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The English injustice system... in the residential leasehold sector

HER MAJESTY'S Wandsworth County Court - 2004 - Re. Jefferson House, 11 Basil St, London SW3 1AX


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In reading this page on Her Majesty's Wandsworth County Court, remember that the ROOT CAUSE for the actions and lack of action by her judiciary and staff is a thoroughly evil, greed-ridden, vampiric, multi-criminal Rachman crook, Andrew David Ladsky...

...- deciding, with his gang of racketeers (1) that I (and fellow leaseholders) would be made to pay for:

and related works - for which we are NOT liable...

(1) Since 2011, Martyn Gerrard has been in the driving seat

(2) Amazingly, by 2016, they had 'disappeared': Gerrard # 30.

Back of Jefferson House in July 2002...

...and in September 2005 that Ladsky could make a multi-million £ jackpot...

... - that includes a penthouse apartment (Planning application; Land Registry title)...

...that was: "categorically NOT going to be built" (Brian Gale, MRICS, 13.12.02 "Expert Witness" report to the tribunal - # 7.1),

because it was not a viable proposition" (Joan Hathaway, MRICS, MRJ - 04.03.03 letter) (Overview # 3)...

...sold for £3.9 million (US$6.9m) in Dec 05, and on the market in Oct 07, for £6.5m (US$11.5m)

For more detail, see this Feb 06 diagram.

For whom Her Majesty's Wandsworth County Court judiciary and staff joined the other assassins - in saying:

Yes! Of course! O' Great One!

Because... do what Ladsky did - to gain £500k - isn't 'Mr Big' - is it?

So: why the across-the-board unfailing support?

Firstly, because this island-Kingdom is controlled by crime, for the benefit of crime - resulting in its being "fantastically corrupt".

I add that only the corruptible can be corrupted.

Secondly, because he is 'Jewish' and / or because he is a Freemason who – as a result of his own actions – has exposed other Freemasons who, cowardly, take it out on me instead of him.


In reading this page, remember also the claims by the then Prime Minister, David Cameron - in Jan 12:

"...Britain...[has a] well regarded legal systems and...a long and exemplary record on human rights..."

"We are not and never will be a country that walks on by while human rights are trampled into the dust"

(But then, the UK's Human Rights Act excludes 2 critical articles: Article 1 - Obligation to respect Human Rights; Article 13 - Right to an effective remedy = the Act is a sham).



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What took place in Her Majesty's Wandsworth County Court (WCC) was a continuation of the horrendous criminal psychological harassment I had been subjected to, over the previous 20 months by Her Majesty's other criminal monsters in West London London County Court (WLCC) (summaries: Events ; Breaches of the law ; Overall outcome on me)... WCC continued with the same extremely cruel, vicious, perverse, sadistic, barbaric treatment.

The reasons were the same as those I identified in relation to West London County Court:

corrupt lapdogs and henchmen perceiving themselves to be at the exclusive service of a Rachman landlord: Andrew David Ladsky and his gang of racketeers...

...- hellbent on ensuring he could realise his multi-million £ jackpot: by helping him secure the fraudulent 29.11.02 claim he filed against me and 10 of my fellow leaseholders, representing 14 apartments in total: WLCC # 1 and # 2.

(NB: Wandsworth County Court is also covered (among many other documents) in:

  • (3)- My 03.06.08 Witness Statement (re. another fraudulent claim filed against me by Ladsky in WLCC:Overview # 11)

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Summary of events - Her Majesty's Wandsworth County Court - 2004:

(See below, Breaches of court rules, statutes, and of the Lease)

(NB: My adding these summaries to the page, in 2013, led to an immediate massive increase in the attacks against me by Her Majesty's British Transport Police helicopters: 2013 summary # 2 - that has continued ever since).

(1) - In spite knowing that I had reached agreement (WLCC # 13.2) with "the claimant", "Steel Services" = Andrew David Ladsky, West London County Court sent me a 09.06.04 Notice of Transfer of Proceedings - claiming that

"[I was] the Defendant in a trial in Wandsworth County Court" (pt # 1).

I was completely in the dark - due to:

  • (1)- the total lack of detail in the 09.06.04 Notice;

(2) - From there followed my being subjected to (a continuation) of the mental torture, terrible torment, anguish and distress - as:

  • Another letter from me, dated 22.07.04 (pt # 1), finally led to my receiving a (typically) arrogant, insulting reply, dated 23.07.04 - "dictated by Judge Knowles" - telling me that the trial did NOT concern me - but "the 5th Defendant" (pt # 1). Of course: no apology.

Hence: for 7 weeks, I was left believing that "[I was] the defendant in a trial" - while ensuring that I was deprived of information.

= It amounted to deliberate criminal psychological harassment - dished out for my 'daring' to stand-up to 'the brother' Andrew David Ladsky, and his 'brothers' in the courts.

(3) - In my 22.07.04 letter to HM's District Judge Ashworth (pt # 2), I also highlighted my various letters to WLCC, in which I reported the outcome of the tribunal's findings (LVT # 4), as well as raised the abuse of process of court (WLCC # 2(1)).

As with his mates in HM's West London County Court (Summaries: Events ; Breaches of the law) - he ignored the evidence.

(4) - This is demonstrated by the fact that the 5th Defendant appears to have been 'crucified' by Wandsworth County Court (pt # 2)

My name for all of that? ‘

The wonders of 'the Brotherhood’', in very sick, "corrupt Britain" - in which the Establishment acts as one with 'certain criminals'...

...and especially those from a group that makes "cherished contributions" to Her Majesty's government = shower it with a lot of money.

(Adding credence to my conclusions - see the Jan 14 Indy articles that report on police's findings of "corruption of the criminal justice system by Freemasons").

Overall outcome on me - below

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Breaches of the law - Her Majesty's Wansdworth County Court - 2004:

In - my NON-LAWYER opinion (*) - Her Majesty's Wandsworth County Court's judiciary, as well as staff committed breaches of Civil Procedure Rules, of statutes - including committing a criminal offence against me.

(*) I contend that it does not require being a lawyer, or a genius, to arrive at the conclusions.

Further, I highlight that my adding these summaries to the page, in 2013, led to an immediate massive increase in the attacks against me by Her Majesty's British Transport Police helicopters: 2013 summary # 2 - that has continued ever since.

(See: (1)- summary of Events, above; (2)- definition of 'bias' and 'vexatious proceedings')

•  Civil Procedure Rules

•  Protection from Harassment Act 1997 (see extracts) (= criminal offence):

  • (2) - Waiting another 2 weeks to tell me that it did not concern me (pt # 1).

•  European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms 1950 (as set out in Sch.1 of the Human Rights Act 1998):

For the reasons detailed under the above Summary, and in this section: further confirmed by the non-response to my 02.01.10 Subject Access Request to the Ministry of (In)Justice (Legal-Home # 9), and the 'Get lost!' to my 12.07.09 complaint (form) to the Parliamentary Ombudsman.

BUT: see my above Note. Hence, it can be argued that there have been no breaches.

In relation to the 5th Defendant (pt # 2) - based on my understanding - I repeat from my Summary re. WLCC, breaches of - among others:

•  Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, ss 19(2) and 20(4)

•  The Lease

Overall outcome on me of the above Events and Breaches of the law - as the innocent victim of crime (Case summary):

7 weeks of unbelievable torment, anguish and distress - and then being treated as a liar and an imbecile by HM Court Service 'Customer Service'.

These are not courts of law - but kangaroo courts "criminally placed before the people".

With a court (and tribunal) system like that - as 'a certain type' of criminal: YOU'VE GOT IT MADE: you set the ball rolling and, all you have to do is: sit back, and watch the courts / tribunals do your dirty work. (Ditto with the police -


I remind you of the root cause (top of page) for all the above Events and Breaches of the law - added to ALL the others - as well as ALL the other events reported on this website.

Unbelievable; isn't it?

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(1)- Her Majesty's Wandsworth County Court continued HM's West London County Court's criminal psychological harassment regime, by letting me believe - falsely - over a 7-week period, that "[I was] the Defendant in a trial".

As discussed under West London County Court # 13.2 (and Lord Falconer # 3), it - deliberately - made me miss the 28 May 04 'hearing' so that Andrew David Ladsky's racketeer solicitor, Ayesha Salim, CKFT, could spin her story...

and Ladsky's corrupt lapdog, Her Majesty's District Judge Madge could issue a 28.05.04 Order that the action against me be "STAYED" - in spite of having absolute knowledge that agreement had been reached: WLCC # 13.2 ; Falconer # 4.

The so-called 'hearing' was followed by a 09.06.04 Notice of Transfer of Proceedings - identifying me as the "Defendant" - stating:

"As a result of an order made on 28 May 2004, this claim has been transferred to the (sic) Wandsworth County Court for listing for trial before Circuit Judge'...

... - and giving no other detail (WLCC # 13.3)

(See, below, the fact that the court confirmed it - 5 weeks later)

I could not believe my eyes.

How could I possibly end-up in a trial, given that I had agreed a Consent Order with 'Steel Services' (SS) = Andrew David Ladsky, through his (racketeer) solicitor, Ayesha Salim, CKFT?

The glaringly obvious conclusion was that it was done for the purpose of inflicting further criminal psychological harassment.

I was completely in the dark - due to:

  • (1)- the total lack of detail in the 09.06.04 Notice;

As detailed under WLCC # 13.3 (and Falconer # 4), I tried frantically to determine, by means of phone calls and letters to West London County Court, why this Notice had been sent to me - challenging it by saying that I had agreed a Consent Order - which the court knew.

(Doc library # 1.3 and # 1.4 contain a snapshot of the below events)

One month post the WLCC's 09.06.04 Notice, and the mental torture was continuing - because:

as I relate in my 08.07.04 letter to Her Majesty's WLCC, more than one month after my 04.06.04 application requesting it to send the tape of the 28 May 04 'hearing' to my selected company for transcription, WLCC sent the wrong tape to the company;

eventually, it only sent the right tape in the 3rd week of August = 2 months after 'the hearing' (Falconer # 5.3)

Being forced to use-up, yet more of my precious spare time, I also sent an 08.07.04 letter to Her Majesty's Wandsworth County Court manager, relating events, including stating, among other:

“As you can see from the enclosed, in its Notice of Transfer of Proceedings’, dated 9 June 2004, West London County Court states

“To all parties As a result of an order made on 28 May 2004, this claim has been transferred to the Wandsworth County Court for listing for trial before Circuit Judge

In my letter to West London County Court, dated 20 June 2004, (see enclosed) I pointed out that “There is no explanation whatsoever as to what the statement “listing for trial before Circuit Judge” refers to. What hearing? Why? For what? When?”

Can you please reply to my questions by return of post. I am absolutely sick with worry. I do not understand what is happening

10 days after my letter, and 5 weeks into the ongoing mental torture, distress and torment, on 19 July 04, a court staff phoned me from Wandsworth County Court - in response to my (above) 08.07.04 letter.

My 19.07.04 fax to him, relating the main points of the conversation:

  • his confirming that "the trial will be taking place on 17th August", and "advising [me] to attend as [I was] the Defendant";
  • when I said that a Consent Order had been agreed through CKFT, and this court, Wandsworth County Court, had sent me a 01.07.04 Order endorsing the Consent Order - the person replied that he would phone me back;
  • on phoning me back, he asked me to send a copy of the Consent Order, saying that he could not find it;
  • my repeating that I wanted confirmation, in writing, as to whether or not the 17th August trial concerned me - and if so, to provide directions as:
  • (1)- none were supplied in the 09.06.04 Notice ; (2)- those listed in the 28.05.04 Order appear to relate to Defendant # 5 - and I also supplied a copy. I stated:

"If so, please provide directions as none were supplied in the 9 June 2004 'Notice of Transfer of Proceedings' - and those listed in West London County Court 'General Form of Judgment or Order' dated 28 May 2004 - under points 1, 2, 3 and 5 appear to only relate to Defendant #5"

Without any follow-up (as promised) and therefore still in the dark, and in continuing terrible distress and anguish as to whether or not I was "the defendant in a trial due to take place [in 3 weeks time]"...

...on 22.07.04, I wrote to Her Majesty's District Judge, Wandsworth County Court. In this letter I stated:

"I explained [to the court staff] that I was in a state of terrible anguish and distress as I did not understand what was going on. He promised to send me a letter confirming whether or not the 17 August trial concerned me.  

At the date of writing - i.e. 4 days later - I have not received communication of any kind from your Court.

If the trial does concern me, then I have not been provided with any instructions whatsoever .   

As you can see from the attached 'General form of judgment or order' from West London County Court dated 28 May 2004 the instructions under points 1, 2, 3 and 5 refer to Defendant # 5.

I also stated:

"I totally disagree with the order captured under point #4 that the claim against me be "stayed""

"Having fallen victim to an unscrupulous landlord [1], I have then been subjected to the most appalling treatment by the Courts which I can only describe as amounting to cruelty, persecution and sadism.

if this communication that the 17 August trial does not concern me (and it seems to me that it does not) it will be the third time that I am told to respond to a Court action that does not concern me [2] nobody even bothers to reply to my letters making me endure the most awful anguish, distress and torment."

(1)- See e.g. Extortion

(2)- (i)- A Charging Order that did not concern me: WLCC # 5 ; Falconer # 1; (ii)- Falsely telling me that a judgment had been entered against me: Falconer # 2.

I also supplied 8 supporting documents to my 22.07.04 letter.

(Other extracts from my 22.07.04 letter are contained under # 2, below)

My above, 22.07.04 letter, finally led to a 23.07.04 'reply' of the type I imagine the British Establishment would send to a 'lowly' individual in one its colonies, at the time of its Empire:

"You are not required to attend the hearing on the 17th August 2004 as your case has now settled ( sic) (1).

Part 5 of the order of 28 May 2004 states that it is the claim against the 5th defendant that was to be listed". (2)

(1)- That's what I kept repeating!

My letters to Her Majesty's West London County Court (WLCC # 13.3) and to Wandsworth County Court, challenging the claim that "[I was] the defendant in a trial in Wandsworth County Court"

...that had nonetheless resulted in my being confirmed that “I was the defendant in the trial (above)

(2)- Yes, but look at the Order (WLCC # 13.3): (1)- it is addressed to me; (2)- "the Defendant"; see my comments under Falconer # 5.1.

(See # 2, below, for what happened to the 5th Defendant).

Of course: no apology!

Hence, I was left with the belief that "I was the Defendant in a trial" for a total of 7 weeks.

Anybody wants to argue with me that the objective was not deliberate criminal psychological harassment?

It amounted to (a continuation) of extremely sick cruelty, persecution and sadism - for the benefit of a criminal 'brother', Andrew David Ladsky, who was, no doubt, in the background, laughing his head off at seeing what his henchmen and lapdogs were continuing to inflict on me.

I repeat my above note.


The above letter, was followed by another arrogant, condescending and insulting letter, dated 28.07.04 (1), confirming the above:

...Her Honour Judge Knowles has asked me to write to you in the following terms"

"The correspondence and case orders have been reviewed since the latter part of 2003" (2)

"It appears that you are not aware of the terms of the Order of 28th May 2004 [3]...the claim against yourself has been stayed" (4)

"it is the claim against the 5th Defendant which is proceeding..." followed by a 3-line sentence about WLCC not having a circuit judge (5)

(1)- = 20 days after my 8th July letter = further confirmation of - deliberate - criminal psychological harassment by the Establishment)

(2)- Conveniently ignoring that the claim was pursued in spite of amounting to contempt of court (WLCC # 2) - and was fraudulent (WLCC # 12).

(3)- It knew I had the Order = padding by the monsters to avoid addressing the issues - and assuming their responsibilities.

(4)- Oh Yes! I saw that, and I kept on vehemently disagreeing with it: my letters, listed under Comment # 1, above. In other words: yet more padding.

(5)- The 3-line sentence about the circuit judge issue = totally irrelevant = yet more padding to avoid addressing the issues

In both these letters: not only do I not even get an apology from the court, it (typically) attempts to cover-up what it, and West London County Court had done - by treating me like an illiterate idiot.

(And of course: same treatment from Her Majesty's Courts 'Customer Service').

In other words: (continuing) to treat me like a piece of dirt, a non-entity who does not have the right to have rights, there to used, abused and tormented at will - BY ALL.

(See, above, for summaries of: (1)- Events ; (2)- Breaches of the law)

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(2)- The evidence suggests that the 5th Defendant on the 29.11.02 claim (Particulars) was also 'crucified' by Her Majesty's courts.


I received from Her Majesty's Wandsworth County Court a 'General form of Judgement or Order' dated 02.08.04 - stating:

(1) It is ordered that the 5th Defendant do pay the Claimant the sum of £4,538.29 [US$8,000] being the balance of the sums claimed, by 16 August 2004" (1)

(2) The 5th Defendant do pay the Claimant's costs of these proceedings to be detailed assessed if not agreed" (2)

(3) The 5th Defendant do pay the sum of £548.04 [US$970] to the Claimant being the interest due on the sums claimed" (2)

(1) So, the 5th Defendant 'caved in' and, as suggested by the evidence: was seriously ripped-off - like the other leaseholders (WLCC # 6):

(i)- as detailed in the 26.08.03 Order, at the 26 Aug 03 'hearing' (WLCC # 11) (i.e. one year previously), the 5th Defendant agreed to pay the sum of £8,839.36 (US$15,600);  

(ii)- in the 29.11.02 Particulars of claim (WLCC # 1), the original sum demanded of the 5th Defendant for "Major Works Contribution" was £15,637.02 (US$27,600).

My calculations and comments are attached to the 02.08.04 Order.

So much for Her Majesty's then London LVT findings, and my bringing them to the attention of Her Majesty's District Judge Ashworth, in my 22.07.04 letter (other extracts, under # 1, above):

" The issues relating to the claim have been dealt with by the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal in an identical claim which Steel Services pursued concurrently with its claim in the Court" [1] "The LVT issued its determination on 17 June 2003" (2)

"I provided a copy of the report to the Court, as well as a copy of my surveyor's 31 July 2003 assessment of the LVT determination.

My letters to West London County Court of 22 June 2003 [3], 15 July 2003 [4] and 9 August 2003 [5] provide comprehensive details"

(1)- Note that I was - yet again - bringing the abuse of process of court to the attention of a judge - (WLCC # 2.1 , # 5 , # 7 , # 8 , # 9)

(2)- London LVT # 4,  # 7 ; see also Extortion

(3)- WLCC # 8

(4)- WLCC # 9

(5)- WLCC # 10

as well as 'Steel Services' = Andrew David Ladsky - NOT being entitled to charge leaseholders differentially (WLCC # 5 , # 6 , # 8 , # 9 , # 10 , # 12 , # 13 ; Pridie Brewster # 18)

See Lord Falconer of Thoroton # 5.1 for the 'reply' from Her Majesty's Court Service.

(2)- Absolutely outrageous! WHAT A MAFIA!

Contrast that with what the evil vermin (I repeat my Comments under Persecution (1)(4)), Rachman Ladsky did in my case: WLCC # 12 / Overview # 3.


I repeat my above comment:

With a court system like that - as 'a certain type' of criminal: YOU'VE GOT IT MADE: you set the ball rolling and, all you have to do, is: sit back, and watch the courts do your dirty work. (Ditto with the police -

(NB: Of course, this court continues on its merry-way - see e.g.

the LKP's 2013 articles, reporting that one of its judges ceded to the (false) demands of a landlord's lawyers - by holding proceedings in a closed court - thereby breaching a leaseholder's Human Rights under Article 6 - Right to a fair trial (hearing) - BUT see my above Note)

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