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(TYPICALLY) deceitful claims made by the Conservative Party

Mr MichaEl Howard


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(1)- My correspondence to Michael Howard in 2005 - which he did NOT acknowledge - while copying my letter to the Parliamentary Ombudsman led to a 'nothing to do with us reply'.

What prompted me to write to Michael Howard, then Leader of the Conservative Party, on 06.04.05, was the receipt of a 5 Mar 05 election campaign letter.

In my 06.04.05 letter to Howard, I wrote:

"It made my blood boil.

Why? Because, on the basis of my first-hand experience of living in the Tory-run borough of Kensington & Chelsea, I view a number of the main claims contained in both, your letter and that of Sir Malcolm Rifkind, as well as on your Party's website, as false and therefore deceitful"

It certainly made "my blood boil". I was (and now, more so than ever) sick and tired of these deceitful, double-faced politicians and knew that I reflected the view of many in the country. Politicians knew this to be the case, as evidenced by what I captured in my letter:

"In your letter, you state: "Many people tell me they feel let down by politicians". I most certainly feel very let down by your Party Mr Howard"

In support of my claim, I related my first-hand experience with the all the government departments and representatives in my Tory-run (NB: 'Tory' other expression for 'Conservatives') borough of Kensington and Chelsea:

•  With 'my' MP, Michael Portillo, stating, among others that, the outcome of my experience with him was that

"he prevented me from potentially getting redress and compensation from the appalling treatment I have suffered from the local courts, police and council in the Tory-run Kensington & Chelsea borough"

•  My "battle with Kensington & Chelsea Housing department since June 2004" [snapshot- Doc library # 5.3].

•  "Unfair and unjust treatment of my case by West London County Court " [NB: And it got even worse in 2007-08],

as well as "Appalling handling of the case by West London County Court and Wandsworth County Court that has led me to suffer untold torment, anguish and distress over an 18 months period" (Overview # 3 ; Kangaroo courts # 2 and # 3)

•  "Harassment and intimidation by Kensington & Chelsea Police"

After explaining the circumstances of my case, I wrote:

"And you claim that your Party believes in "looking out for those that need a helping hand"? Based on my first-hand experience in Tory-run Kensington & Chelsea I can categorically say that this is not true.  

I have persistently been turned down and treated as a non-entity with no rights.  

The only helping hand that the government bodies comprising of the local council, court and police are giving is to Mr Ladsky and his aides - not to me"

Towards the end of the letter I wrote:

"Because of the current situation, I am trapped in my flat - unless I am prepared to practically give it away.

I will most definitely not do this. This flat represents the sum total of my financial wealth. I have worked very hard for it.

Why should I give it to Mr Ladsky et. al?  

Why should I give him 15 (?) 20 (?) years of my life savings - on top of the c. 12 years of my life savings his scam has so far cost me in professional fees and other expenses?"

I will fight like a demon to the very end. If my flat leads me to drawing the last breath out of my body. So be it. At least it will be a last breath that I will draw feeling extremely proud of myself and with my integrity intact"

"I will not be slaughtered in silence in my Tory-run borough. I have done nothing wrong" (Overview # 20)

"All that I wanted was to pay my share of the major works that I truly owe" (Overview # 1)

"My monumental mistake has been to believe that the government would be there to help me when "I needed a helping hand".

This has cost me to go through the most unimaginable hell for the last 4 years.

Your Party views that there is increasingly lack of respect to society. I agree with you. Where does the blame lay Mr Howard?

Four years ago, 'I had' respect for society, government and the institutions. Where do you think I stand now considering the treatment I have received from the above mentioned government bodies?  

Contempt breeds contempt and lack of respect breeds lack of respect.

It fills me with utter disbelief to see what 'the system' is prepared to do to help a rogue landlord build a penthouse flat at the cost of lessees and further increase his financial gains by getting flats cheaply as a result of extortionate service charges.

At the end of the day, this is the essence of it." [NB: As you can see from the content placed under the hyperlinked text: I WAS RIGHT!]

"Don't throw your Party's so called "decent values" and 'principles' to my face Mr Howard. I have overwhelming evidence that there are utter lies. (And I feel the same about the Labour Party)."

In addition to the letter, I also supplied:

•  a summary of events with West London County Court and Wandsworth County Court

•  a summary of events with Kensington & Chelsea police

•  35 enclosures as supporting evidence (attached to the 06.04.05 letter).

I copied Her Majesty's Parliamentary Ombudsman on this letter.

What came of it? Of course, nothing! Michael Howard did NOT even acknowledge receipt of my letter.

'Evidently' I did not provide 'the right feedback' and / or Howard was 'too busy' with his other activities / plans (below).

As to the 27.04.05 reply from the Parliamentary Ombudsman, it was: 'nothing to do with us!' (PHSO # 3).

This was - yet again - another opportunity for those 'in power' to take remedial action - but none was taken.

I give this experience as another example in support of my claim, in the Overview of the site, that "as a leaseholder there is absolutely nothing there on this island to help me".

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(1.2) For amusement...

At the time, the Conservative Party liked to portray itself as "the party that listens to people" .

At the end of my (above) 06.04.05 letter, I wrote: "So please, remove my name from your database".  

Guess what? A year later, it sent me its April 2006 'propaganda letter' asking for my vote during the local elections.

Note also the statement in the letter: " is your opinion that matters most to us." (= just as meaningless as Malcolm Rifkind's so-called commitment).

The only thing politicians are interested in is MONEY AND POWER (*). (Forget status: they lost whatever was left of it in 2009 - My Diary Feb 09+)

(*) I wrote this in 2006. The next section proves my point.

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(2) Examples of Michael Howard's business activities since then - that endorse my above comment, in 2006, that "The only thing politicians are interested in is MONEY AND POWER".


Private Eye, 1349 – 20 Sep – 3 Oct 13, pg 14

"Somalia’s shark infested waters have grown even more dangerous recently, with a new set of predators from the City of London and the UK Conservative party circling the war-ravaged country’s offshore oil reserves."

"A United Nations panel of experts warned in July that competition for Somalia’s oil could spark clan fighting and empower corrupt warlords who caused the disintegration of the country 22 yrs ago.

Britain, which has positioned itself to play a key role in “stabilising” the country…backed the panels’ findings at the UN security council – but that seems unlikely to stop the London-led feeding frenzy."

"Indeed, Baron Michael Howard of Lympne QC, former Tory leader, is among a number of great whites laying claim to the untapped oil.

Howard established a new company, Soma Oil and Gas Exploration in April.

In May, Africa minister Mark Simmonds hosted an event in London in which the Somali president and Lord Howard’s people took part."

"By August, with no other assets or interests anywhere in the world, Soma had been awarded rights to up to 12 oil blocks in Somalia in exchange for conducting seismic surveys – the technical equivalent in today’s world of the shiny beads and fancy cloth that Europeans once traded for Africa’s land.

Somalis and foreign diplomats wonder what kind of bait was used to secure such a generous catch."

"Howard told industry gazette African Energy that Soma is a British-registered company and that he is a shareholder.

But 77.5% of it is actually held by a British Virgin Islands-registered company owned by Basil Shiblaq, Soma’s executive director...[with] a long and colourful business pedigree...."

The article reports that Soma's PR company is FTI Consulting, headed by

"Mark Malloch Brown, a Labour peer, and chairman of FTI".

Also that

"FTI has been brought in to discredit corruption allegations brought by the UN panel against the governor of Somalia's central bank, who is alleged to have been "key to...irregularities" surrounding $12m missing from the ledgers."

The article also discusses a US-based law firm.

"Bank executives say they feel nervous about giving back millions of dollars of sovereign assets to a Somali central bank exposed by the UN as corrupt...".


Private Eye, 1348– 6-19 Sep 13 , pg 32 - In the process of doing a market -mapping of private security services, the Eye reported:

"Diligence - where former Tory leader Michael Howard was once a director - was caught out impersonating MI6 and CIA officers in Bermuda."


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