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15 years of mental torture, harassment, persecution, intimidation, bullying and blackmail tactics - in the Jefferson House 'concentration camp' - in 'The Kingdom of Make -Believe'

My Diary - 2012


Year 11 of my life-destroying, horrific experience in the English residential leasehold sector 'concentration camp'


In the light of my experience (Case summary), I find this quote particularly appropriate to describe this country, I once loved so much that I decided to make it my home (more than 40 years ago), and has treated me as it has since 2002.

It often leads me to wonder: was I blind, or has this country changed beyond recognition? It must be the latter e.g. an Indy journalist wrote in 2010: "Britannia as she was burns, burns down" (As I wrote in My Diary 20 Feb 07: "This country has turned completely upside down") (*)

I found it on a wooden, site enclosure in the City. Having assumed, correctly, that it had been placed there by the Occupy London Protestors, on 23rd Apr 12, I went to their camp on Finsbury Sq to ask permission to put it on my website. (They were evicted from their camp, by the police, during the night of 13-14 May 12).

I was glad I had taken the photographs as, 5 days later (28th Feb), the visuals were being painted over. (The police had a cordon around the site to prevent the protestors from using it after being removed from their encampment outside St Paul’s cathedral).

(*) To the decent people of this country who agree, but feel powerless: see the little story at the end of the home page. I also repeat the quote: "If not you, who? If not now, when?"

You might also like to read the book, 'Small Acts of Resistance - How Courage, Tenacity, and Ingenuity Can Change the World'.

I came across it last year. It contains numerous examples from across the world. I found it inspiring, and was also amused by the ingenuity of people e.g. Polish people who, to demonstrate to the government that they were not watching the fiction-filled television news, every night, placed their television in a stroller or wheelbarrow, and took it out 'for a walk'.

The authors are Steve Crawshaw & John Jackson. It is published by Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. and distributed in the UK by GMC Distribution Services, Castle Place, 166 High St, Lewes, East Sussex, England BN7 1XU. ISBN: 978-1-4027-8124-7. The cost was £10 or, to be precise: £9.99.


25 Jan 12 - The then PM David Cameron viewed Britain as having "a long and exemplary record on human rights"

That is what he was reported in the press as saying e.g. Guardian articles of 25 Jan 12:

"David Cameron calls for reform of European court of human rights" ;

"Cameron's speech on the European court of human rights in full" (NB: Speech to the Council of Europe).

"The UK government privately believes the Court should spend less time focusing on countries such as Britain, France and Germany, which have well regarded legal systems [1] and a strong record on human rights, and more time focusing on countries such as Russia and Ukraine with less impressive records [2]...[because] Britain has a long and exemplary record on human rights".

"Human rights is a cause that runs deep in the British heart and long in British history...."

"It was that same spiritthat inspired Winston Churchill to promise that the end of the "world struggle" would see the "enthronement of human rights" (3)

"As he put it, victory in that war was the "victory of an ideal founded on the right of the common man, on the dignity of the human being, and on the conception of the State as the servant, not the master, of its people."

"These beliefs have animated the British people for centuries – and they animate us today".

"We are not and never will be a country that walks on by while human rights are trampled into the dust" (4)

"Cameron contrasts Britain's record with other Council of Europe member states, which face cases over extrajudicial killings and torture" (5)

"In Belarus...Dissidents's voices are being silenced and their rights are being crushed" (6)

"Through the UN, we are working to empower women in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Middle East. We have pledged additional money to the Special Fund for Torture Prevention" (7) `


(1)- "Britain has a well regarded legal system".

By whom, Prime Minister? Based on my experience: it can only be by the criminals it assists and protects, or by those who have been hoodwinked - as I discovered - to my very great cost - I had been.

(Likely to also apply to e.g. the families of:

(2)- "less impressive records than the UK"

How many legitimate applications against the UK were dismissed by the ECtHR in the same way as mine?

In 2012, when the court was under British mandate, headed by Sir Nicholas Bratza - of the 62% "Declared inadmissible or struck out": how many were, like mine, legitimate applications?

(4)- In the light of your above assertions, of which I note, in particular: "We are not and never will be a country that walks on by while human rights are trampled into the dust"...

...- and of the fact that, under s.6 of the Human Rights Act 1998: "It is unlawful for a public authority to act in a way which is incompatible with a Convention Right",... do you explain my experience (Case summary) - including the ongoing criminal psychological harassment - as the glaringly obvious victim of organized crime

(snapshots under: Extortion ; 'Advisors to Jefferson House') with (list with name of individuals concerned):

Her Majesty's judiciaries, some court staff, and ministerial heads:

  • London High Court - Queens' Bench Division in 2011;
  • European Court of Human Rights in 2012; it rejected my - legitimate - 26.01.12 Application because, as 'my luck' would have it, at the time, the court was under British mandate, headed by Sir Nicholas Bratza (ECtHR # 2.1).

...and, in relation to the above, the handling of

(1)- my complaints by Her Majesty's 'Customer Service', including its ministerial heads in 2004, and in 2007-09: WLCC # 18 and # 24;

(2)- my 02 Jan 10 Subject Access Request to the Ministry of 'Justice'.

Her Majesty's tribunal Panel, Clerks, tribunal Head and ministerial Head:

Her Majesty's Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman, in relation to my complaint against the above.

Her Majesty's Legal Services Ombudsman in relation to my complaints against the 'regulators' of the legal profession.

Her Majesty's police and related services:

  • In 2010, with the IPCC, "the guardian of the police complaints system"; (also: QB # 5)
  • (NB: Ditto, many of the above were included in my 26.01.12 Application to the European Court of Human Rights (ECt # 1) - briefly referred to, above)

Her Majesty's Members of Parliament - 'my' (Conservative) MPs: current ; previous.

Her Majesty's local council and its 'regulator':

  • Kensington & Chelsea housing in 2004;

Her Majesty's Pension Service...

...with more that can be added to the list.

I also remind you that, when you were in Opposition, I wrote, asking for your assistance on: 15.06.09 ; 19.10.09 and 07.11.09 (Rifkind # 4 , # 5) and,

...that, like ALL of the above (added to ALL the others), in your 26.10.09 letter you told me to, in effect, 'get lost!'...

...and - like ALL the others - YOU did this for the sake of a crook, 'Dear Mr Andrew Ladsky', who decided he was 'entitled' to make a multi £ million jackpot at my expense (and that of my fellow leaseholders).

You claim to support the "empowerment of women" overseas (7) - but turn a blind eye to somebody like me - in your country - being treated like a piece of dirt, a non-entity who does not have the right to have rights, there to be used and abused - by ALL.

The glaringly obvious answer to my above question:

Because I, 'the little person', 'the Prole', 'dare' to stand up for my so-called 'rights' against a 'Brother' and Establishment- controlled organized crime that assists him and protects him.

Hence, I find your comment that "Dissidents's voices in Belarus are being silenced and their rights are being crushed" (6) - highly hypocritical.

Contrary to your claims, it is evident that this state pays scant regard to human rights.

In fact, its Human Rights Act omits 2 KEY articles: Article 1 - Obligation to respect Human Rights ; Article 13 - Right to an effective remedy. (Access to full Act and in Sch.1).

(As with everything else, in 'The island-kingdom of Make-Believe', the very thin layer of veneer needs to be scratched to see the reality).

(5)- "Britain's record with other Council of Europe member states, which face cases over extrajudicial killings":

  • How many hundreds of people have died while in detention in the UK? I have seen a quote of over 1,300 over (?) years, and of 6,000 since the late 60s, including also, I think, those who died in mental institutions.

(Subsequent notes)

Private Eye, # 1405, 13-6 Nov 15, pg 7

"Number crunching: 2,000 Deaths of disabled people after being assessed fit for work by Iain Duncan Smith’s regime, which he does not consider a resigning matter."

Private Eye, # 1406, 27 Nov-10 Dec 15, pg 37-

Fitness to work tests – Deadly reckoning – Yet more evidence has emerged of the often devastating impact of the government’s welfare reforms on those with disabilities… research from Liverpool and Oxford universities concluded that the government’s controversial “fit to work” tests for disabled claimants…were associated with an extra 590 suicides in just three years and 279,000 cases of mental health(1)

...Ministers continue to claim that any link to suicide or death is “misleading” – even though they received a formal warning in 2010…(2)

(1)- Also reported in e.g. "Iain Duncan Smith's tougher fit-to-work tests coincide with 590 additional suicides", Indy, 16 Nov 15 - which also states "and 725,000 more prescriptions for antidepressants between 2010 and 2013"

(2)- Private Eye, 1393, 29May-11Jun 15, pg 8 -

"In a televised debate, Iain Duncan Smith denied government’s reviews into the unexpected death of benefit claimants – accusing a Green Party representative of making “scurrilous” and “cheap” allegations

- even though his own civil servants had already admitted there had been 40 reviews of suicides and nine further benefit-related deaths in the previous year. His department refused to publish the outcome of these cases."

So: as ‘true’ as his claim post Brexit: I never said during the Brexit referendum campaign that exiting the EU would save a weekly £350 million we could then give to the NHS”.

Private Eye 1422, 8-21July16, pg 11, has a photograph of him in front of a bus that states, on its side: “We send the EU £350 million per week; let’s fund our NHS instead

Note also the Tories "shutting down the Disability Living Fund" (BVI # 2 - Comment # 3)

And Iain Duncan Smith was at it again following Ken Loach's film, 'I, Daniel Blake':

"Iain Duncan Smith says parts of Ken Loach's 'I, Daniel Blake' benefits film are 'simply not true'", Huffington Post, 27 Oct 16

The following day (!!) "Iain Duncan Smith urges PM to reverse Universal Credit cuts", BBC, 28 Oct 16

"In 2015, cuts to the Universal Credit "work allowance" were announced [BY HIM] - reducing the amount people could earn before benefit payments were withdrawn"

"Iain Duncan Smith argues the cuts to work allowance cost people up to £1,000 as they move off benefits into work"

I think, on the same day, some Work and Pensions minister (Smith's previous department) said on, I think, BBC Radio 4, 'PM', the Eddie Mair programme that (I am paraphrasing):

'the government's focus on fear to get people back into work is, in fact, having the opposite effect, as their mind is taken up by the threat of losing benefits.

That it was, consequently, changing its approach, by asking the claimants to focus on their plan'.

Amazing the impact Ken Loach's film is having on the government!

Because the Establishment cares? Of course not!

It's because of the reaction to the film on the international scale. 'Not good for the image of the kingdom' - that is such a master at 'putting on a show' (as Prince Charles said following the wedding of his son) = conning its people and the outside world.

The British state is murdering its own people...and it feels righteous relative to terrorists!

And Theresa May's government is continuing with the tricks against the disabled:

Private Eye, 1428, 30Sep-13Oct 16, pg 39

"David Isaac, the new chair at the equality watchdog which is examining whether the Tories’ welfare reforms have harmed disabled people’s human rights, actually advised the government on the contracts at the heart of the wide-ranging reforms."

"The campaigning Disability News Service (DNS) discovered that, as a senior partner at law firm Pinsent Masons, Isaac led a team working on ending the deal with outsourcing company Atos that provided the much criticised “fitness for work” tests."

"It also advised on the appointment of the equally controversial US giant Maximus, which now carries out the tests

From Private Eye, 1378- 31Oct-13Nov 14, pg 32:

"Maximess? As disgraced outsourcing company Atos stops carrying out the government’s controversial fitness-to-work tests following a barrage of complaints, the Department for Work and Pensions has given the multi-million pound contract to a firm with a far worse track record." (*)

"In the US, Maximus has an unenviable reputation for fraud and incompetence..."

" 2007 Maximus had been fined $30.5m over claims that it cheated US Medicaid, the state-funded health scheme, by making tens of thousands of false claims for children in foster care.

Three years later, it settled another claim for $2.5m for some computer system failures and “short-changing law enforcement agencies.

(*)- See Bill Gunnyeon, chief medical adviser at the time, who then went to work for Maximus.

In addition to the disabled (above), Theresa May's ruthlessness is also revealed by:

Private Eye, 1431, 11-2 Nov 16 - "Sick footnote"

"More evidence of the government’s duplicitous approach to sick and disabled people emerges in its 92-page green paper, “Improving Lives”.

"It reveals that the Department for Work and Pensions is considering forcing all sick and disabled people on out-of-work benefits to take part in some kind of “mandatory” activity."

"That would include those who are terminally ill or have the most severe, lifetime conditionsthe very group Theresa May was congratulated for sparing from the stress and indignity of repeated medical assessments."

" If the green paper suggestion goes ahead, this group will have to make some kind of repeated contract with a “work coach”, or risk a sanction and losing some of their benefits."

(6)- "In Belarus...Dissidents' voices are being silenced..."

Same thing in the UK - and those not silenced through gagging orders are like me, subjected to criminal psychological harassment with the aim of putting them 'out of action'.

(7)- In response to your claim of superiority of this kingdom over other "member states which face cases...over torture", and of "pledging money to the Special Fund for Torture Prevention"...

...I highlight that the psychological harassment that has - and continues - to be so liberally inflicted on me since 2002 by various state parties - is also torture - specifically: mental torture.

Hence: the British state is also guilty of torture.

(In or out of the European Convention - will NOT change this fact).

(3)- You quote Winston Churchill; his belief in human rights, and that "the State should be the servant, not the master of its people". Does:

...- reflect Winston Churchill's beliefs; what he stood for?

Very clearly: NO.

Based on my value system, I view it as a great insult to use him in this way for your own ends. I find this despicable.


W/c 23 Apr 12, the media reported that one of your Conservative MPs, Nadine Dorries, described you (and the Chancellor) as "arrogant, out-of-touch posh boys who don't know the price of milk".

I certainly support the description of "arrogant" and, borrowing the comment made by a journalist at the Independent on Sunday in relation to the housing minister, Grant Shapps, add that:

"You are either deluded or simply don't give a damn". I opt for the latter, as you, of course, know exactly what is going on - and hence, endorse it.

As the glaringly obvious innocent victim of organized crime who, over the last 10 years has, at the hands of the above, who have totally destroyed my life, leaving me nothing to live for - suffered absolute sheer utter hell from being subjected to repeated injustice, and concurrent extremely cruel, vicious, sadistic, barbaric treatment...

...- I suggest you sort out your own back garden first (my experience with the above, in addition to the snapshots referred to above: home - Note 8 ; overview of the outcome of my complaints ; Case summary ) - before criticizing others.

As I wrote in the last paragraph of pg 12 of my 13.09.11 letter to the IPCC (QB # 5(7)): "In the light of my experience, I laughed when, this week, during his visit to Russia, David Cameron lectured the Russians by saying that they "must crack down on state corruption" and that the "rule of law is vital"".

If the way I, the glaringly obvious innocent victim of organized crime, have been treated by this country since 2002 is 'the example that other countries should follow' then, might as well as bin the European Convention, and stop the sham by telling the 'little people' like me:

Forget it! as many of you should by now have concluded: YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS. (See Comment # 34, from a person who shares my view that, in this country, the claim of 'compliance' with human rights - is a myth).

(See My Diary # 2.5 for extracts from a 4 Mar 13 article: "A 'betrayal' of British values: Tories accused of damaging UK’s reputation on human rights")

(NB: Subsequent events indicate that the Conservatives want to pull out of the European Convention:

"Tory ministers plot Human Rights Act repeal", Guardian, 3 Mar 13

"Chris Grayling [then 'Justice' secretary] and Theresa May reportedly keen to scrap act that enshrines European human rights convention in UK law" - citing "the blocking of the deportation of Abu Qatada", as a key trigger.

"Abu Qatada: court rejects government's appeal bid", Guardian, 23 Apr 13

"UK may withdraw from European rights convention over Abu Qatada", Guardian, 24 Apr 13

They refer to "the court of appeal turning down Theresa May's attempt to take the Abu Qatada case to the supreme court".

There is something fishy about this saga that has been going on for a long time. In the light of my experience with the British 'justice system' - including when it has the mandate for the European Court of Human Rights (not to mention other parts of the British state) (Case summary) (and that of others);

it looks to me like a PR exercise, intended to 'demonstrate' that both sides are 'absolutely committed to the protection of human rights'. Further, that the covert objective is to get public support for the UK pulling out of the Convention.

The 'real trigger' appears to be the fact that, (in spite of its no-expense spared approach), the government could not quite get its way on its 'reforms' of the ECtHR e.g. Telegraph:

"European Court of Human Rights president dismisses British reform plans", 14 Mar 12;

"President of European human rights court dismisses reform ideas", 19 Apr 12;

"European court reform was agreed before £500,000 summit", 21 Apr 12; and,

from the Indy: "Clarke clashes with court chief over rights reforms", 19 Apr 12.

(NB: As reported in both of the Guardian's articles, David Cameron talked about "the 13th century Magna Carta that set down specific rights for citizens...", etc.

(1)- according to some of my English contacts, the focus of the Magna Carta was the land-owning barons (a priority that remains to this day); (2)- I submit: "subjects" - instead of "citizens" as this is a kingdom, not a republic;

(3)- on the US, David Letterman show, David Cameron was shown to not know the meaning of Magna Carta (Great Charter): "Magna Carta - pass notes No 3,255", Guardian, 27 Sep 12))


Friday 27 Jan 12 - The European Court of Human Rights takes delivery of my Application

See 'Other courts' page


Friday 10 Feb 12 - One of Andrew Ladsky's 'dogs' comes to hound me in a store

Usual intro: on leaving the Jefferson House 'concentration camp' I have immediately 'dogs' on my tail.

Brompton Rd store - 10h06

This one being a 'suspect', I decided to put it to the test by crossing Brompton Rd and going in the National Geographic store.

Within less than 2 minutes, he had done the same thing, (including crossing the road).

In addition to his doing this, as can be seen from his body language, he was not a shopper.



17 Jun 06 - Fleet St

27 Jun 10 - South Ken

11 Nov 11 - Basil St

11 Nov 11 - Basil St


5 Jun 11 - Knightsbridge


6 Apr 12 - Knightsbridge

The above are just a few examples of many, many more over the years with the same physical appearance. (Other example: 28 Jan 13)


(The use of snoops appears to be 'a Jewish thing' - making this island-kingdom the ideal environment in which to indulge...

- added to the Jewish militia, the Community Security Trust, being given millions of pounds of taxpayer money).

I wonder: does the 'Jewish' mafia call on the motherland and ask it to send some extras from MOSSAD?......or are they permanently here?

Trawling the Leasehold Knowledge Partnership website in Oct 14, made me discover an example, about VINCENT TCHENGUIZ - proving that my assumption about 'calling on the motherland' was correct.

LKP headed its article: "Tchenguiz falls out with his ex-Israeli intelligence operatives … and now they are suing each other". Events were also covered in e.g.:

"Vincent Tchenguiz hired ex-Israeli intelligence experts in battle with SFO", Telegraph, 10 Apr 13

"Property tycoon Vincent Tchenguiz hired former ex-Israeli intelligence operatives to dig up information on his business enemies as he successfully fought an attempted prosecution by the Serious Fraud Office."

"... between March 2011 and February 2013, Mr Tchenguiz hired a company called Black Cube, whose staff are alleged to have formed “the core of his entourage”, with some even living at his home."

"Black Cube, which styles itself as a “creative intelligence” agency peopled with former staff of the “elite intelligence unit in Israel”, is a subsidiary of BC Strategy."

"Israel-based BC Strategy is suing Mr Tchenguiz and the adviser to his family trust Vincos for £330,000 plus interest, claiming for unpaid invoices and breach of contract."

"Mr Tchenguiz hotly disputes the claim and has issued his own proceedings in Tel Aviv alleging that Black Cube “engaged in a wholesale fraud”a claim Black Cube denies."

"One of [Black Cube's] tasks was to find out who was providing the SFO with its information."

"...Avi Yanus, BC Strategy’s chief financial officer...relates how Black Cube set up a UK incorporated company, with four staff taking up residence in the “office of Vincos in Park Lane”. It was “backed up by a small team of researchers in Israel.”

"Mr Yanus said in his [court] statement [:] “Mr Tchenguiz wanted Black Cube workers to be around him constantly and insisted that they be seated next to him in his office....“Several of Black Cube’s employees resided in his home.”

"A witness statement from Vincos’s in-house legal counsel Jamie Drinnan alleges that between December 2011 and February 2013...

...“Black Cube and its directors, officers and employees engaged in a wholesale fraud on Vincos by issuing false and fraudulent invoices, by dishonestly misrepresenting the nature and scope of the services being undertaken and by taking secret profits or ‘kickbacks’ from associated Israeli organisations introduced to Vincos

[= Behaving like the Tchenguiz do with leaseholders?]


Fancy growing the ranks by offering your services? (There should be quite a lot of takers)


"Like the Mossad? Israeli intelligence makes social media recruitment drive", The Guardian, 18 Apr 13

"Clandestine service in online hunt for men and women who 'possess daring, wits and finesse' and enjoy foreign travel."

"Israel’s Mossad comes in from the cold in search for new recruits", The Guardian, 29 Sep 14

"The usually shadowy Mossad revamped its website last week to include a recruiting video and an online application option for those seeking employment. With versions in Hebrew, English, French, Russian, Arabic and Persian..."

"The Mossad, Hebrew for “the Institute”, is short for the Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations. It is the global arm of the Israeli intelligence community."

"...the video makes the most of the agency’s derring-do reputation with images of satellites and drones as well as men and women in suits carrying out surveillance operations."


Sunday 26 Feb 12 – 08h30 - Andrew Ladsky was informed of my Application to the European Court of Human Rights BEFORE – the Court wrote me the acknowledgement letter.

(NB: 1 year later, Ladsky was ALSO informed immediately of my 15 Jan 13 letter to 2 Council of Europe parties)

At c.8h30, I was in the kitchen of my apartment that is situated immediately below the main entrance of the Jefferson House 'concentration camp'. I could hear somebody stomping their feet repeatedly with great force (*) The person left and, a few seconds later, I heard a car depart, of which I recognised the noise.

As I had just finished doing my exercises, I assumed it was the Rachman sociopath Ladsky ‘communicating’ his frustration (**) at the fact that, 2 weeks previously, he had his racketeer 'managing' agents, Martyn Gerrard, "The award-winning agency...where integrity counts", send me yet another unsupported, fraudulent demand, this time for £31,000 (US$54,660) and that this (added to the constant harassment and persecution by his 'dogs' – in tandem with those of other Masons) was clearly not achieving his objective: destroying me.

Having subsequently received the 28.02.12 acknowledgment letter from the ECtHR, I have since concluded that he had been made aware of my Application.

In further support of my conclusion, I cite the following as demonstrating that there are individuals in the state (i.e. Masons) who keep him informed immediately of what I do - and have done this for a long time e.g.

  • On 6 Oct 11, also within 48hrs of my responding to the Greater London Authority's survey on service charges in the residential leasehold sector (My Diary 6 Oct 11), Ladsky had likewise been made aware of it - as he did the same thing as above i.e. stomped his feet with great force in the entrance corridor, as I was in the kitchen (*) (**).
  • (Subsequent note - Might Cockell's silence have been attributable to his being on the side of landlords and property developers? See K&C council - Intro).

(*) Events also demonstrate that Ladsky knows EXACTLY where I am in my apartment at any point in time – which, to my mind, further confirms that my apartment is bugged.

I wonder why he is 'upset' given that:

(**) Therefore behaving like a 4-year old having a tantrum because he can't get his way.

Ladsky first started to use this 'means of communication' back in 2002 (associated with other forms of harassment), as soon as I started to challenge the true nature of "the works" (police # 1 background) - as I reported e.g. on pg 4 of my 09.08.03 letter to Her Majesty's District Judge Wright.

It was followed by a repeat, less than 3 weeks after my letter, on 31 Aug 03. Why? I was 'daring' to continue to fight for my so-called 'rights'. (He repeated this again on 19 Jan 13).

And ever since, i.e. over the last 10 years, he has found an ever growing, massive army of '4-year olds' like him who have, and continue to jump at the opportunity to join him in his tantrums - and in the 'retribution' for my 'daring' to stand-up to them.


23 Mar 12 - 10h00 - As per usual, I am dogged from leaving the Jefferson House ‘concentration camp’ (and it continued in the evening)

After leaving the ‘concentration camp’,I went to a back street, off the Brompton Rd. Coming out of Montpellier St, on the pavement across from Harrods, I immediately spotted a man, resting against railings, about 30m down, holding a take away coffee. He looked in my direction, and at the same time changed his position, facing away from me. My ‘internal radar’ went on alert.

I walked up to him, and also positioned myself against the railings, c. 2m from him. At this point, his phone rang (coincidence, or another goon witnessing the scene and wanting to get him out of the situation?). I went into Sainsbury to do an errand.

On coming out, I saw that he had walked past Sainsbury and was standing by a cash point. He left as soon as he saw me come out of the store, and went down the steps in the direction of the bus stop.

I started to take photographs.

He then proceeded to cross the road, ending up on the Harrods pavement.

Brompton Rd - 10h07

Brompton Rd - 10h07 (2)

At the corner of Harrods, he crossed the street, and stopped in front of the Church’s shoe shop, a few meters down - by which time, 'of course', the mobile phone had come out (e.g. My Diary 19 Nov 11 , 16 Dec 11 - and many, many other identical examples).

Brompton Rd - Harrods - 10h07

Brompton Rd- Shoe shop - 10h08

Staying barely a few seconds in front of the store, he crossed back the road (10h08 (2)) ending back on the pavement where he had been when I first saw himand roughly at the same height along the railings - that can be seen in the 10h08 (3) photograph (I have marked).

Brompton Rd - 10h08 (2)

Brompton Rd - 10h08 (3)

That hounding, harassment and persecution at the instigation of Masons, of 'me', the glaringly obvious victim of organized crime has been going on since at least summer 2005 (my 19.07.11 Home Office Wit.Stat.(QB # 6(1) ; snapshots) = at least 7 years!!!.

Oh no! I forgot! "I am obviously extremely paranoid as I think that I am being followed by the police as well as numerous people employed by my enemies, and this is not the case".

Isn't that right, corrupt criminal vermin (*) at Kensington, Chelsea & Notting Police?

Making me, 'of course', 'a risk' to "my" 'poor' "Jewish" "neighbour" (note the true role), 'Dear Mr Ladsky', "the vulnerable victim" 'I' "intimidate"

(text in quotation marks from Her Majesty's Kensington & Notting Hill police's so-called "crime report" it holds against me),... well as 'dare' describe as "that evil, greed-ridden monster" (Her Majesty's Master Eyre). Isn't that so? (**)

And, as Rachman Andrew Ladsky wrote in his 26.03.07 letter to KPMG, my then employer (KPMG # 3.5):

The allegations [I] make that [I] have been followed 24/7 for several years over a £5000 bill [*] undoubtedly display clinical paranoia...".

(*) (i) £14,400 in 2002 ; (ii) £14,400 in 2004 ; (iii) £10,350 and £8,993 - 1 month before his letter]

(Re. being followed - look at (1) the events I captured under Persecution # 2 ; (2) many other individuals reported to be under surveillance by the police and related).

And prior to this, in a call he made to KPMG, that I was; "clinically unwell" (KPMG # 3.2). Isn't that so, satanic, criminal vermin (*)?

(*) I repeat my Comments under Persecution (1)(4)

(**) These 'assertions' and comments are hilarious - when you consider the evidence contained e.g. under Advisors to Jefferson House; Extortion and Overview.

Note that my objecting to the above (among many others), has been described by Her Majesty's judiciary as "[amounting to] a most obvious attempt to re-write history" (QB # 4(6)(1)).

This demonstrates how sick and insane the British state has become.


(Finding it difficult to accept my conclusions on what took place? Consider: (1) a list of other examples under Persecution # 2 ; (2) the snapshots: (i) above ; (ii) under breach: Data Protection Act 1998 ; violations of European Convention rights: Article 2 ; Article 3 ; Article 8 ; (iii) Kangaroo court ; (4) the Dizaei example of Her Majesty's police spending millions of £s in an attempt to 'get the scalp' of one of their own - and add to that the Ladsky mafia's permanent resources)

Given that:

... - WHY are they evidently so scared of me, and so obsessed with me - the 'little person' with no power and no influence?


Monday 23 Mar 12 - 21h30 - (Same day as above) Her Majesty's police tracks me in McDonald's, and other 'dogs' then hound me on my way back to the Jefferson House ‘concentration camp’ (= as always: Her Majesty's police at the service of 'Dear Mr Ladsky')

From the library, on my way back to the 'concentration camp', I got off the bus at Piccadilly Circus in order to go into a McDonald. Once served (which took a good 5 minutes), I went into the basement area, and sat at the back of it, in the last row, giving me a good view of the room.

Within 5 minutes, a man of Afro-Caribbean origin, dressed in office-type clothes arrived. He had no choice but to sit ahead of me, which he did, to my left, his back turned to me. I initially assumed that he was waiting for somebody who was placing an order, as he did not have any food or drink with him. He took his mobile phone out, and spent a while keying in text. In the course of doing this, he turned round to look at me. He departed after c.3 minutes. I remained for a good 15 minutes afterwards and did not see him – including upstairs.

(A near identical event took place on 9 May 11 - except that, this time, it was clearly one of Ladsky's 'dogs')

As I made my way to the bus stop on Piccadilly, I could feel that I was being dogged. I went into a parallel side street in order to walk to the next bus stop. There too I was tracked. A ‘dog’ was hovering around who, at one point, went into a recess. I walked to where he was to show that I aware of what he had done. He continued hovering around for a few seconds, then walked off in the direction of the next bus stop.

I left at least 5 buses I could have taken, go by. Getting on the 6th one, when it reached the next bus stop, the ‘dog’ was there, c.10 metres from the bus stop, resting against the wall.

The 'dog' turning up within 10 minutes of my being in McDo:

= Message to paedophiles reported in the media in Apr 12 to be abusing a child, in London, every 2.5hrs, and, in Jun 12, 'throughout the country': have no fear, continue in the knowledge that Her Majesty's police is too busy dishing out its 'retribution' regime by persecuting and hounding victims of organized crime like me who have done NOTHING wrong; other example, below. (I cite the Abuse of Children cases, on the Media page, in support of my position...

... Oh! and considers that criminal activities that lend others in prison (Advisors # 11), are "A civil matter")

(I repeat my above suggestions re. the credibility of my assessment - as well as my question)

I guess that, in this island-kingdom that "has a long and exemplary record on human rights", it's an improvement over China's house-arrests.


6 Apr 12 – 12h50-13h10 - ‘Dog’ gets worked-up at being spotted

As per usual, within seconds of coming out of the Jefferson House ‘concentration camp’, I spotted some ‘dogs’. Making it known to one of them that I was of aware of it, I continued, walking alongside Harrods, in the western direction.

While there were quite a lot of people, I could feel one of them, close to me, behind me. I stopped in front one of the Harrods windows to let him overtake me. At the Harrods corner (same as in the 23 Mar 12, 10h07 photo, above), he crossed the street, and continued walking for c.8m. There were quite a lot of people around him. He then turned round, on his left, to look back in my direction. At this point, I waved at him. The facial expression suggested he was oozing with anger.

I stayed in the side street, alongside Harrods. I saw him cross Brompton Rd. He appeared to go into the Sainsbury store. I stayed where I was for c. 4 minutes, and then continued on my way to do an errand some way further down. I then walked back in the direction of Knightsbridge, all the way up to the station’s entrance on the corner with Sloane St.

As they frequently do in an attempt to avoid being spotted, I saw the ‘dog’ walking on the opposite pavement. By then a good 15-20 minutes had gone by since he overtook me alongside Harrods. His male ego evidently needed to satisfy itself that he could dog me 'without my realising it'. I stopped, hiding behind the newspaper vendor’s little hut, and prepared my camera.

He had crossed the road half way and was on the island, back turned to me, 'appearing' to take a photograph.

I waited until he turned round and started taking photographs = another blow to his male ego!

Knightsbridge - 13h10

I find it quite extraordinary that his male ego has no problem acting like a dog by following me on the order of his masters - which, based on his looks, I suspect is one of the Ladsky mafia's 'dogs' - but cannot cope with me, a woman, merely catching him out.

(The same scenario has happened many times before e.g. 16 Dec 11 ; 20 May 10), at times, evidently entailing their ruminating their revenge over several hours / days / months, even longer e.g. 30 Jun 10 and 21 and 22 May 11; 20 and 27 July 10 ; 30 Jul 10)


Sunday 8 Apr 12 – c.22h30 – Ladsky mafia’s 'sentinels' sent to ascertain I have gone into the Jefferson House ‘concentration camp’

(Of course, it continued - see below, e.g. 16 Apr ; 18 Apr ; 20 Apr ; 21 Apr)

As I was arriving on Hans Crescent, I saw a white 4-wheel drive arrive from the back of Harrods and continue into the Basil St part of the Jefferson House ‘concentration camp’. When I reached the corner, I saw that it was parked alongside the patisserie. Both the driver and passenger were male. Both appeared to be of Jewish origin. It 'seemed' to me that one of them was the driver of the (Range Rover). (My Diary 5 & 12 Nov 11)

With my ‘internal radar’ telling me that they were interested in my movements, I crossed the street in the direction of the ‘concentration camp’ and, instead of going in, went past it, continuing to walk in the direction of Sloane St. As I did this, I heard the engine of the 4-wheel drive being revved-up, and the car departing at high speed. My ‘internal radar’ was correct. Oh dear! Oh dear! I had annoyed the Ladsky mafia's 'sentinels' . As the car went past, I did a one finger sign and continued walking onto Sloane St.

This was the 2nd time within a few days that this took placeincluding the arrival of the car a few seconds before I reached the corner of Hans Crescent and Basil St. On the previous occasion, I had gone into the ‘concentration camp’ as I intended. At the same time, as I did this, I heard the car depart.

It again confirms: that I am being tracked by Her Majesty's British Transport police through the CCTVs cameras they control / access ; Her Majesty's British Transport police and its mates are passing the information to the Ladsky – mafia. While Ladsky has, very clearly, an army of mates actively backing him up, and telling him to ‘get the Bitch!’ - including offering him their permanent ‘resources’ - as evidenced by what I report on my website: since sending my 17 Mar 11 Pre-action letter, the 'support network' - including the extended version - has gone into full swing.

There has clearly been a change of tactic from the time that, in the evening, the 'dogs' were positioned at bus stops (e.g. My Diary May 11)


21h28 - Golden Lane

Sunday 14 Apr 12 - 21h30 - The 'Thought Police' (Orwell's 1984) 'not liking' what I wrote in a personal email, the 'Luftwaffe' 'escorts' me to the bus stop by helicopter

The more accurate description is: dishes out more of the criminal psychological harassment regime, by hounding me and harassing me over a 7 minute period until I reach the bus stop.

(Not easy to photograph an helicopter at night time. My camera proves when I took the photographs. Further, back at base, it will be known who did this)

21h29 - Golden Lane

21h30 - Baltic St

21h33 - Old St

Within a minute of leaving the university’s library at c.21h25, I heard a helicopter flying over – which can only be a police helicopter.

There was something about the flight path that did not sound right – putting me on alert (added to my past experience e.g. (1) 16 May 10 ; (2) 18 Sep 10 ; (3) 22 Sep 10 ; (4) 28 Jul 11 ; (5) 15 Aug 11 ; (6) 19 Nov 11) (There have been other occasions in 2010-11, as well as before.


I walked through (residential) side streets e.g. Errol St and Fortune St. I could hear the helicopter hovering above. Whenever I came into view, it flew in my direction. At the end of Fortune St, I turned right into Golden Lane and, immediately after Banner St, went inside the passage way under a building in order to prevent detection from the thermal imaging system (with which they are all equipped).

I prepared my camera. The helicopter was hovering very close by. As I came into view, it resumed the chase. I started taking photographs (21h28 photo). I continued in the direction of the bus stop, by turning left into a side street, Baltic St. The helicopter followed me (21h29 photo). I turned right into Domingo St and arrived on Old St. The helicopter was hovering above (21h31 photo).

Once I reached the bus stop, it continued hovering above (21h33 photo). It left after c.30 seconds, flying south – knowing that once I got on the bus, their mates - also part of the British Transport police - would continue tracking me through the CCTV cameras.


What was the trigger this time?

Assumption #1: in the morning, at c.10h20, on my way to the library, I stopped at an internet café where, of course, within 8-10 minutes, I was tracked by one of the Masons’ 'Stasi'.

Somebody had sent me an email containing a joke about a tax return form. The reply to the question ‘Do you have any dependents’ was: ‘2.5m unemployed; over 80,000 in Her Majesty’s prisons’, etc. It then said: ‘Have I left anything out?’ To this I replied 'Yes: ‘the many corrupt elements in the police and judiciary who run a protection racket and retribution service service for their criminal ‘brothers’ i.e. Masons.

(As I have reported before, the persecution, intended to cause mental torture, includes UNLAWFULLY monitoring (and at times interfering with) ALL my means of communication: phones, including interception and retention of important voicemails; it also includes interference with public phone boxes ; post - including stealing important post e.g. letter informing me of a family funeral (done in conjunction with the interception and retention of voicemail messages, and of an email); stealing ALL my financial post ; emails - including interception and retention of important emails, and giving some of them / their content, as well as the email address of my correspondents, to Ladsky).

Assumption #2 – which, given the ‘mutual protection society default mechanism’ is so unlikely that it can be discounted - is that ‘the heat’ is on the police (and perhaps its 'brothers' in the court: QB: # 4(6) & # 4(7)), as a result of my submitting an Application to the European Court of Human Rights (ECt # 1) – in which, among other, I report being hounded by police helicopters (paras 109-114 of my 19.07.11 Home Office Wit.Stat.: QB # 6(1)).

(Subsequent note: I WAS RIGHT! See ECt # 2 for the 06.06.12 rejection of my Application by ONE Judge, Judge Vincent A. De Gaetano, (Malta) - WITHOUT giving a reason - in breach of Article 45 of the Convention (my Comments are attached to the letter). Subsequent events with the court (ECt # 2.1), and higher up (ECt # 4) - demonstrate that the ECtHR CANNOT justify the rejection of my Application - leading me to conclude that 'the Defender of Human Rights' APPROVES of the ongoing violations of my human rights by Her Majesty's police, related services and judiciaries).

Yet again, it proves that the police acts like one of its masters, 'Dear Mr Ladsky', by immediately communicating its anger (e.g. Ladsky's stomping his feet, like a 4-year old, in the entrance corridor) – which, like Ladsky, it demonstrates through harassment and persecution.

(I repeat my above suggestions re. the credibility of my assessment - as well as my question)

(I also repeat my message to the paedophiles)

(Using an early 2012 Guardian newspaper headline) - How many oppressive regimes would be proud of this set-up?

I guess that, in this island-kingdom that "has a long and exemplary record on human rights", it's an improvement over China's house-arrests.

As to various parties complaining, in Apr 12, about the state’s ‘intention’ to capture all forms of electronic communication (emails, phone calls, sites visited on the Internet, etc.) on a database (see 12 Jun, below) – and claiming that it ‘would not look at it’ / ‘listen to it’ - I say: Wake-up people! As evidenced by my experience, the state has been doing this for a LONG time – including ‘READING and LISTENING. It even records conversations: (1) in the streets ; (2) in taxis. And, recycle bins in the streets track people's movements. Come on! This is 'Stasi', Orwellian Britain!

Note that I have YET to update my website - since June 11 (10 months ago).

The only thing I have reported on my live site is that 'I filed a Claim against the police' - without putting the Claim on the site, and without putting the Pre-Action letter.

Hence, at this date, on my live site, there are no documents relating to my filing the 19.04.11 Claim.

Consequently, none of the events that took place following filing the Claim are reported which, therefore, also exclude the fact that I submitted an Application to the ECtHR.

And that's what they do! Like their 'brother' Andrew Ladsky since 2002: more of exactly the same regime! With him leading the pack, the 4-year olds continue to have their tantrums. What a perfect fit!

It demonstrates their ongoing blind determination to 'get me', (and the 09.08.11 MPS Order (QB # 4(5), # 4(6) , # 4(7), as well as IPCC's and Home Secretary's Orders - gives them free rein to do this)

(Subsequent note: A free rein that was confirmed by ONE European Court of Human Rights Judge, Judge Vincent A. De Gaetano, (Malta), who rejected my 26.01.12 Application: ECt # 1 - without giving ANY reason - thereby breaching Article 45 of the Convention: ECt # 2; subsequently, my request for compliance was ignored: ECT # 2.1)

Either they don't care that all this evidence is going to be placed in the public domain... with the added 'benefit' that my experience over the last 10 months now adds undeniable weight to some of my key conclusions - including the glaringly obvious involvement of corrupt elements in the Masonic network, OR they are relying on 'getting me' before that.

Extreme arrogance and stupidity: What a deadly mix! 'Brotherhood': if only your intelligence could amount to 1% of your arrogance / 1% of your extreme cruelty, viciousness and sadism...

I repeat my view: this is psycho territory - given that I AM THE GLARINGLY OBVIOUS VICTIM OF CRIME - NOT THE CRIMINAL.


Monday 16 Apr 12 - 21h51 - Repeat, for the 3rd time, a Ladsky mafia’s 'sentinel' sent to ascertain I have gone into the Jefferson House ‘concentration camp’ - who was sitting in a car with the number plate number: LOII UDD

I got off the bus one stop after my 'usual' stop, which entailed using a different route to get to the Jefferson House 'concentration camp'.

As I arrived, from the back of Harrods, into the Basil St part of the 'concentration camp', I saw a car was parked (in the same place as on previous occasions), lights on.

My 'internal radar' went on alert, leading me to take the 21h50 photograph.

I continued walking in its direction going on the side, in order to take another photograph - 21h51. The number plate is LOII UDD.

I then continued walking around the car to have a look at the driver. He appeared to me to be of Jewish origin. On seeing me, he started the engine and left in the direction of Sloane St.

Earlier on, at c.21h, I had been tracked into a grocery store near the university's library, where I frequently stop on leaving the library. I was fairly close to the entrance, waiting to pay. A young man, in his 20s, carrying a shoulder strap bag containing a fairly large, rectangular object walked into the store. On seeing me, he turned around and left the store.

Basil St - 21h50

Basil St - 21h51


Wednesday 18 Apr 12 - 22h04 - Ladsky mafia’s 'sentinels' arrive within seconds of my getting into the Basil St part of the Jefferson House ‘concentration camp’ - parking in the 'usual place' - making it at least the 4th time this happens

This time, to get back, I switched buses. Within seconds of my being c. 15m from the 'concentration camp', a grey 4 wheel drive arrived with, in addition to the male driver, a male passenger. Both appeared to me to be Jewish.

Being close to them, I could see that they were not expecting to find me there. Maybe Her Majesty's police had not told them that I had switched buses, leading me to arrive from a different direction.

They immediately departed, at a slow speed - perhaps discussing what they should have done / should do next. As I came to the 'concentration camp', I noted that I had been observed by the 'sentinel', who appears to me to be Jewish, and lives in the block. (He definitely has a 'sentinel' role in the 'concentration camp'). (One of the others who has a 'sentinel' role is the porter).

(I repeat my above suggestions re. the credibility of my assessment - as well as my question)


Friday 20 Apr 12 - 22h30 - For at least the 5th time, another of the Ladsky mafia's 'sentinels' arrives within seconds of my getting into the Basil St part of the Jefferson House ‘concentration camp’ - this time opting to make a U-turn, and leaving at slow speed

It made the U-turn at the junction with Basil St and Hans Crescent, backing onto the pedestrianised area alongside Harrods. In the light of the above events, I concluded that it was another one of them. The number plate of the car is V753 NAR.


Saturday 21 Apr 12 - 23h10 - For at least the 6th time, another of the Ladsky mafia's sentinels was tasked to ascertain that I got back to the Jefferson House ‘concentration camp’ - this time parked further down on Hans Crescent 'to avoid detection' and my recording the number plate

The car was parked further down, lights on. When I came into view, it turned around and departed.


Wednesday 25 Apr 12 - 10h35 - Ladsky mafia's resources - overtly working as a team with Her Majesty's police? - sitting in the grey BMW in the photograph - monitors my departure from the Jefferson House 'concentration camp'

Today, on coming out of the 'concentration camp', my 'internal radar' told me that, instead of turning left, as I frequently do, I should turn right - which I did. I crossed the street, and walked in the direction of Sloane St.

BMW - Number plate: WD03 XTL

It was raining. I stopped by the fire station, as I spotted the above car. It was all steamed up, suggesting it had people in it, and that the car had been stationary for some time. I could see 2 shapes: one in the driver seat, the other in the front passenger seat. I took photographs, and also noted down the number plate of the car. As I was doing this, the passenger came out of the car briefly, and then back in. Male, he appeared to me to be of Jewish origin. Maybe the objective was to intimidate me. In this brief moment, it 'seemed' to me that he looked like the 12 Nov 11 and previous occasions man.(As i report above under 10 Feb 12, there are many with a similar look).

I wonder: Was this another overt 'joint exercise - HM police and Ladsky mafia's resources as e.g. on 28 Jul 11?... added to many, many, many others.

(I repeat my above suggestions re. the credibility of my assessment - as well as my question)

(I also repeat my message to the paedophiles)


Wednesday 1 May 12 - 11h54 - Masons' 'dog' sent to ensure I have gone into my ex. university


In the street to my ex. university (business district), about 35m down from the entrance, on the opposite pavement, I spotted the man in the photograph, stationary, resting against the wall of a building. My 'internal radar' went on alert. As soon as he saw me, he got his mobile phone out. As I went past him, I said, "Masons' 'dog'".

Having gone into the university, I saw that he had walked in the same direction as me - allowing me to take the photographs. He was still talking on his phone. He then stopped in front of the university to dial another number, and then walked off talking on his phone.

As can be seen from what I report on this page, and last year, and the year before that, etc., etc., etc.: this is A DAILY OCCURRENCE: MY BEING DOGGED, HOUNDED, TRACKED AND MONITOR EVERY STEP OF THE WAY (including when I am overseas e.g. Christmas 2011, and previously).

(I repeat my above suggestions re. the credibility of my assessment - as well as my question)


Thursday 3 May 12 - 08h30 - Local police Masons' flunkey loses track of me when I leave 'the concentration camp', and asks somebody what I have done.

On coming out of the Jefferson House 'concentration camp', I turned left. There were some large trucks parked alongside Harrods, blocking the view. I walked alongside the back of Harrods to go to the poling station on Hans Place. It was located against the enclosed garden, facing the Hans Place exit that leads into Pont St and, consequently, about 25m from Pont St.

A man was standing by the entrance of the poling station with a clipboard. On my coming out, he bluntly asked me for the number of my voting card. I asked: "Why? Who are you?". To this he replied, giving his name, that he was from the local Conservative party office. I replied: "Forget it!" (NB: e.g. 'my' local MP)

I walked to the intersection with Pont St, waiting for an opportunity to cross over. As I was standing, I could feel that I was being looked at. I turned around and saw that the man with the clipboard was looking in my direction, as well as another man, wearing a dark blouson, who was standing close to him. He appeared to me to be a bit flustered.

My translation of the scenario: the man with the blouson had very clearly talked about me to the man with the clipboard, including, no doubt, asking what I had done. Who else would do that but one of the local police Masons' flunkeys? I wonder what they say about me to obtain information. (I was not wearing my T-shirt - which I also wear for this reason: an attempt to prevent the flunkies from spinning their story about me). However, in this instance, between 'tribe members' (e.g. Media page: 8 Oct 10), I suspect that the 'justification' for enquiring about me was very short.

That hounding, harassment and persecution at the instigation of Masons, of 'me', the glaringly obvious victim of organized crime has been going on since at least summer 2005 (my 19.07.11 Home Office Wit.Stat. (QB # 6 (1) ; snapshots) = at least 7 years!!!

(I repeat my above suggestions re. the credibility of my assessment - as well as my question)

(I repeat my message to paedophiles)

I guess that, in this island-kingdom that "has a long and exemplary record on human rights", it's an improvement over China's house-arrests.


Saturday 5 May 12 - At lunchtime, I am monitored going into my ex. university, and at 23h00 when I am back in Basil St by a man in a black Mercedes, number plate: L377 FDT.

At lunchtime, as I got close to my my ex. university, I spotted a grey, Audi coupe, lights on, parked immediately across the entrance to the uni. As I reached the corner of the building, the lights were switched off. I saw a man sitting in the driver's seat, looking at me. My 'internal radar' told me that his interest was in me.

As I entered the building, I did a one finger sign in my back. Having walked just a few metres to go through the security barrier, I saw the car depart. (One of the Ladsky mafia? e.g. what I concluded was a lawyer who came in the French Institute on 17 Jul 10, or one of the state mafia? My instinct? I opt for the former)

At 23h00 I came into Basil St from an 'usual' point of entry for me. As I was walking alongside Lincoln House, I noted a man sitting in a black Mercedes. As I came to the height of the car, that was parked close to the entrance to Lincoln House, the man leaned across over the passenger seat to look at me. It was clear that his interest was in me. As it was raining, I sheltered in the entrance to Lincoln House and noted the number plate of the car: L3777 FDT.

I then crossed the street to have a look at the driver. He was in his late 30s, early 40s, bold head / shaven, or hair cut very short. He lowered his window, and started to ask me "what do you want", or something like that, in an accent that 'appeared' to me to be from Eastern Europe. His mobile phone either rung, or the person he had phoned had answered, as he started to talk into his phone. I was about to ask him how much does it pay to be 'a dog' of the criminal mafia?

When I reached the Jefferson House 'concentration camp', I turned around and saw that the stop lights of the car were switched on. I entered 'the concentration camp' and, 2 seconds later, came out again. Of course, the car had left! I laughed, suspecting I was being observed through the CCTV cameras by the 'in-house main sentinel'.

I contend that the evidence speaks for itself.

(*) I repeat my Comments under Persecution (1)(4)

I repeat my above comments.


Monday 7 May 12 - afternoon - Masons' flunkeys hound me in Knightsbridge, and one turns away when I make it clear that I have spotted him

I had spotted that I was being dogged - as per usual. One of them, no doubt with the information on my movements relayed by others, evidently assuming that I would continue on in the direction of Hyde Park corner, arrived from William St. I was walking slowly, to allow me to 'take in the scenery'. I spotted him about 10 metres away. Young, c.1.70m, wearing light grey track suit trousers, a black blouson of which he kept pulling the hood over his head as much as he could (perhaps in the knowledge that I take photographs). The body language communicated extreme arrogance and self-importance mixed with self-consciousness. As he was c.3m from me, I said: "Masons' 'pig'".

Unlike others who, on my saying this, usually take their mobile phone out immediately to report back 'to base' (e.g. 19 Nov 11) (there have been others since), this one turned around and walked in a nearby shop that was 2 doors up from where he had come from. I remained stationary. On coming out of the shop, he turned left, without looking at me.

(I repeat my above suggestions re. the credibility of my assessment - as well as my question)

(I repeat my message to paedophiles)


9 May 12 - Events lead me to the conclusion that Her Majesty's Pension Service also joined the Andrew Ladsky camp by being (typically) another component of the 'retribution package' - using the key tool: mental torture - further confirmed a few months later.

As I reported in My Diary last year, I was forced to retire much earlier than I had planned. In fact: 7 years earlier (Overview # 14).

On 16.04.12 I sent a letter to the Pension Service, headed: "The way I have been treated by the Pension Service since December 2011 is coming across as prolonged victimisation".

In my letter, I detailed the reasons for my conclusion which, overall, amount to:

  • asking for me for things I had already done / supplied, thereby implying that key documents had not been received;
  • repeatedly ignoring my asking for the return of my Birth Certificate, sent, 'Special Delivery, Next Day', on 8 Dec 11 (which, it said, it would return "within 5 days of receipt");
  • asking me for another thing, knowing full well from my letters that I did not have the necessary information to reply.

I concluded my letter by stating: "I wonder if it has something to do with my 'daring' to stand-up for my rights to my racketeer landlord and, in the process, to 'the authorities' who evidently approve of his fraudulent activities:". (NB: See e.g. the case of the woman who was blacklisted by her council, and that of the man who was arrested at dawn, and locked-up in a police cell).

The reply, dated 25.04.12 claims to have 'lost my Birth Certificate'.

In my 09.05.12 reply I wrote that it was "absolutely outrageous". Highlighting, among other: the fact that "this highly important document - that can be used for identity fraud - has been 'lost' ; the Pension Service "has, over the last 4 months, studiously ignored my demands for its return"...

... "lead me to the glaringly obvious conclusions that:

  • somebody has ordered the retention of my Birth Certificate; WHO?;

(*) (i) Outcome of my 2011 Claim; (ii) ongoing 'surveillance' and harassment; (iii) theft of my post; etc., etc., etc.

Concluding from events that Her Majesty's Pension Service has evidently joined the rest of the very large Ladsky camp in dishing out 'the retribution package' - by using the key tool: criminal psychological harassment - I ended my letter with: "Well, if I suffer identity fraud, I'll know where it comes from".

In its 18.05.12 reply, it claimed to be responding to my '15 May 2012' letter. I have NOT sent a letter with this date. My letters are 16.04.12 and 09.05.12.

  • It claims to "have conducted a thorough search for my Birth Certificate...and have been unable to locate it".
  • It states "I...have tried to contact you by telephone to discuss your concerns and provide you with a response". I did NOT get a message.
  • It asks me "to phone as it is often easier to resolve complaints by telephone". There is NOTHING to discuss. Return my Birth Certificate. FULL STOP. Their objective: they will record the conversation hoping to hear that I am upset - from which they will get their sadistic kick.
  • It has the nerve to ask me for "a receipt of proof of the costs incurred for replacing the certificate". Are 'Dear Mr Ladsky' in the Masonic mafia too lazy to also get the address?

The Pension Service joining the Andrew Ladsky camp is, as far as I am aware, a recent addition. In fact, I had been so impressed with the quality of its service that I sent it this 24.09.09 'Thank you' note (leading to my receiving this 06.10.09 and 07.10.09 letters of acknowledgment).

[ADD - winter fuel; it was asking me for my passport (!!!). KEEP DREAMING!]

Note a January 2013

My above conclusions of victimization and persecution by Her Majesty's Pension Service were confirmed by its sending me a letter, dated 18.11.12 (a Sunday!), stating that it was

"only paying [me] half the Winter Fuel allowance because, during the qualifying week of 17-23 September 2012, there was another person living in the household also entitled to this payment".

My 06.12.12 reply, handwritten at the bottom of its letter was:

That’s news to me!!

EXACTLY WHO do you assert was “also living in the household”?

= Continuation of the persecution and tormenting by continuing to align yourselves with the Andrew David Ladsky organized crime mafia and their other supporters; MY DIARY 9 May 2012 –”

Failure to reply, and make the payment, led me to send this 07.01.13 letter to Iain Duncan Smith, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions - stating he had "NO right to withhold payment", and demanding that "immediate payment is made in my bank account". (I sent the letter 4 times over a period of 2.5 weeks, some addressed to Smith, some not).

The 18.01.13 'reply' confirmed further the persecution:

"The postal delivery service you use was matched with another customer who is also entitled to a Winter Fuel Payment and who also uses the same delivery service. This resulted in a shared payment being issued to you"

This outrageous excuse is a cover-up of the (typically) widely coordinated, highly vicious criminal psychological harassment against me by the Establishment i.e. 'the Brotherhood' and 'brother', Andrew David Ladsky.

(Examples of others over the period: hounding, harassment and persecution by Her Majesty's police, in tandem with the Ladsky mafia; ever growing FRAUDULENT demands instigated by Ladsky through Martyn Gerrard, etc., etc., etc.).

I obviously have a unique PO Box number. (In the same way that I have a unique number for my apartment in 'the concentration camp').

Other comment in the letter:

"Even if we held a correspondence address [NB: my PO Box address IS "a correspondence address"] we could not give an assurance that you would not be matched for Winter Fuel Payment purposes"

UNBELIEVABLE! They "cannot" use a UNIQUE location number - combined with a very UNIQUE surname?!?!? = clearly preparing the ground for repeating that in future - to please 'Dear Mr Ladsky'?

(Subsequent note: they did: 4 years later)

Maybe the sociopaths / psychos (and their mates in the wider arena) were frustrated by the fact that I did not fall into the trap of sending them my passport - thereby depriving them of the opportunity to have 'fun with me' (as they did with my Birth Certificate (above)) - and 'did not like' my above comment: 'KEEP DREAMING!'

Added to what the British state has done to me since 2002, it provides yet another example of the psyche that, very clearly, dominates the English public sector. (Other people's experience: Media page).

= Her Majesty's Pension Service: a definite addition to the cast of 1000s of tormentors (My Diary # 2.4).


Sunday 13 May 12 - Oh dear! I have (yet again) upset the Masons' flunkeys!

Last night, 12 May, on leaving my ex .university's library at c. 21h30, I walked to a bus stop by Finsbury Square (one of the stops I use). (This is in the business district, hence, deserted on that day and time).

After being at the stop for a few seconds (at which I was by myself), I spotted a goon on the opposite pavement, looking quite intently in my direction. He evidently could not contain his satisfaction at having spotted me, as he had a smirk, at the same time as he keyed in something in his mobile. Talking on the phone, he then crossed the street over to my side, a few meters up, still looking at me while retaining his smirk. He turned into the street from which I had come from.

I decided to get the smirk wiped off his face by walking to Liverpool St, to get a bus from there, which I sometimes do. I wandered around, knowing that the goons would eventually give chase. It seems to me that a car was involved, as it parked near the station, with its lights on, and departed once a goon, definitely a police type, arrived on foot and went past me as I was standing by the bus stop alongside the station.

He went at the end of the (long) area that accommodates the stop for different buses, and kept looking in my direction. To give him a sense of 'winning', I took my 'usual' bus, doing a one finger sign at him as I was about to board it because, of course, he was still looking at me.

After 3-4 bus stops, I got off, and immediately took another bus I do not normally use. This must have caused a bit of a panic at Her Majesty's British Transport police 'spy station' (CCTV cameras on buses used to track me). I stayed on that bus for many stops, going north-west, reading my book.

I then switched bus, and went all the way to Victoria station (south). There I switched to another bus I frequently take to go to the library.

As I got at Hyde Park Corner, I saw one of the 'Luftwaffe' helicopter immediately above the bus stop, flying low (by then it was .c 23h25).

Maybe the criminal (*) psychos assumed that they would now be able 'to have fun' by harassing me all the way back to the Jefferson House 'concentration camp' (as they did e.g., most recently, on 14 Apr 12).

(*) Among other, harassment IS a criminal offence.

I stayed at the bus stop, and took another bus of the same number that arrived shortly afterwards. I got off in Soho (east), and took another of my 'usual' bus (# 19 - one with at least 11 CCTV cameras on it), this time getting off on Sloane St. By then, it was c. midnight.

Of course, Ladsky's 'dogs' had been informed of the fact that I got off the bus as, having walked down Basil St for c. 15m, in the direction of the 'concentration camp', 2 of them arrived in a dark blue Range Rover YAII XXXXXX, driving relatively slowly (part and parcel of the criminal psychological harassment tactics). It seemed to me to be the same duo as on e.g. 8 Apr 12, and previously and subsequently.

This morning, the Masons' 'Luftwaffe' flunkeys communicated their 'displeasure' at my having fun last night, by flying , low, immediately above Basil St, as I was leaving 'the concentration camp', and back over again as I walked in the direction of Sloane St. It was not a helicopter, but a small plane. I assumed that, if it was a private plane, it would not be allowed to do that in the centre of London.

My suspicion that it was the criminal psychos was confirmed when, c. 40 minutes later, an identical plane flew, also low, over the bus stop as I got off to go to my ex. university (in the business district). (Other instances of this taking place).

it, yet again, confirms that: (i) the psychos in 'the concentration camp' are monitoring me in my apartment, to the extent of knowing when I am about to leave; (ii) they communicate my departure to the state's psychos who, among other, (iii) track me through the CCTV cameras.

Of course, as I walked to the university, the vultures were circling - this time, by car. Maybe there were also some on foot.

I should also add that, as I was coming out of my apartment, knowing that I am being heard / recorded, I said: "Masons 'pigs' and 'dogs', on foot, bicycle, motor cycle, in cars, including police cars (*) and helicopters: on your mark, steady, GO!" (Forgot to say: 'and in the spy control rooms')

(*) They are used as well to track me. For example, in addition to e.g. 22 Apr 11, c. 2 weeks ago I came off the bus, past my 'usual' stop. As I was walking, a police van went past me, driving slowly. An idiot, young, in uniform, was sitting in the passenger seat, looking at me and laughing.

(I repeat my above suggestions re. the credibility of my assessment - as well as my question)

(I also repeat my message to paedophiles)

Sicilian mafia (of which I will admit to knowing very little): eat your heart out! From reading what I report on this website, you must be dying with envy at the ability to get all these state resources at your beck and call.


Monday 14 May 12 - Proving, yet again, that I am tracked through the British Transport police controlled / accessed CCTV cameras on buses and in the streets, a Masons' goon dogs me after I got off the bus

On leaving the apartment, I repeated the above message (this time adding 'in the spy CCTV control rooms') (and got a bit muddled saying the whole thing :-) It's a long message) - making it the second time I say this (I am specifying this for the record).

I took a # 19 bus from Sloane St (one of my regular buses to go to the library), and got off at the Royal Academy stop on Piccadilly. I was wearing my T-shirt. As always, I ensured that the writing on it could be read easily.

As I was about to come off the bus, I did a one finger sign at one of the cameras (to be precise, #5 on the photograph). (Yes, I do hold the view that anybody who sees me wearing my T-shirt, able to see clearly the subject matter - and nonetheless cooperates with the organized crime mafia in tracking me - merits, at a minimum, a one finger sign).

I then cut through Burlington Arcade, and, going north, used side streets parallel to Regent St. As i was on Mill St, my 'internal radar' went on alert. Arriving in Maddox St, I crossed over and stopped in front of a newsagent. The goon in the photograph was the one behind me in Mill St, as he arrived from behind me, and positioned himself to my right for 2 seconds, I concluded, to see what I was going to do next. I remained where I was. He went into the newsagent.

Looking to me like one of many in Her Majesty's police and security services who have been watching too many Rambo movies, added to his aura - I KNEW he would come after me.

I went down Maddox St, and turned right into St George St, walking half way up, and waited. The goon had done the same thing, as within about 1 minute, he was walking towards me. I took the photograph and remained stationary. As he went past me, I said: "Masons' 'pigs' are on the prowl again!". He just continued walking, and then turned right into Hanover St.

I also walked up to Hanover St, staying stationary at the beginning of it. Having walked about 25m down Hanover St, the goon turned around. It further confirmed to me that his interest was in me.

For the umpteen times, it proves that: (i) I am being tracked through the state-controlled CCTV cameras on buses, as well as in the streets; (ii) in this country, there is a massive army of state-controlled (and therefore taxpayer-funded) goons at the service of 'certain' criminals.

I should add that, in getting to Mill St, I went past a large police station. Maybe, at the time, the goon was in the station.


St George St - 10h06

I contend that the evidence speaks for itself.

(*) I repeat my Comments under Persecution (1)(4)

I repeat my above comments.

Of course, I continued to be hounded afterwards: when I got off the bus to go to the library: one 'suspect' on foot, and at least one 'vulture' in a car, as I was close to the library - evidently tasked with ensuring that I would go in.

(I repeat my above suggestions re. the credibility of my assessment - as well as my question)

(I also repeat my message to paedophiles)

I guess that, in this island-kingdom that "has a long and exemplary record on human rights", it's an improvement over China's house-arrests.

(As the innocent victim who has had MY LIFE TOTALLY DESTROYED since 2002 by organized crime (e.g. Advisors to Jefferson House ; Extortion ; Kangaroo court ; breach Data Protection Act 1998 ;

violations of European Convention rights: Article 2 , Article 3 , Article 6 , Article 8 , Article 14 ; overview of the outcome of my complaints) -

and being subjected to an ongoing regime of barbaric 'retribution' - using the key tool: mental torture - for no other reason than my 'daring' to stand-up for my 'so-called' rights - I'LL FIGHT AS BEST I CAN... ALL BY MYSELF - WITH WORDS.

Where the hell can I turn to for help in this "profoundly sick society" - with so much of the population ready to align itself automatically on the side of criminals?

As is glaringly obvious from my experience: nowhere (*)

(*) Exceptions: (i) Ofcom and Postwatch ; (ii) the High Court Team that assists Litigants in Person ; (iii) the medical people at St Thomas hospital.

I am also grateful to:

Mercifully, I still come across some genuinely kind hearted people in this country - which I make a point of noting, as well as reminding myself frequently, internalising it by reliving the experience, in an attempt to counter-balance the many thoroughly evil ones I have, and continue to come across. But, I must say that, after the experience I have so far gone through in the last 10 years, it requires a gigantic effort to try to remain objective.



Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 May 12 - The Masons' flunkeys continue to track me and hound me - every step of the way. This time, the car number plate numbers are: LP61 GXK and LR07 XRD.

It is nearly one week since I have reported being hounded, tracked and monitored every step of the way. Of course, the same thing has continued to happen every day from the time I leave the Jefferson House 'concentration camp' to wherever I go, and from the time I leave my ex. university in the evening - but, it is becoming so boring, that I don't report everything.

Last night, SATURDAY, it involved 2 male 'dogs' in a small, 4-door, dark blue / black car, number plate: LP61 GXK. At 21h30, as I was about to come out of my ex. university, I saw the car go past relatively slowly with the passenger turning sideways, looking intently inside the university. He was young and, in the brief moment that I saw him, appeared to me to be of Jewish origin. (Cars, as well as motorcycles, circling round like vultures, is something I have noted for a long time).

On leaving the university, while I 'frequently' turn left to go to a bus stop, this time I turned right, and then left at the end of the street. I walked down that street for c. 70m and stopped at the bus stop. The above car had gone round, as it arrived from my right. On seeing me, it stopped abruptly in front of gates that are across from the bus stop. As the bus I wanted arrived, I boarded it.

(A few days earlier, I had done 'another circuit' of the e.g. 12 May kind which, I conclude had led to the 'Stasi' losing track of me).

Today, SUNDAY, from leaving the Jefferson House 'concentration camp', to eventually reach the university, I took a total of 3 buses. In Knightsbridge, having waited at a stop on Sloane St, I took a # 74 bus from Brompton Rd, and got off just before Baker St. I did an errand, and then walked back to the same stop.

From there I took a # 30 bus, and got off at Euston station. I did some errands and, at the station, took a # 205 bus to go to the university. I got off at the height of the street from which I took the bus last night, thereby walking towards my university from the same direction that the above car had, last night, taken, having gone rounds the blocks in order to do so.

As I got to the street of my university, I stopped on the corner, on the right handside pavement. The university was therefore c. 70m up, on the left. After a few seconds, I saw a car arrive from the back of the university. As it is a one way street, it turned left. It then parked on the right handside, c. 50-60m up. Using the car's mirrors / turning round, it would be easy to see somebody going into the university. I stayed where I was, on the corner, for a good 5 minutes.

Staying on the same pavement, I then walked in the direction of the car i.e. going past my university.

As I went past the car, a dark blue 4-wheel drive, I noted the number of the car: LR07 XRD and saw 2 men in the car. Their look immediately conjured up to me that they were police-connected. I could feel anger oozing out of the driver.

I continued walking and, c. 10m up, turned right into the cemetery, and immediately stopped, knowing that I was out of their view.

As I was getting my camera out, I heard the car depart. At this point, I came out of hiding, and took the 'photograph' (not one of my best; too many things to do at the same time). The time at which I did this was 11h10.

Having accumulated my evidence, I then walked back to my university and, this time, went in.

Anybody wants to argue with me that I am not being tracked and hounded - including by Her Majesty's British Transport police accessed / controlled CCTV cameras on buses and in the streets - and that the information is not relayed, including to the Ladsky mafia which, in turns, also relays its own information to state's resources?

(*) I repeat my Comments under Persecution (1)(4)

I repeat my above comments.

(I repeat my above suggestions re. the credibility of my assessment - as well as my question)

(I also repeat my message to paedophiles)

YEP! THE ROOT CAUSE for this, like everything else reported on this website that has taken place over the last 10 years - is ALL due to a crook, Andrew David Ladsky deciding that he was 'entitled' to make a multi-million £ jackpot at my expense (and that of my fellow leaseholders). I again repeat: this country sure knows how to look after its criminal friends!


Tuesday 22 May 12 - morning - Masons' 'Stasi' on my tail

Using the # 14 bus from Knightsbridge, I stopped at an Internet cafe close to Tottenham Crt Rd for c.45 minutes. When I came out, I spotted some 'dogs'. I walked to the New Oxford side of Tottenham Crt Rd, and stopped at the bus stop. After c. 1 minute, I walked a few metres, turned left, and left again further up, ending on Tottenham Crt Rd.

I could feel a 'dog' behind me. I slowed down to let him overtake me. As he did so, he very briefly talked on his mobile. As he went past, I said: "Masons's pig!" He was Caucasian, tall, thin, dirty looking salt and pepper hair, tied in a pony tail, wearing a blouson. To confirm my conclusion, I stopped on the side. A few metres down, he turned round, and back again, as soon as he saw me. Conclusion: it was one of the 'Stasi' who, on his mobile, got the information relayed on my movements from a scum monitoring the state-controlled CCTV cameras in the streets. I disappeared somewhere for a while.

A little while later, I walked back to the bus stop, and boarded the bus to go to my ex. university. I noted what I concluded was another 'dog' who also boarded the bus. From the appearance, I concluded it was more likely to be one of Ladsky's 'dogs'. I was sitting at the back, on the lower deck. As he went up to the upper deck, he looked at me sideways. The message from the aura was a belief of superiority of dogging me 'without my knowledge'.

He got off one stop before my 'usual' stop, again looking at me sideways as he did so. I turned around and saw that he got his mobile phone out, briefly keying in something, and then putting it away. I kept looking in his direction and eventually caught his attention, communicating to him that I was aware of what he had done. He was not looking so cocky then.

At the next stop, where I normally get off, at least one of the 'Stasi' was close by. I assumed he had had the message relayed from the 'dog' / the psychos in the British Transport police CCTV spy centre. I spotted others on my way to the university.

(I repeat my above suggestions re. the credibility of my assessment - as well as my question)

(I also repeat my message to paedophiles)

I guess that, in this island-kingdom that "has a long and exemplary record on human rights", it's an improvement over China's house-arrests.


25 May 12 - A letter from the Revenue took 4 months to reach me. It had very clearly been intercepted, and retained. See detail under Persecution # 3 - Post. Another one from the Revenue took 7 months to reach me. This is criminal psychological harassment - in psycho territory!


Friday 1 Jun 12 - c. 20h30 - I left the university library earlier than usual; the Masons''dogs' were probably not in position, as one of Her Majesty's 'Luftwaffe' helicopters arrived to hound me and harass me - repeating what it did 2 days earlier.

On coming out of the grocery store close to the Bunhill Row library, I heard a helicopter arrive. While I purposely did not look up, I could tell from the noise that it was circling immediately above me, at a low height. It occurred in the same place as on 14 Apr, above.

I assume that the 'dogs' (on foot, on motorcycles, in cars, etc.) were not in position due to my leaving earlier than usual. (YES: clearly somebody had (not for the 1st time) signaled my departure from the university).

The same thing happened 2 days previously, on Wednesday 30 May, probably because by then, the Masons' 'dogs', tasked with ascertaining that I have gone where they expect me to go, had been called off.

This time, to the obvious 'displeasure' of the mafia, I had done quite a circuit before getting to the library. As I was nearing the library, one of Her Majesty's British Transport police's helicopter arrived (proving that information on my movements had been relayed to the scum), lost height, making it clear that the interest was in me. I did not look up and continued walking, while making a one finger sign. It evidently upset 'the poor dears' as, early evening, a helicopter arrived, flying very low, alongside the university, in the area where I was sitting. It might have spotted that I was talking to somebody, as it then left.

YEP! Definitely psycho territory!

(See snapshots - Persecution # 2 of numerous other instances of my being hounded and harassed by Her Majesty's police helicopters)

(I repeat my above suggestions re. the credibility of my assessment - as well as my question)

(I also repeat my message to paedophiles)


12 Jun 12 - "Child abuse taking place in every 'town, village and hamlet' in England", Telegraph

This article was in the 12th Jun 12 issue of the Telegraph newspaper. The statement was made to a committee of MPs by "the Deputy Children's Commissioner who said that abuse was taking place in "leafy rural areas" as well as inner cities, and involved organised gangs as well as lone paedophiles using computers".

"She quoted a police officer...who told her: "There isn't a town, village or hamlet in which children are not being sexually exploited".

2 months previously, the media reported a (police?) comment that "a child is being abused in London, every 2.5 hours".

(NB: It is obvious that the timing of these reports is linked with the government's revival of Labour's plan to capture ALL items of electronic communication for which, this week, it announced the launch of a new Bill). (Note at Jun 13 - In fact, they have had a MEGA-database in operation since 2010).

(Considering what they ascertain: why haven't they done anything about it? In fact, as demonstrated by, (among others), the case of the gang that was abusing young girls (Rochdale case, on the Media page), initially, the police took no action... using the excuse that "it was frightened of being accused of racism"(*)

(*) By contrast, it is evidently NOT "frightened" to describe me - falsely - as "a Nazi" and "anti-Semite" - "because of my franco-german (sic) origin" - in a so-called "crime report" it is processing against me on its system (to which it gives access to a large number of parties: police # 5.5),

as well as in 2 emails to my website Host - doing this without a shred of evidence in support - a fact it, including one of Her Majesty's Masters, attempted to 'remedy': QB # 4(6)(1).

Likewise, (for the purpose of attempting to make a false accusation stick against me), it was evidently NOT "frightened" to tell me: "Hitler should have killed them [Jews] all, don't you think?"

(Perhaps still influenced by the fact that, 700 years before Hitler did it, "England became the first European nation to require Jews to wear a marking badge, and expelled them from England..." (Wikipedia)?).


w/c 11 Jun 12 - to site update on 24 Jul 12 - The Masonic mafia communicates that I am 'getting to them' / ensures it does not miss an opportunity to dish out more of the the British state's criminal psychological harassment.

(1)- The Masons' flunkeys are back to stealing ALL my post

I have NOT had one item of post over the 3 last weeks. The first items of which I took delivery were on 28 June. I know for a fact that I should have received some. Hence, the state, more specifically the mafia police, is back to stealing ALL of my post - as it did in Oct-Nov 11. At the time, I concluded that it was 'retribution' for my 17.10.11 Request in relation to my Appeal Application (QB # 4(7)). (See Post for other events)

Trigger this time? Having subsequently, on 28 Jun, taken delivery of the 06.06.12 rejection of my Application to the European Court of Human Rights - by ONE Judge, Judge Vincent A. De Gaetano, (Malta) - without giving a reason - thereby breaching Article 45 of the Convention: ECt # (2)...

...- I conclude that 'the retribution regime' is going to go 'full steam ahead' - in the knowledge that this 4th 'trophy' (added to the dismissal of my claims against the Home Secretary) - gives them official carte blanche to do exactly as they please.

(Note that I set-up a new PO Box in Nov 11, on the other side of town, so that it would come under a new sorting office - out of the local mafia's control.

Clearly, other corrupt elements in Her Majesty's police have joined in the British state's criminal psychological harassment - by unlawfully stealing my post - as the benefit of my new PO Box was short lived. The English police force must definitely be one of the most corrupt in the world).

(2)- Some of the 'Stasi' involved in dogging me, hounding me, tracking me and harassing me appears to me to be more senior

(Having received their 4th 'trophy', I take the appearance of the more senior boys as a sign of a renewed blind determination 'to get my scalp', and to not miss out on 'an opportunity')

Those who dog me from e.g. the time I leave the library in the evening (and then catch up with me, oozing rage as they go past me, because I fooled them as to the route they expected me to take).

Another example, on Thursday 19 Jun 12, shortly before 21h00 - within seconds of my arriving at the bus stop (from library located where I went on e.g. 28 Jul 11), one of the flunkeys arrived. Early 30s, doubtful T-shirt and jeans; his body language and aura most definitely communicated to me: police-connected.

A bus, the only one direct back to Knightsbridge, was getting close. It was obvious that the flunkey expected me to flag it down. I did not. Realising from this that I had figured out his role, as the bus got very close, he flagged it down, walked angrily to the door, and boarded the bus. I took the following bus that arrived 2-3 minutes later.

On my way to the bus stop, I had spotted an Addison Lee car (see e.g. My Diary 13 Feb 11), parked in such a way that it could see the end of 2 streets from which I could potentially come out. With my 'internal radar' on alert (*), I walked, on the other side of the pavement, fairly close to the height of the car, and looked at the driver, shaking my head sideways, while expressing a sneer. As soon as I had my back turned, the car departed (I saw it drive away).

Before the 2nd bus stop, that Addison Lee was parked alongside the pavement, facing the oncoming traffic. The driver saw me. As the bus continued to move, I looked out of the back window, and saw the Addison Lee car depart, crossing the lane, to go in the direction from which the bus had come.

(*) There have been many such instances involving Addison Lee cars, and doing the same thing: monitoring my departure, as well as following the bus / driving ahead, and stopping; and then leaving once the bus had gone past.

There are also other types of cars doing this i.e. circling around me like vultures. It 'seems' to me that, at the other library, it includes a white van, that departs from the area of the library when I do; is positioned to await my arrival, and then hounds me when I did not go to the library as expected.

There are also those who are sitting in a car, with lights on, in full day light, clearly intended to catch my attention. (It took place at the weekend, when, being in the City, the streets were deserted. Both male, they definitely looked to me as being police-connected).

When I 'deviate' from my route, the message as to where I am is relayed, then, to make sure I don't give them the run, goons board the bus and, at times, show their 'displeasure' and / or attempt to intimidate me e.g.

  • Thursday 14 Jun 12, in the morning, when I got off the bus at my usual destination (having previously been hounded by a plane, see below), one of them, late 30s, early 40s, (I had immediately spotted), tapped the side of his head with one finger to communicate: 'you are mad' (definitely from the same mould as Ladsky e.g. My Diary 19 Apr 05 , 15 May 08).
  • Saturday 16 Jun 12 , on my way back to 'the concentration camp', at c. 22h30. I was sitting in the 1st row at the front of the bus. One of them, in his 40s, I, likewise, immediately spotted (they emanate an extremely toxic aura), boarded the bus at Green Park.
  • In case I had not noticed him, after a few seconds, with the objective of intimidating me, he came to position himself in front of me, thereby standing in the alley close to the driver. (I turned around to see if the bus was full. It was not: there were seats, and nobody was in the standing area).
  • As I was about to come off the bus at Knightsbridge, he came very close to me as though he was about to roll over me. His aura was truly repugnant. He remained on the bus. I concluded he was likely to be one of the local police mafia.
  • (There have been many other instances since)

(3)- Demonstrating, yet again, their fully integrated team approach, as well as the working of the Masonic communication system...

...- like the above Masons' flunkeys, Ladsky's 'dogs' have also reverted back to intimidation tactics - in particular, attempt to make me fear for my life (*) - while Ladsky has reverted back to another form of, equally, criminal psychological harassment

(*) Continued in 2013 e.g. 22 Feb 13

Monday 18 Jun 12 - Having done a little 'circuit' from the time I left the library in the business district at c.21h30, I arrived back in Knightsbridge, from the Jumeira Carlton Tower hotel, at c.23h05, and turned right on Sloane St. I immediately spotted a car, with its lights on, c. 60m up, that was parked alongside the opposite pavement, a few metres up from the turning into Hans Crescent.

I walked leisurely to the height of Hans Crescent, and then started to cross the street. At that precise moment, the car, a dark blue Volkswagen, started and drove straight at me. It only had the driver, who appeared to me to be Jewish. This is a repeat of what took place on 1 Aug 06. So, another instance to be added to the other instances.

No hot water in my apartment on 16th and 17th July. Reason? My 'daring' to do the one finger sign at the CCTV cameras on buses (in the absolute knowledge that I am being observed)? (As Ladsky and Her Majesty's police operate as a fully integrated team, including throwing back the ball to each other e.g. My Diary 10 May 10 , 29 July 10 , 7 Jun 11).

They are hacking into my computer, and 'do not like' what I am writing for my website? Impatience at the fact that I am not showing signs of being affected by their criminal psychological harassment?

Who knows, when you are dealing with a psycho who considers himself as having the divine right to abuse you at will - and has this confirmed unequivocally by the state, that brands you as 'the criminal', and him as "your victim"

...- specifically stating this in a "crime report" against you by Her Majesty's police (police # 3 Key Pt (3)1(1)) - when, in fact, the reverse is the case - and the European Court of Human Rights provides endorsement of what is done against you.

(The hot water was back on when I got back in the evening, on the 17th. Was it because I reported it in an email to my family (which I was not sure would go through), on my way back to 'the concentration camp', adding: 'and maybe tonight, the electricity will also be cut-off - examples of other instances)

What is cranking up the fury of the extremely sick psychos in 'the Brotherhood', and leads to the above orders to their flunkeys, is that I do not demonstrate signs of being affected (which would allow them to pounce on me e.g. their repulsive attempts to 'determine my state of mind': My Diary 2010: 3 Apr & 17 Apr) - even by their latest actions, that includes unlawfully stealing my post.

In the apartment (that is bugged), I do my exercises; dance and sing to music; I laugh if I hear something funny on the radio; I sing as I leave 'the concentration camp', as well as in the streets, in particular when I go past what I suspect is one of the 'Stasi'.

As I stated, above, on this page, under 26 Feb 12: they are ALL like Ladsky: 4-year olds having their tantrums. (I also repeat my above comment)

(3)- Use of Her Majesty's British Transport police helicopters + another type, to hound me to show its 'displeasure' as soon as I 'deviate' from my expected itinerary - has become a standard occurrence

It is obvious from what is report, above, on this page, in My Diary last year, and previously, that, since at least 2010, Her Majesty's 'Luftwaffe' is also hounding me by helicopters. Other examples:

Thursday 14 Jun 12: in the morning, from c. 9h15, I did 'a circuit', frequently changing buses. On the way, there was at least one instance of one of Her Majesty's British Transport police's helicopters, flying really low as I got off a bus at the Marble Arch end of Oxford St.

When I got off another bus, near Angel tube station, one of the planes I reported, above, on e.g. 13 May 12, flew over, relatively low, making a turn, shortly after I got off the bus (*) (It caught the attention of some workmen who twice looked at it). When I arrived at my ex .university, one of Her Majesty's British Transport police's helicopter flew immediately over, relatively low. Hence, a repeat of what took place on e.g. 30 May 12.

(*) The same type of plane did a similar thing c. 3 weeks previously, on a Saturday morning. On that occasion, I had also 'deviated' from my journey, by getting off the bus on Rosebury Av. I then used a side street to go, very close by, on Clerkenwell Rd. As soon as I reached Clerkenwell Rd, the same type of plane flew quite low, over where I was. It circled around, as it did this at least twice.

Saturday 22 July 12: at c. 08h45, having barely walked for about 30m from 'the concentration camp', a 'Luftwaffe' helicopter flew low just ahead of me, over Basil St, sideway, thereby able to see me. I did a one finger sign. (There was absolutely nothing going on. At that time, on that day, the streets were near deserted. Hence, leading me to the conclusion (added to all the other instances) that its interest was in me) (and that, as usual, my imminent departure from 'the concentration camp' had been relayed).


The trigger? The fact that, yesterday, I updated my Comments to the 06.06.12 rejection by ONE ECtHR judge (ECt #(2)), and it 'does not like' my Comments? (The mafia is hacking into my computer).

I then took the underground from Knightsbridge - an extremely rare occurrence for me. As I was getting close to the library, I spotted 'a suspect' ahead of me - coming from the direction I would have arrived, had I taken a bus. I caught up with him and, as I overtook him, said: "Masons 'dogs' and 'pigs' are on the prowl!". I know that he slowed down - probably to call 'mummy' back at base (e.g. My Diary 19 Nov 11 , 16 Dec 11 , 23 Mar 12). As I turned around, about 40m down, I could not see him.

(The night before, having walked away from the library, in a direction I now take less frequently, as I turned around, I saw one man, about 60m down, practically running in my direction. I walked for another few paces and again turned around. The man had turned around, going in the direction he had come from).

(I repeat my above suggestions re. the credibility of my assessment - as well as my question)

A police officer ascertained: "There isn't a town, village or hamlet in which children are not being sexually exploited" (above)

And that's how Her Majesty's police spends its taxpayer-paid time and resources: unlawfully tracking, hounding, harassing and persecuting a glaringly obvious victim of organized crime, as though I were a terrorist - while protecting the criminal (and his gang) - leaving him to laugh his head off at me. HOW SICK IS THIS?

Oh! And while Her Majesty's police and related services have been unlawfully doing this against me, since at least 2005 - some major British banks were manipulating LIBOR (it 'seems' on a wink an a nod from certain individuals in authority), as well as transferring billions of US$ of drug barons' money across the world e.g. "HSBC 'sorry' for aiding Mexican drugs lords, rogue states and terrorists", Guardian, 17 Jul 12.

If only individuals in authority could have the guts to bring this country back to what it used to be: a truly wonderful country to live in.

For a start, why is HM The Queen not doing anything about it? How can she bear to have all the horror carried out by the courts, the police, etc. - done in her name?


24 July 12 - I am updating my website for the 1st time since 6 Jun 11

A LOT has happened during the past year. As I wrote above, under 12 Apr 12, evidently, all those concerned, are happy to have these events reported in the public domain.

(The main part of the update concerns relating my experience in relation to the Apr 11 Claim I filed against the police, IPCC and Home Secretary, and then filing a complaint with the European Court of Human Rights ; summary under Overview # 18)


25 July 12 - from 06.00 a.m., and evening: the 'Thought Police' (Orwell's 1984) 'did not like' my website update - leading 'the Luftwaffe' to provide a Ladsky-style response.

Starting at about 06.00 a.m., one of Her Majesty's British Transport police's helicopters flew constantly over the Jefferson House 'concentration camp' for a good 10 minutes. I was already up. I took it to be a Ladsky-style response to my updating my website yesterday (above).

The psychos returned in the evening, from c. 19h30, doing the same thing (maybe the same crew as e.g. on 14 Apr 12 , 13 May 12). They did this for a long time as, whenever I took my headphones off, I could hear the engine. (Yes, there 'might' have been some heavy traffic in the area - but NOT in Basil St).


At least, so far, I am still alive (e.g. attempts to make me fear for my life, including the 15 Jun 09 death threat: "Enjoy your life. You don't have long to live"). I was doubtful I would make it to the update of my website. (An implied death threat was also 'communicated' on 14 Jun 14)


27 July 12 - Her Majesty's British Transport police helicopter follows the bus on which I am, and then hovers over my ex. university, no doubt to ascertain I am going to go in

At c.11h55, I was on a bus I took from Tottenham Court Road to go to the library in the City. In the distance, at the height of c. Fleet St / Ludgate Circus, I spotted a helicopter going in the same direction as the bus - as well as at roughly the same speed i.e. slowly - as the bus was stopping at practically every stop.

It continued to do this all the way, until I got off at Old Street, 3-4 minutes later. I could see the helicopter, every time we went past a street on the right, or past a low building. I got off, and went north, very close by, to do an errand. I could no longer see the helicopter.

I then walked, south, to the library.

As had happened before, a helicopter was there hovering over the street where the library is located, practically stationary.

(NB: Same situation as e.g.on 30 May 12, except that this time it was ahead of where I was going i.e. the library).

At 12h21

I concluded it had to be the same helicopter that had been following the bus.

And these people work in 'the police' !!!

It may be that this form of 'escort' is intended to replace the flunkeys and the cars, in order to eliminate the risk of my taking photographs of them, note the number plates.

Well, there was 'a potential suspect' next to the university - of which I took a photograph.

At 12h22


27 July 12 - Her Majesty's police continues to steal ALL my financial post - something it has now been doing for many months.

This comes under the 'retribution' regime banner - with the glaringly obvious key objective of inflicting more mental torture - which is their, other corrupt state elements', and the Ladsky mafia's modus operandi.

See Persecution # 3 - Post


Tuesday 31 Jul 12 - from c. 09h45 a.m. - One of the local police goons (clearly with additional 'support') dogged me in Knightsbridge for c. 40 minutes, showing up again once I had boarded a bus - in what I concluded was intended to communicate: 'whatever you do, we know where you are; you can't escape us' = part of the psychos' ongoing criminal 'Stasi' style psychological warfare by the British state.

On leaving 'the concentration camp', at c. 09h45, I went on the Brompton Rd, and turned left, walking alongside Harrods. Ahead of me, I immediately spotted 'a suspect', walking in my direction. We ended-up being a few metres from each other at the height of the entrance to Harrods.

He 'looked' at the notice on the door, making an exaggerated facial expression to suggest that he did not expect the store to still be closed. My internal radar led me to conclude that he was of the local police goons. He then turned around, and walked back in the direction he had come from. I looked at him until he had reached Beauchamp Place.

I crossed Brompton Rd, going north, and, through the back streets, walked parallel to it, going west. I then got back onto Brompton Rd, c. 60m past the height of Beauchamp Place, and went into premises, on the north side of the pavement, in which I spent c. 15 minutes. On leaving, I went to a close by bus stop (on the same pavement) and sat. I could not see anything 'suspicious'.

After c. 2-3 minutes, a bus arrived, which I boarded.

As I had just sat down, I saw the goon cross Brompton Rd, in the direction of the bus that was still stationary - photo # 1, above.

Hence, at least 30 minutes had passed since I first saw him by Harrods (c. 120m up) and watched him walked to the height of Beauchamp Place, c.60m from where I was currently - and I had used the back streets!

(1) Brompton Rd, 10h20

He walked in front of the bus, then alongside it - photo # 2.




(2) Brompton Rd, 10h20

He then continued walking - photo I took through the back window.

I assumed the intended message was: 'whatever you do, we know where you are; you can't escape us' - the key tool used in their 'retribution' regime: criminal 'Stasi' style psychological warfare.

They really are totally insane!

(I repeat my above suggestions re. the credibility of my assessment - as well as my question)

(I also repeat my message to paedophiles)

And that's what works in 'the police'!!! - in a country that has "a long and exemplary record on human rights"!

I think that 'I' should be the one who "speaks to social services" to report them (and ALL the others) for what they have done to me since 2002 - as "suffering from [very serious] mental issues"!

God help 'the little people' of this country - as those with the duty to control the police are NOT doing it e.g. police # 5.2 ; QB # 4 ; QB # 6 , QB # 5), and nor are those in Parliament, meant to hold the latter to account. As the ex.MI5 Chief said: We now have more to fear from our police state than from terrorism.

(NB: 'Of course', I am also being dogged in the underground, which I started to use again recently)


6 Aug 12 - 'Not liking' my 24 July site update, as part of his 'retribution' (no doubt, he and his mates are currently 'cooking a very special dish for me'), psycho Andrew Ladsky has reverted back to one of his tricks, by resurrecting one of his plants.

Today I received this letter, dated 01.08.12, 'from' somebody called 'Denise'. IT IS A SET UP by psycho Ladsky - in conjunction with his flunkeys in the police - for the reasons discussed below.

This letter gives me the opportunity to now capture the conclusions I arrived at in May 2010.

Prior to the 20 May 10 CASIA AGM, I confirmed my attendance to the Chair. Afterwards, a few days before the meeting, this so-called ‘Denise’ - who had never had any contact with CASIA - sent CASIA an email, claiming to have problems with her landlord, and asked whether some CASIA members were in the same situation.

CASIA asked if it could pass on my email address to that person. I agreed.

On 20 May, as soon as I saw ‘Denise’, my 'internal radar' went on alert, but I opted to play the game, so that she could falsely report ‘a success’ to Ladsky. (As summarised below, and under Persecution # 2.8 - by then: Ladsky had already used a plant at least 4 times; his flunkeys at Kensington police, had done this 3 times).

It was clear that she was trying to befriend me. (Showing how sick, as well as arrogant the psycho is), she said that her boyfriend’s name was ‘Andrew’.

Another woman, saying she was ‘Greek’, also turned up at the AGM - likewise, having ‘only just’ made contact with CASIA. Everything about her was saying that she was most definitely NOT a victim of the judicial system. She made all kinds of claims about being able to raise CASIA’s profile, etc. – clearly coming across as a phoney – and very clearly staged to portray her as such.

I concluded from ‘the show’ that she was part of the double-act with ‘Denise’, and that ‘Denise’ would somehow use her to establish her own position. I proved to be right. Continuing with my own ‘show’, I played the game by sharing my view with ‘Denise’ that the ‘Greek’ woman ‘came across as an impostor’.

The following morning, at 08h44 a.m., ‘Denise’ sent this 21.05.10 email to the Chair of CASIA, and to me. As can be seen from the email, the only subject matter was the ‘Greek’ woman. Among other, it stated:

Please do no think that I am being negative but Noëlle agreed with me. To be a little careful about Ms [X] – it may be that she is genuine but you have had people infiltrate CASIA before in order to discredit it

(NB: = ‘Of course, unlike me’)

“…Ms [X] appeared out of the blue”...

(NB: = Like 'Denise')

...“and although she has a court case pending this can easily be arranged by “them” in order to make her appear genuine and then she will get everybody’s trust

(NB: = 'Denise's objective)

"...she seems overly confident and bubbly and not particularly stressed and it did not fit the profile - something not quite right there"

(NB: = Don't trust her... unlike me)

“…An organised march with the “thousands” of people she can drum up would be fantastic – but what if it turned into a violent demo? – CASIA would be discredited

(NB: Included in the previous day’s ‘show’, so that it would give ‘Denise’ another opportunity to come across as: ‘you can trust me’)

I checked up on her

(NB: Between 20h30 the previous night and 08h44 a.m. !!! as: (i) we parted from the CASIA meeting at 19h30; (ii) ‘her’ email was sent at 08h44 the following morning)

She is not “Knightsbridge” based but [area]”…

(NB: I am blocking the area out, because I do not want to defame it). (Note the choice of 'Knightsbridge' (where 'the concentration camp' is) = another clue)

…”– an area where several of the villains of my situation live including the bent solicitor [name]”

(NB: = Further reinforcement of the ‘victim’ status – ‘facing’ “several villains”)

An inspector in the police force told me “it’s all [nationality] and [nationality] in [area] (meaning the organised crime and control) – and I noted from Noëlle’s website that there are also [nationality] and [nationality] connections to her situation – some are the same as mine [name], [name]”

(NB: = More labouring on her ‘facing’ ‘very nasty’ “villains”, followed by another ‘hook’ for my continuing the contact)

These people (THEY) are trained in people skills, acting skills, etc.

(NB: Like 'Denise')

(In capital letters) “However looking on the bright side – if “they” had to infiltrate a CASIA AGM this year they must think that CASIA is a threat to them and their empire of crime!!!

(NB: Exposing one of Ladsky's, his police's flunkies,'s motives for having her as a plant: to determine who I would talk to; what I would say.
Note also the “empire of crime” – another thing she ‘evidently’ ‘determined’, overnight, through her “research”! Maybe she works for MI5! :-) )

Unlike the emails 'she' sent me, which 'she' signed by putting ‘B.A. (Hons) FRSA’ (aiming to give 'her' some status with me), in the case of CASIA, 'she' only signed with ‘Denise'.

Continuing to ‘play the game’, the following day, I thanked 'her' for 'her' email to CASIA.

The topic of updating the CASIA website had been raised during the AGM. Probably because I had shown some interest, ‘Denise’ sent CASIA and me a 23.05.10 email, giving some costs “from a contact in the USA”, and stating that "no one from the UK could take down a website if they chose to" = another 'hook' intended to catch me - and demonstrating input from Ladsky (see e.g. QB # 6(1) ; Advisors - Portner)

To sell ‘her contact’ 'she' talked about some corruption with a prior contact. 'She' also took the opportunity to, again, repeat 'her' ‘suspicions’ about the ‘Greek’ woman, as well as continued to ‘butter me’.

I did not reply.

28.05.10 email, stating: “I have just returned from the Small Claims Court re the damage to my flat by one of “them””. She goes on to talk about a Citizens Advice Bureau; “a policeman who arrested Andrew and took my PC/two of his tenants...”; “a surveyor, a builder, etc... ”;

that “they all lied in their written statements”; "[the] father [of the landlord] is a wanted criminal registered at the building and claiming benefits",etc. - and ends with “I am not there yet but getting there after 9 years of hard slog

= an incoherent mishmash that picked up on some of the components of my case (= hooks) – including: (i) being accused of "harassing the landlord since 2003" (note Ladsky's so-called 'complaint' against me to his flunkeys in 2003); (ii) the length of time!

I did not reply.

10.06.10 email, stating: “I just wanted to check if everything is ok with you. You know if you wanted to go back to live near your family you can sell and sort out any payments after the sale prior to completion. I have known loads of people to do this as long as the service charge etc was reasonable and not extortionate

= A definite Rachman Ladsky input: ‘Settle everything, AFTER making the commitment to sell’; hence once caught in the process, and unable to backtrack – forcing me to pay all that Rachman Ladsky decides 'I should pay' (see Business model # 29)

I did not reply.

17.06.10 email, stating: “Can you e-mail – Just wanted to know you are ok. For the record, I think you are right about the J word” (NB: I have no idea what this means).

I did not reply.

12.10.10 email, stating: “Hi Noelle are you still around? I have not heard anything from you and hope you are well and still fighting

I did not reply.

Hence, I did NOT reply to ‘her’ last 4 emails, covering the period from 23 May to 12 Oct 10. I think that anybody would get the message: I don’t want to correspond with you – which I concluded, ‘she’ had got, from 'her' subsequent silence.

What took place was a SET-UP led by psycho Andrew Ladsky...

– and the only way Ladsky had been able to put his / flunkies' shared plants at the CASIA meeting was because his flunkeys in Her Majesty's police / GCHQ had intercepted my emails to CASIA - AND had passed them on to him - including the email address of my correspondent.

It is a 'Fair comment' conclusion, considering numerous other events – see e.g. Persecution # 3 - Note under Post - added to the fact that, by then (see Persecution # 2.8 for snapshots):

(1) psycho Ladsky had already made other attempts to 'get me' e.g.:

  • (NB: Ladsky (among others!) is so desperate to 'get me' (e.g. his 3 Jan 03 comment: "I am going to get you this year!") that, in 2010, he even sent some of his flunkeys to philosophy discussions I attended at the French Institute - that were in French - which they very clearly could not speak, and therefore understand).

(2) Ladsky's flunkeys at Kensington police, had, likewise, by then, used a plant at least 3 times: (1) in 2008 ; (2) 3 Apr 10 ; (3) 17 Apr 10 - the last 2, being in the month prior to the 20 May 10 CASIA meeting. Further, as I reported at the time, a contingent of 'pigs' and 'dogs' dogged me and hounded me to and from the meeting.

(NB: The next joint, state 'Stasi' - 'Jewish' mafia set-up, took place on 13 Feb 13)

(The use of plants is one of the British state's many 'Stasi' 'specialities' e.g. Confidential Intelligence Unit and / or National Public Order Intelligence Unit ; Covert surveillance of campaigners)

(3) He and his flunkeys in Her Majesty's police and related services operate as a fully integrated team e.g. my being dogged, hounded, tracked, harassed and persecuted - including 'throwing the ball back a at each other' e.g. 10 May 10 ; 29 July and 30 Jul 10 ; 7 Jun 11.

After a silence of nearly 2 years, ‘Denise’ now sends this 01.08.12 letter - which, by ‘the most amazing coincidence’, ‘happens’ to be 1 week after I uploaded a large update of my website – that was clearly not to Ladsky’s 'liking' and that of his ‘brothers’ - in particular police and judiciaries. E.g.

Because, as a result of what has happened to me (examples under My Diary # 2.4), I have stopped talking to anybody in this country - a long time ago - Ladsky and his ‘brothers’ have no one they can use against me. (NB: This leaves the action groups of which I am a member which, I know, include plants ...who only get from me what I want them to get). Hence, they resurrected this plant of 2 years ago.

The 01.08.12 letter

Claim to have sent me “several emails”; (obviously not referring to those of 2 years ago); that “[I] have not responded (or maybe the Gremlins have intercepted ['her'] emails”. One thing for sure, Ladsky’s flunkies in the police / GCHQ would NOT retain this type of email, because they offer the potential of providing information about me (which they are not getting as: I do not talk to anybody; I ensure they only get - what I want them to get - from my infrequent few emails and phone conversations).

I have some very important information that you will be interested in re the LVT and other matters. Obviously I wont put it in this letter…” Why not? We get to it: “but it would be good if you could contact me” (!!!)

I havn’t been to the CASIA meeting because I have been so busy with the Court stuff". A “small claims court” that is lasting 2 years!! (28 May 10 email, above). The reason she did not go to the CASIA meeting is because I did not.

This time, the address is that of a PO Box – probably because I previously captured the Belsize Grove address on my website (e.g. Portner # 14 ; Advisors - Portner).

It goes to talk about CASIA not following up on ‘her offer’. In my view, a wise decision by CASIA. Also about one of the long-standing victims that she “has had a breakthrough”. This would have been found out from emails to me, or perhaps because ‘Denise’ is still on the email distribution list (with other plants).

As to the motive behind the comment: to communicate 'her' support for ‘a fellow victim’, and perhaps also to say: 'unlike you'! (NB: In fact, this poor victim has yet to get any justice).

I was in the apartment when the letter was delivered. As the apartment is bugged, Ladsky and his police flunkies / subsequently his police flunkies, got an immediate answer from me: "f***ing psychopath" - followed by the rest in French (so that he / his police flunkeys need to get it translated - a strategy I have opted for for some time).

(NB: Further confirming my above assessment: a few hours after I had uploaded the above on my website, in the early hours of the morning, some of Ladsky's flunkies (including him? e.g. previous occasions: 27 July 03 ; 12 Mar 09), stood outside my windows talking loudly and laughing, and then came into 'the concentration camp').


Sunday 12 Aug 12 - from 19h25, across St Paul's Cathedral - Psychos in police helicopter kept circling immediately above me to demonstrate I was not escaping them, and a 'Stasi' then walked right through the restaurant to ascertain where I had gone.

On leaving the library, I went to the Barbican where I stayed for c. 50 minutes. I spotted that I had been hounded (as per usual!).

I then walked to St Paul's Cathedral, using a route I had taken before, and from which I had then taken a bus to head back to 'the concentration camp'.

I did not see any 'suspects' on foot. (Of course, in addition to the cars, etc., I previously reported circling around me like vultures e.g. 19 May 12, the 'Gestapo's, in this instance Her Majesty's British Transport police's other means of tracking somebody in the streets is through the vast number of police-controlled CCTV cameras).



As I got to St Paul's, I noticed a police helicopter that was ahead of me.

I went past the bus stop I had used previously.

Oh! dear! oh! dear! I was evidently 'not allowed' to do that as, when I reached the alley that leads to the Millennium bridge, the helicopter arrived, flying immediately above me - and kept circling above me - as evidenced by the photographs I took, remaining more or less on the same spot. (The area was extremely quiet).


= A repeat of what took place, most recently, on 27 Jul 12, when the purpose had been to track me 'to my expected destination' - with, this time, the addition of obvious harassment and persecution (as took place on e.g. 13 May 12) for my 'daring' to not behave 'as expected' and, for the 'Stasi' to demonstrate that, whatever I do, I will not be able to escape them (e.g. 31 Jul 12).

(I repeat my above suggestions re. the credibility of my assessment - as well as my question)

(I also repeat my message to paedophiles)

(I again draw attention to the claim that "Britain has a long and exemplary record on human rights")

This is definitely psycho territory! (other examples of harassment and persecution by Her Majesty's British Transport police helicopters)

I repeat my above comments.

I think that 'I' should be the one who "speaks to social services" to report them (and ALL the others) for what they have done to me since 2002 - as "suffering from [very serious] mental issues"!

God help 'the little people' of this country - as those with the duty to control the police are NOT doing it e.g. police # 5.2 ; QB # 4 ; QB # 6 , QB # 5), and nor are those in Parliament, meant to hold the latter to account. As the ex.MI5 Chief said: We now have more to fear from our police state than from terrorism.

Once the helicopter was out of view, I went into a restaurant, a few meters down. Because of what I had been 'expected to do 'once I reached St Paul's, one of the goons had been lined up as, within a minute of my sitting at a table, a man entered the restaurant using the main entrance (facing St Paul's), walked right through it, and out of it using the back exit. He then walked alongside the restaurant, bringing him back to where he had been: in front of St Paul's.


Tuesday 14 Aug 12 - 22h05 - One of Her Majesty's British Transport police helicopters circled immediately above me when I was in Hans Crescent, having just got off the bus.

Same motive as per e.g. 2 days ago, on 12 Aug: causing psychological harassment, added to evidently replacing Ladsky's flunkeys I have not seen monitoring my arrival e.g. 18 Apr 12 ; 15 May 12 - to 'spare' him and them the 'embarrassment' of my reporting, on my website, the number plate of their cars?

(I repeat my above suggestions re. the credibility of my assessment - as well as my question)

(I also repeat my message to paedophiles)

(I again draw attention to the claim that "Britain has a long and exemplary record on human rights")

What is the cost to the taxpayer of doing this? Who is authorizing it? What is given as 'justification'?

How much taxpayer money has so far been spent by the state to act against me - the glaringly obvious victim of crime?

What is the proportion - and value - of the police and related services' budget that is spent in this country on assistance to, and protection of 'certain' criminals?


18 Sep 12 - I sent an 18.09.12 letter to Sir Nicolas Bratza, British President of the European Court of Human rights... ask him for an assessment of my conclusions (ECt # 2) on the 06.06.12 rejection, by ONE judge, Judge Vincent A. De Gaetano, (Malta) (ECt # 2), of my 26.01.12 Application to the court (ECt # 1) - as, in breach of Article 45 of the Convention he did NOT provide ANY reason.

Reading the 11.10 12 'reply' (ECt # 2.1), I could not help saying: "Hi Hitler!'


Sep - Nov 12 - The psychos, including from HM The Queen's local Lunatic House a.k.a. Kensington & Chelsea police (*) are 'upset' I no longer acknowledge them i.e. upset that I am not showing signs of being effected by their psychological warfare.

(*) You have to be mentally deranged, not only for hounding me and persecuting me - the glaringly obvious victim of organized crime - but also for processing the "crime reports" against me, etc. BUT: that's what Her Majesty's Met Commissioners, Home Secretaries and judiciary APPROVE of!

My primary objective in capturing the hundreds of instances of my being dogged, hounded, harassed, persecuted, etc.: snapshots, was to provide irrebutable evidence - to counteract the highly vicious, malicious accusations against me, that:

  • (2) "[I am] obviously extremely paranoid as [I] believe that [I am] being followed by either the police or Mr Ladsky" and "This is not the case" (police: # 3(2)(8) and # 3(2)(9))...

(In addition to the psychos who made the above claims and / or ensured they were captured / acted upon) - anybody who, having seen my evidence (see also QB # 6(1)), still endorses the above 'assessments' - can only be one of the following: a Mason; a Mason's lackey / flunkey - and is very clearly lying.

Hence, since the end of August, I have stopped wasting my time capturing evidence against the 'Stasi' vermin (*) which, like rats crawling out of the sewers, continues to spring wherever I am.

(*) I repeat my Comments under Persecution (1)(4)

('The Luftwaffe' 'appears' to have been essentially called off. 'Essentially' as, it seems to me that its services were called upon on Sunday 30 Sep 12 - when I went to a CASIA meeting, and had 'dared' to not let the mafia know of my intention, by not responding to the CASIA email invitation) (my emails are monitored, as well as interfered with). (As I no longer waste my time looking, if there have been other instances involving 'the Luftwaffe', there were not as obvious as this one). (NB: It - of course - reappeared -see, below, 23 Nov and 4 Dec)

Being, of course, in the image of those who employ them: insane, psychos, some get 'upset' that I no longer waste my time paying them attention (other than occasionally go closely past them, to let them know (without saying anything), that I am aware of their game).

On occasions, it leads some of them to act in an attempt to catch my attention e.g.

  • coming very close to me on a near deserted underground platform (maybe as revenge for my 'daring' to go closely past one of their accomplices);
  • running ahead of me, repeatedly, in order to place themselves, repeatedly in my path - which appeared to be connected with my having previously 'dared' to change my route; (as demonstrated by e.g. 'the Luftwaffe' examples: 'daring' to change your route is regarded by Her Majesty's police as an action that demands punishment through harassment);
  • 'taking position' in a deliberate manner, as they see me arriving;
  • etc., etc.

SUNDAY 4th NOV 12 - p.m.

Having been away from the 'concentration camp' over the previous 24 hours, on my return, in the afternoon, I went to the local Waitrose grocery store (same as on e.g. 16 Jul 05 ; 20 May 10 . I took a basket by the door, and went left immediately, turning to face a chilled cabinet that is closed to the entrance. (Nobody else was by the cabinet).

On doing this, I saw, in the reflection of the glass, that a man had arrived by the same entrance and, as he was walking in, was turning round to look in my direction. While I did not want anything from the chilled cabinet, my doing this must have been triggered by my feeling unconsciously his very toxic aura / 'electric field' (?) as I was walking to the store.

His appearance, body language and what took place, led me to conclude that he was definitely one of the inmates from HM The Queen's local Lunatic House a.k.a. Kensington & Chelsea police. (NB: You have to be mentally deranged, not only for hounding me and persecuting me - the glaringly obvious victim of organized crime - but also for processing the "crime reports" against me, etc. BUT: that's what Her Majesty's Met Commissioners, Home Secretaries and judiciary APPROVE of!)

I turned around, walked in the short alley, on the side, anticipating that he would ensure walking in my path - which is exactly what he did. I therefore walked in front of him, within centimeters of him - totally ignoring him.

MONDAY 5th NOV 12 - mid-morning

Further confirmation of my previous day's conclusion took place on that day.

Having come out of my apartment, as I reached the corridor to get out of the 'concentration camp', the Ladsky's main sentinels (e.g. 18 Apr 12) also arrived in the corridor (my apartment is bugged). (The other sentinel is the porter).

Standing close to me, he told me, in a sarcastic tone: "How are you?". As I was ignoring him, he repeated his question. I continued to ignore him, and proceeded with walking out of the block - thanking him for holding the door open for me. (It was the 1st time ever that he spoke to me).

My take on what happened: the previous day's lunatic got 'upset' that I had failed to acknowledge him, and opted to report this to his master, Andrew Ladsky - who then ordered his in-house flunkey to have a go. (They 'throw the ball back at each other' e.g. 10 May 10 , 29 July and 30 July 10 ; 7 Jun 11).

Having escaped the environment of criminal psychological harassment for 24 hours - in true Stasi style - they had to 'make sure' I was brought back into it = another example of the desperation - by ALL - to 'get to me'.

No doubt, my reporting the above events, including since September, will lead them ALL, including in the wider arena, to have multiple orgasms.

As I have already stated above: I think that 'I' should be the one who "speaks to social services" to report them (and ALL the others) for what they have done to me since 2002 - as "suffering from [very serious] mental issues"!

This is pyscho / lunatic territory - on a MEGA SCALE! - with a limitless supply of participants. Given the sheer number, they should quality for a massive block discount on psychiatric treatment.


23 Nov 12 - 11h55 - Reappearance of the 'Luftwaffe' lunatics (*) to communicate their 'displeasure' at my taking an 'untypical' route which, I conclude, led its counterpart psycho 'Gestapo' to lose track of me... confirming that they are - of course - still tracking me - on an ongoing basis.

(*) You have to be mentally deranged, not only for hounding me and persecuting me - the glaringly obvious victim of organized crime - but also for processing the "crime reports" against me, etc. BUT: that's what Her Majesty's Met Commissioners, Home Secretaries and judiciary APPROVE of!

In the morning, I took one of my 'usual routes', after which I backtracked. Having done an errand, I then took a different line on the underground to go to the library.

As I was facing the pub, the Masque Haunt, on the corner of Bunhill Row and Old St, waiting to cross the street to go into Bunhill Row, a helicopter appeared, facing me - and tilting downwards. Its height appeared to be just a few metres above the height of the building in which the pub is located.

(Subsequent note: the height of the helicopter was c. the same as on 30 Nov 13 - when I took a photograph; the tilting position was as on e.g. 12 May 13 - when I also took a photograph).

(2 minutes earlier, north of where I was, I had seen another helicopter. (It was a different one, as I would have seen it come over to Bunhill Row). There might not be a connection).

Having got their sadistic kick, Her Majesty's British Transport police lunatics (I assume there was at least another one in addition to the pilot) then turned around and flew away.


I concluded from 'the show' that their counterpart psycho 'Gestapo' had lost track of me from changing 'my route'. It confirms that - of course - they are still tracking me - on an ongoing basis.

(As I stated above, I no longer waste my time paying them attention. However, my 'internal radar' tells me that they are dotted along my 'expected route', including in the underground - as confirmed by what took place. They have also appeared within 2-3 minutes of my being in an 'untypical' area for me, in the centre of town = a continuation of what has been going on for years e.g. 12 Jul 10 ; 1 Jun 05).

I repeat my above conclusions (among others captured on this page) - and also add: 'fascinating' to see how the British state - "in these times of austerity" - has NO problem finding the money to hound glaringly obvious victims of crime - but does not have the money to maintain services to the handicapped, the elderly, etc.; to perform "non-essential operations"; to prescribe more effective, but "more costly medication"; to keep facilities open, such as libraries and sports centres, etc., etc.


4 Dec 12 - Another reappearance of the 'Luftwaffe' lunatics (*) (previous: 23 Nov) that hounded me to communicate their 'displeasure' at my changing my expected plan, and 'perhaps', because of my website updates - preceded by one of the 'Gestapo' hounding me.

(*) You have to be mentally deranged, not only for hounding me and persecuting me - the glaringly obvious victim of organized crime - but also for processing the "crime reports" against me, etc. BUT: that's what Her Majesty's Met Commissioners, Home Secretaries and judiciary APPROVE of!

I was again hounded by 'Luftwaffe' lunatics. WHY? I assume because I changed my plan, which evidently caused 'displeasure' to 'the Gestapo' that is dogging me, hounding me, and harassing me on a daily basis - while monitoring ALL my emails (among other).

Having replied affirmatively to an email inviting me to attend the Daejan Investments v Benson and others hearing, at the Supreme Court, on 4th Dec, I 'dared' to not go. (After my latest experience with judges, in 2011 and 2012, 24hrs before, I realised that I could not stomach being in that kind of environment - unnecessarily).

(Subsequent note: Further, what I did not write at the time, because I did not want to tempt fate, was also the fact that my 'internal radar' was telling me that, in spite of the evidence to the contrary, the landlord would, yet again, find a 'friendly judge'. He did! See My Diary 2011 - Intro # 2).

Instead, as it was a glorious day, having updated my website, I treated myself to lunch in St Katharine's Docks. Walking from Tower Hill underground station, I went directly to the docks, and into the restaurant (c. 2 minutes from leaving the station), where I took a table at the front, alongside the glass frontage.

Within 2-3 minutes of my doing that, one of the unmistakable 'Gestapo', English, nasty-looking, in his 50s, wearing a blouson, nondescript trousers and trainers, walked past, while 'appearing' to be looking at the yachts - when, in fact, he was looking sideways.

(He had very clearly been provided with information from his mates in the British Transport police who access / control the CCTV cameras on public transport, as well as in the streets).

Having walked a few yards down and, I concluded, to ascertain that he had spotted me, he again walked past. I sneered as he looked at me. He again walked past a few seconds later. (As I explained above - Sep-Nov 12, I no longer waste my time capturing photographic evidence). I then went to another place in the Docks, for a coffee.

Some 2 hours after my arrival in the area, having walked alongside the river, I went around the Tower of London, walking in the direction of Tower Hill underground station. I stopped to read some plaques about the history of the tower. As I was doing this, some 'Luftwaffe' lunatics arrived, and remained/ circled above.

Never once looking at them, I then continued walking in the direction of the station. I could hear from the noise of the engine that the helicopter was like 'following me'. It did this until I reached the tunnel to go to the station. (See, above, 23 Nov, for its previous 'show').

It 'might' also be that, by then, 'they' had already been poring over my website updates (the previous one was on 24th Oct) e.g.

  • I added a section to 'Outcome' re. 'Costs to me': (1) on the site (ECtHR # 5), and (2) captured the same thing in my Comments attached to the European Court of Human Rights' rejection letter of 06.06.12 (ECtHR # 2) (my analysis of the rejection is a 'hot potato' to 'them'), and to its 11.10.12 letter, refusing to provide me with an assessment of my conclusions, as I asked in my 18.09.12 letter (ECtHR # 2.1)

In fact, the focus of my update was on the repeated FRAUDULENT demands - entailing:


6 Dec 12 - Time to upgrade my T-shirt!

With the glaringly obvious, ongoing blind determination 'to get me' (e.g. Overview # 19 ; events reported on this page), I decided it was time to upgrade my T-shirt (pdf.copy) (*) - with a summary that cannot leave anybody (other than the illiterates and non-English speakers) in any doubt as to the key parties I view as responsible for my situation.

They not only failed - deliberately - to perform their statutory duty by NOT addressing the ROOT CAUSE: the actions against me by Andrew David Ladsky and his gang of racketeers - they have - and continue - to actively help them, as well as protect them

(e.g. Overview ; Kangaroo court ; police: Overview , Outcome ; breach Data Protection Act 1998 ; violations of my Human Rights: Article 2 , Article 3 , Article 6 , Article 8 , Article 13 , Article 14)

(*) The 'message' has 'gone-up in stages'. On 9 Jun 08, I first started to wear, over my clothes, a cloth tied around me, with a visual of the top part of the home page to my website. At the time, and on subsequent occasions e.g. w/c 4 Feb 08, I was also holding a placard, stating: "Victim of leasehold fraud" (pdf copy).

By the following year, I switched to a T-shirt, stating: "Victim of leasehold fraud" (pdf copy). Having stopped wearing it for a while, I again started to do it at the end of March 2010. By July 2010, I had changed it to "Victim of fraud and corruption" (pdf copy) . This was the previous update to this latest version.

NEARLY 5 YEARS since I started to wear my T-shirt practically every time I am out (on a daily basis) - and of the 000s of police officers who saw me wearing it during that time, ONLY once was I asked about it by the police (in Edgware Rd in, I think, summer 2010 - which, my 'internal radar' told me, was probably a set-up to see what I would say). Doesn't that says it all about the police?

In fact, on seeing me, the local police (wearing a uniform), has been mocking me, talking to me in a sarcastic, arrogant, contemptuous tone (My Diary 16 Apr 11) or, reporting back to base on my movements (My Diary 22 Apr 11).

Of course, my local police stations of Kensington & Chelsea also suffered from a case of repeated extreme blindness in relation to my T-shirt - IN SPITE of my wearing it over my coat - throughout my 7 visits in October 2010 (My Diary 27 and 20 July 10 ; police # 6) (*)

During my 7th visit, as a result of my stating that "Ladsky is a fraudster", I was told "It's a civil matter" - which it definitely is not - as it IS A MATTER FOR THE POLICE - and others doing similar things, on a much smaller scale - have ended-up with prison sentences of up to 32 months (Advisors to Jefferson House # 11).

It is 'fascinating' to see how very amply substantiated criminal activities by Ladsky and his gang of racketeers - of which, in 2002, I started to make various parts of the police aware of e.g. in addition to my complaint, my letters / emails of: (1) 13.03.02. to the Police Complaints Authority ; (2) 05.05.02 and 31.05.02 to Sir Toby Harris, then Chair of the Metropolitan Police Authority ; his 11.07.02 'reply', and mine of 04.08.02 -...

...are viewed as "a civil matter", but Ladsky's false, totally unsupported and, of course, totally unchallenged, highly vicious, malicious accusations against me, 'ARE matters for the police' - it deemed 'necessary' to capture in so-called "crime reports" - to which it added liberally in order to make them 'stick' against me (e.g. breach Data Protection Act 1998) - and against which it has - to this day - DENIED me the right to defend myself, and more accurately, since Aug 09 (police # 5 ; my 19 Apr 11Claim): opted to totally ignoremy defences / comments.

(*) In the context of my 19 Apr 11 Claim, I reported this, among other, under:

  • (1) para.15 of my 14.06.11 reply to the then Met Commissioner, Paul Stephenson's Defence of 23.05.11 (QB # 4(1) and # 4(2)) (in which I exposed some of the LIES, by providing a copy of my recording of the conversation I had with the police (QB # 4(2)(3)), during my 5th visit, on 16 Oct 10 (My Diary 27 & 20 July, # 5);
  • (2) para.140 of my 19.07.11 Wit.Stat., in reply to the Met Commissioner's 30.06.11 Application to have my Claim struck out (QB # 4(3));
  • (5) pg 6, lines 5 to 7 of my 22.08.11 letter to the Home Secretary, enclosing payment of £5,000 (US$8,820) - following Master Eyre's Order of 09.08.11 against me (QB # 6(2));

(7) Prior to filing my Claim, I also raised it on pg 8, lines 3 to 10 of my 28.11.09 letter to the Met Commissioner, Paul Stephenson, and then Home Secretary, Alan Johnson (police # 5.2).

As can be seen from this 28.11.09 letter, and subsequent ones detailed on the page (2 Dec 09 , 2 Feb 10), I provided ample, and UNDENIABLE evidence of, among other, the glaringly obvious discrimination I had been subjected to by Kensington, Chelsea and Notting Hill police - since 2002.

(Of note: I also referred to these letters in e.g. (i) para.4 of my 14.06.11 reply to the Met Commissioner's 23.05.11 Defence, in which I captured comprehensive extracts from my 02.12.09 letter - that also included the police failing to record complaints of harassment against Ladsky, from at least 4 of my fellow leaseholders (police # 4) ; (ii) my 19.07.11 Wit.Stat to the Met Commissioner, under paras 94-95, and 98, and provided my conclusions under para.143).

As with everything else: they all ignored it.

CONCLUSION: the very deliberate turning of blind eyes has - and continues to take place - not only at Her Majesty's police local level, but also by her high level executive, comprising of Met Commissioners and Home Secretaries, as well as by her Judiciaries (My Diary # 6 - links to sections) - demonstrating that this island Kindgom is now controlled by crime, for the benefit of crime.

I add that only the corruptible can be corrupted.

In what way are each and every one of those connected in one way or another with the above (and other actions taken against me e.g. Overall Outcome ; Case Summary), different from e.g. President Bashar-al-Assad of Syria? (Killing innocent people with bullets, or through mental torture - is still killing people).

'Perhaps' this latest version of my T-shirt will stop 'at least some' of the police - related services, as well as Ladsky and his scum, from being able to spin their story about me to those: (1) from whom they ask information about my movements (e.g. tracking me through CCTV systems) ; (2) they ask what I have done (e.g. 3 May, above) - in order to then take action against me (e.g. medical: 10 Apr 08 , 7 May 08 , 7 Aug 08 ; lawyers: Oct-Nov 07 , 11 Aug 11), etc., etc., etc..

Considering the scale of the support they receive (other examples: mental torture ; My Diary # 2.4) - it must be 'the mother of all stories'.

It leads me to conclude that it must include the name of one or more of the senior royals (who, among other, hold senior positions in the Freemasons). (I hold the view that, what I have been able to see of the so-called "crime reports" - is only the tip of the iceberg e.g. reaction of one of the duty officers on 16 Oct 10 (My Diary 27 & 20 July, # 6)).

Evidently wanting to 'see my T-shirt for themselves' and, in particular, the fact that one of 'the Proles' / "the Oiks / the Great Unwashed" - especially, one 'like me' - would 'dare' do that in relation to the 'great' English police and judiciary - within 2-3 days of my wearing it, I had a procession of plain clothes police tailing me, like rats chasing a piece of cheese.

Example: 2 of them followed me in a Marks & Spencer food hall, by Moorgate St. They did not buy anything. Having 'seen my T-shirt for themselves', they went up the escalator; one of them was talking on a mobile.


(While I still get the occasional look (from 'a certain type' of individual), as though I am foaming at the mouth from rabies, my wearing it is generating significantly more positive interest than the previous version).

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