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In reading this page on Her Majesty's Members of Parliament and other state parties, remember that the ROOT CAUSE for their actions and lack of action is a thoroughly evil, greed-ridden, vampiric, multi-criminal Rachman crook, Andrew David Ladsky...

...- deciding, with his gang of racketeers (1) that I (and fellow leaseholders) would be made to pay for:

and related works - for which we are NOT liable...

(1) Since 2011, Martyn Gerrard has been in the driving seat

(2) Amazingly, by 2016, they had 'disappeared': Gerrard # 30.

Back of Jefferson House in July 2002...

...and in September 2005 that Ladsky could make a multi-million £ jackpot...

... - that includes a penthouse apartment (Planning application; Land Registry title)...

...that was: "categorically NOT going to be built" (Brian Gale, MRICS, 13.12.02 "Expert Witness" report to the tribunal - # 7.1),

because it was not a viable proposition" (Joan Hathaway, MRICS, MRJ - 04.03.03 letter) (Overview # 3)...

...sold for £3.9 million (US$6.9m) in Dec 05, and on the market in Oct 07, for £6.5m (US$11.5m)

For more detail, see this Feb 06 diagram.

For whom ALL of Her Majesty's Members of Parliament and other parties on this page joined the other assassins - in saying:

Yes! Of course! O' Great One!

Because... do what Ladsky did - to gain £500k - isn't 'Mr Big' - is it?

So: why the across-the-board unfailing support?

Firstly, because this island-kingdom is controlled by crime, for the benefit of crime - resulting in its being "fantastically corrupt".

I add that only the corruptible can be corrupted.

Secondly, because he is Jewish and / or because he is a Freemason who – as a result of his own actions – has exposed other Freemasons who, cowardly, take it out on me instead of him.


In reading this page, remember also the claims by the then Prime Minister, David Cameron - in Jan 12:

"...Britain...[has a] well regarded legal systems and...a long and exemplary record on human rights..."

"We are not and never will be a country that walks on by while human rights are trampled into the dust"

(But then, the UK's Human Rights Act excludes 2 critical articles: Article 1 - Obligation to respect Human Rights; Article 13 - Right to an effective remedy = the Act is a sham).

(United Nations Human Rights Chief, Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein, did not reply to my 24.07.16 letter in which I raised these issues) (My Diary 24 July 16).



(NOTE, above, browser set-up)


(1)- The consistent 'Get lost!' from politicians to my 'cries for help'

I state under Note 7 of the Overview that I have knocked on all possible doors - and provide my overall assessment.

Every time, I highlighted my plight and asked for help / counting on getting - as a British, law-abiding, tax-paying, glaringly obvious victim of organized crime (Case summary) - what the state told me it is there for: 'justice, redress and protection'.

It turned out to be a GIGANTIC CON.

This section provides some examples of this - sourced from my 50+ legitimate 'cries for help' and complaints - in vain.

Her Majesty's Lord John Prescott, then head of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (*)

In 2002, my 01.07.02 'cry for help' pack in which I related the horrendous situation in which I and fellow leaseholders were in, as a result of the criminal activities by Andrew David Ladsky and his gang of racketeers, as well as our experience with some public sector departments.

It led to this 19.07.02 'reply' that pushed me towards the hellhole then London Leasehold Valuation Tribunal.

The tribunal deliberately did NOT provide me with a remedy and caused me to lose £30,000 (US$53,000) of my very-hard-earned life savings - for a fraudulent demand of £14,400! (Overview # 2), as well as suffer horrendous distress, torment and anguish.

In 2003, Prescott turned a blind eye to my legitimate complaint against the tribunal = endorsed its outrageous conduct, by backing up the equally outrageous 'replies' to my complaint from its then president, Siobhan McGrath: summary # 1.1 and summary # 1.2.

Ken Livingstone, then Mayor of London

In 2002, my 01.07.02 pack to him (similar to that sent to Prescott) - who, likewise, in his 06.08.02 letter, replied that he 'could not help me': summary # 5.12.

'My' then MP, Michael Portillo

In 2002, I initially sent him this 27.05.02 pack.

He followed it by repeated, typical 'Get lost!'; summary # 5.11.

Her Majesty's The Rt. Hon. Tony Blair, then Prime Minister

In 2003, my copying him (as well as other ministers) (several times) on a letter I sent to various media relating my horrendous experience e.g. 17.08.03 letter to The Guardian - led to another typical 'Get lost!'

Her Majesty's the late Rt. Hon. Charles Kennedy, then leader of the Liberal Democrats

In 2004, my 14.12.04 letter to him to which he replied, in his 22.08.03 letter, that he could not help me, because I was "not one of his constituents".

Her Majesty's The Rt. Hon. Michael Howard, MP, then leader of the Conservative Party

In 2005, my 06.04.05 letter to him in response to his Mar 05 pre-election letter (and that of Malcolm Rifkind) - in which I related my horrendous experience with the local police, courts and council, as well as situation.

He did not even acknowledge my correspondence = 'Get lost!'

'My' then MP, Her Majesty (*) 's Sir Malcolm Rifkind

In 2009, my 4-month battle with him entailing several letters: summary # 1.9 - to finally be able to file a complaint with Her Majesty's Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman...

- with whom he then conspired to ensure I would get another 'Get lost' (next entry).

(In Jan-Feb 15 Rifkind was caught in a sting operation)

Her Majesty's Ann Abraham, then Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman

In 2009-10 - Yet more battles which, after an initial 'Get lost!' to my 12.07.09 complaint (detail of complaint, and supporting bundle) against two of Her Majesty's courts and a tribunal, and Her Majesty's Courts 'Customer Service'...

...- exactly one year later, sent me the final 'Get lost!': summary # 1.10 (because, like ALL the others, perceiving her top priority as protecting the 'tribe' members - other example).

(I had also approached the PHSO 'unofficially' in 2004, but it was an indirect 'cry for help' - PHSO # 3).

Her Majesty's The Rt. Hon. Gordon Brown, then Prime Minister

In 2010, my 02.02.10 'cry for help' to which, unlike that sent to his predecessor, Tony Blair - was not even acknowledged = another 'Get lost!'

Her Majesty's The Rt. Hon. Alan Johnson, then Home Secretary, and Her Majesty's Sir Paul Stephenson, then Metropolitan Police Commissioner

In 2009-10, my 'cries for help' that led to more typical 'Get lost!' - summary # 4.9.

Her Majesty's Theresa May, then Home Secretary

In 2011, following my filing a 19 Apr 11 Claim against Stephenson, and the successor to Alan Johnson, Her Majesty's Theresa May - both demonstrated their absolute blind determination to continue with the injustice and abuse against me.

It included Stephenson lying (under 'statements of truth') in his Defence, as well as Application to have my Claim struck out; May, undeniably endorsing the treatment I had - and continue to be subjected to.

(ALL of this was endorsed by Her Majesty's judiciaries in the Queen's Bench Division = a continuation of my experience Her Majesty's courts since my first ever contact in 2002).

Her Majesty's Theresa May, then Home Secretary - and those copied on my letter (summary # 4.14) (read all as being preceded by 'Her Majesty's):

(1)- David Cameron, then Prime Minister

(2)- Nick Clegg, then Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the Liberal Democrats

(3)- Ed Miliband, then Leader of the Labour Party

(4)- Natalie Bennett, then Leader of the Green Party

(5)- Philip Hammond, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs

(6)- Chris Grayling, then Secretary of State for the Ministry of (In)Justice (his predecessors)

(7)- Simon Hughes, then Minister for Justice and Civil Liberties

Each of the then 10 members of Parliament's Home Affairs Select Committee:( What I report in the letter are matters that fall very much under the remit of the committee)

(8)- Keith Vaz, Chair, Labour (resigned in 2016 following some 'revelations' by the media);

(9)- Ian Austin, Labour;

(10)- Nicola Blackwood, Conservative;

(11)- James Clappison, then Conservative MP;

(12)- Michael Ellis, Conservative;

(13)- Paul Flynn, Labour;

(14)- Lorraine Fulbrook, then Conservative MP;

(15)- Dr Julian Huppert, then LibDem MP;

(16)- Yasmin Qureshi, Labour;

(17)- David Winnick, Labour.

(18)- Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police (his predecessor was Sir Paul Stephenson)

(19)- Boris Johnson, then Head of Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime

In 2014, outraged by Theresa May's claims at the Tory Conference, I sent her this 25.11.14 letter contrasting her claims with my experience in this island-kingdom since 2002 (HO # 3.1(iv)).

I copied all those listed on the left, and stated, in relation to all:

"I am not expecting a response, unless it is about finally ensuring that I get justice, redress and compensation for the extremely traumatic, life-destroying treatment I am being subjected to since 2002".

Predictably, the only 'response' has been continuation of the persecution.

(I sent the letter twice, 2 weeks apart i.e. 19 letters x 2).

(Meanwhile, the home affairs committee - fall over backwards to address unverified claims from the Jewish lobby).

The heads of Her Majesty's Court Service

Her Majesty's Lord Falconer of Thoroton, then Lord Chancellor

In 2004, in the context of the (fraudulent) claim filed against me (and fellow leaseholders) in West London County Court - I also sent him a 'cry for help',...

and copied Christopher Leslie, MP (then with responsibility for the courts) and David Lammy, MP (then with responsibility for Human Rights). (See my above Note)

ALL resulted in the same typical outcome: 'Get lost!' (The last two: claiming that they 'could not intervene'). (Summary # 1.5)

Her Majesty's The Rt Hon. Jack Straw, then (In)Justice Secretary

In 2007, in the context of another fraudulent claim filed against me, also in West London County Court - following my filing a complaint with HMCS 'Customer Service' (WLCC # 18),...

I sent him: 2 'cries for help', as well as copied him on 4 other letters: WLCC # 24.2 - Straw summary ; summary # 1.8 .

Outcome: like his predecessor: he took no action = endorsed the conduct... and his department, the Ministry of (In)Justice, (quite likely with his endorsement), continued to do this

(Outcome of my 2 Jan 10 Subject Access Request ; summary # 1.11).

(In Jan-Feb 15 Straw was caught in a sting operation).

Her Majesty's Crown Prosecution Service

Her Majesty's Alison Saunders, Director of Public Prosecution

In 2016, because she claimed to condemn "hate crimes", I sent her this 24.07.16 letter in which I reported some highlights from my case, and asked her what actions she was going to take.

Typically, the 28.07.16 'response' (includes my Comments) amounted to a 'Get lost!'

(*) 'Her Majesty's' because ALL parliamentarians act for the Crown - NOT for the people - see My Diary # 2.6.

Hence this overall message when one of 'the little people' 'like me' 'dares' to challenge injustice and the concurrent extremely abusive, barbaric, life-destroying treatment,... summed up succinctly, on 18 Jun 15, by the epitome of the British Establishment, Boris Johnson, then Mayor of London and Head of the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime, to a taxi driver:

FUCK OFF AND DIE!” (Source: The Guardian)...

......- providing undeniable support to my conclusion that, in this island-kingdom, as one of 'the little people', I am treated like a piece of dirt, a non-entity who does not have the right to have rights, there to be used, abused and tormented at will - BY ALL.

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(2)- Why I contacted the above individuals, added to many others - and their favourite standard excuses for refusing to help me.

Because - naïvely seeing the world through my principles and values - I kept hoping that 'this one' will help, 'this one' will do his job, 'this one' will surely see that I am the innocent victim of crime / malpractice (I most definitely am) (Case summary), 'this one' will do something.

Either the door remained shut, or it was slammed back in my face, frequently using two of the favourite standard replies:

I came to conclude was a euphemism for "GET LOST!"

And I sure received A LOT of other 'GET LOST!' (Overview # 7;

snapshots of my 50+ legitimate 'cries for help' and complaints - in vain)

In other words, as I explain under Note 8 of the Overview: I made the monumental mistake of believing the state's propaganda from 'the Ministry of Truth' - which turned out to be 'a GIGANTIC CON'.

Politicians talk of 'a broken society' and readily blame various sections of society. This being an Orwellian 1984 society, the fingers of the ruling class are, of course, pointed at 'the Proles'.

My very extensive first-hand experience (added to that of others e.g. Media page) leads me to conclude that what is now very seriously broken, and out of control in this island-kingdom - because dictated to by supremacist corrupt elements in 'the Brotherhood' - is the state sector - which, in turn, is breaking society.

As I wrote in my 02.02.10 letter (last page) to: Alan Johnson, then Home Secretary ; Sir Paul Stephenson, then Met Commissioner ; Sir Malcolm Rifkind, 'my' then MP; Mrs Abraham, then PHSO:

"If I had children who saw me going through what I have gone through since 2002 – knowing that I am the innocent victim of crime, that I am a law–abiding, honest, decent person with integrity and strongly held moral principles...

– and seeing individuals in the public sector acting like pimps, prostituting Her Majesty’s departments and institutions for the benefit of crooks: what message would my experience communicate to them?

Would I have any chance of getting them to adopt my principles, of having respect for the institutions? In fact, would I want them to? Knowing what I know now, for the sake of their survival, I would have to answer: ‘No’"

(NB: A visitor to my site (# 40) wrote, colloquially - and accurately: "They don't give a crap". (Unequivocally confirmed by Boris Johnson on 18 Jun 15 (above)).

But, of course - in spite of treating us, the 'little people' 'like me', 'the Proles', like pieces of dirt, non-entities who do not have the right to have rights, there to be used and abused at will - by ALL...

- the Establishment nonetheless expect us to lick its jackboots, 'in gratitude' for its extremely abusive, oppressive and life-destroying treatment - in addition to expecting us to behave like schizophrenics: turning the moral tap on/off to suit its needs).

In 2006, a journalist/columnist at The Daily Express wrote, in his 16 Jun 06 article, "Labour Government is 'not fit for purpose'"

"Contrary to Home Secretary John Reid's declaration that his department is "not fit for purpose" I would suggest that this whole Government is "not fit for purpose" ...

...To brand this Government as incompetent is an insult to incompetents but, more worryingly, the public has lost faith in the ability of government to govern, and the judiciary to dispense justice"

As exemplified by e.g. my experience, the Home Office is still "not fit for purpose" ...

and exposes the sham claim of "this country having an exemplary record on human rights". (See my above Note).

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(3)- "Fantastic corruption" driven by insatiable greed is a standard feature of the ruling class / Establishment

A "fantastically corrupt" environment in which politicians are there to look only after their own interest - instead of that of the people who voted for them...and are paying for many ways.

(3.1 of # 3)- Corruption among the law makers

At the time I launched my website, the media reported extensive corruption by politicians and public sector departments: My Diary 2 Aug 06.

It has since continued to be very frequently reported on by the media e.g. BVI # 3.

(3.1.1 of # 3.1)- Industrial-scale fiddling of "expenses"

Peers, as well as MPs (members of the Commons) i.e. politicians, including within the Cabinet, fiddling their expenses in the tens of thousands of pounds - entailing switching the designation of their 'main home' to carry out major works, refurbish and furnish their home, avoid paying capital gains tax, etc.

(All the information is sourced from The Daily Telegraph's 'The Complete Expenses Files', published in 2009 - except the first example, Chris Grayling, that is sourced from Private Eye). (More detail in My Diary 2009- to which the below examples are linked).


Chris Graying (Conservative) (became head of 'justice')

Claimed for 2 mortgages, as well as: £4,250 (US$7,500) for redecorating;

£1,1561 for a new bathroom; £1,341 for new kitchen units; £1,527 for plumbing and £1,950 for rewiring the apartment.

Having almost reached the maximum allowance, in the next financial year he submitted: a decorators' bill of £2,250 - claiming the decorator had only just submitted his invoice a year late; £3,534 for service and maintenance decorations.

Jack Straw (Labour) (at the time, head of 'justice') (above)

£7,500 on a kitchen; paying his local authority half the amount of his council tax, while claiming the full amount.

Michael Gove (Conservative) (became head of 'justice')

£7,000 to an upmarket interior design company, followed by flipping his designated home for which he claimed around £13,000 to cover stamp duty.

Margaret Moran (Labour)

Received more than £53,000 (US$93,450) in fraudulent expenses, including £22,000 for rot treatment to her partner's seaside house, 100 miles from her constituency.

Shahid Malik (Labour) (at the time, a 'justice' minister)

£3,000 on a flat TV screen, DVD system and a massage chair.

Sir Gerald Kaufman (Labour)

£8,900 (US$15,700) for a home cinema system;

he claimed £28,800 for home improvements between 2005 and 2007.

Douglas Hogg (Conservative)

£2,115 for cleaning a mot at his manor house.

Sir Peter Viggers (Conservative)

£1,645 (US$2,900) for a floating duck house; "based on the design of an 18th century building" (even the ducks have to live in style!).

Over a three-year period: more than £30,000 (US$53,000) for gardening, including 28 tons of manure.

Sir John Butterfill (Conservative)

£20,000 for his servants quarters at his taxpayer-funded country house and for repairs to an apartment.

David Heathcot-Amory (Conservative)

19 claims for horse manure, over a three-year period, totalling £389.

John Gummer (Conservative)

Over £9,000 a year for gardening on his estate.

Keith Vaz (Labour) (above)

Over a three-year period, claimed more than £75,000 for an apartment in Westminster despite his family home being 12 miles from Westminster - including e.g.

£2,610 for a pair of leather armchairs; £480 on cushions; £150 on a lamp.

[The visitors of the "washing machine salesman" must have been impressed].

Jacqui Smith (Labour)

£10 for porn movies.

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(3.1.2 of # 3.1)- Tens of thousands of pounds retainers for changing / influencing legislation; using contacts networks

Peers, as well as Members of the Commons i.e. politicians, offering to change / influence legislation; influence debates; facilitate introductions to their contacts - in exchange for cash...

"Like a cab for hire" - including yearly retainers ranging from £24,000 to £120,000. E.g.

Labour MP Jack Straw (see also above)

Getting paid "£60,000 [US$106,000] a year to operate "under the radar" to use his influence to change European Union rules on behalf of a commodity firm."

Their perception of being 'above the law', (added to putting a system in place that ensures their protection), is such that they even boast about changing legislation to accommodate companies' 'needs'.

E.g. from Private Eye, 1429, 14-27Oct 16

"Airbnb heads – “Digital disruptor” flat rental firm Airbnb is so worried about possible regulation hitting its business it made a major – and successful – assault on the Tory conference."

"City authorities in London and around the world are worried Airbnb is attracting too many professional landlords, pushing up rental prices and crowding out family homes."

"The firm has faced restrictions in Barcelona and Berlin, and there is concern its rental aren’t properly safety-checked or taxed. So, how can it avoid UK rules that might undermine its revenues?"

"At the Birmingham Tory conference,... Matthew Hancock... told the fringe meeting his message for Airbnb was: “What can we do to make your life easier?

"He told them how last year Airbnb “came to us and said, the problem is that we can’t do this in London because it’s against the law thanks to a 1956 regulation.

And so we have changed the law and now Airbnb carries on exactly as it did before, except it’s legal

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(3.2 of # 3)- Corruption among the law enforcers

Corruption is also rife among the law enforcers:

In its 1375, 19Sep-2Oct 14 issue, Private Eye reported, under its standard column 'Called to Ordure' that, during a meeting of the Home Affairs Select Committee with some public servants involved in the Rotherham scandal,...

Paul Flynn told Shaun Wright, now / then? South Yorkshire police commissioner:

You are a charlatan in love with office and your salary. You are a disgrace

To my mind, that can also be said about the majority of politicians.

The institutions were either shells from the start, or have rotted to the point of being now reduced to carcasses.

Perceiving themselves as being 'above the law', added to putting a system in place that ensures their protection,...

if any of 'the little people' 'dare' to expose their corruption / other misconduct - they perceive themselves as 'victims'...

- and go for the kill like a pack of demented bloodthirsty hyenas

e.g. whistleblowers ; my experience (Case summary).

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(4)- Politicians' other sources of additional money


(4.1 of # 4)- Directorships / consultant roles - whilst employed as members of Parliament (MPs)

The influence on politicians is also exerted through the directorships they take on whilst in office (see extracts from Owen Jones' book on the Establishment).

In reading the following examples, remember that MPs receive a taxpayer-funded annual salary of £74,000 (US$130,000) plus expenses.

They awarded themselves, er... an "independent" body awarded them a 10% increase in salary in 2015-16. By contrast, many people in the country have not had an increase in years.

Tory MP Nicholas Soames

"Sir Winston Churchill’s grandson - earns £93,000 a year from private security company Aegis Defence Services that derives its main income from running security contracts in post-invasion Iraq"

"The Canadian security company GardaWorld pays the former armed service minister “a monthly salary of £9,167 for an expected minimum commitment of 15 hours” – equivalent to around £110,000 a year."

"GardaWorld has picked up work worth £49.6m. Its business has grown out of the Iraq war and includes a £25m-a-year deal to guard the British embassy in Baghdad."

"The Transparency International’s league table of high outside earners is dominated by top Tories e.g. Sir Nicholas Soames (£264,334)"

(Private Eye, 1369, 27Jun-10July14; 1402, 2-15Oct 15; 1425, 19Aug-1Sep16)

Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg

Prior to becoming an MP, he set-up a fund management company.

"His company Saliston owns one-third of limited liability partnership (LLP) management company Somerset Capital Management Ltd..."

"Just how much goes to...Rees-Mogg is unclear. But his last entry in the register of MPs' interests lists monthly payments received from the LLP adding to more than £165,000 during the period October 2015 to October 2016, for 35 hours' work per month."

(Private Eye, 1433, 9-22Dec16)

Charles Hendry

"Vitol [see, below, Lobbying] boosted its Tory links last month by employing former energy minister Charles Hendry MP as a £60,000-a-year consultant" (Private Eye 1363, 4-17Apr14)

Tory MP Jonathan Djanogly

"...receives £5,000 a month from Hong Kong-headquartered law firm King & Wood Mallesons, which calls itself “the go-to-firm for inbound and outbound China investments”"

"He also earns £25,000 a year for just 15 hours “work from Bermudan-based investment manager Oakley Capital

"He is also secretary of the all-party parliamentary group on corporate governance, funded by banks and investment funds..."

"No wonder he was so stridently opposed when MPs debated a plan to shine a light on secretive UK shell companies via a public register of their ultimate owners" (Private Eye, 1380, 28Nov-11Dec14)

Tory MP Bill Wiggin

"...started working one day a week as managing director of Bermuda-based Emerging Asset Management Ltd, earning £40,000 a year on top of his parliamentary salary."

"The firm helps new hedge funds set up in Bermuda or the Cayman Islands where, it says, “there is no income, capital gains or withholding tax”" (Private Eye, 19Dec15-7Jan16)

Tory MP Alan Duncan

"...has just become a director of oil company Fujairah Refining Ltd, on £8,000 a month for an anticipated 156 hours a year (i.e. more than £600 per hour).

"The company is majority owned by Swiss-based oil company Vitol, with which Duncan has a long association. He is also known to be close to Vitol chief executive Ian Taylor, a major Tory donor." [See, below, Lobbying].

"The firm has fared well from UK government foreign policy, especially towards Libya.

In 2011 the then foreign secretary William Hague set up a “Libya oil cell” to encourage companies led by Vitol to trade with rebels in the county and not the Gaddafi regime.

Duncan was a member of the cell and met with Vitol as part of the arrangement."

(Private Eye, 1413, 4-17Mar16).

Tory Andrew Mitchell

In Nov 16 "former cabinet minister Andrew “Plebgate” Mitchell [Media page] took on another part-time job to supplement his MPs’ salary....a £30,000-a-year “consultant” to beancounter EY."

"EY is an active player in all the worst accountancy games. As Lehman Brothers’ auditor [see media reports] it was there at the start of the 2008 financial collapse; it has since paid more than $100m to settle lawsuits from Lehman investors

“…it has paid $123m in fines in the US over helping clients in tax avoidance schemes.”

(Private Eye, 1433, 9-22Dec16)

Tory MP Mark Prisk

A housing minister, "became a "strategic adviser" to landlord, Essential Living Ltd, for which he will earn £18,000 a year on top of his MP's salary"

(Private Eye, # 1373, 22 Aug-4Sep14)

In addition to the directorships and "consultancy" roles, there also the opportunities for cashing in on the conference circuit e.g.

"Osborne earns £500,000 from New York speeches", The Guardian, 8 Dec 16

"George Osborne made more than £300,000 in a month from speeches", The Guardian, 24 Nov 16

"The events with Wall Street banks, financial firms and a university all took place in New York during a series of trips in October and November while Osborne was still a sitting Conservative MP."

"The former chancellor's outside earnings in those two months alone are almost seven times higher than his annual salary as a backbench parliamentarian, which is around £74,000"

"When Osbourne moved out of Downing Street, he signed up with Tony Blair's US agency, the Washington Speakers Bureau,..."

"The latest three engagements to be declared are £85,396.24 [US$150,000] from Citibank for two speeches, £34,109.14 from Black Rock, the investment firm, and £68,125.35 from Centerbridge Partners, a private investment firm."

"The most lucrative engagements were two for investment bank JP Morgan [1], paying £81,17 and £60,578"

"George Osborne has defended [these] earning[s]...saying he is behaving no differently from his predecessors."

[He also said]: "None of his constituents in Tatton, Cheshire, had challenged him on his non-parliamentary earnings" (2)

(1)- I seem to recall that Tony Blair is / was also on its payroll from the time / when he left office.

(2)- Perhaps because they don't spend time monitoring his activities...which is what they all rely on...and resulting in some people endorsing a 10% increase in MPs' salary in 2015-16.

Other examples:

Or, writing a weekly column for a newspaper e.g. (Conservative) Boris Johnson [above] (before he became foreign secretary):

  • "MP salary of £67,000 plus £47,000 as mayor of London, plus £275,000 [US$485,000] per annum for his weekly column in the Daily Telegraph." (Private Eye, 1402, 2-15Oct15)

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(4.2 of # 4)- Lobbying that generates millions of pounds for political parties and individual politicians - resulting in favourable treatment, as well as gongs

'Lobbying' (covering many shades of grey) has become a very big industry.

In Feb 10, David Cameron said that lobbying was “the next big scandal waiting to happen…lobbying in this country is getting out of control”.

What did he do about it in the following 6 years before he resigned? Nothing!

Because he liked the money pouring in the Conservatives' coffers e.g. £240,000 from the Conservative Friends of Israel [US$423,000]. (The Jewish lobby is a dominant force in this kingdom).

Other examples of contributions to the Conservative party:


from Global Functional Drinks Ltd

UK distributor of a little-known energy drink, Tornado. Its donation was nearly five times bigger that its latest registered UK turnover."

"It does not publicise its ownership, but investigation shows it belongs largely to Russian cigarette barons, being 75%-percent owned by SNS Ltd, a Russian firm led by Oleg Smirnov…”

(Private Eye, 24Jun-7Jul16)


from Gérard Lopez

[who] has strong Russian links. He has a 50 percent investment in private equity firm Rise Capital, which pursues public-private partnership infrastructure investments in Russia."

(Private Eye 1428, 30Sep-13Oct16, states that its source is The Guardian).


from Lubov Chernukhin

wife of Vladimir Chernukhin, a Russian banker and former deputy finance minister under Vladimir Putin." (Private Eye, 24Jun-7Jul16)

(Mrs Chernukhin also "paid £160,000 in return for a tennis match with David Cameron and Boris Johnson") (The Guardian, 3 July 14).


from Anthony Gallagher, Countrywide Developments Ltd

Countrywide says it is interested in all kinds of “residential and commercial properties”, including “dilapidated property and blocks” and “houses with development potential

"Countrywide provided George Osborne a £7,290 helicopter ride to a Conservative dinner in the Forest of Dean."

"He is just one of many developer-donors who are close to the Conservatives."

(Private Eye, 1410, 22Jan-4Feb16 - "Snakes and property ladders")


from Unatrac Ltd,

UK arm of the Mansour Group, owned by Egyptian billionaire brothers Mohammed, Yasseen and Youssef Mansour...."

"Mohamed Mansour, a former transport minister under deposed autocrat Hosni Mubarak, is a firm supporter of current president Abdul Fattah-al-Sisi’s authoritarian crackdown,..”.

(Private Eye, 1421, 24Jun-7Jul16).


from Anil Agarwal, chairman of Vedanta Resources

a London-based mining and energy firm whose main business is in India and Africa- and has been called “the world’s most hated company” following accusations of multiple environmental abuses."

(Private Eye, 1421, 24Jun-7July16)


from Rob Thielen

"Thielen is co-founding partner of Elbrus Capital, which launched in 2007 as a Russia-base private equity group with $1bn investments “in Russia and Ukraine..."

The £50,000 is "the price of membership of the leaders’ group, whose members are invited to join the prime minister and other senior Tory figures at dinners."

(Private Eye, 1428, 30Sep-13Oct16).


from Ian Taylor, boss of giant oil-trading firm Vitol,

in 2015. His donations since 2006 total more than £600,000". "In 2016, £15,000 to Theresa May's election campaign..."

"Back in 2007 the Swiss oil trader pleaded guilty in the US to grand larceny for paying kickbacks to Iraq under the UN’s oil-for-food programme."

(Private Eye, 1363, 4-17Apr14 and 1429, 14-27Oct16) (see also above, under Directorships: Charles Hendry ; Alan Duncan)


from Sir Mick Davis, former head of Swiss mining conglomerate Xstrata plc

to Theresa May's election campaign."

"A longstanding Tory donor, Davis lavished £500,000 on the party just weeks before his company’s controversial merger with Glencore in 2013."

"Despite strong opposition from the shareholders Davis walked away with £75m from that deal."

(Private Eye, 1429, 14-27Oct16)


from Reuben's brothers' Investors in Private Capital

to Boris Johnson's 2008 election campaign"

(See Advisors to Jefferson House # B for extracts)


from Fujitsu Services

in April 2015." "...a major supplier on the failed NHS Programme for IT,..."

"After being sacked, it sued the government and won £700m."

"Nonetheless, last month [Aug 15] defence secretary Michael Fallon said it was giving it a £500m IT contract, along with a big share of a second, £900m contract in the Ministry of Defence’s New Style of IT (NSoIT) deal."

(Private Eye, 1401, 18Sep-1Oct15)


from Edward Eisler

"an ex Goldman Sachs banker" (Private Eye, 1380, 28Nov-11Dec14)

(Perhaps he had worked on the flotation of Royal Mail?)

In addition to buying an 'attentive ear' among ministers, it also buys them gongs.

"Cameron’s ‘cronies’ honours list leads to calls for overhaul of system", The Guardian, 1 Aug 16

"Outcry follows leak showing David Cameron has applied to reward Tory donors and senior remain campaign figures"

And the spot on cartoon by Ben Jennings, in The Guardian, 1 Aug 16.

(The gongs system, dependent on giving money to the rulers of the day, has been going on for centuries. Under Lloyd George: £10k [US$17,600] for a knighthood; £15-20k for a baronetcy; £50k for a peerage.

So popular was the system that the government invented a lower gong: an OBE, Order of the British Empire, for people who could not afford the £10k.

It became known as the Order of the Bad Egg. (In one instance, I have translated it as: 'Order of the Brotherhood for Excellence' in covering up corruption by the judiciary).

Positioned as "recognition for individuals' work in arts, sciences, public services and charitable efforts" - it is still handed out today. 'Evidently', there is still 'a British Empire').

With the money also comes the schmoozing: the invitations to events: exhibitions, VIP Gala dinners, major sporting events, etc. = buying of favours.

Private Eye 1376 reported:

"The government’s Shareholder Executive is supposed to protect taxpayers’ interests in companies they own, but more often ends up throughing with them.

Chief executive Mark Russell was repeatedly bought dinner by Royal Mail bosses before the privatisation that served them so well, and took lunches and dinners from the banks such as UBS and Rothschild that the body then employed."

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(4.3 of # 4)- Revolving doors: politicians and civil servants end-up working for their future paymasters


Private Eye 1418, 12-23 May16, reports on a Daily Mail article: “Exposed: Ex-ministers and civil servants whose work in public sector opens doors to lucrative private jobs

"The Mail’s analysis showed around two thirds of those leaving government taking jobs in business areas they had been responsible for in government – with the figure even higher78 percent – among top civil servants leaving the Ministry of Defence for defence industry jobs."

Private Eye also had a special report in its 1426 issue, 2-15 Sep16 - “Public servants, private paydays – How ministers and mandarins make life after government pay – a Revolving Door Special” – by Richard Brooks and Solomon Hughes.It concludes:

"Both sectors [government and private] end up employing the same people and they think the same way...

the revolving door creates the uniformity of thinking between gamekeeper and poacher, purchaser and provider or even regulator and the regulated..."

Very true e.g. Keith Hill, secretary of state for housing minister (who endorsed the barbaric forfeiture legislation) [copy of definition], appointed as the independent regulator for the Association of Residential Managing Agent's (ARMA)"

(ARMA is the body that endorses e.g. Martyn Gerrard - as discussed in this document).

In his 2 Sep 16 article, "Politics can’t heal until politicians stand clear of the revolving door", Guardian's John Harris refers to the Eye's special report, as well as looks at the EU.

The above media concluded in their articles that, whilst in their public sector jobs, ministers and civil servants were in fact working for their future private sector employers e.g. from the Eye: "The Ministry of Defence top brass most commonly go to work for the companies receiving the fattest cheques."

Other examples:

Simon Virley

"...director general of the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) ’s “energy markets and infrastructure”...gave the Hinkley Point contract to KPMG, the government's favourite nuclear advisory consultancy."

"KPMG earned more than £2m for its work which ended in a government commitment to buy power from the plant at £92.50 per megawatt hour, double the market rate for electricity.

This is fantastic news for EDF, also a KPMG audit and consultancy client."

"Virley left the DECC department to become a partner in KPMG's “energy deal advisory” division."

"Despite his senior position in Whitehall and the obvious conflict of interest, Virley did not seek approval from the government’s advisory committee on business appointments - ACOBA.

Asked why it hadn’t considered the move, a spokeswoman said that Virley’s wasn’t a normal appointment but was “a five-year unpaid career break from DECC” and he was on secondment at KPMG."

As the Eye rightly pointed out: "...he was being appointed “as a partner”, not a job normally given on secondment,..."

(Private Eye, 1403, 16-29Oct15, and 1406)

(Meanwhile, Amber Rudd, the future home secretary, who was involved in the negotiation over Hinkley Point C, had her brother also cashing in on the project).

Bill Gunnyeon

"Less than five months after he quit as chief medical adviser and director of health and wellbeing at the Department for Work and Pensions, he landed a consultancy job with Maximus, the dodgy American outsourcing giant” (see My Diary 25 Jan 12 - Comment # 5).

"Last October [2014] Maximus,…won the multi-million pound contract to run the DWP’s much criticised fitness for work tests."

"Three months earlier, when Gunnyeon was still in post, it also landed the deal to run the DWP’s new “health and work” service – an occupational health assessment by phone."

(Private Eye, 1384, 23Jan-5Feb15)

Patricia Hewitt

"...former health secretary, took a highly paid job with Alliance Boots not long after overseeing reforms which allowed NHS walk-in-centres to open inside branches of Boots (Private Eye, 1386, 20Feb-6Mar15)

(She was caught in a media sting operation - during which she quoted her "daily rate as £3,000 per day to help influence legislation").

Mervyn King

"...former Bank of England governor who has repeatedly criticised “excessive levels of compensation” in the City,... has now...[joined] Citigroup, which sometimes manages Bank of England fundraising efforts,..." (Private Eye, 1425, 19Aug-1Sep16)

(At least, there was a long stretch between the jobs).

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(5)- Outcome of their conduct: politicians are treated with utter contempt by their hangers-on e.g. Philip Green

The above contemptible conduct:

  • (1)- the fiddling of "expenses" on an industrial-scale by peers and MPs (# 3.1.1);
  • (2)- peers and MPs changing legislation in exchange for money, and selling their networks of contacts (# 3.1.2);
  • (3)- the deals secured through having MPs as company directors and consultants (# 4.1), and through lobbying (# 4.2);
  • (4)- seeing MPs and civil servants work for their future private sector employers, instead of the taxpayer (# 4.3);

– has, unsurprisingly, resulted in their hangers-on treating them with utter contempt...

- conduct that 'shocks' politicians (and their sycophantic supporters) because, in addition to being blinded by their own self-importance, they have lost their moral compass a long time ago.

This is demonstrated by the example of Philip Green when he faced a joint committee of MPs in Jun 16.

The appalling Philip Green is just part of the system. That's the real scandal”, Owen Jones, The Guardian, 15 Jun 16

“Green had the demeanour of someone irritated that elected representatives were impertinent enough to publicly scrutinise him for his role in a company collapse that has left 11,000 people’s jobs and pensions at risk

[At British Home Stores (BHS); this 80+ year-old British institution, liked by many, closed its last store in Sep 16. But heh! It helped him!]

splash out on his lavish lifestyle, including building a £150m superyacht“ – [which, according to Green, generate]Envy and jealousy, two incurable diseases

[Examples of others in the same ethnic group who like to flaunt their wealth: the Tchenguiz brothers ; the Candy brothers].

Green contributed in 11,000 people losing their job, and put at risk the pension of a further 10,000.

Did the committee set him specific actions? Of course not! (Not only is he wealthy, he is also Jewish = two characteristics which, in this kingdom, ensure the gloves are off).

No doubt as a result of media outrage, four months later MPs were complaining that he had "not done anything"; called him "a billionaire spiv" (*), and voted on taking away his knighthood. Wow! What 'a punishment'! What did the 20,000 ex BHS employees think of that?

(*) Concise Oxford English dictionary definition of ' spiv': "A man, typically a flashy dresser, who makes a living by disreputable dealings"

The Guardian view on BHS: the tainted love of business and politics”, 15 Jun 16

Knighted by Tony Blair, sought out by David Cameron almost as soon as he became leader of the Conservative part, Sir Philip is one of a long cast of business people that has been feted rather than challenge by governments

Of course, nowadays, it is not unique to the UK.

For example, in the US, other examples of this type of behaviour can be seen in e.g. the excellent documentary film on the financial crisis, Inside Job (see Advisors # B3).

For example, when Lloyd Blankfein, Chairman & CEO of Goldman Sachs, aka "The Vampire Squid" faced the Senate’s Governmental Affairs Subcommittee on Investigations, added to several others.

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(6)- My experience with politicians and their diktats against me - the innocent victim of organized crime - to their stooges, henchmen and henchwomen - cause me to feel extreme visceral revulsion, as well as hatred for their destroying my life.

Once upon a time, I had respect for British politicians, police and judiciaries. (1)

Now, (with a few exceptions) they cause me to feel an extreme visceral revulsion, as well as hatred for their raping me, on an ongoing basis, psychologically and financially...

for the benefit of Andrew David Ladsky, a thoroughly evil crook (above) - and thereby, destroy my life - not only since 2002, but also whatever I have left to live.

They are power-corrupted, ego-crazed, extremely cruel, vicious, perverse, vindictive, sadistic, rotten to the core tyrannical monsters - dripping with hatred for 'the little people' like me. (2)

In fact, given their motive for the way they have and continue to treat me since 2002 - I also view them as assassins. (3)

Thus, consistent with this island-kingdom that has clearly sold out to crime, and is consequently controlled by crime, for the benefit of crime.

Only the corruptible can be corrupted.

Just on the basis that aiding and abetting crime is a crime, it means that the majority of politicians, as well as many in the police, judiciary and other state departments - are criminals.

(On its own, my case comprises of some 150+ specifically named individuals on this website, who fall into this category).

YES! THEY are the ones who attacked me in the first place.

The more I fight back, the greater the resolve, because I 'dare' to not lick the jackboots of these supremacist tyrants 'in gratitude' for their unbelievably abusive, barbaric, life-destroying treatment...

- leading ALL, including the multi-criminal racketeering Ladsky gang, to perceive themselves as being 'my victims'.

I know only too well that many in the lower echelons, among their stooges, henchmen and henchwomen, share the same very dark psyche - leading them to adopt the morally depraved, corrupt, ruthless and extremely cruel and vicious method of operating of their bosses.

But: as I also know from experience, and from reports on e.g. whistleblowers - within the departments, among 'the little people', there are still many who have retained their integrity, their moral values, their sense of duty.

(Yes, Mrs Theresa May, this is where the 'British values' are to be found; most definitely not within your tribe).

For them, I have an enormous of respect. I also admire them for being able to remain in state departments controlled by monsters - so that they can continue to make a difference.

I know from my experience at KPMG (that has traumatised me to the point that I could not look for another job) that I would not be able to do what they are doing.

(1)- Considering what they have ALL done to me since 2002 (Case summary), if I still had 'respect for them' - then I would agree about "calling social services" to report me as "suffering from mental issues".

As it is, 'I' should be the one who does this by reporting them as "suffering from [extremely serious] mental issues".

(2)- LOOK at e.g.: (1)- how the state treats e.g. the disabled - leading to some 2,000 of them committing suicide, and leaving hundreds of thousands more suffering from mental issues as a result (My Diary 25 Jan 12);

...added to the Tories "shutting down the Disability Living Fund" (BVI # 2 - Comment # 3);

(2)- its plan "to force the terminally ill, or with the most severe lifetime conditions, to take part in some "mandatory" activity" - or face losing some of their benefits;

(3)- see the impact that Ken Loach's film, 'I, Daniel Blake', is having on the politicians (My Diary 25 Jan 12); (Well done Mr Loach! You deserve a medal 'Of the People');

(4)- how the state treats the families of people who have been killed by the state (My Diary 15 Jun 09);

(5)- how the state treats the whistleblowers;

(6)- the examples cited under 'secret prisoners' (My Diary 25 Jan 11);

(7)- see the Media page that contains numerous, varied cases.

(True, my country of birth, France is no better - at least overseas: the abhorrent and extremely shocking case of UN French troops in the Central African Republic).

(3)- You can be sure that those in the group who read this will perceive it as 'an attack' on them - because, like the Andrew David Ladsky gang of racketeers for which - as demonstrated repeatedly - they make the perfect allies, such is their moral depravation that they perceive it as 'perfectly acceptable' for them to attack you,...

and 'totally unacceptable' for you to 'dare' to defend yourself (I repeat my above comments).

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NOTES - Other media reports

Some articles about the loss of data by the public sector - I view as further evidence of the British state "not giving a crap" about 'the little people':

Loss of 25 million child benefit records in 2007 - referred to in the next articles (with other examples);

"Home Office loses confidential data on all UK prisoners", (The Daily Telegraph, 21 Aug 08)

"The Home Office has lost confidential information on every prisoner in the country and more than 40,000 serious criminals sparking yet another Government data crisis "


"Home Office guilty of data breach", (BBC 22 Jan 09)

"[The]memory stick...contained the names, addresses and expected release dates of 84,000 prisoners in England and Wales"


"Government failed to clamp down on data loss", (The Daily Telegraph, 12 Jan 09)

"Government departments have failed to tighten data handling rules despite losing 30 million personal files in two years, it has been disclosed"


"Hospitals criticised over losses of sensitive patient information", (OUT-LAW News, 15 Jul 09)

"The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has reprimanded five English NHS trusts over lax data protection regimes that resulted in the loss of 20,000 people's personal data and the leaving of patients' notes on a bus"


"Ministry of Justice admits personal data breaches", (Law Society Gazette, 17 Sep 09)

"Nearly 2,000 people have had personal information about themselves lost by the Ministry of Justice over the past year, in a series of incidents listed in the department’s accounts, published last week".


"Police force fined £120,000 after theft of unencrypted memory stick", (Guardian, 16 Oct 12)

"The stolen memory stick contained details of 1,075 people with links to serious crime investigations stored over an 11-year-period, including the names of members of the public who gave statements in drug investigations".

"A further 1,100 memory sticks were recovered when the force offered an amnesty to staff with personal or unencrypted devices to hand them in."


"Council data security 'shockingly lax'", (BBC, 11 Aug 15)

"Local authorities recorded 4,236 data breaches during a three-year period from April 2011, a study by privacy campaign group Big Brother Watch said."

"Specific cases detailed included a social worker...leaving a bundle of papers on a train, which contained personal or sensitive data relating to 10 children."


"Inquiry launched after HIV clinic reveals hundreds of patients' identities", (The Guardian, 2 Sep 15) -

"The [Chelsea and Westminster hospital National Health Service trust] 56 Dean Street clinic in London apologises after sending newsletter disclosing names and email addresses of 780 people, many living with HIV"

But there have also been others:

By the Ministry of Defence:

"How to deploy the SAS; Defence file dumped in ditch" (The Sun, 6 Jul 06)

Document abandoned in a ditch, containing highly sensitive information on how Britain would respond to a terrorist emergency.


"Civil servant fined for leaving documents on train", (The Independent, 28 Oct 08)

"A high-flying civil servant was today fined £2,500 after leaving top-secret documents on a train...An investigation was launched in June after Jackson lost the intelligence files relating to al-Qa'ida and Iraq"


"Home Office guilty of data breach", (BBC 22 Jan 09)

"... in July 2008, the Ministry of Defence revealed that 658 laptops had been stolen in four years"


Oh! there is also this one:

"Laptop thief lands the bank details of 15,000 policemen", (Daily Mail, 21 Nov 06)


Quoting Norman Baker, Liberal Democrat MP in his Mail on Sunday article of 24 Jan 10:

“If you lay down the tracks, that’s the way the train goes”




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