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Members of Parliament 'can only help their own constituents'

THE LATE Mr Charles Kennedy


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In the summer of 2003, I sent an identical letter to a dozen media (e.g. 17.08.03 to the Guardian), each time copying the letter to several ministers and MPs, including the late Mr Charles Kennedy, then leader of the Liberal Democrats (which was then in opposition).

It led him to reply in his 22.08.03 letter that he could not help me because I was "not one of his constituents".

Of course, he did not pick-up on my comments about the deliberately misleading and ineffectual remedies devised by government (= the major players - who are also senior members of 'the Brotherhood') in relation to the hellhole residential leasehold system.

Over a year later, I sent a 14.12.04 letter to Mr Kennedy, yet again highlighting the plight of leaseholders and challenging him to take-up the cause stating, among others:

"Leaseholders are a large, silent, suffering majority, scared to speak-up for fear of losing the sum total of their financial wealth: by not being able to sell their property.

I have opted to take the risk, partly out of despair, and partly because I am outraged by what has happened to me, considering that we are in the 21st century, in a country that calls itself 'civilised' and has signed up to the European Convention on Human Rights

Will you be the Party that takes up the challenge?"

I did not receive a reply.

I give this experience as another example in support of my claim in the Overview to the site that

"as a leaseholder there is absolutely nothing there to help me in this island-Kingdom"...

- because, as colloquially, and accurately summed-up by a visitor to my site (# 40): "They don't give a crap"


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