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(1) "Dear Noëlle, If you ever want any help let me know -- I once owned a leasehold flat in a block owned by a company registered abroad and had a few of the same problems you have had"

Martin, United Kingdom

(NB: See Portner / Portner and Jaskel LLP point # 14 for subsequent events with this so-called 'visitor' to my website; also covered under paras 37 and 38 of my 03.06.08 Witness Statement).

(Another one to be added in the same group: a Katie Morgan who left messages in relation to 3 of my YouTube videos: My Diary early Oct 15).


(2) "Ce site démontre à lui seul que Noëlle et toutes les victimes du leasehold sont dans leur bon droit.

L'État Britannique, dont le Droit est si respecté dans le monde, doit faire cesser au plus vite l'abus de position dominante auquel se livrent les landlords de sa Gracieuse Majesté.

Isn't "Dieu et mon Droit" a British motto?

Dieu merci nous sommes préservés de ces dérives en France.

Tenez bon Noëlle, nous sommes à vos côtés"

Thierry, France


(3) "Where do you find words to portray what one thinks of this situation?

I would say this is so hard to believe one woman has had to fight her way through the system to get no redress or help, from the system that is in place to "protect us". (I use this term loosely and with some irony) It is the same system that this woman has to battle against, and what a battle. You couldn't even script it for a movie...

I personally feel a lot of admiration, and hope her battle is seen through to the end and justice is done. It is a sad day when one has to justify why one has to fight for his/ her right not to have people steal from them and made to feel like they are the villain for doing so.

Please keep us appraised of the situation"

G, United Kingdom


(4)"Once is accident, twice is coincidence, three times and it is enemy action" - Anon.

The litany of incompetence, arrogance, carelessness and obfuscation not to mention menace and threat outlined here goes beyond enemy action and shows something is very, very wrong with the system of vested interests we have here.

The lack of any challenges by the named (and shamed?) parties proves the truth of your statements.

If after reading this site, any reader thinks we should just abolish leasehold systems because they are open to abuse and they are a form of economic rent that keep perpetuating wealth in a few families or companies without adding any value whatsoever to the economy in general; do what I did. Go to [*] put the search term "abolish leaseholds" and petition the government to end this practice.

Noëlle, I wish you success in your endeavours to obtain redress. Good luck".

Ashwin, United Kingdom

(*) Closed in March 2008. See Comment # 10, below.


(5) "Sorry to read about your problems and I hope you have a conclusion to your satisfaction. I am a Brit living in the USA and I am having problems with a surveyor in regards to a home I was hoping to buy in Scotland. I paid for a survey but received just a minor report with less information than the sellers advertisement. I hope to take my complaint to the RICS.

Good luck"

Mark, United States of America


(6) "I admire your marvelous courage and undimmed fortitude in fighting the turbid, unyielding bureaucracy and the viciously archaic English leasehold tenure laws.

Your website is an especial inspiration to me and many others in this town which is notorious for its corrupt managing agents and avaricious freeholders.

As a journalist, currently writing a book about corruption in the South coast property market, I have been researching the shady dealings in [property]. Ironically the freehold in this block belongs to the leaseholders but a small clique of leaseholders - [] - have entrenched themselves as permanent directors of the [property] residents association and effectively run the building through their agent [] of [] Property Management [].

Their technique is to arrange for [] to drive up service charges to sky high levels so that existing leaseholders are obliged to sell their flats because they can no longer afford to live in the block. Anyone who can't or won't pay the service charges is threatened with court proceedings and forfeiture of the lease. [copy of definition of 'forfeiture']

The [] already own [] flats in the building but their recent attempt to buy [another] from a lady who could no longer afford the service charges was rebuffed on principle. The [] is also a director of [], a company whose stated aim is to buy property in [property].

You are not alone.

Good luck and God be with you"

Mr B, Hastings, United Kingdom


(7) "Hello,

Congratulations on your magnificent website.

Thanks for sharing this priceless information and for your courage and tenacity"

Simon, United Kingdom (?)


(8) "I have met some really inspirational people through CARL [*] and it does help knowing we are not the only people going through Leasehold Hell. Your incredible story on the Internet mirrored my own experience and proved the system works against all Leaseholders - I had begun to think I was doing something wrong!"

Sarah, United Kingdom

(*) C.A.R.L. (Campaign for the Abolition of Residential Leasehold)

(In 2010, the May appointed Housing Minister, Grant Shapps, said: "All is well with leaseholders!")


(9) "I think you're doing an excellent job. Keep it up!"

Michael, United Kingdom


(10) "I just want to say thank you for this website as it is so relevant to our situation. I was devastated that the petition about abolishing leasehold was rejected by the government [*]. It is more convenient to them to turn a blind eye on this situation.

Let’s get together and support CARL in its doing, and organize another petition to government"

Svetlana, United Kingdom

(*) See "The Prime Minister's Office" 5 Mar 08 response at (copy) (My Diary 1 Mar and 11 Mar 08)


(11) "We have just seen your interesting entry on the web about Martin Russell Jones. As
we have a similar problem with them (enormous demands etc.) and are going to
[] We suspected that they are dishonest in the large demands being sent us as well as other signs and would greatly appreciate any advice or information you could give us. They were 'appointed' over our heads by [] which has connections with CKFT - very fishy!"

Subsequent communication: "Thank you so much for [] and all the helpful information. I was really grateful for your website and have drawn other residents' attention to the parallels with what is going on here []"

Further subsequent communication: "Your website has certainly been a blessing here and I really trust you will be able to be free of all the difficulties which have beset you and which you have so bravely fought. Thank you for sharing your experiences to help others like ourselves"

Mrs 'X', London, United Kingdom

(In 2010, the May appointed Housing Minister, Grant Shapps, said: "All is well with leaseholders!")


(12)"Martin Russell Jones 'run' [] Court, Kilburn, in a similar fashion"

Mr M, North London, United Kingdom


(13)"Hi Noëlle, You are not alone. I was harassed, abused and made homeless by [] Management Company, which runs [] London E1.

They have issued packs of fraudulent claims against a number of leaseholders there. Held them to ransom and mounted legal costs of around £500,000 pushing some of the leaseholders into poverty and bankruptcy.

Violence and physical threats against other leaseholders were common.

And freeholder profiteering from insurance premiums which have been hiked by astronomical multiples. (*)

And, on top of everything, there is a corporate law firm, [] LLP which keeps taking money from the building trust fund uncontrollably to run more and more claims against the people in the building. They have used up reserve fund on legal fees and are refusing to disclose documents even under instructions from courts or LVT"

Mr M, East London, United Kingdom

(*) See media reports - Overview Note 9

In 2010, the May appointed Housing Minister, Grant Shapps, said: "All is well with leaseholders!"

Visitor to the site: are you outraged by these comments? Are you shocked by the fact that this is happening in the year 2008, in the United Kingdom?

David Miliband (Foreign Secretary) was quoted in the Mail on Sunday, 31 Aug 08, as saying (in the context of Georgia) "The British people want a government that stands up for what it believes in and speaks out for the victims of aggression or injustice...".

When will New Labour "stand up...and speak out for the victims of aggression or injustice" in the residential leasehold sector - and implement what it claimed to "believe in", in its 1997 pre-election policy document 'An End to Feudalism'?)


(14) "I happened upon your website while trying to check-up on Joan Hathaway from Martin Russell Jones.

I am extremely concerned. This woman is doing exactly the same to leaseholders in a block where I own a flat. Although I am at the end of my tether with their demands for more and more money for service charges, and her complete indifference to whatever letters I have been sending her, I really thought it was sheer incompetence. I had no idea I was dealing with a confidence trickster [].

Mrs L, North London, United Kingdom

(See the summary of invoices I received from Joan Hathaway, MRICS, MRJ, over the years, and my (identical) Comments attached to each e.g. 21.10.04) (In 2011, it was replaced by, of course, more of the same: Martyn Gerrard, an "RICS Regulated, award winning agency where integrity counts") (changed in 2014 to "50 years of fulfilling dreams") (of criminals?)).


(15)"This firm [Martin Russell Jones] were truly terrible. It did not even bother them in the slightest that most of the residents refused to pay their service charge - they knew they would get it all back by refusing licence to assign the lease when it came to moving.

...Some years ago [MRJ] charged a small fortune for a small amount of internal decoration work which was a rip off...

Another scam that MRJ operate is through the law firm [], Middlesex. I am told that MRJ are linked by family to this firm, though I do not know for sure. When I had to obtain licence to assign my lease, the firm charged £500 plus management charge of £75 plus VAT on each to read the two references that were required. Since they were holding me to ransom, I had no choice but to pay. I could not complain to the Law Society because I was not the client (the landlord was - and the landlord wasn't about to complain because, I am fairly certain, they were getting a cut).

MRJ is a very shabby outfit indeed who simply milk their position for all it is worth and do absolutely nothing for the service charge they levy..."

Mr ''X', London, United Kingdom

(See also the then LVT 2005 case, involving MRJ (RICS # 8))


(16)"Hi Noëlle, I have just happened to find myself on your site, through my daily routine of investigating and researching for information, in relation to my case.

I am a Claimant and not a Defendant, but that is just a technical point. What we share in common, is the epiphany of the British Judicial System.

My baptism into this world began in April 2006, and what I have suffered I would not wish on anybody.

It appears that I am a novice in comparison to you, and this, ironically, gives me strength and moral fortitude to continue my struggle.

What I have read, mirrors my experience of the corrupt and fraudulent officers of the court, and institutions set in place, to destroy and crush citizens of this country. I am part of the great unwashed, but I will have Justice - as long as I have breath in my body.

I believe your level of presentation and legal acumen, second to none - and I have had the so called cream of the profession representing me.

I have been hollowed by my nightmare, which has only been 30 months. Still a long time, but pales into comparison to your situation.

My case is ongoing. I have lost everything: my home, my life savings and nearly my sanity, to fraudsters who happen to be solicitors and barristers. So, I have a bit of an uphill struggle.

What I have uncovered beggars belief. You are correct in the assumption that the level of misfeasance and corruption which permeates our courts is deep, and the coercion of the different institutions. I do not want to say too much in this e-mail/letter, I am sure you will understand.

I think the parties concerned must be extremely worried by your tenacity and intelligence.

Thank you for hosting your site, and disclosing your experience to the public. It has been a great boost for me to know that I am not alone in what I have discovered, and others are also fighting this corrupt Judicial system, criminally placed before the people.

I wish you all the best in your future endeavours"

Mr E, London, United Kingdom


(17)"Dear Noëlle

Reading through your website is almost like reading my life and that of my friend who has helped me since 2002 regarding a Leasehold flat I purchased.

I can only say that I have been a victim of what can only be described as "Organised Criminals" but cannot get recourse. Like you I am told to seek legal advice and the solicitors I have have become compliant with the people involved in the building (part of a larger scam/portfolio).

Local authorities appear to be compliant. I have been through every correct complaint procedure and have been blocked. [*] Most politicians and the legal system appear to be hand-in-hand - their aim to extort maximum amount of money from those who are contributing or have already contributed enough into the system and appear to be protecting those who are not honest. If you complain you are accused of threatening "Them" and if they threaten you, they are protected. (*)

Surely there is something that law-abiding, honest citizens of this country can do together - as there is obviously many people in this situation - although in the early years you think you are alone. Are there any honest local authorities? Are there any honest solicitors, accountants, surveyors left?"

Ms G, London, United Kingdom

(*) I have VERY extensive experience of that - see e.g. Overview # 7.

See a case, reported in the media, involving pensioners, and the 'Letters to the Editor' section in C.A.R.L.'s newsletter 'Autumn 2008-Issue 25', "Landlords exploit the vulnerable", for another case also involving pensioners. Previous editions of the newsletter include others. It particularly sickens me that elderly people are being taken advantage of, are bullied, etc. e.g. see also the Elderly Resident in Jefferson House).



You can be pleased to hear this web site has now been brought to the attention of a very small number of MP's on a recent visit to the House of Commons.

I am only too happy to promote this web site as a Leaseholder who is also experiencing the same in East London. All Residential Leaseholders would be best advised to contact Margaret Beckett, MP, Minister of Planning and Housing, Eland House, Bressenden Place, London SW1 5DU.
Web site

What an excellent web site! As a Leaseholder we are proud of you"

Mr S, East London, United Kingdom


(19) "I have only just learned about your website and I am writing because I too was treated with the utmost unfairness by Judges at West London County Court in 1999." (*)

I am very interested to see that you ended up making a complaint against []. This is a firm that robbed me of my London flat and landed me with a legal bill for Ninety Thousand Pounds in a service charge dispute of under Three Thousand Pounds - even though my case was talked about in the House of Commons as a classic case of leasehold abuse by my freeholder.

But, the Judge at West London County Court, was openly biased in favour of the Barrister [] engaged [] [I was] bullied and intimidated into quite literally giving my London flat away to the freeholder whose lawyers were [].

A very appropriate name because that is their philosophy i.e. to bash leaseholders and needlessly ruin their lives. I have been signed off-sick because of the illness it caused me ever since.

The Government should have abolished forfeiture [copy of definition] to stop people's lives being ruined by greedy freeholders"

Mrs M, Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom

(*) West London County Court is the court where the 2002 and 2007 fraudulent claims were filed against me (see Kangaroo court ; Overview # 3 and # 11)


(20) "Dear Ms Klosterkotter-Dit-Rawé

"My name is []. I am living at [] Jefferson House and have, for the past [] and a half years, had issues with the management who have been rude, threatening and made it virtually impossible for us to live there.

The other day we found your website and found that you faced similar problems, and I was wondering if [] the appalling management in this building []"

Mrs Y, London, United Kingdom

Knowing the people we are dealing with (e.g. experience of the Head of the (then) Residents Association ; Elderly Resident ; Other Residents), I anonymize to the maximum comments I receive from people who live in my block.


(21) "Noëlle,

"I applaud your bravery and tenacity in fighting this. I have written about this feudal system and it's human cost on my blog.

Je suis entièrement d'accord avec les sentiments de Thierry et vous-même que cette situation est une tâche sur la réputation de la Grande Bretagne"

Ms 'Marmite Lover', London, United Kingdom


(22) "Dear Noëlle,

I am so glad I stumbled across your website after spending [] battling with MRJ (Martin Russell Jones) [].

I admire your persistence since I've spent less time dealing with these people and already my blood pressure and mind are going insane.

I am glad I am not alone since I live in the same block as you, and look forward to any communications we may have in the future".

Mr Z, London, United Kingdom

My comments: as per Note for Comment # 20, above.


(23) "Noëlle

I am sorry to say that your rambling rantings make you come across as a bit of a nutter with a website development kit. [1] I am sure this is not the case and that you are an intelligent woman but frustrated and emotionally upset dealing with complex and sophisticated property matters.

Many of these complexities arise from socialist and expropriatory legislation intended to favour the tenant by legal interference (aka theft) of landlords' property rights purchased in a so-called free market economy.

Why on earth do you show out-of-date equivalent values in USD - what is the point? Why not show equivalent values in Vietnamese Dongs?

You say in one section that tenants conveniently do not bother to understand what a lease is nor do they read their signed lease document!?!

This is, as you say, one of most people's biggest personal financial commitments and yet they DO NOT BOTHER TO READ OR UNDERSTAND THE CONTRACT!? Even in your own country I believe the phrase caveat emptor is well known?

I suppose you believe that it is the "wicked landlord's" fault (and all the other participants in your alleged conspiracy) [1] that a naive tenant, having not read the contract that she/he signs, discovers that she has say, a 70 year lease interest (rather than the freehold) and that she has to contribute to the maintenance of the shared parts and fabric of the building?

Anyway, the legal system is of course there to earn money when disputes arise and, unlike the US, you may wish to consider yourself fortunate that generally at the LVT you only have to pay your own costs rather than those of the winning party. Thus landlords have to pay their own legal fees [2] to defend against often unwarranted claims from tenants who failed to read the contract they signed.

In your own interest you should desist from the litany of defamatory remarks peppered throughout your diatribe. This is very dangerous and if I was one of those people being defamed [3] I would be on to Carter-Ruck quicker than you could say "punitive damages"

Martin, Hayling Island, United Kingdom

(1) Letting you read e.g. the Overview - that provides an overview of: Major works, (then) London Leasehold Valuation tribunal findings, snapshot of claims made in relation to "the works", and Photo gallery ; Block sale of apartments ; Advisors to Jefferson House and Extortion ; the outcomes of my 6 experiences with courts and tribunal, over a 9-year period, with snapshots under Kangaroo court ; police, etc.

(2) More often than not, it is NOT the case. See also, Comment # 39, below.

(3) I draw your attention to the requirements under the Defamation Act. Also, to my comments under Article 10 of the European Convention.

The latest entry at the time this comment was received was My Diary 22 Nov 08.

In reply to my e-mail thanking him for his comment, Mr Martin wrote:

"Sorry not to be entirely positive about your campaign but there are two sides to most issues and frankly I get fed up endlessly hearing about self-proclaimed "angel" tenants being oppressed by "evil" landlords. The reverse is frequently the case"

(A visitor to my site also replied to him: Comment # 25, below)


(24) "I have been down the same route but, now, I can't publish the results. They will never appear anywhere, because the landlord used the fact that costs are not automatically awarded to Leaseholders if they are the applicants and the landlord the respondent, and they pushed up the legal costs to about what I earn 3 years before tax and living expenses. They did this by requesting adjournments and responding with voluminous amounts of documents that were always produced a little late, resulting in my having to stay up all night to give my response by the next day.

None of the LVT directions were obeyed precisely by the landlord. They never did produce the documents to back up their pricing schedules. This meant the case was not officially heard but it was dealt with. Because they know leaseholders on average incomes cannot take the risk of continuing...

Now it's over and I have to pay a substantially reduced amount and pay the remaining legal fees over the next two years if possible !!!

The landlord can't say it was just an estimate anymore and demand more from me; that is one small blessing. However they want what I earn "net" in about 4 years, payable within 1 year.

Currently struggling to re-structure my finances and to get a loan/mortgage whatever.

The best I can do is to attempt to warn people about what to expect here at [website]"

Mr 'Leaseholder Confidential', London, United Kingdom

This person appears to be a social sector leaseholder. (See e.g. My Diary 26 Apr 06 and 22 Nov 08 for other examples of situations faced by this type of leaseholders. See Overview Note 9, the Channel 4's Dispatches programme, of 20 Aug 12, that reported that "local authorities make sweetheart deals with contractors").

A lot more council tenants are falling into the leasehold trap, under the 'Right to Buy' scheme e.g. in its No 1348 edition, 6 -19 Sep 13, (pg 9), Housing News, Private Eye reported: "In the 15 months of the reinvigorated right to buy, more than 8,000 homes [have been] sold...".

(A key benefit to councils selling the lease: having a 'usually' lower income, makes these new leaseholders an easy target for rip-off, due to the prohibitive cost of employing advisors, as and when 'service charge' disputes will arise).

(I subsequently came across somebody who shared my view, in "New ruling favours Goliath over David in leaseholder battle", Guardian, 14 Mar 13 - quoted as saying: "The loss of all or nothing decisions will hit financially-stretched former tenants in particular, who purchased flats on dilapidated estates where repair bills can reach eyewatering heights. Most don't have a hope in hell of paying. That is the danger of right-to-buy.").

Some will probably take advantage of Phase 2 of the Help to Buy Scheme, launched in Oct 13, that requires a minimum 5% deposit, with the government guaranteeing another 15%, interest free, for the first 5 years. (NB: This is what I read in a newspaper. CHECK that it is accurate). (Not sure whether scheme was ended in late 2013).

Covering properties up to a value of £600k, it extends/ed the recently-launched scheme to existing home owners, whereas previously, it was limited to 1st time buyers who, in addition, could only buy new build properties.

Commentators view the scheme as ending-up in tears for many. But, in the case of the councils' freehold stocks, as well as new build properties (the majority of which are leasehold - and some are 'shared-ownership' (= another disaster area; see for yourself: Google 'shared-ownership')) - the benefit of default by buyers will be that freeholders get the properties back at a discount - and will put them back on the market.


(25) "Mr Martin [Comment # 23, above] you do not know what you are talking about:

"Anyway, the legal system is of course there to earn money when disputes arise and, unlike the US, you may wish to consider yourself fortunate that generally at the LVT you only have to pay your own costs rather than those of the winning party. Thus landlords have to pay their own legal fees to defend against often unwarranted claims from tenants who failed to read the contract they signed."

Actually the landlord has just landed me with her 'costs' of £5,000 even though she employed no counsel. These LVT costs are fictitious and ridiculous for a half-day hearing. She is threatening me with forfeiture [copy of definition] if I do not pay them, even though the lease does not allow for them.

You sound rather unreasonable in your comment actually. I wonder why you are so biased against the leaseholder? The freeholder always has the whip hand, they don't need your sympathy"

Ms 'Marmite Lover', London, United Kingdom


(26) "I have been researching for a feature on property swindles on the South Coast especially in Hastings and Bexhill.

Your website is an extremely useful source of information and confirms that people in St Leonards on Sea who are subject to theft and fraud by a notorious managing agent, everyday, are not alone in their struggle"

Ms J, Hastings, East Sussex, United Kingdom

In 2010, the May appointed Housing Minister, Grant Shapps, said: "All is well with leaseholders!"


(27) "It makes me sick to have to admit it, as it's my country, I was born here, but your web site shows that this country has become too corrupt to act for its law-abiding citizens. It's shocking to see what you've gone through.

I wish you the very best"

John, London, United Kingdom


(28) "The more they continue to fight you back, the more they all come across as unbelievably stupid people, blinded by extreme arrogance, as the only thing they are achieving is adding more and more nails to their coffins and, unbelievably, more and more coffins keep on being added. It really is unbelievable!"

Nigel, London, United Kingdom


(29) "I have had some dreadful experiences with CKFT [Cawdery Kaye Fireman & Taylor] who used to act for me and so I feel very sympathetic as I know what CKFT are like. However it seems that you have allowed this to consume you.

The "leasehold-outrage" website demonstrates that good lawyers add value. I'm sure there are a number of legitimate complaints in here - but they are so poorly presented and badly mixed up with complaints which are unjustified that this site largely fails to get your message across. You should try to simplify it and tidy it up. Focus on key points.


Tragically they were in the news yesterday when it was reported that a young lawyer hanged himself in their offices" (*)

Barry, Berkshire, United Kingdom

(*) Link to Evening Standard article of 29 Jan 09 "Redundancies lawyer is found hanged in office"


(30) "Our block is also managed by MRJ [Martin Russell Jones]

The service charges have doubled and the block has deteriorated such that it has become difficult to sell the flats.

We have received estimates for roof repairs of £106K plus. We, the tenants, got three estimates that varied from £20k to £36k.

They never return telephone calls, nor respond to letters. Nothing seems to frighten MRJ (*)

Would it be possible if all the Lessees wanted to change the managing agents?

We know they are dishonest in the large demands being sent us and the money the freeholder and MRJ must be making and would appreciate any advice or information you could give us"

Ms M, Finchley, London, United Kingdom

(*) Because the then MRJ knew it has nothing to fear from its so-called 'professional' trade association, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) (snapshot- RICS # A), tribunals (Overview # 2), courts (Overview # 3), and police (police # 7) - because of the back-up protection system.


(31) "There is an inner London borough council whose leasehold accounts were in such a mess, as to be unreliable and acknowledged by them in board meeting minutes who, at the 11th hour and 59th minute before a leasehold tribunal case offered to do a deal.

Unfortunately, the leaseholders taking action had all but run out of funds to continue the expensive legal battle costs - and it was apparent that the case would take much longer than the one day allocated to it. This would have meant the leaseholders having to find several more thousands Pounds each to conclude the tribunal case.

So, reluctantly a deal was done, and they insisted a "CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT" be signed.

The end result of this is that they can demand from other leaseholders in the borough more than double the figure they agreed to deal at with a few leaseholders who had to collectively raise £65,000 to pay for solicitors, barristers and surveyors fees, to end it at that date.


They were unable to explain how a revised final figure could go up in value even after six months of downward negotiation, TOTALLY VALIDATING the leaseholders' claim that the accounts were flawed.

It was also public knowledge that on the evening before the tribunal they made an offer to deal.


Now in the past 3 weeks they have informed other leaseholders that the events that took place at the LVT offices do not have implications for other leaseholders. They are still pursuing them for more than double what we now know they should be paying"


Mr 'Confidentiality Agreement Leaseholder', London, United Kingdom

= Same approach as that used by private landlords: trying their luck until the very last minute, and then offering a deal to prevent going to a hearing (Overview Note 4).

No wonder that the typical reply from local councils that are "the prosecuting authority for contraventions of Landlord - Tenant legislation" turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the fraudulent activities of some private landlords - claiming that it "would not be in the public interest to prosecute". (I know of other leaseholders who, like me, received the same reply).

Some of these councils evidently play the same game as the crooked private landlords). (See also Comment # 17 ; Overview Note 9, the 20 Aug 12 Dispatches programme).


(32) "I found your site when looking for help myself in desperate frustration (after a nightmare seven years of being bullied and tormented via the useless legal system in this country by a lying, cheating, control-crazy socio-psychopathic thieving tyrant who has "stolen" my property).

What I read, with instant and increasing horror made me weep for you whilst at the same time, feeling enormous admiration and respect for you.

I have become more and more convinced as time goes by that people with power have no integrity and heartbreakingly, certain friends and family members whom we assumed would support us, turn out to have no integrity either.

I no longer think that the bystanders of bullies are just spineless and amoral. They are as evil as the bully himself. This is so depressing and so difficult to come to terms with.

There are people who have integrity but no power and whilst grateful for their moral support, in practical terms they can do nothing to help.

I am so shocked at what you have had to endure that it has rendered me (temporarily I hope) almost speechless. All I can say for now is that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Remember that there is a higher judge whom all of your adversaries will have to face one day.

With very best wishes, prayers and hope"

Mrs Sandra, Ormskirk, United Kingdom


(33)"Further to my message sent earlier (I am still trawling through your site , sickened (but not, sadly, surprised) at the appalling way you have been treated.

I desperately wish I had the power and/or the money to help you. Obviously I don't have those things (or I would not have found your site in the first place, when looking for answers to my own problem).

However, I have a humble home that you are freely invited to if you would like to hide away for a while and have a break from your dreadful nightmare.

This is a sincere and genuine offer from another persecuted and bullied woman whose own situation is a Snowdon compared to your Everest.

Kindest Regards"

Mrs Sandra, Ormskirk, United Kingdom


(34) "I cannot believe what I have just read. It turns my stomach what is allowed to happen in a"democratic" society. What particularly struck a chord is the statement "If you insist on your rights you end-up being treated as the criminal, whilst the criminals are treated as the victims".

As you also state, until you are at the receiving end, you do not realise the enormity of what is allowed to happen to the "little people".

Although I have only just started out as a defendant in person, the enormity of the task ahead has been brought home by all the hours you have spent on the very professional and clearly understandable documents you submitted to the courts.

Please read my story on - the surveillance, police and Local Authority interference and indifference, false arrest, defamation of the innocent parties (not as others would have the world believe with the current separate libel proceedings against a pensioner and myself for the same alleged "injuries to feelings" from the reporting of the truth).

Human Rights do not exist in this country for the "little people" [*] - the very rights which were designated to afford protection and which are enshrined in most other European countries apart from the UK, whose only aim is to protect the well connected from their own criminal conduct, aided and abetted by their authoritarian contacts to the detriment of those who dare to raise their heads above the parapet and be counted.

I am being denied the right to peaceful possession and enjoyment of my property and the right to speak in defence of that peaceful possession without undue interference from the state - three breaches of the most fundamentally basic of human rights in one breath, and no one who is in a position to help and make a difference gives a damn.

I too, like you, have steadfastly refused to give up against all odds and I know from the countless and irreplaceable hours year in and year out, irrespective of the financial costs, exactly what a supreme struggle it is to persevere in the belief that you do matter and you do count and it has to be relevant and mean something. Because there is no other choice as all it takes is for "good men to do nothing for evil to flourish" and where would we, all the "little people" of this democratic country be then?

What has become apparent is just how many of us in reality are out there on their own fighting for justice, some who have caved in to the pressure of continued legal bullying and sustained harassment to become part of the dissatisfied silent majority - we must never be afraid of the truth.

What is evident from your web site is that you are telling the truth and you believe in the importance of that truth, despite such odds stacked against you."

Mrs Diane, England, United Kingdom

(*) VERY TRUE. (Typically), to cover-up this fact, the State, in this instance, the then Prime Minister, David Cameron, continues to pull the wool over the eyes of the 'little people', by making the claim that "Britain has a long and exemplary record on human rights" (My Diary 23 Jan 12).

(He has the backup of 'the Defender of Human Rights', the ECtHR (Overview # 18.3 , # 18.4 , # 18.5), so: why not take advantage!)

Note that the UK Human Rights Act 1998 OMITS 2 critical Articles from the European Convention on Human Rights (document obtained from the Council of Europe's website):

  • Article 1 - Obligation to respect Human Rights
  • Article 13 - Right to an effective remedy

(I asked Liberty - "Protecting civil liberties - Promoting human rights" - whether I had missed it on its site "What's not to love about Human Rights?", or whether it was silent about these omissions. If so, why. I did not receive a reply).

Add to that the fact that the UK does not have a constitution.

With which country/ies do these facts put the UK on a par with?

(NB: Another example: the UK attempted to limit the European Commission's Data Protection Directive. However, as demonstrated by my experience with the police: breach of the Data Protection Act 1998, and concurrently with the court, following filing my 19 Apr 11 Claim: summary - Breaches of the law, MPS - this Directive is, as in the case of human rights: NOT implemented in practice).


(35) "I was at the hustings last week for the General Election in the UK and saw a T-shirt with your web address which I noted down.

I am not much in favour of T-shirts with messages, but this time I realise just how useful they can be.

Well done. I am a convert. []"

Mr Jack, London, United Kingdom


(36) Initial email: "It is absolutely ghastly what you are being put through. It makes my wife's and my predicament far more gentile"

Subsequent email (on the same day): "Your site is a compelling read and absolutely awful in its various lurid details.

I fully understand that you will not be replying to me in any detail. I am appalled by your reports and the atrocious behaviour you have been subjected to. I will be reading your website regularly from now on.

If, in the future, we might afford you any assistance through weight of numbers please feel free to contact me"

Mr Malcolm, Edmonton, GLA


(37) "Well done for not giving in and your fighting spirit. I have proof that [] have known since 96 that leaseholders were being defrauded, so I believe the recent news of the LVT to be disbanded [*] is in some way due to my pressure.

But I must stress that you and I are still seeking justice!"

Mr Paul, Bognor Regis, United Kingdom

(*) See, on Her Majesty's London tribunal's page, my Note at the end of the page, about the reincarnation of the old LVT.


(38) "Thank you for letting me know I'm not alone. I have been pulling my hair out for years over my landlord [] Housing.

Each flat in my block are charged £500 per year service charge for what appears to be very little work (and I know this is cheap compared to what some leaseholders have to pay). In 2000/2001 they tried to impose a cost of £1100 per double glazed window on each leaseholder, which we fought and got down.

We now have a legal action (currently at LVT) to contest another charge of £1900 per property for the removal of asbestos in communal meter cupboards. I have it on good authority that £700 is a fair price.

To compound all this, I've just paid £10,000 to extend my lease, (even though I blame the solicitors, not the landlord for not explaining this to me when I purchased).

In this day and age, why are these people allowed to get away with this? Could it be that the House of Lords and Crown are amongst the biggest land owners in the country? I do wonder ...."

Mr Andrew, near Staines, United Kingdom

See 21 Sep 10 Evening Standard article "The Queen, her tenants and the money men who want them out" ; see the 'Great Estates'.


(39) "The LVT Has Also Now Destroyed My Life Too"

"I have just received the attached quite unbelievable decision from the LVT that I am liable to pay my residents management company all of the £44,000 of legal costs that they are claiming from me that they frittered away on their legal representation on my previous LVT appeal to the Lands Tribunal. And now they will also probably come after me for the further £20,000 to £25,000 that they may have spent on their legal costs in winning this LVT case - at a so called "low cost affordable body for resolving leaseholder disputes".

At this stage I really wish I had never come across CARL or any talk of anyone fighting their landlord and had just been told back at the start in 2003 that in this country the leaseholder will never get any justice and that they should always give up straight away and sell their flat before they get sucked into the deeply depressing downward spiral of fighting unfair actions by your management company through the English legal system.

What does one do in this kind of situation? I feel like I am going completely crazy and that there is no way out and that the whole of the rest of my life will now be a disaster.

Sorry to trouble you with this but I am sure you can imagine how I am feeling. Perhaps it would have been easier if the LVT had just included some anthrax dust or cyanide gas with their decision notice!"

Mr Julian, South England, United Kingdom


(40) "Looking at the link was a pretty maddening experience, but it only shows how money men and corruption work together. This is not a unique thing. It is being done all the time with some poor bastard getting the life squeezed out of him slowly by money and authority and they don't give a crap. They do it only because they can and the corrupt legals let them purely for profit".

By bodge, 03.12.10-12h13, on

About "not giving a crap" - this was confirmed unequivocally by the epitome of the British Establishment, Boris Johnson, then Mayor of London and Head of the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime, in his 18 Jun 15 reply to a taxi driver: "Fuck off and die!" (source: The Guardian).


See also:

- In addition to the Summary of my case, My Diary 22 Nov 08 for my conclusion: Threats of forfeiture, bankruptcy proceedings and court claims = FRAUD TOOLS, as well as leaseholders' experience trying to buy the freehold on their apartment, and leaseholders' comments about the then Leasehold Valuation Tribunal and (then?) Lands Tribunal.

Examples of media reports.

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