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 All commercial proceeds from my case, if any, will be given to one or more orphanages (depending on the amount)




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Under 'Add this website' enter: '' and click 'Add'). is my personal website, developed as a last resort in a desperate attempt to get justice and redress. Specifically, to achieve the objectives detailed at the beginning of the home page to the website.

I have NOT developed this website in the hope that I might, somehow, benefit from it in a commercial sense.

Should my website lead to the opportunity for financial gains from commercial activities (which, at this stage, I cannot envisage), I will give all proceeds from such gains to one or more orphanages (depending on the amount).

From these proceeds, I reserve the right to deduct - related - reasonable personal expenses (e.g. transport, subsistence and hotel costs, other incidental costs).

All proceeds, if any, resulting from commercial activities, including any amount deducted for my personal expenses, will be captured in detail on this website, including the source (unless anonymity is preferred) and the name of the beneficiary/ies.



The content of this website is protected by copyright and I am the content owner.

This excludes:

(1) The clearly marked - extracts / copy of press articles and other externally sourced materials for which the respective copyrights of the organisations apply. It is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with these organisations' copyrights.

(2) The visuals sourced from external suppliers i.e.;; Microsoft Clipart. (As appropriate, I have paid these organisations for the use of their visuals on my site).

This site is available only for your personal use and other generally accepted non-commercial use (e.g. educational establishments, non-commercial research).

Should you download any of the materials on the site, you may not make alterations or additions to these materials, or use them for commercial purposes.

Other than " fair dealing " use for the purposes of criticism, review or news reporting, you may not copy, reproduce, modify, transmit, publish, display any of the content of this website for commercial purposes without first obtaining written permission. (Among others, this is to ensure that all commercial gains are given to my selected orphanage/s).

To request this written approval, please, contact the Webmaster

Applicable to non-commercial and commercial use:

•  You must ensure that the source and context in which you have obtained the materials i.e."A desperate, last resort attempt to get justice and redress" , as well the copyright status of the materials are made evident.

•  I expect you to treat the materials on the site in a professional manner.

While I view what I have, and continue to be made to endure since 2002 (Case Summary) as an extremely cruel, vicious, evil vendetta against me for 'my daring' to challenge organized crime (starting with the so-called 'service charge' demand for the 'major works' at Jefferson House), this site is most definitely not about lowering myself to that level.

My website is purely and simply a last resort, desperate cry for help to help me get justice and redress. The only way I can do this is by providing comprehensive detail of my case, as well as supply the supporting documents to back-up my allegations / claims.

(References to external sources (e.g. press, other cases, survey findings, government communication) are, likewise, included with the aim of supporting my position).  

My website is also because I consider many of the events in my case - at the generic level (e.g. events with the courts; the police; the 'response' to my numerous complaints against various parties) - to be of public interest.

(See Defamation legislation; Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights "Right to freedom of expression" - comprised under the Human Rights Act 1998).

Hence, if I cannot achieve my personal objectives (because those with the authority to act are cowards and / or bullies who approve of, and / or assist the criminal activities against me), I hope that, at the very least, my website will be a trigger for change.

Copyright © 2006-2016 Noëlle Klosterkotter-Dit-Rawé - All rights reserved. The content of this website is registered with the UK Copyright Services. Reg. No:253149.


The events related on this website and supporting documentation are specific to my case.

Hence, the content of the website is descriptive - not prescriptive. As stated throughout this site, I am NOT a lawyer, just an 'ordinary' leaseholder, consumer in desperate need of help - and with absolutely nowhere else to turn to.

Consequently, the views I have expressed are, likewise, my non-expert views. I will not therefore accept responsibility as a result of your doing / not doing anything as a result of your viewing this website.

Even extracts from various legislations, codes of conduct, policies, etc. must not be relied upon as these can and do get amended / superseded on a regular basis.

For your convenience and information, links are provided throughout the site to third-party websites. Provision of these links must not be regarded as endorsement of any kind. As these sites, and any links contained within these sites are not under my control, I take no responsibility for any of their contents or accuracy, nor their availability.

I reserve the right to request removal of any link to my website.

Terminology and My Diary

To ensure clarity of meaning, the 'Definitions' page includes a list of many words I have used on the site. In each instance, I have supplied the Concise / Shorter Oxford English Dictionary definition and, on some occasions, also that of: Collins Dictionary; Chambers Dictionary, and / or the definition supplied by charity organisations. Each word is supported by examples. A link is usually provided to these words from the page on which they are used.

In the case of the word 'breach', it refers to various legislation, codes of conduct, as well as 'My Lease'. (See, for example, Malicious Communications Act 1988).

In relation to the content in 'My Diary', please, see the introduction.


The personal information you provide on this website i.e. 'Comments', will be retained only for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes for which the information was collected or as required by law.

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