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Although concerned with housing, the Mayor of London 'cannot help on leasehold matters'

Mr Ken Livingstone


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In the process of writing to 'my' then MP Michael Portillo to ask for his assistance, as well as to various ministers, I also opted to send a similar pack, dated 01.07.02, to Mr Ken Livingstone, then Mayor of London.

The 06.08.02 reply was: 'can't help you'.

In my 27.08.02 reply to his Office, I wrote:

"Evidently, his concern is limited to people who do not have a home, rather than those who have one and will be thrown out of it because they cannot pay the exorbitant, unwarranted charges that unscrupulous landlords get away with charging them.

(See attached the first of such demand I have received from the managing agents:   £14,400 (US$25,400) (!)   And there will be more of the same). [NB: I have certainly been proven right on this - see e.g. Overview # 10 & # 11 ; extortion]

At least, it is reassuring to know that when I get thrown out of my flat because I cannot pay the charges and I lose everything, I can turn up on the doorstep of City Hall with my suitcase in the knowledge that Mr Livingstone will then be able to help me"

I give this experience as another example in support of my claim in the Overview to the site that

"as a leaseholder there is absolutely nothing there to help me in this island-Kingdom"...

- because, as colloquially, and accurately summed-up by a visitor to my site (# 40): "They don't give a crap" .

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