own review from law firms Dentons and CMS Cameron McKenna and accountants PwC."

[Demonstrating blatant conflict of interest]:

"Denton [had, at the time of the events] "At least seven staff, including three partners, on secondments to the bank." "It is defending RBS in no fewer than 13 legal actions lodged since 2012..."

"PwC...was employed regularly by GRG to advise on the financial position of clients."

[It] also wrote on behalf of the Financial Services Authority, the infamous 2011 report into the collapse of RBS which concluded that there had been no wrongdoing by senior executives."

"Just the crowd to get to the bottom of misbehaviour at the bank’s most controversial division!"

(1) Based on my experience, including physical threats (My Diary # 2), I have no problem accepting Mr Mitchell's claim that he has been followed - and physically threatened.

(2)- I know a leaseholder who raised a fraud issue in the residential leasehold sector who said to have had his apartment broken into.

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Martin Woods, London branch of US bank Wachovia - Private Eye, 1358, 24 Jan - 6 Feb 14

"...who in 2008 exposed drug money laundering at US bank Wachovia while he was working in its London branch.

The bank was instigated in the US and fined $160m. Woods was congratulated by the US regulator..."

"In the UK, by contrast, he became a pariah. Forced out of Wachovia, he had a job offer from Coutts withdrawn after the bank became aware of his whistleblowing."

[Following talking] "at a conference on the perils of speaking out, a Financial Services Authority official logged a whistleblowing report against Woods on the (incorrect) grounds that he must have breached his confidential agreement with Wachovia...

an "independent" complaints commissioner (funded by the FSA's successor, the Financial Conduct Authority) found the regulator's actions reasonable."

"It seems that whistleblowing on financial crime in the UK remains more frowned upon that the crime itself." (*)

(*)- In fact on any kind of "crimes" - if they are committed by the Establishment, its its hangers-on and cronies - as demonstrated by my experience.

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(UK)- Government - Central


Person who leaked the details of MPs expenses - "I will end hunt for expenses mole, vows Speaker Bercow" , The Mail on Sunday, 27 Sep 09

Somebody leaked details, to the Telegraph newspaper, of shocking expenses claimed by MPs (some summary extracts also under MPs-others # 3.1.1).

Needless to say that the person who leaked the data was widely feted by 'the little people'.

The article reports that,

"since the leak, £5,000 a day has been spent on private investigators to identify the individual" - and that

"The final cost of the inquiry is expected to run to several hundred thousands of pounds."

[I hope the person was never caught]

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Carol Hill - "What kind of country sacks a dinner lady for telling the truth?", Daily Mail, 10 July 09

"...dinner lady Carol Hill [worked] at a primary school at Grey Tey, near Colchester, Essex."

"She rescued a seven-year old girl, tied to a fence by four boys, who were whipping her with a skipping rope."

"Although the school informed the girl's parents about the incident, the full details were withheld. The truth only emerged when Mrs Hill bumped into them..."

"...she [was] charged with gross misconduct for breaching pupil confidentiality - even though the parents had an absolute right to know what happened."

"The school was clearly trying to conceal the extent of the assault, rather than admit a shocking failure to exercise its duty of care towards the girl."

"So it is prepared to destroy the life of a blameless dinner lady - just as the Government...[see below, other examples cited by Mr Richard Littlejohn]

"Dinner lady wins £49.99 compensation after being sacked for telling parents daughter was bullied", Evening Standard, 3 Feb 11(*)

The article states that "the employment tribunal found that her dismissal had been "procedurally flawed" - but decided that

she would have been sacked anyway for going public with the story even if the correct dismissal procedures had been followed as "her behaviour amounted to "gross misconduct""(*)

(*)- This sum is an insult - and the conduct of the tribunal outrageous - but: to be expected when facing one of 'the little people' (my experience with tribunals and courts).

Sections list

Other whistleblowers examples cited in "What kind of country sacks a dinner lady for telling the truth?", Daily Mail, 10 July 09

In addition to the (above) experience of the dinner lady, in his article, columnist, Richard Littlejohn also states:

"About the only crime you can get sacked for under New Labour is telling the truth"

"This government has a long and ignoble record of persecuting whistleblowers and dissenters who reveal institutional wrongdoing and incompetence." (1)

"Whenever they're caught out, their first instinct is denial, followed by cover-up and a demented witch-hunt to discover and persecute whoever leaked the story."

- and refers to:

(1)- "Lisa Greenwood, the civil servant in Hazel Blears' department"...

who "was sacked for bringing the government into 'disrepute'" (2)

"Her crime was to anonymously criticise Blears on the internet over her abuse of the expenses system and refusal to apologise."

[Her] comments sparked a full-scale inquiry... [and] were traced back to her work computer"

(2) -the Paddington train crash survivors...

"who asked awkward questions about rail safety and

(3)- elderly patients...

who complained about the NHS, have been subjected to vile, orchestrated smear campaigns and character assassinations."

(4) - The BBC reporter, Andrew Gilligan, and the director general, Greg Dyke ...

who lost their job "for exposing the dodgy dossier used to take us to war in Iraq."

(5) - The "Respected UN inspector Dr David Kelly"

who "was hounded to death for questioning the veracity of the (bogus) claims that Saddam possessed weapons of mass destruction" [My Diary July 06]

[Other examples can be added] (3)

Mr Littlejohn concluded his 10 July 09 article with "Labour has created a self-serving tyranny of lying and concealment, where duplicity is rewarded..." (1)

(1)- Based on my first-hand experience since 2002: it is not just Labour; British governments of other colours rely on the same tactics

e.g. MPs page # 1 ; examples of the persecution I am being subjected to since 2002.

(2)- Whether Labour at the time, or the others, they certainly don't need any help to do that e.g.:

(3)- Other examples:

"Minister in 'cover-up over soldier's death", Sunday Times, 30 Aug 09.

Refers to the then Labour defence secretary: "Bob Ainsworth is accused of smearing an officer in order to hide failures over equipment supplies"

"Quit now Jacqui, say two-thirds of her own voters... and neighbours she tried to smear tell of relief after their complaint upheld", The Mail on Sunday, 18 Oct 09.

Refers to the then Labour home secretary, Jacqui Smith, reported to have attempted to "smear the neighbours who challenged her claim that her sister's London home was her main residence."

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Ian Foxley - "Shady Arabia and the Desert Fix", Private Eye, 1375, 19 Sep- 2 Oct 14

"Ian Foxley was programme director, in Saudi Arabia, on a £2bn contract between the UK government and the Saudi Arabian National Guard to supply telecoms and electronic warfare equipment." [See BVI # 3- Com 3 for extracts]

"He was confronted by his boss, Jeff Cook, managing director of GPT Special Project Management Ltd, about emails he had sent to the local Ministry of Defence team with evidence of what he was convinced were corrupt payments."

Cook told him “Its’ theft”…you’ve stolen company property and in this country I can call the police and have you arrested and thrown in jail…”

“…realising the imminent danger…he left…and faced a sweaty afternoon evading the company’s efforts to track him down and cursing the local MoD team for betraying him."

" When he had discovered a stream of dubious payments to offshore companies and gifts to senior Saudi officials, he had assumed both that it was his duty to show them to the MoD’s local team on the Saudi Arabian National Guard Communications (“SANGCOM”) project and that it would be safe to do so...."

"Officialdom really didn’t care about corruption.”

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(UK)- Government - Local


Social worker in Haringey council's child protection unit (Baby P) - "Whistleblower: Council falsely accused me of abusing a child. I feared I'd lose my daughter", Mail on Sunday, 16 Nov 08

There was very extensive coverage of the case by the media.

The social worker is quoted as saying

"after this whistleblowing, management became hostile towards me.

I was destructively and comprehensively investigated and punished for doing nothing wrong, whereas the managers who investigated me left children with an abuser for months...I reacted... with anger and disbelief.

What was so terribly wrong is that a system that had the power and the duty to protect children was now hounding me for trying to protect children. It was like I was in a fascist country. I felt totally alone"

In the Comment section, the Mail on Sunday wrote:

"Incompetence and unacceptable authority thrive in the dark, and wilt under the bright light of publicity and scrutiny" (*)

(*)- If only! Out of utter despair, I put my case under the spotlight by setting-up my website, and the media has kindly reported on my case (Overview- Note 9).

Outcome since? The Persecution has been escalated to ever higher levels - because all in the Establishment immediately close rank.

Sections list

"Under cover - The tentacles of the Secret State extend even as far as a branch of Starbucks in Derby", Private Eye, 1380, 28 Nov-11 Dec 14

"On the track of a potential scandal in Derby city council’s environmental services department, a Derby Evening Telegraph reported arranged to meet four current and ex-council employees in Starbucks.

A senior council officer spotted the group.

The sneak got on the phone to HQ, which invoked RIPA to dispatch a crack team of two “investigators” to conduct “direct surveillance as part of “an internal personnel investigation” (i.e. an attempt to discover and punish the whistleblowers)."

"Alas, as soon as the sleuths entered the coffee shop they were recognised (perhaps it was the trench coats and pulled down fedoras that gave them away) and the seditious group upped and left."

"An internal council report, discovered under freedom of information, solemnly reported: “All persons named did in fact meet the known reporter from the Derby Evening Telegraph…”.

More Clouseau than Ceausescu, perhaps, but sinister nonetheless."

Sections list

Oxfordshire council worker- "Oxford officer was silenced over sex abuse fears", Independent, 3 Mar 15

The council worker, who warned of child abuse was silenced by his superiors - and was proven right.

Extracts on Media page - as part of the 'Abuse of children' section.

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(UK)- Health


Gary Walker, United Lincolnshire Hospitals

He was sacked as chief executive of United Lincolnshire Hospitals in 2010 for, he said, 'putting patients before money', and ignored his reported gagging order of £500,000, by going public

"Now a gag on doctors and nurses: Hundreds being prevented from exposing poor care in hospitals by 'Stalinist' rules", Daily Mail, 17 Feb 13:

"An investigation revealed that at least 170 hospital doctors in England and Wales had been handed gagging orders backed up by taxpayer-funded payoffs of millions of pounds when they quit".

"NHS hospitals spend £2m on gagging orders preventing staff speaking out", Independent, 12 Jun 13:

" least 52 staff have been silenced using the orders since 2008, some of which cost as much as £500,000...

in March 2013, it emerged that NHS hospital trusts had spent £15 million on silencing almost 600 staff."

"NHS whistleblower faces ruin after speaking out about patient safety", Telegraph, 15 Feb 13.

"'Rotten NHS culture' led to cover-ups", Telegraph, 23 Jun 13

"Sir David Nicholson must be answerable over 'scandalous' gagging orders, says minister", Telegraph, 12 Jun 13:

Sir David Nicholson, then head of the NHS (he headed West Midlands Strategic Health Authority, at the time of the scandal at the Stafford hospital) claimed to Parliament's public accounts committee that "he had only come across one of the orders".

(Note: "A £2m pension pot: NHS chief Sir David Nicholson’s reward for failure", Telegraph, 21 May 13)

Consider these revelations in the light of David Cameron's claim of superiority of the UK over "Belarus where dissidents' voices are being silenced".

Sections list

Dr Raj Mattu, University Hospitals of Coventry and Warwickshire (UHCW) - "Raj Mattu and the death of whistleblowing", Private Eye, 1365, 2-15 May 14

- "[Had] his health and career destroyed from [speaking out] about patient harm."

"University Hospitals of Coventry and Warwickshire (UHCW) [“which had even higher death rates than Mid Staffs”] has already spent £6m pursuing this vendetta [1]

and may waste even more appealing against the recent employment tribunal judgement that he was unfairly dismissed and that his whistleblowing had been entirely justified."

"He endured absurd and invented allegations of sexual misconduct and fraud and more than 200 spurious referrals to the General Medical Council…" (2)

"The serious problems in this hospital…were widely known to parliament and at every level of the NHS."

“…[his]…letters to the hospital’s chief executive were never answered. In the 15 years that he raised concerns about the appalling treatment of patients and then himself, he wrote to successive health secretaries, chief executives of the NHS and senior Department of Health officials.

Nobody in authority in the NHS intervened on his or his patients’ behalf…"(3)

"Dr Mattu was simply hung out to dry."

BUT: the good news: "Dismissed NHS whistleblower who exposed safety concerns handed £1.22m in damages" Daily Mail, 4 Feb 16 (4)

"...Birmingham Employment Tribunal ruled that he had been unfairly dismissed."

(1)- I conclude that, in my case, it's even more than that (Home Office # 4)

(2)- I am surprised they did not also include the usual: 'suffering from mental issues' e.g. below: Dr Shiban Ahmed; Kay Sheldon, board member of the CQC; my case (Persecution # 1(14))

(3)- I have had very extensive experience of the blind eyes attitude (snapshots of my 50+ legitimate 'cries for help' and complaints - in vain)

(4)- £100,000 a year for 12 years of sheer utter hell cannot be said to amount to proper compensation, and hence justice. Contrast that with the fact that the state spent at least £6m of taxpayers money persecuting him.

(Contrast that also with the £200,000 claimed by a police officer - just for being allegedly called "a pleb"!)

Sections list

Dr Shiban Ahmed, Professor Ed Jesudason, Alder Hay hospital - "Cover-ups that go right to the top", Private Eye, 1364, 18Apr-1May 14

"After making protected disclosures about patient safety at Alder Hey hospital Dr Ahmed was suspended in 2009 on the grounds that he was a mental health allegation cleared by a subsequent investigation."

"This crucial evidence was withheld from Ahmed’s employment tribunal, and Alder Hey denied the claim had any role in his suspension.

Ahmed’s insurers withdrew funding for his tribunal challenge due to lack of evidence to support his case."

"[Following] Professor Ed Jesudason unearthing material evidence that Alder Hey withheld vital evidence from Ahmed’s tribunal, Alder Hay offered him a six-figure pay-off, part of the deal being that he had to destroy the evidence.

He refused and was forced out after his high court hearing collapsed."

"[In the high court] no attempt was made to examine the evidence, call witnesses or expose the mistreatment of Ahmed and the attempted silencing of Jesudason." (*)

Private Eye, 1386, 20 Feb-6 Mar 15, "With friends like the BMA..."

"Jesudason's "crime" was to refuse to sign a compromise agreement brokered by the British Medical Association's appointed solicitors that demanded he destroy documents, including letters which exposed false claims that...Shiban Ahmed was suicidal."

"The documents also exposed how poor the representation of Mr Ahmed was by the BMA."

"Instead of taking the gag, Jesudason shared this evidence with the Care Quality Commission,..." [He said] "The Trust offered me a six-figure sum to go quietly, which I refused. I just wanted matters to be investigated."

"When the BMA realised he was sharing information with third parties, it pulled out of the case which caused it to collapse."

"...the BMA had appointed a solicitor, Janine Allen, partner at Gately LLP to represent Jesudason; it ordered her to "permanently destroy as a matter of urgency" all email communications between her and Jesudason."

Allen also contacted The Eye with the same objective.

"The super-rich BMA has put £250,000 aside to pursue £241,000 Jesudason simply doesn't have."

"Jesudason received a standing ovation at the BMA's annual representative meeting in June 2014,..."

(*)- I have very extensive experience of Her Majesty's judiciary's extreme blindness to the evidence (as well as amnesia about the rule of law) - not only in the high court, but also in other of courts, as well as tribunals (kangaroo courts).

There are many other examples of high court and other judges' corruption.

Sections list

Kay Sheldon, Care Quality Commission - Private Eye, 1364, 18Apr-1May 14


the smearing of Kay Sheldon, member of the Care Quality Commission (CQC) board, after making [in Nov 11] very well founded and politically devastating accusations about incompetence and cover-ups at the CQC." [My Diary 2011]

"Jo Williams, then CQC chair, wrote to the health secretary Andrew Lansley asking for Sheldon’s immediate suspension and replacement."

"Messages were also sent to CQC staff from chief executive Cynthia Bower and Williams undermining the evidence that whistleblowers gave to the Francis inquiry" (1)

"[Finding] the atmosphere unpleasant to work in, she asked to speak to somebody who understood her situation, but was instead referred by Williams, without her knowledge or consent, to Medigold, a private occupational health company." (2)

"During a 10-minute conversation with Dr Mike Goldsmith, executive chair of that company, she said that there had been some crossed wires and did not need to see a doctor. They did not discuss any details about her health."

"On the same day, Goldsmith [who is "not a psychiatrist"] wrote a letter to Williams:

My clinical view, based on a 20-minute telephone call, is that this lady is suffering from a mental health problem, which is likely to be one of the conditions that involve paranoia. The most common of which is paranoia schizophrenia…" (3)

[Among other]"Goldsmith offered to speak to the chief medical officer about her; stated in an email that he would be involved in her case "behind the scene"." (4)

"Sheldon remains a vital member of the CQC board... Williams and Bower both resigned from the CQC when all Sheldon’s allegations were proved correct."

"Dr Goldsmith was reported to the General Medical Council and no action was taken(5)

(1)- See Note to the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman, about Cynthia Bower's "non-documented meeting" with the then PHSO, Ann Abraham - and related events.

(2)- In my case, KPMG tried to force me to do that: KPMG # 5.

(3)- In my case, the corrupt scum I saw on 7 May 08 was a psychiatrist who, within less than half-an-hour, 'determined' that I was 'so bad' that "[I] should book [myself] immediately in a clinic for 2 weeks" (KPMG # 13.2) = same motive: to get rid of 'inconvenient' people.

There have been numerous other instances of orchestrating smear campaigns and character assassinations against me.

(4)- Acting "behind the scene": very British masonic Establishment conduct: underhanded, duplicitous, clandestine and sinister.

(5)- TYPICAL - thereby giving him free rein to do it again to others.

Overall: A case that appears to fit many of the psychological harassment tactics.

Sections list

Dr Hayley Dare, West London Mental Health NHS Trust (WLMHT) - Private Eye, 1387, 6-19 Mar 15


"to have raised her concerns for some years about poor patient care and staff welfare at the West London Mental Health NHS Trust (WLMHT)."

"She was subjected to a campaign of bullying from senior managers….includ[ing] a poison-pen letter…threatening her and her children and making accusations about her mental health….

WLMHT chief executive was secretly recorded describing her as a “very, very disturbed woman”." (*)

"[When her] post was put at risk of redundancy, she took the trust to an employment tribunal…, but lost because it was considered that she had not acted in “good faith”, a now redundant legal tactic to dismiss whistleblowing cases in court.”

"After loosing her case, the trust sent Dr Dare an aggressive demand for £93,500 costs

Her loss shows how employment tribunals are such dangerous places for whistleblowers to seek justice. You can be right, lose your job and face bankruptcy.

Would any other worker at WLMHT now dare to do as she did?

(*)- Same thing done to others, above: Dr Shiban Ahmed; Kay Sheldon; below, Dr David Drew.

Sections list

Dr David Drew, Walsall Manor hospital

[Source: from Private Eye; details to be added]

Dr Drew was

"Removed as head of department; suspended on trumped up charges, faced allegations of mental illness and disciplinary action and was dismissed for Gross Misconduct and Insubordination."

Sections list


(UK)- Journalists


Sally Murer - "Judge throws out 'leak' case against journalist Sally Murrer and her police source", The Times, 28 Nov 08;

"The [MP] Damian Green case raises the spectre of a police state ", Mail on Sunday, 30 Nov 08

"The multi-million pound...18-month prosecution case and investigation [was] monitored at senior levels in Whitehall".

"...local newspaper reporter Sally Murrer tells how her 18-month battle to defend herself against the same charges ended in a judge throwing out the case with a ringing endorsement of free speech"

Mrs Murer was charged under the ancient common-law offence of aiding and abetting misconduct in a public office.

"I was being accused of encouraging a police officer to give me information - stories the police authorities do not want in the public domain. None of the stories could be described as being of national importance... "

"...they were searching my car, my house, even my garden shed, asking about documents, bank accounts, notebooks... a WPC...rifled through my purse... they bagged my mobile phone and address book...

they fingerprinted me, photographed and stripped me of every belonging...The cell door closed..."

The following afternoon [I was told] 'you are under investigation for an extremely serious offence. You could go to prison. For life."

Weeks of telephone conversations she had with her friend, a police officer, had been recorded (1)

"I felt violated. How dare these people bug my conversations and even download texts from my daughters?"

"Had it gone to trial, the case would have cost more than £4 million, but it still ended-up using more than £1 million of public money".

[I heard on BBC radio that she also reported being followed] (2)

(1)- My telephone conversations have been listened to by the spooks since at 2005-06...because identified as 'a threat to the Establishment'.

Oh! I forgot: "[I am] extremely paranoid" and "suffer from mental issues".

In fact, the state has been bugging people's conversations for decades - see My Diary 2008-'Surveillance' - including conversations between lawyers/clients, and doctors/patients...

- and now the police technology "to connect to mobile phones by impersonating phone masts".

(2)- That, I also have no problem believing (Persecution # 2).

No doubt, like me, she will have been portrayed as "extremely paranoid" and "suffering from mental issues".

Sections list

The Guardian - "MPs set to investigate Guardian's involvement in Snowden leaks", The Guardian 16 Oct 13

Following The Guardian reporting on some of the information from whistleblower Edward Snowden...

"government officials visited its office and made it destroy computer hard drives and files"

It caused an outcry from many worldwide media organisations - which, eventually, led some senior MPs to join in the condemnation.

Sections list

Channel 4 (TV channel) - "Police chief issues partial apology over Lawrence whistleblower documents", The Guardian, 14 Jan 14

"Mick Creedon denies 'strong-arm' tactics against Channel 4 to hand over material about undercover officers spying on family."

"A police chief has issued a partial apology over his attempt to force Channel 4 to hand over documents about a whistleblower [Peter Francis, below] who revealed how undercover officers infiltrated the campaign to bring the killers of Stephen Lawrence to justice."

"But Creedon did not say whether he was continuing with his legal attempt to compel C4 to give him copies of all its correspondence with whistleblower Peter Francis, along with any notes and unedited video footage."

"He said he had to seek the material from the broadcaster as Francis was unwilling to speak to the inquiry he is leading into alleged misconduct by an undercover unit that spied on political campaigners for 40 years."

"Francis has not spoken to Creedon's inquiry as he believes police have been threatening him with the Official Secrets Act."

"It was one of a series of revelations in the last four years from the whistleblower about his former unit, which planted undercover officers in political groups between 1968 and 2008."

"He added that the legal demand "further treats Francis as a potential criminal when he should be treated as a public-spirited individual exposing wrongdoing."

Sections list


(UK)- Miscellaneous


Bob Winsor, call centre operator - "We're letting down the whistleblowers" - and "Why don't we protect the whistleblowers?", Mail on Sunday, 15 Feb 09

It reported that Mr Winsor came to the conclusion that members of the public "were being fleeced on premium-rate phone lines" of TV shows - and that he first "raised his concerns to management".

As these were "dismissed", he contacted Ofcom, the regulator. He was eventually proven right - but it had dire consequences for him.

The Mail on Sunday reported:

"As Bob Winsor is coming to realise, the whole business of doing your civic duty can lead to a Kafkaesque nightmare and a lengthy damper on career prospects."

"Winsor went first to one regulator and was referred to another.

He tried both again later, but when they failed to respond, he reported to the police whose investigation did not lead to charges."

"...four years later, he still has not worked and fears for his future".

"Now fearful that he will never receive a proper hearing from the regulator, Windsor said "Whistleblowers need more protection.

You are at the mercy of the regulator if they are protecting the industry they are meant to regulate". [I know A LOT about that!]

Sections list


(UK)- Police

(See also: below, whistleblowers websites; Media page for reports on the police)

Canadian Lady re. Mr Jean Charles de Menezes - "Hounding of the Met whistle blower"; "Police in the clear over tube death of Brazilian", Daily Mail, 8 May and 8 June 06

Mr Jean Charles de Menezes is the 27-year old, innocent Brazilian man who, on 22 July 05, was shot seven times in the head by two police officers after he boarded an underground train at Stockwell Tube station (London).

The police claimed it "mistook him for a suicide bomber". [Two weeks earlier, explosive devices had been detonated on London's transport system, killing 52 people].

"A catalogue of operational blunders began with a surveillance officer failing to confirm Mr de Menezes's identity because he was relieving himself when the Brazilian left his flat on his way to Stockwell."

"The Canadian-born lady worked as an administration secretary at the Independent Police Complaints Commission [IPCC]" (1)

"The initial police version of events..."

"..evidence seen by the IPCC and collated by [the Canadian Lady]..."

Mr De Menezes"had vaulted the ticket barrier and run down an escalator to escape firearms officers who were following him."

"In fact Mr de Menezes walked calmly into the station, picked up a free newspaper and then strolled down the escalator towards the train in which he was shot dead."

"...he was wearing a bulky coat which could have concealed explosives."

"He was wearing only a light denim jacket."

The Canadian Lady said: "'I collected anything relevant to show the public the police were lying about what was going on."

"I came to the conclusion that I could make a difference.' She passed an envelope of documents to her friend whose partner was a producer at ITN." (2)

During her broadcasted interview, she revealed:

"Within days she was suspended after the leak was traced to her. She subsequently resigned but not before a colleague with whom she was living had changed the locks and thrown her out." (3)

"She described how ten officers broke down her front door in a dawn raid on her flat." (4)

"'I was scared to death. I did not know what to think or do. They asked me, "Are you [ ] We have a warrant for your arrest."

"...she was taken away to Bishopsgate police station in the City. 'I was upset, scared, I was crying...It had never crossed my mind that I would be treated as if I was a criminal for telling the truth.' " (5)

"She was placed in a small cell with a foam mat on the floor...Officers 'bullied' her and made it clear that she was in danger of going to prison."

"[In spite] of telling the police that she was a diabetic, it was not until a lawyer arrived some eight hours after her arrest that she was given food she could eat."

"She believes that she was singled out because she had embarrassed the police and they went out of the way to create an oppressive atmosphere and to intimidate her." (6)

" She feels officers tried to trick her into making admissions and used pressure tactics." (7)

"When she was allowed to return to her flat, she found it in disarray... Her passport with the visa she needed to work was gone together with bank records, a diary, letters, telephone details and personal papers."

"During the interview she insisted she had received no money "whatsoever" for leaking the documents and said her motivation had been exposing "a lie".

"I knew from what I read and from what I learnt that it was a lie, and it appalled me that the police or the Met were not coming to light and saying we were wrong, this was a mistake."

"He wasn't a terrorist at all, he was just a normal guy, wearing normal jeans and a jacket, going to work."

"When I saw the videos, then the state after he was shot, my heart...I just thought, 'oh my God', this could be my daughter'."

"'I did the right thing,' she said. 'I helped the parents of Jean Charles and the public in finding out the truth and in finding out what they had been told was not the truth.'"

"On the day the interview was broadcast, the charges against her were dropped."

"She lost her job, her home, and was treated for depression. She became increasingly isolated and afraid, with friends afraid to get in touch with her because her phones were being tapped." (8)

"Five hours after the shooting, Sir Ian Blair, the Metropolitan Commissioner, made a statement saying it was 'directly linked to terrorist operations'."

"Sir Ian has told the IPCC that he was not informed that his officers had shot an innocent man until the day after the shooting, even though some journalists were told of the mistake within hours of the error."

"The nine-month inquiry is estimated to have cost taxpayers more than £100,000"

"Yet after all this, the inquiry decided that she should not face prosecution."

(For subsequent events, see Media page- Mr Jean Charles de Menezes)

(1)- The IPCC is staffed by police officers on secondment - as can also be seen from my experience with this police lapdog.

(2)- ITN is a TV channel

(3)- "thrown out of apartment by colleague" - As also demonstrated in my case, there is an endless supply of individuals who identify with their masters, keen to align themselves automatically on the side of the miscreants.

(4)- Note the number of officers and the approach. This is Stasi territory, and worse.

I wonder if some were also dressed in riot gear...and perhaps with helicopters flying low overhead?

(5)- Oh yeah! In this island-kingdom, 'dare' to expose the truth and complain about the actions by:

and you are definitely "treated as a criminal for telling the truth" e.g.

(6)- I know A LOT about "oppressive treatment by the police" e.g. in addition to:

for years I have been monitored, tracked, hounded and persecuted by the police and security services.

(7)- Yep! I have also had a police officer (this one in plain-clothes) who tried to trick me.... addition to one of the police's judiciary mates.

(8)- "Phone being tapped": same thing done to me - added to, for the fun of it, interference including retention of important voicemails.

Sections list

'Plane stupid' environmental protester - "Police caught on tape trying to recruit Plane Stupid protester as spy", The Guardian, 24 Apr 09

"Undercover police are running a network of hundreds of informants inside protest organisations who secretly feed them intelligence in return for cash, according to evidence handed to the Guardian". (1)

In the 3rd tape (recorded by the protester/s), the police officers state: "We work for the community intelligence section"

The 'Plane Stupid' environmental protester said to have had meetings with the police after being released on bail following a Plane Stupid protest in Scotland.

"During the taped discussions... (the men who claim to be a detective constable and his assistant) Indicate that she could receive tens of thousands of pounds to pay off her student loans in return for information about individuals within Plane Stupid...that it would be tax free...

but warn her that her activity could mean she will struggle to find employment in the future and result in a criminal record..."

"Explain that spying could assist her if she was arrested. "People would sell their soul to the devil" (2)

(More detail in My Diary 2008- Surveillance # 8)

(1)- As a result of my experience, it does not surprise me.

(2)- Very true!

Sections list

Peter Tickner, ex. director of internal audit for the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) - "Leveson, knacker and the silent witness", Private Eye, 1344, 12-25 July 13

The MPS, concurrently with compliant Lord Justice Leveson (one of many compliant judges), prevented, Peter Tickner from having his evidence included in the phone-hacking inquiry.

Judging from the article Mr Tickner appeared to be 'a thorn in the thigh' of some senior Met individuals.

Extracts in My Diary 2011- Article 4 of 5 of phone-hacking inquiry.

Sections list

Peter Francis - A former undercover police officer who blew the whistle on some police activities - 2013-14

Media extracts are contained on the Media page:

(*)- There are numerous others cases of this being done in relation to "grieving families whose relatives had been murdered or had died in police custody"

Sections list

Anti-racism protesters - "Activists complain to IPCC over police efforts to recruit them as informers", The Guardian, 4 Aug 14

"The four campaigners say that coercive and at times repeated police approaches caused them to abandon their political campaigning, or left them stressed and paranoid."

"One of the quartet, a 23-year-old single mother, said she stopped campaigning against racism after police threatened to prosecute her if she told anyone, including her mother, about the attempt to recruit her as an informer."

"One said that a police officer made two unannounced visits to his home and later followed him and his four-year-old daughter to a supermarket where he tried to thrust an envelope stuffed with cash into his hands."

(Also covered in My Diary 2008- Surveillance # 8)

Sections list

PC James Patrick - "Met tried to silence PC whistleblower who exposed crime figures scandal", The Guardian, 13 Apr 14

"The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) made repeated attempts to silence a whistleblower who exposed the widespread manipulation of crime statistics..."

It led PC Patrick to resign, and to say: "My experience led me to see just how flawed the whistleblowing system is, how it fails,..."

(Extracts on the Media page - under the section 'Other Police Misconduct)

Sections list

Chief Inspector John Buttress, Greater Manchester Police (GMP) - Private Eye, 2015-16

Data sourced and summarised from six Private Eye articles, in issues:

1394 - Jun 15, "Knacker hacker"; 1396, "Unfair cop"; 1400; 1403, "Bad case of the blues"; 1405, and 1416, 15-28 Apr 16, "Wedding ringer".

"John Buttress accused [GMP] officers of an orchestrated smear campaign designed to drive him from the force after he made protected disclosures about bullying and corruption by a clique of senior officers."

"In January 2015 a Liverpool jury took just 20 minutes to clear Chief Inspector John Buttress of mortgage fraud, following three years of costly investigations by his police colleagues."

"It was the last of a series of investigations into claims that included insider trading, money laundering, fiddling his expenses, underpaying council tax, and insurance fraud." (1)

"The first allegation, of insider share dealing, was made in 2012 following a tip-off by his superior, Superintendent Steve Nibloe."

"Placed under investigation, Buttress was appointed a Police Federation representative, one PC Lance Thomas. In his role Thomas had access to Buttress’s legally privileged information and continued to advise him after his dismissal."

In March-April 2016, "Buttress learnt that Thomas was in fact the best man at Nibloe’s wedding in 1995 – a conflict no one thought to tell him about at the time."

"Phone records showed unequivocally that the voicemail of Buttress' partner’s mobile phone was accessed and messages deleted while the device was actually in police possession – temporarily confiscated as one of the bogus investigations into Buttress."

The explanation: "the phone had moved around in a storage bag and the necessary buttons accidentally pressed in just the right sequence." [!!!] (2)

This "accidental dialling hypothesis" was "suggested by a private investigations firm, Zentek Forensics Limited", a company "run by two former GMP police officers and relies on regular lucrative contracts from GMP"

Despite his court acquittal that led to his being reinstated, Buttress then "faced a gross misconduct hearing".

One of the officers told the Eye: "while the crown court needs evidence to prove guilt “beyond all reasonable doubt”, the force’s disciplinary code only requires “the balance of probabilities." [!!!]

It led to John Buttress being sacked. He filed a claim in the employment tribunal. (Not yet reported on).

"Kent police was brought in to investigate "18 serious allegations against some of Manchester’s top brass"...include failing to disclose information that severely undermined allegations against Buttress, presenting false statements, unlawful surveillance and deleting evidence."

"A Labour MP waded in because his constituent, Mo Razaq, who is also an ex-Manchester police officer, was jailed in 2013 for a string of bogus mortgage and insurance claims."

"He wrote to Tony Lloyd, Manchester’s police and crime commissioner, asking that the terms of reference for the Kent-police-led investigation be redrafted to also include the Razaq case, justifying his request by stating his belief that “there is considerable overlap between the cases."

"Tony Lloyd rejected the MP’s request..."

"The Eye learnt that several prosecution witnesses who gave evidence against Razaq in court now claim that police put pressure on them to speak out against him. They now believe Razaq to be innocent."

"Buttress had acted as Razaq’s “welfare officer” in the lead up to his arrest."

(1)- Her Majesty's police: masters at fabricating 'evidence' to cover-up its wrongdoings, including by its masonic 'brothers', other public sector mates, as well as by their hangers-on and cronies.

Other examples demonstrating it has no qualms smearing the reputation of innocent people - whether dead alive - to achieve its objective/s e.g.:

HM's police is also quite happy for people to end-up in prison as a result of its false accusations.

Unsurprisingly, there is interest from other oppressive regimes in its 'methods of operating'.

(2)- It's amazing to see how, 'according' to HM's police, telephonic equipment 'mysteriously' takes on a life of its own e.g. in my case:

Sections list


(UK)- Retail


Tony Goode, Marks & Spencer - Mail on Sunday, 15 Feb 09

"Tony Goode who worked at Marks & Spencer for 25 years contacted a newspaper because he felt staff were being steamrollered into accepting new redundancy terms."

"Three days later, he was dismissed from his job..."

Mr Goode is quoted as saying "I may have been naïve in the way I did it, but I genuinely believe I did the right thing... Ex-colleagues have been told not to speak to me" (1)

He also "accused managers of monitoring his phone calls, though this was dismissed as "utter nonsense"" (2)

(1)- At KPMG, I was ostracised by 'colleagues' and excluded from communications and meetings that impacted on my work e.g. KPMG # 6(1).

(2)- Of course they would say that! That's the typical Establishment's line of defence. I am surprised they did not say that 'he suffered from paranoia'; was "emotionally unstable".

I have no problem believing him. The same thing happened to me at KPMG: KPMG # 5-'Health services'.

And it was not the only thing it was doing. It was also: (1)- spying on what I did on my work computer (KPMG # # 6(2)); (2)- monitoring what I placed on my website;

(3)- monitoring my movements, and reporting on them to the police; prying into my personal life (KPMG # 6(3)) - in order to report them to its masonic 'brothers' with the objective of helping the persecution against me.

In my case, KPMG failed to address my complaints (KPMG # 11(3).

Sections list


(UK)- Taxation


Osita Mba, Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs (HMRC) - "HMRC criticised for using terror laws against tax whistleblower", The Guardian, 24 Mar 14

Mr Mba, an HMRC in-house lawyer was hounded by HMRC under anti-terrorist legislation (1) for 'daring' to report on the secret multi-million £s "sweetheart" tax deal HMRC made with Goldman Sachs aka "The Vampire Squid" (Advisors # B3).

The case started in 2011 when Mr Mba alleged that David Harnett, then Permanent Secretary for tax at HRMC, halved the value of the deal made with Goldman Sachs: "Whistleblower claims waived Goldman tax bill was higher", Telegraph, 11 Dec 11.

"When HMRC discovered Mba's intervention, his belongings, emails, internet search records and phone calls and the phone records of his then wife, Claudia, were examined by investigators."

"Margaret Hodge, Chair of Parliament's Public accounts committee... said that it had "shocked [her] to [her] bones." (2)

"[An] MP said that it was surprising that HMRC felt able to use its investigative powers on someone who was helping an official parliamentary inquiry. "This was as high-profile a case as you could get.""(3)

"...[she] asked whether it was appropriate to pass Mba's wife's address, mobile number and office number to HMRC staff to investigate.

Lin Homer, chief executive of HMRC who joined HMRC shortly after the investigation into Mba, acknowledged that mistakes had been made. [4] She said that lessons had been learnt..." (5)

In 2013, the High Court ruled that "the deal was lawful because Goldman Sachs had threatened to withdraw from the Code of Practice on Taxation for Banks" [!!!]: "HMRC cleared of letting Goldman off £20m in 'sweetheart' deal", Telegraph, 16 May 13. (6)

(1)- Use of anti-terrorism legislation, as in my case (Persecution # 4) which those I am exposing are also Jewish.

It leads to the conclusion that the 'terrorist' label is automatically attached to those who 'dare' do this.

Also, in the light of Andrew David Ladsky's evident control over the authorities, I wonder whether HMRC did this to Mr Mba 'on the instructions' of Goldman Sachs?

(2)- What a show by Margaret Hodge...who, in the past, was flagged up as "being in cahoots with the mobile phone industry".

(3)- Translation: 'Damn!' Shock horror that (thanks to the media) the light was shone on the case.

Action by the committee? To my knowledge (and typically): none!

(Margaret Hodge also huffed and puffed about tax avoidance AND: it's business as usual).

(4)- The 'get-out-of-trouble' card, followed by...

(5)- The old favourite - that translates into: 'we won't do it...until the next time - because that's what everybody does, and it is the accepted norm! (*)

In the meantime: everybody, including the committee is off-the-hook. Job done boys and girls!

(*) See My Diary 2008-'Surveillance'. As can be seen from Schedule 1 of RIPA, 100s of state departments have the right to use it - and typically: there is NO supervision.

(6)- So, anything to spare blushes for the then chancellor, George Osborne, who "vowed to stamp out corporate tax avoidance".

Did he at least get a drink from "The Great Vampire Squid" at the 2014 Bilderberg meeting ("Is it the Bilderberg conference – or conspiracy?", Independent, 28 May 14)...

- will celebrating the flotation of Royal Mail that fleeced the British taxpayers of £1bn and / or RBS writing off £1bn on its Greek debt?

Sections list


(UK)- Whistleblowers' websites


Nigel Ward - websites Real Whitby and North Yorks Enquirer - Private Eye, 1426, 2-15 Sep 16, pg 41

"North Yorkshire Police (NYP) has just spent an estimated £1m-plus on a series of inconclusive cases aimed at gagging a pensioner “citizen journalist”, Nigel Ward, whose website has published embarrassing but true stories about local establishment figures, including police and councillors."

"His scoops include the indifference of police and council to the fact that the late mayor of Scarborough and friend of Jimmy Savile, Peter Jaconelli, was a predatory paedophile (Eye 1370);

that senior members of the North Yorkshire National Park Authority who happened to be landowners stood to make millions if they passed an application for a controversial potash mine in the park (Eye 1334);

that prominent Tory councillor and former North Yorkshire police authority chair Jane Kenyon-Miller had a string of undeclared business failures behind her which left unpaid debts in Britain and the US (Eye 1318)…

Not to mention stories of councillors’ expenses fiddles and unpaid council taxes."

"The following year an attempt to smear Ward as a benefits fraudster was given short shrift by the Department for Work and Pensions (Eye 1367) and Real Whitby came out of a BBC investigation into its stories with flying colours."

Some contributions to the Real Whitby website by two individuals led to difficulties for Mr Ward - and ended up in court.

"At the conclusion of the case, Nigel Ward agreed not to write about Kenyon-Miller any more as long as she remained out of public office."

"No order for costs or damages was made against him – and his costs, yet to be assessed, will be paid by the claimants."

"The decision to pursue the case and fund it out of taxpayers’ money was taken by Chief Constable Jones, according to the local police and crime commissioner Julia Mulligan, even though he was party to the proceedings."

"So at a conservative estimate, a stretched rural force appears to have spent well over £1m funding futile cases in which senior police officers and a former chair of the police authority were claimants."

Sections list





[ ]

Sections list



"Breaking the silence"

I heard about this website in the French magazine, Marianne, # 983, 12-18 Feb 16 - an article on page 50: "L'ombre du maccarthysme", by Julien Lacorie, Jerusalem.

Having reached a point where my horrendous suffering at the hands of Jews since 2002 (with the worst conduct for me, being that of my Jewish doctor of 37 years), added to Israeli actions in Palestine - had led me to paint all Jewish people with the same, very black brush.

This website brought back some very welcome reality: no, 'they are not all the same'.

At 27 Feb 16, the website stated - among other:

"Breaking the Silence is an organization of veteran combatants who have served in the Israeli military since the start of the Second Intifada and have taken it upon themselves to expose the Israeli public to the reality of everyday life in the Occupied Territories."

"Cases of abuse towards Palestinians, looting and destruction of property have been the norm for years, but are still explained as extreme and unique cases."

"To date, the organization has collected testimonies from over a 1,000 soldiers..."


"Political persecution won't stop us from breaking our silence"

"The orchestrated onslaught against Israeli anti-occupation groups have led to death threats and physical attacks." (1)

"But we will not be scared - we are determined to save our country from the same messianic, nationalistic, and racist forces that harm it."

"...we have experienced, for the first time, what political persecution feels like." (2)

(1)- As I know only too well from my own experience (Persecution # 1(4)).

(2)- I also know what it "feels like"! (My Diary # 2.4)

The Guardian has also been reporting on the 'Breaking the Silence' website:

"Israel action threatens to close down rights group and 'chill' free speech", 18 May 15

"A high-profile Israeli human rights group that publishes the anonymous testimonies of soldiers in the Palestinian territories is facing a court hearing that threatens to shut down its work..."

"The case, which will be heard in court next week, is being brought by the Israeli government, which is demanding that Breaking the Silence identify anonymous serving military personnel who have given it testimony relating to alleged crimes in the 2014 Gaza war."

"The move follows months of attacks on the group by leading politicians as well as right-wing activists – including attempted infiltrations by figures posing as sympathisers and a public accusation of “treason” by the country’s defence minister."

"Stories from an occupation: the Israelis who broke silence", 8 Jun 16

Sections list

United States


[Edward Snowden - Some data to be transferred from Persecution # 4]

["Snowden calls for whistleblower shield after claims by new Pentagon source", Guardian, 22 May 15

"Edward Snowden has called for a complete overhaul of US whistleblower protections after a new source from deep inside the Pentagon came forward with a startling account of how the system became a “trap” for those seeking to expose wrongdoing."]

[John Crane & Thomas Drake

"How the Pentagon punished NSA whistleblowers", The Guardian, 22 May 16

"John Crane, a longtime assistant inspector general at the Pentagon, with responsibilities including supervising the whistleblower unit at the Department of Defence, has accused his old office of retaliating against a major surveillance whistleblower, Thomas Drake.

Drake's legal ordeal ruined him financially and ended in 2011 with all serious accusations against him dropped - on the eve of the trial."

"Crane has told his story in a new book, by Mark Hertsgaard, Bravehearts: Whistle Blowing in the Age of Snowden (Hot Books/Skyhorse)" (The Guardian states that its article is "adapted from the book").

[ ]

International institutions


United Nations


"UN aid worker suspended for leaking report on child abuse by French troops", The Guardian, 29 Apr 15

"Anders Kompass said to have passed confidential document to French authorities because of UN’s failure to stop sexual abuse of children in the Central African Republic."

"Entitled Sexual Abuse on Children by International Armed Forces and stamped “confidential” on every page, the report details the rape and sodomy of starving and homeless young boys, some of whom were orphans between December 2013 and June 2014,...

by French peacekeeping troops who were supposed to be protecting them at a centre for internally displaced people in Bangui, capital of the Central African Republic."

"Kompass, an aid worker, who has been involved in humanitarian work for more than 30 years, was suspended from his post as director of field operations last week and accused of leaking a confidential UN report and breaching protocols."

"The treatment Anders Kompass has taken place with the knowledge of senior UN officials, including Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, the high commissioner for human rights, [My Diary, 24 July 16] and Susana Malcorra, chef de cabinet in the UN, according to documents relating to the case."

"Bea Edwards, of the Government Accountability Project, an international charity that supports whistleblowers, condemned the UN for its witch-hunt against the whistleblower."

He said: “We have represented many whistleblowers in the UN system over the years and in general the more serious the disclosure they make the more ferocious the retaliation" (*)

He also said: “Despite the official rhetoric, there is very little commitment at the top of the organisation to protect whistleblowers and a strong tendency to politicise every issue no matter how urgent.”


Mercifully: "UN suspension of sexual abuse report whistleblower is unlawful, tribunal rules", The Guardian, 6 May 15

In another Guardian article:

"Ian Richards, head of the staff union at the UN, said the treatment of Kompass could have lasting impact on the investigation of serious allegations of human rights abuses."

"He said: “Some colleagues are worried now of passing on any information to the authorities in case the UN suspends them too.”

Followed by: "France launches criminal inquiry into alleged sex abuse by peacekeepers", The Guardian, 7 May 15

"The decision follows revelations in the Guardian."

"Anders Kompass' leak led the French to start a preliminary investigation in Paris in July last year, but no action appeared to have been taken until the scandal broke last week."

(*)- Like the other individuals included on this page: I know A LOT about that: examples, Persecution # 1(4) ; summaries, My Diary # 2.


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