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Deliberately allowing landlords to hide behind offshore paper companies leaves leaseholders with not knowing who controls their home

Owners Identity - for Jefferson House, 11 Basil St, London SW3 1AX


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This page is a perfect example of how the offshore domicile of 'off-the-shelf', paper companies allow the owners to hide behind them – making a complete mockery of Landlord & Tenant legislation.

And, by facilitating their trading in a monopoly board game style, place leaseholders - deliberately (see my Comments under BVI # 2(4)) - in the situation of not knowing who controls their home at any one point in time.

This is certainly my situation:

I do not know who controls my home (a situation that has remained ongoing), and I do not know whether there is an entity with control over the whole block.

Hence, I do not know who has responsibility for performing the landlord's covenants in my Lease - which includes insuring my apartment (Clause 5(2)(4)).

This is to be added to not knowing whether the individuals who control their home – including 'service charge' monies, which can run into millions of £s - have a criminal record / major incapacity, as there is no vetting system whatsoever on the suitability of an individual to be a landlord - as evidenced by the mafia that is controlling the Jefferson House 'concentration camp'.

(Other examples: Bernie Madoff, who run a Ponzi scheme that lost investors billions of US$, and Peter Sutcliffe, reported to have killed 13 women - could both be landlords). And, at 2011, the government, like previous governments is, 'of course', determined to keep it that way.

In my case, I know that the common denominator across the majority of the offshore paper companies associated with Jefferson House, is Andrew David Ladsky, and that - in my non-lawyer opinion - he is a criminal (see e.g. Extortion).

Further, in the light of his actions since 2002, quite clearly, in "very serious need" of psychiatric treatment (My Diary - 15 May 08)... and A LOT more with him as well e.g. Home Overview ; Criminal psychological harassment.

Consider also: the undeniable proof that the threat of forfeiture and bankruptcy proceedings, as well as court claims I have been at the receiving end of are FRAUD TOOLS...

...- and that Andrew Ladsky has been the driver of the activities.

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(1)- The owners of Jefferson House - namely multi-criminal Rachman ANDREW DAVID LADSKY - hide behind a deliberate State-devised offshore facade, making Landlord-Tenant legislation a farce - as demonstrated by my vain attempts in 2001 and 2002 to implement my so-called 'rights' - in relation to 'Steel Services'.

Sections 1 and 2 of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1985 refer to tenants' statutory rights to be provided with the identity of the landlord, as well as the name and address of every director and secretary of the landlord.  

As leaseholders' requests to Joan Doreen Hathaway, MRICS, of the then Martin Russell Jones (MRJ), were being ignored, in mid-2001, some leaseholders approached Nucleus, our local Citizens Advice Bureau, in order to help us enforce our statutory rights.

Initially Nucleus contacted Companies House requesting a search on 'Steel Services', giving its registration number, 199568, as shown on the Land Registry (Rosebrae District).

In its 12.09.01 reply to Nucleus' 7 Aug 01 letter (included) , Companies House - stated:

"There is no trace of the company on our records"


In its 18.09.01 letter to Hathaway, Nucleus asked to provide:

"The name and address of the Superior lessor

The name and address of the headlessor"


In her 28.09.01 letter to me, Ms Yemah Barlay, Nucleus, informed me:

"Company search requested from Companies House regarding Steel Services, company number: 199568 as shown on Land Registry (Rosebrae District Land Registry).

Informed by Company House that company does not exist.

Does not correlate with company registration number provided by Land Registry"


Nucleus also contacted the Land Registry from which the 10.10.01 reply was:

"Steel Services Limited is in fact an overseas company and therefore does not have a companies registration number"


In her 05.11.01 letter to Hathaway, Ms Barlay, repeated what Hathaway had written her in a 15.10.01 letter - that:

"...the Head Steel Services Limited of 25-26 Hampstead High Street London NW3 1QA" (1)

"The Head Lessors are Jefferson House Limited [2] c/o Saxon Law, 24 Burton Place, London W1X" (3)

Ms Barlay followed this by repeating her request, two months previously, in her (above) 18.09.01 letter.

(1)- This is the address for CKFT, one of Andrew Ladsky's stable of racketeer solicitors (see e.g. below, # 2).

Yet, at the time, on the "service charge" demands, Hathaway was quoting a Jersey address...which turned out to be false - see Jersey address page.

(2)- Actually defined on the Land Registry as the "freeholder"

(3)- Re. Saxon Law, see the entry under Advisors to JH # 9.


Like the leaseholders, Nucleus also failed to obtain the information on the name of the directors for Jefferson House,... 'Joan Hathaway, MRICS', replied to Nucleus on 07.11.01:

"Unfortunately, we do not have the names and addresses of the Directors and Secretary of either the headlease or the freeholder" 

Clearly, Hathaway was in contact with Cawdery Kaye Fireman & Taylor (CKFT) as, in 'her' 15.10.01 reply to Nucleus, (as reported above), the contact address she gave for Steel Services was in fact that of CKFT.

CKFT also identified that it was acting for Andrew Ladsky. Indeed, in her identical letter to 2 leaseholders (Elderly Resident; Other Resident), dated 11.10.01, Ayesha Salim wrote

"We are solicitors instructed by Mr Andrew Ladsky."

There are numerous other supporting evidence (see CKFT Intro ; Directorships # 1).

In fact, in addition to Steel Services, multi-criminal Rachman Andrew David Ladsky is the common denominator behind the other paper companies associated with Jefferson House - see Headlessor # 7.


Given that councils' housing departments are, under s.34 of the L&T 1985 Act "the prosecuting authority for contraventions of the Landlord and Tenant legislation" - Jan 02 I approached Mr Sandy McDougall, Kensington & Chelsea Council Tenancy Relations Officer (TRO) requesting his assistance to obtain the names of directors for the block.

Sandy McDougall sent Joan Hathaway, MRICS, this 08.01.02 letter - stating:

"We are writing in accordance with Section 2 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985."

"On behalf of Ms Rawé we request the name and address of every director and the company secretary of Steel Services Ltd. We also request the name and address of every director and the company secretary of Jefferson House Ltd."

"You have 21 days to comply with this request.".

"You should note that if you fail to discharge your duties in accordance with subsection 3 you may be committing an offence and therefore liable to prosecution. The local authority has power to prosecute under the Act".

After initially replying to the TRO, in 'her' 14.01.02 letter "we do not have the details",...

'Hathaway' wrote in 'her' 25.01.02 letter to the TRO:

"The Directors and secretary of Steel Services are F.M.C. Ltd ",

with an address in the British Virgin Islands (BVI): "Tropic Isle Building, Wickhams Cay, Road town, Tortola".

It was the same address as that given for 'Steel Services' on the 26.02.02 court claim filed by Portner and Jaskel against the Elderly Resident.

(NB: By 23.04.04, the BVI address for Steel Services had changed to Registered agent (= sham director): "Insinger Corporate Services (BVI) Ltd, Beaufort House, PO Box 438, Road Town, Tortola".

At 24.05.06 (re. the transfer to Rootstock - Headlessor # 3), and at 08.01.07 (re. the transfer of the airspace to Rootstock - Headlessor # 5) - the acting party for Steel Services i.e. the "sham director" was given as "Enrique Sibauste") (See BVI # 1).

At my request, the BVI registration authorities confirmed that they had a company named F.M.C. Limited on their register (BVI # 1). As can be seen on the document, F.M.C. had a 'Local number', following registration on 6 Aug 81, and was not registered in the UK.

Other than the reference by Joan Hathaway, MRICS, in 'her' 25.01.02 letter, this paper company has never been referred to since. Well, at least, not to me. 

As to Jefferson House Limited, Hathaway attached the 23.01.02 reply from Saxon Law:

"As far as I am aware, under section 2 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, it is the lessees immediate landlord whose details are to be provided which is not, in this instance, our client, Jefferson House Limited".

From then on, there was a considerable exchange of correspondence, which included:

Sandy McDougall contacting LEASE for advice, and getting the 25.02.02 reply that:

"The agent Martin Russell Jones must supply you with the name and address of the landlord and upon request the landlord must supply you with the name and address of every director"


The TRO informing Joan Hathaway, MRICS, on 05.03.02, that:

"The purpose of section 2 of the [L&T] act [1985] is to prevent freeholders from hiding behind the corporate veil. Leaseholders have a right to know the names of the individuals who own their building.

Telling us that F.M.C. Ltd exists does not achieve the purpose of the act."

I sent several letters to Mr McDougall in which I provided him with updates, as well as findings from my desk research, including supplying him with the latest version of Land Registry titles e.g. my 10.04.02 and 28.07.02 letters.

In my 08.03.02 letter, I also reported the fact that he had identiifed me in his communications as the person requesting the information had made me a target for harassment - of course, by Andrew David Ladsky (police # 1-Background)...

who, 4 months earlier, had done the same thing to Ms Yema Barlay, Nucleus, who had also 'dared' to do the same thing (among others).

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(2)- Indications are that, at least for a while, Cawdery Kaye Fireman & Taylor (CKFT), solicitors, the then Martin Russell Jones (MRJ), 'managing' agents, and Pridie Brewster, accountants - claimed to be acting on behalf of a company - 'Steel Services' - that did not exist.

On 29.07.02, the Tenancy Relations Officer (TRO) sent a Section 1 request under the L&T Act 1985 to CKFT, stating that Steel Services could not be found on the Companies House register (detailed under # 1, above).

This led to the 01.08.02 reply from Daniel Fireman, partner, CKFT, to the TRO, stating:

"All we can say is Steel Services Limited is an existing entity, and we have provided you with all of the information we have so far been instructed to supply"

= a clear 'Get lost!'

As the 26.02.02 Central London county court claim filed by Portner and Jaskel on behalf of 'Steel Services' (i.e. Andrew Ladsky) against the Elderly Resident identified "Steel Services" as the "freehold owner" and stated an address in the British Virgin Islands, I contacted the BVI Authorities.

It led me to discover that Steel Services had been


- as evidenced in the 08.08.02 reply (BVI # 1).


In his 12.08.02 section 1 request to Hathaway, MRICS, the TRO wrote:

"Section 1 of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1985 deals with the landlord identity, and we were notified that this was Steel Services Ltd."

However, we have conducted a search of the register at Companies House and there is no current listing for Steel Services Ltd."

"If Steel Services Ltd is defunct, we would be grateful if you could tell us when they ceased to trade."

"Further, in accordance with Section 1 of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1985 we would like to request the name and address of the landlord of Jefferson House, 7-13 Basil Street, SW3 1AX."

"You have 21 days from receipt of this letter to comply with this request. Failure to do so may result in prosecution."

On 03.09.02 the TRO wrote to Hathaway that, unless he obtained a reply, he would "refer the matter to our legal department to consider prosecution" .

He once again wrote to Companies House, on 08.10.02, to confirm that it did not have Steel Services on its database.

In his 08.10.02 letter, the TRO gave Hathaway 'a last chance' to provide the information before starting "prosecution".

It led to a reply 'from' Hathaway, MRICS, dated 21.10. 02 that

"Steel Services [is] not registered in this country"

In my 17.10.02 letter to Cawdery Kaye Fireman & Taylor I wrote:  

"Despite numerous requests since 8 January 2002 from the Tenancy Relations Officer at the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea to MRJ, yourself and other parties for proof of the existence of Steel Services - evidence is still lacking" .  

To this Lanny Silverstone replied on 21.10.02

"We are satisfied that Steel Services Limited exists"

In his 25.10.02 letter, the TRO informed me that the matter was now with the legal department. He copied me on his 23.10.02 letter to Joan Hathaway, MRICS, MRJ, asking her to confirm a telephone conversation he had had with her that:

(1) Steel Services was registered in the BVI;

(2) F.M.C. Ltd were the directors;

(3) CKFT's address was the address for Steel Services in the U.K.

Thus, the outcome of the various searches undertaken by myself, Nucleus and the TRO, Sandy McDougall - as well as the exchange of correspondence with Hathaway, MRICS - indicated that 'Steel Services' was not an existing entity - and therefore contradicted what Joan Hathaway, MRICS, of the then Martin Russell Jones, Daniel Fireman and Lanny Silverstone, CKFT - had claimed.

I believe it to be 'Fair comment' for me to say that the evidence suggests that the then Martin Russell Jones, Cawdery Kaye Fireman & Taylor, as well as the accountants, Pridie Brewster were, at least for a while, claiming to be acting on behalf of a company that did NOT exist.

Note that the demands also stated a Jersey address that was equally FALSE.

Joan Hathaway, MRICS, of the then Martin Russell Jones:

•  Was demanding and receiving money "on behalf of Steel Services" e.g. the 15.07.02 'service charge' demand of £736,000 (US$1.3m) (Overview # 1)

•  She filed the 07.08.02 application in Her Majesty's then London LVT in the name of 'Steel Services' - the day before the 08.08.02 reply from the BVI that Steel Services had "been struck-off the register" (BVI # 1) (NB: Not that it bothered the tribunal: LVT # 01)

•  She threatened me with prosecution in 'her' 20.09.02 letter in the name of "our client, Steel Services Limited" unless I paid immediately the 17.02.02 demand of £14,400 (US$25,400) (and was doing the same thing with other leaseholders e.g. 'her' 24.09.02 letter to Resident D).

As to Lanny Silverstone, Cawdery Kaye Fireman & Taylor (CKFT), he was, among others... his 07.10.02 letter, threatening me with "forfeiture [copy of definition], prosecution", and "contacting [my] mortgage lender"on behalf of Steel Services" - unless I paid immediately the £14,400 (US$25,400) demanded by Hathaway, MRICS, in 'her' 17.07.02 invoice...

... thereby attempting to enforce the 15.07.02 'service charge' demand of £736,000 (US$1.3m) sent by Joan Hathaway, MRICS (Overview # 1)

And Pridie Brewster, the accountants, were, by implication, doing the same thing i.e. claiming to be acting on behalf of a company which, at least for a while, did NOT exist (Pridie Brewster # 14)

Note that, under section 47 of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1987, "the landlord's name and address must be contained in the demand".

Under s.47(2) and s.48(2) of the Act: failure to provide an address means that ANY demand is deemed to NOT be due until the landlord has complied with the Act.


(2.1)- The outcome of 10 months of endless correspondence? I was left with still not knowing who controls my home.

At the end of Oct 02, Hathaway, CKFT and their client i.e. Ladsky were alerted to the fact I knew that Steel Services had been struck-off the BVI register, as I communicated this information to Her Majesty's then London Leasehold Valuation Tribunal. (In the context of the Application Hathaway had filed on behalf of 'Steel Services' with the Tribunal on 07.08.02)...

... - as I could not see how a non-existent company could pursue an action in the LVT.

(Of course, Her Majesty's then London LVT did even bother to acknowledge my letter: LVT # 01) (see snapshot under kangaroo court).

Evidently, it led to the c.US$300 fee being paid as, in his email dated 05.11.02, the TRO told me he had

"received from CKFT a ' Certificate of Good Standing for Steel Services issued by the BVI, dated 28 October 2002".


How can this gang of racketeers, who operate through extortion, get a 'Certificate of Good Standing'?

= Not worth the piece of paper it is written on. (See BVI # 2, Benefits of registration)

All that is required (at least at the time) to set-up 'a company' in the British Virgin Islands in the space of 24 hours is a telephone and a credit card. It may have thus been the approach used to reinstate the paper company, 'Steel Services', on the BVI register. (See BVI registration for details)

In his 13.11.02 email to me, the TRO forwarded a reply from the legal department that there was "a contradiction": Steel Services being struck-off vs. having a 'Certificate of Good Standing'.

This was the end of it. After 10 months of endless correspondence back and forth, I was left in exactly the same position: I still had not been provided with the name of the directors who owned Jefferson House.  

It seemed that the conclusion of the Housing Department was that, by being registered in the BVI, 'Steel Services' was above the law in the UK. This was contrary to the view expressed by LEASE in its (above) 25.02.02 letter to the TRO. Not knowing any better at the time, I gave up.  

(The excuse of a BVI domicile was again used by Kensington & Chelsea Housing Department two years later when I asked for its assistance in getting the year-end accounts for Jefferson House. See page Council & Local Government Ombudsman for detail). (This time, I did not 'fall' for the misinformation).

Desperate to get the documents I had supplied to the TRO, Andrew Ladsky contacted him with this aim,...

... as evidenced by the 05.11.02 email to me from Sandy McDougall:

"I have also received a telephone call from Mr Ladsky. He has asked for copies of all correspondence that you have sent me"

In his 06.11.02 email, the TRO said they were NOT going to comply with Ladsky's request because I am "entitled to a degree of confidentiality when you have sought assistance from us." (My Diary 5 Nov 02)

HOORAY for the governments ensuring – deliberately - that leaseholders are kept totally in the dark as to the entity that controls their home i.e. their main financial asset,... allowing individuals to hide behind offshore, paper companies and "sham directors" - making leaseholders' so-called 'statutory right' to know who controls their home - a complete and utter farce.

Feudalism is definitely alive and kicking (in more ways than one) in this island-Kingdom that treats its 'little people' as serfs!

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(3)- Extensive reshuffling in the ownership of Jefferson House and carving out, including addition of a superior headlessor, LAVAGNA ENTERPRRISES (My analysis of Land Registry records at February 2006)...and more since


(PDF of above diagram - at February 2006)

Position at February 2006 (Lavagna also covered under Headlessor # 2)

With Jefferson House at the 'top of the tree' (Freehold ; British Virgin Islands registration)

•  An extra layer, or superior headlessor, was added between Steel Services and Jefferson House Ltd: Lavagna Enterprises Limited as indicated on the title BGL 56 642 .

As can be seen on the title, this deal took place between Jefferson House Ltd and Steel Services, and was registered on 31 Jan 06. The value of the transaction was recorded as £875,000 (US$1.54m).

The title also states that Lavagna Enterprises is / was incorporated in the British Virgin Islands. Hence, the same as:

(The 'advisors' Cawdery Kaye Fireman & Taylor and Eversheds are / were also registered in the BVI e.g. CKFT ; Eversheds) (See BVI #2 for 'the benefits of registration').

•  The transaction resulted in Steel Services becoming a "lessee" of Lavagna Enterprises .

•  A lease for 'Airspace of Jefferson House' was created under the title BGL 51 266 and registered on 22 Oct 04. Price recorded as £110,000 (US$194,000). Parties to the transaction were Jefferson House Ltd and Steel Services. In this instance, the address for Steel Services was "care of Martin Russell Jones".

Judging from the 22 Feb 06 copy of NGL 373 333 i.e. Steel Services, 2 days before i.e. 20 Oct 04 the

"Airspace abutting and above the level of the roof of Jefferson House has been removed from this title"

•  The title for the penthouse, BGL 54 458, indicates the sale of the lease on 1 Dec 05 and associated car parking space (parking bay K53, 25 Basil St), title BGL 47 667. The transaction is recorded at £3.9 million (US$6.9m).

As can be seen on the last page of the title for ' Airspace of Jefferson House', the penthouse became a "lessee" of 'Airspace of Jefferson House' on 10 Aug 05.

The penthouse was constructed during 2004-05 - as can be seen in this pack / in the photo gallery,... spite of Joan Hathaway, MRICS, and Brian Gale, MRICS, "categorically" `stating that there was "absolutely no intention to do so". (See Major works and surveyors; Planning applications; Mansell; photo gallery).

(It was one of the reasons for the extortionate 'service charge' demand of 15.07.02 (Overview # 1), the fraudulent claim in HM's West London County Court - filed by CKFT on behalf of 'Steel Services' i.e. Andrew Ladsky - and endorsed with a statement of truth signed by Hathaway (Overview # 3 ; WLCC KP # 1(3) for major issue about this)...

...- and the subsequent - equally fraudulent - demands I received 'from' MRJ: 24.05.04 ; 21.10.04, 16.11.04, 09.01.06 and 30.06.06. (Overview # 6).

(In Feb 07, it was followed by another equally fraudulent claim against me by "Roostock (sic) Overseas Corp" and "Steel Services", both claiming to be my landlord; 16 months later, it ended in a 06.06.08 Notice of Discontinuance of "ALL the claims" against me (Overview # 11 ; Portner # 29 ; Kangaroo court).

(For a summary of events since the Ladsky mafia took over see: Case summary / Home-Page Overview / Extortion).

Given that the "Airspace [had] been removed" from the title for Steel Services on 20 Oct 04, it is worth noting in relation to the penthouse that it became "a lessee of the Airspace" on 10 Aug 05 i.e. nearly one year after, and that Steel Services was party to the transaction. The other party was Sloan(E) Development(S). (See below for other events)

•  Lavagna Enterprises Ltd also became the registered owner of 3 apartments that did NOT exist prior to the start of "the works" in 2004 (they 'appear' to be conversion of existing apartments). These apartments are:

Apartment 18A , title BGL 56 546 ; transaction between Steel Services and Lavagna Enterprises recorded on 24 Jan 06.

Apartment 33A , title BGL 56 358 ; transaction between Steel Services and Lavagna Enterprises recorded on 10 Jan 06.

Apartment 35A , title BGL 56 122 ; transaction between Steel Services and Lavagna Enterprises recorded on 16 Dec 05.  

As the Land Registry appears to have had for some time a policy of including the price paid for a property on Land Registry titles, the fact that none of the above three transactions state a price suggests that the same parties might have been acting on both sides of the transactions.

Events since February 2006

There was a lot more shuffling of paper (keeping 'the man and a dog outfits' in the British Virgin Islands and other offshore jurisdictions busy):

  • On 24 May 06, the title for Steel Services was transferred "by Steel Services" to "Rootstock Overseas", Panama, for £120,000 (US$212,000) (Headlessors # 3 )
  • On 8 Jan 07, the 'airspace' was transferred "by Steel Services", "from Steel Services" to "Rootstock Overseas Corp" for "£1" (Headlessors # 5)
  • On 3 Jun 13, "Rootstock transferred its freehold interest in Jefferson House to Greyclyde Investments" (Freehold # 2)

It is a certainty that the common denominator across the offshore paper companies and sham directors associated with Jefferson House - is multi-criminal Rachman ANDREW DAVID LADSKY (at least 8 known in 2013: Headlessors # 7).

Further, in light of his "instructions" (Portner # 5.1) since 2002 (Extortion) - quite clearly, in "very serious need" of psychiatric treatment (My Diary 15 May 08).

In fact, his insanity is such that, like that of some of his supporters, he can only perceive sane people as "suffering from mental issues; from clinical paranoia; clinically unwell".

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(4)- The number of apartments for which Andrew David Ladsky was the 'registered proprietor' (at February 2006) on the Land Registry had grown. He was not the only one cashing in on the inside deal.

- Apartment # 5 (NGL 554 128)

It was the apartment of the person running the Residents Association (who left due to suffering appalling ongoing harassment and intimidation by Ladsky) (See also Notices by landlord). The title shows that Ladsky became the proprietor on 9 Sep 02.

The price was recorded as £144,000 (US$254,000). This is the same price as was recorded one year earlier when the new person became the proprietor on 22.08.01 (when the Head of the Residents Association left). It suggests a connection between them.

Further, shortly after the new person was recorded as the proprietor of the lease, work took place, among others, in apartment # 5, leading to a very large amount of rubbish being deposited alongside the area in front of apartments # 5 and # 6 - as can be seen from the photograph taken on 08.10.01.

When leaseholders raised this issue with Nucleus, local Citizens Bureau, Joan Hathaway, MRICS, MRJ, replied on 01.11.01 that it

"relates to flat 5. the actual area where it is stored belongs to that particular flat and is not common part of the building" .

Considering the profile of Andrew David Ladsky - and of his then dictator in tow, Hathaway (e.g. her 28.02.05 letter referring to refuse - see MRJ # 26 for detail), the only possible explanation as to why this was allowed to happen was because the then owner of the apartment was connected with the ownership of the block.

(In support of this, see the state of the area in front of my windows and by my apartment (which are the landlord's responsibility) - photos of which are captured in these packs: broken step and filth around my apartment ). In addition, it seems that the external area in front of apartment # 5 would only belong to it if it owned the headlease or freehold.

Furthermore, note also that, in the "summary of contributions to the major works" attached with the ICAEW's 'reply' of 29.08.06 to my complaint against Pridie Brewster, accountants for Jefferson House, apartment 5 had NOT paid any contribution - nor was a contribution identified by the ICAEW as having been paid in 2004 (see Pridie Brewster # 18).

- Apartment # 7 (BGL 43 656)

Using HSBC Private Bank as lender (no price recorded), Ladsky acquired the lease on 28 Nov 05 from 'Sloan(E) Development(S)'.

(Capital letters in brackets, because I conclude that 'Sloan Development' is the same company as 'Sloane Developments', that submitted a return to Companies House, on 12.01.04 - see Headlessors # 6).

Sloan(E) Development(S) had acquired the lease on 15.04.04 for £175,000 (US$309,000) - from somebody connected with the ownership of the block. ('The leaseholder' who phoned me in Jan / Feb 04 telling me, among others, "Don't worry they won't kill you" - My Diary January / February 2004).

Further, note also that, in the "summary of contributions to the major works" attached with the ICAEW's 'reply' of 29.08.06, apartment 7 had NOT paid any contribution.

(NB: However, as highlighted earlier on, according to the ICAEW, some undetailed contributions in the 2004 year-end accounts were paid for apartments owned by Ladsky which, 'apparently', included apartment # 7- See Pridie Brewster # 18)

Like Steel Services, Jefferson House Ltd and Lavagna Enterprises, 'Sloan(E) Development(S)' is / was registered in the British Virgin Islands (at least at Apr 04 for Sloan Development).

When, on 10 Aug 05, the penthouse became a lessee of 'Airspace of Jefferson House' 'Sloan(E) Development(S)' was party to the transaction with Steel Services (even though, according to Land Registry records, the 'Airspace of Jefferson House' had been removed from Steel Services title (NGL 373 333) nearly one year previously, on 20 Oct 04).

Re. 'Sloan(E) Development(S)' - see also Overview # 11, for the (2nd) fraudulent claim filed against me in Her Majesty's West London County Court. The name featured in the file path for the 27.02.07 claim, as well as for the 06.06.08 Notice of Discontinuance of "ALL the claims" against me" (Portner # 29).

- Apartment # 9 (BGL 10 950)

Acquired on 17 Feb 04; price recorded as £190,000 (US$335,000).

Used by Ladsky as his 'office' - as stated e.g. in his 26.03.07 malicious letter to my then employer, KPMG.

- Apartment # 21 (BGL 37 920)

This used to be the porter's apartment - as can be seen in 'Joan Hathaway, MRICS' i.e. Ladsky's letter of 04.03.03 (pg 4)

"The old porter's flat was sold by the headlessee at arm's length as part of the assets of the headlessee and was not owned by the lessees of the property"

(BUT: getting rid of a resident porter is a breach of the Lease).

It was acquired by Basil Street Properties on 1 Jun 01. Hence, 'Steel Services' was the other party to the transaction.

Ladsky acquired the lease from Basil Street Properties on 23 Dec 05, for £125,000 (US$220,400) with a mortgage from HSBC.

Two points to note about Basil Street Properties:  

(1) An "Expense record" supplied by the then Martin Russell Jones, dated 01.08.01, shows that it charged the Jefferson House leaseholders £100 for the benefit of Basil St Properties, on 9 Mar 01;  

(2) (At Feb 06) Since 2000, Basil Street Properties has / had a restriction in its favour on apartment 34, owned by Ladsky.

Basil Street Properties is also registered offshore: in this instance, in Gibraltar.

- Apartment # 34 (NGL 450 907)

Transfer date at 20 Jun 00 ; price stated as £490,000 (US$864,000). As just detailed, Basil Street Properties had a restriction in its favour on the title from the time of the transfer date.

At 2012 -, stated:

"Flat 34 Jefferson House, 11 Basil St, London SW3 1AX - This property is a flat....The property sold five years ago, on 26/09/2007, for £4,500,000 [US$7,935,000]. It then sold again for £4,500,000, on the same day"

= LADSKY attempting to influence the market

- Apartment # 35 (NGL 421 710)

Transfer date at 29 Sep 00; price stated as £345,000 (US$608,400).

ADD to that:

I hold the view that Andrew David Ladsky has been the main driver of the above (from # 3) transactions.  

As can be seen from the printscreens I captured from the Land Registry website at the time I was doing a search on 'Airspace of Jefferson House', title BGL 51 266, they consistently brought up apartment 9, BGL 10 950, owned by Andrew Ladsky (and specified e.g. on his 26.03.07 malicious letter to my then employer, KPMG). This includes pursuing the search from there for the freehold title, BGL 69 051.

Another one that comes across as having cashed in on the inside deal - at the time of the setting-up of Steel Services in 1995-96 (Headlessor # 1 ; Directorships # 2) - is a Jack Paul Starr.

Land Registry titles show that - on the same day (21 Apr 95) - he acquired four apartments that had been, in the 1993 accounts, described as part of "the lessor's flats":


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