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15 years of mental torture, harassment, persecution, intimidation, bullying and blackmail tactics - in the Jefferson House 'concentration camp' - in 'The Kingdom of Make Believe'

My Diary - 2010


No updating of my website from mid-July 2009 until end March 2010

(See last entry - My Diary 2009)

Hounded like a terrorist

As explained in the Introduction to My Diary, since the initial launch of my website in Sep 06, I have only recorded a few instances of my continuing to be monitored, dogged and hounded on a daily basis as though as I were a terrorist e.g. 25 Oct 07 - my third witness ; Apr 07-31 Aug 07 - East London ; Internet cafe 2008 ; Medical practitioner and 15 May 08 ; death threat on 15 Jun 09 - in what is widely known as a surveillance society - with some extremely vicious, sadistic, perverse people.

Since the beginning of the year during which I have submitted (1) this 2 January 2010 Subject Access to the Ministry of 'Justice' (Legal home # 9), as well as (2) this 2 February 2010 letter, headed "When am I due to be killed?", to Sir Paul Stephenson, Met Commissioner; Alan Johnson, Home Secretary; 'my' then MP, Sir Malcolm Rifkind; Mrs Ann Abraham, Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman - preceded by (3) my 2 December 2009 letter, headed "Head of Kensington police approves of illegal conduct by some of its officers" - also to Sir Stephenson and Mr Johnson (Kensington police #5)...

...the scum have been dogging me and hounding me more than ever, and continuing to show their extreme arrogance, stupidity, as well as anger when I communicate that I have spotted them... because, 'of course', they are so superior to me: 'a woman'.

(Subsequent note: this page contains more - undeniable - evidence, including e.g. the outcome of my 7 visits, in October 2010, to Kensington & Chelsea police in an attempt to get it to record - and investigate - blatantly obvious instances of my being followed and harassed... and so are other victims of crime e.g. 20 May 10 ; 21 July 10)

In a way, it makes me laugh because I HAVE THE POWER: they go where 'I' decide, when 'I' decide. (Something Winnie Mandela said when her husband was in prison and she was monitored by the police).

In recent months, whenever I remember, as I am about to leave the apartment (which, I believe, is wired like a Christmas tree), I whistle and say: "Barbarian pigs and monkeys. Walkies!" ('Walkies!': the catchword from a dog trainer in a 70s TV programme). 'They' have ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT TO: (1) FOLLOW ME; (2) SPY ON ME. In addition to committing - criminal - offences against me under, among others, the Protection from Harassment Act 1997, 'they' are breaching my Human Rights under Article 8 of the Human Rights Act 1998 - "Right to respect for private life" - but, this is the 'Gestapo', in surveillance Britain, in which 'daring' to stand up for your rights leads to being persecuted and hounded like a terrorist (see Persecution # 2).

Although it takes time to do this, I will continue to capture examples of other instances because those who are behind my being dogged, hounded and monitored will not be in their position for ever / will fall out of favour - and I am counting on God working in 'mysterious ways' for the truth to one day come out.

Even if it's of no help to me - other than counteract the malicious, scurrilous, libellous, slanderous accusations against me e.g.

By Kensington & Chelsea police ( K&C police # 3 Key point # 8):

  • "...although it appears to be becoming quite paranoid. She thinks the police may be following her as well as numerous people employed by her enemies" ;
  • "Looking at the website it seems the suspect thinks she is being followed by either the police or – 77 – 78. This is not the case and she is obviously extremely paranoid…”
  • "I believe she may have some mental issues so will be speaking to social services to see if they are aware of her”

which are, in part, a regurgitation of Andrew Ladsky's outrageous accusations - made with the objective of getting me 'out of action' - thereby playing the system, because he knows that the British State DOES lock-up 'inconvenient people' ...

  • (See My Diary 19 Apr 05 , w/c 4 Feb 08 and 15 May 08 - for Ladsky also telling me that I am "mad" ; to "go and see a psychiatrist" ; "in very serious need of help")

...I hope that the environment will be such that it will spare others from being subjected to the same treatment. In truth, I fear that it will take a long time for the environment to change - as it has become worse over the last 50 years.

(See also the question I ask of my accusers, in My Diary 7 Jun 08)

I am being dogged and hounded everywhere I go e.g. in the library to check on me / attempt to intimidate me. This is blatantly obvious from their behaviour - usually men.

On occasions, the man will stand c. two metres from me, pretending to read a book. This photograph is an example of a man who was circling around me on 27 April 2010, and has previously done this on several occasions.

In English I told him "Are you trying to intimidate me? If that's your game, let me tell you: you are not! You can feed that message back to the others who are doing the same thing". He replied in English that he did not understand what I was saying... but nonetheless left the area immediately (!!!!) and did not return.

French library - 27 Apr 10 - 15h24

As a retaliatory action, and to dare me, the following day i.e. 28 April, another scum hid behind the bookshelf you can see in the photograph, and behind the next one - being able to see me through the books.

At one point, as he was behind the shelf in the photograph, he tapped his fingers on one of the shelves which, I assumed, was to get my attention. I sneered, but did not look-up. However, he did not come in the area where I was sitting.

And the same game 'continues' e.g. this photograph on 12 May 2010, showing a man, of Middle-Eastern origin, hiding behind the bookshelf.

On 14 May 2010, following a young woman and a young man, I assessed as being sent by Ladsky, who had each come in turn in the area where I usually sit to, very clearly, check on me, I made it known to them that I was aware of their game.

French library - 12 May 10 - 14h03

I assume that, because of this (see 10 May 10 for other example), the following day, a man, English, 40s, extremely arrogant, with a superior air, emanating negativity, I assessed as being connected with the police - also came where I was sitting, and was very clearly not interested in the books.

Having initially blushed when I said something similar to what I had said to the other man on 27 April - he told me that I was "loopy" (NB: It seems that the last part of my sentence (above): "but nonetheless left the area immediately" has been noted).

This harassment is motivated partly out of revenge because I am reporting some of the events on my website - with photographs in support. (Perhaps 'they' concluded from the fact that I had stopped doing this that I was not aware of it).

And, given the extremely sick, very twisted, perverse, sadistic mind of my enemies - I suspect, in the hope that my doing this will help them succeed in their objective of getting endorsement for their malicious, scurrilous, libellous, slanderous claims against me e.g. above, Kensington police and Ladsky: to get me locked-up / 'out of action' - because that's what they do in this country with 'inconvenient people'.

23 and 24 March 2010 - Andrew Ladsky's 'dogs' continue to track me - this time in a restaurant (while the State goons have e.g. subsequently dogged me in public toilets - 13 Dec 10)

On Tuesday 23 March, at c. 22h10, I went to a local fast food place. I sat at the back of the restaurant, giving me view of the street.

At 22h22, the man in the photograph, in his 20s, I immediately assessed as one of Andrew Ladsky's scum, walked in... holding a partly eaten sandwich in one hand, and the wrapper in his other hand.



Noodles place, South Ken - 22h22

There were 4-5 people in the restaurant, but he immediately looked at me. Given that he was eating a sandwich, hesitantly the employee asked what he wanted. The scum shook his head, and pretended to read the large menu on the wall, behind the employee.

The scum left as soon as I took the photograph.

The following day, Wednesday 24 March, on my way to the French library, on the Cromwell Road, at the height of the the Natural History museum, walking on the opposite pavement, I could feel somebody behind me that made me stop to let him go by. It was the man in the photograph.

In his 30s, he shared similar facial features to those of the scum from the previous night. He also stopped, put his rucksack on the floor to get his camera out. I remained where I was.

He went past me, and stopped after a few metres from where I was. At this point he 'appeared' to be taking a photograph of the museum.

'Appeared' as: there was a c. 40-seater bus parked alongside the pavement where we were;...

... hence, only the roof top of the museum could be seen; the view of the roof top was partly blocked by trees. In other words: not what you would describe as the 'ideal place' from which to take a photograph of the museum.

Although the man was 'taking a photograph of the museum', he noticed that I was taking a photograph of him, and expressed a very faint smile - while still appearing to be taking a photograph.

I continued on my way to the library (entailing a left turn into the following street). Positioned in the recess of the entrance to the library (because it was still closed due to works), c. 8-10 minutes later, I saw the same man walk past, on the opposite pavement.

c. 5 minutes later, a man, English, in his 40s, overweight, wearing a dark blue suit, arrived at the library - which was still closed. Him I, immediately assessed as being connected with the police - and 'on a mission'. I was positioned in such a way that, to get to the door, he had to go behind me. Hence, I had my back turned to him.

In French, in a heavy English accent, he asked for the time. While there was another person, a woman, also waiting for the door to open, sitting to my right, on the step of the recess, away from the door - it was clear that his question was addressed to me. Why did he speak to me in French? (There was nothing about me to suggest that I was French). I ignored him. My take on this, considering the earlier event, was that he wanted to test 'my powers of identification'.

A few days earlier, also as I was waiting for the door to open at the library, another one of the same kind as this man: oozing extreme arrogance, as well as anger arrived at the library. He was Caucasian, blond, in his 30s, c.1.85m, slim, sporty, dressed in training gear and trainers. I attributed his arrival to the fact that I had taken a different route, using back streets with no CCTV cameras and the 'Gestapo' had lost track of me. He obviously thought of himself as being very clever in tracking me to a place where I go regularly.

(Maybe also using information from the myriad of spy cameras - police # 9.2) (As I report for e.g. 15 Jun 09: the minute I step out of Jefferson House, I have scum on my tail). (Among other forms 'of notification' (my apartment is bugged), there are also spy cameras at Jefferson House (My Diary Apr-May 05).

I launched into in my little song: 'Ladsky's pigs and monkeys are on the prowl'. As soon as the door of the library opened, I went up the stairs at a fairly fast pace, straight to the library. The scum followed me, keeping pace with me. Once in, I continued to the next level. I saw the scum go back down the stairs, and did not see him again.

My take is that he was one of the Kensington police mafia. And they, of course, continued e.g. snapshots, Percecution # 2.

While my 2 January 2010 Subject Access Request to the Ministry of 'Justice' and my 2 February 2010 letter to various parties, preceded by my 2 December 2009 letter to Sir Paul Stephenson and Alan Johnson have heightened the incandescent fury against me and the blind determination to 'get me' by any means (instead of taking the common sense, intelligent approach of resolving my situation), my being hounded as though I were a terrorist has been going on since 2003 - instigated by Ladsky e.g. My Diary 26 Oct 03 - and, since c. mid-2005 (e.g. My Diary 5 Aug 05), instigated by individuals I believe are connected with the police.

As a result of:

  • - I am more than ever convinced that I am correct in my assessment. (see also my experience with Kensington & Chelsea police in October 2010) (The cost to the taxpayer must be astronomical). (And this is repeated with many others e.g. Whistleblowers). (see also 'surveillance Britain')

As to the reason: I provide the same answer as before: to determine who I contact, in case it provides an opportunity for more vengeance and 'retribution' for my 'daring' to stand-up for my rights e.g. the medical practitioners - My Diary Intro-Medical # 2 ; Medical # 3 (see the experience of Maurice Kirk) - block me from getting help - because, 'of course, 'they' perceive themselves as 'the victims', as being 'wronged by me'.

Currently, of particular interest is: what am I going to do following the 'Get lost' by the Ministry of 'Justice' and by the police and the so-called 'Independent' Police Complaints Commission - to my Subject Access Request?

  • Am I, as also 'helpfully suggested' by the Ministry of 'Justice', going to issue court proceedings "If [I am] dissatisfied with the handling of [my] request"?

(Of note: More than nine months since my complaint to the PHSO - and STILL: no reply)

('They' are all in the dark, as I have not responded to the 'sudden surge' of contacts - and I am also very careful in ALL my contacts)

17 July 2009 and Jan/Feb 2010

As to Ladsky putting his scum on my tail (on a daily basis) (e.g. photograph of another one, on 17 July 09, at 13h18, who was again on my tail in late Jan 10/early Feb 10) (There are other 'regulars'... until I sing within earshot of them "Ladsky's pigs and monkeys" and /or wave at them...

... - as I did to the scum in the photograph who, having gone past him, and crossed a street, when I turned round, I saw that he was positioned on a street corner c. 80m away, looking in my direction) - at which point they are taken 'out of circulation').

In addition to providing 'additional support' - my take is that, as I did not update my website for 8.5 months (mid July 09 to end Mar 10) - he and his mob are wondering whether their contacts are telling them everything I have been up to.

Cadogan Place - 17 Jul 09 - 13h18

18 and 24 April 2010 - Another of Andrew Ladsky's scum / State's goons that is dogging me, hounding me, tracking me

Basil St - 18 Apr 10 - 17h26

Cromwell Rd - 24 Apr 10 - 11h10

Sunday 18 April 2010 - 17h26

As I arrived in Basil St, a few metres from Jefferson House, I spotted this man standing alongside Patisserie Valerie (left-handside photograph). He indirectly looked in my direction. My 'internal radar' went on alert. I remained where I was, opting to see what he would do next. He then looked at a piece of paper, and around him, 'as though he were lost'.

He walked in the direction of Sloan Street and stopped by the Capital Hotel (opposite Jefferson House), talking to the doorman, apparently asking for directions. I walked back a few steps on Hans Crescent to be out of view, in case he came back in my direction. He did, and I took the photograph.

Saturday 24 April 2010 - 11h10

As I was making my way to South Kensington to go to the French Institute (a near daily occurrence at roughly the same time of day) - on the corner with Cromwell Road Gardens and Exhibition Road, I again saw the same man. He was stationary - 'apparently' looking at a map. This man 'obviously' 'gets lost' a lot! :-) Actually, a map tends to be 'a standard issue' among the scum who are on my tail. It provides them with the excuse to be stationary to see what I am going to do next - as per this example.

Saturday 24 April 2010 - 18h00+

From 18h00 I was in the coffee shop of the French Institute. A man, of Far Eastern origin, came to sit at the table that was immediately behind me and placed his computer on the table. We agreed with the people I know that it was an odd choice of table given the level of usage of the coffee shop at the time. (Not the first time this happens -see 3 Apr 10).

At one point, he tried to join in our conversation by laughing at what we were saying (in French). He left a few minutes after closing time.

Even though it was past closing time, a woman, of Black African origin, young, wearing khaki shorts, remained, sitting on her own, drinking a glass of red wine and stayed there until c. 25 minutes past closing time. (People who have a drink in the coffee shop, generally do so before the start of the movie - and had therefore left as the movie had started c. 15 minutes previously).

With the people I known, we discussed the man who had been sitting behind me. The woman was listening to every word of our conversation. She used the toilets, and then left the Institute. (The next day, when I was in the flat, I 'communicated' that I had spotted her).

Other French-speaking, Black Africans.

There are also two other French speaking Black Africans used to snoop on me / attempt to intimidate me / I assume, attempt to befriend me in order to get information from me (see other examples: 3 Apr 10 ; 17 Apr 10).

Like the woman above, I assume they are used for the fact that they speak French. And, who knows, given the very seriously sick, twisted mind of Ladsky, in the hope that I will write something about them in my Diary that can be used to support the outrageous accusation recorded by Kensington & Chelsea police in the 2007 "crime report" that my website contains " and text" (police section 3)

(NB: To pre-empt any more of these extremely sick and twisted, false accusations, I provide the following examples: I have worked in e.g. Ivory Coast and Cameroon, and have a lot of admiration for the people of these countries. To this I also add that, In my youth, I had a boyfriend from Gabon).

Until c. mid March of this year, one of them, c. 1.95m, slim, middle-age, came to the French library practically every time I was there, and stayed until closing time. He would then hang around in the main reception of the Institute, and would still be there when I left.

On one occasion, I decided to play the same game and sat on a chair. Every so often he would look at me, pacing up and down the main reception, sitting on a chair, getting up and doing more pacing. After c. 15 minutes of this, he eventually left the building.

After the closure of the French library, I sometimes go to one of the nearby internet cafés. On many occasions, this man turned up after I had arrived and, like me, stayed there until closing time. (Usually, he had also been in the French library).

During March 2010, he appeared in various places e.g. standing by the entrance of a delicatessen where I had gone to shop on the Kings' Road ; standing by the Victoria & Albert museum, and crossing the road as I arrived. In other words: making sure that I saw him.

I saw him again by the V&A two days after I had updated my website at the end of March. He crossed the Cromwell Road as I was about 80m from the entrance to the museum. I have not seen him since. (I subsequently did: same game. As I was about to leave the internet café, I told him that he could "alert Ladsky" of my departure).

The second one is young. I have chatted to him on several occasions as we found ourselves sitting at the opposite computers in the French library. In March 2010, he asked whether I had time for a coffee. I said that I did not, but that we should do this on another occasion.

On Wednesday 14 April 2010, in the afternoon, I was working in the council-run library on the Kings Road - on the first floor. I spotted a man, caucasian, I have seen before in a different context, and assessed as being from Ladsky's entourage. He only walked into the room for 2-3 metres, looked around and, having looked in my direction, left.

About 20-30 minutes later, the above young, Black African man, arrived in the room. He came over to me to say hello. He then sat at a computer, from where he could see me. I left after some time. He said something as I went past him, but I continued on my way to the toilets.

Although I had walked into the toilets, he followed me, holding the door to prevent it from closing and asked me whether I was leaving. I replied "Pourquoi?" (why?) He again repeated the question. I mumble something in reply to communicate that my movements were none of his business.From the position of the computer that he was using, he could see the door to the toilets.

I left the toilets without looking in his direction, and then left the building. I have not returned to this library. On 28 April I saw that he was in the French library, and again on Saturday 1 May, with his face hidden behind a newspaper.

Saturday 3 April 2010 - Easter weekend - Attempt to assess my state of mind = 'The Brotherhood' is desperate to 'get me'.

In the above entry I wrote "'They' are all in the dark" as to what I am thinking. This and the following entry confirm this - as well as adding further evidence as to what 'they' will resort to to get information, and how low 'they' will sink in their attempt to 'get me'

(See (1) Definitions - Use of covert human intelligence sources by the State, under the RIPA; (2) My Diary 13 Apr 08 - Bribing of students by the police in order to get information ;

(3) 2009 Intro-Medical # 2 ; Medical # 3 , and 25 Jan 11, for other evidence, in addition to Kensington & Chelsea police # 3 Key point # 8, I give in support of my conclusion that the objective of 'the Brotherhood' is to get me 'out of action'. See also the experience of Maurice Kirk, and of the MP's constituent. YES: this country DOES lock-up 'inconvenient people')

I had an errand to do in South Kensington and took the opportunity to go to an Internet café where I spent c. two hours until c.17h30. My 'internal radar' locked on a man who arrived some time after me and sat at the second computer on my left. As I was packing to leave, I saw him key something into his mobile phone which I concluded, in light of subsequent events was a text message - in fact a one key shortcode as, e.g. 10 May 10.

A few metres before the left handside entry to the tube station, my 'radar' locked on a man, Caucasian, probably English, early 40s, c. 1.90m, stocky, oozing arrogance and self-importance of a police-connected individual, arms folded on his chest. He was standing alongside the wall before the station, and therefore facing the coffee shops that are next to each other.

Having walked for c. 30 metres past the man, in the direction of Knightsbridge, I heard my name being called from behind. It was Priya, a student I initially met at the French Institute in Sep 09 who said that she would welcome the opportunity to speak in French as she had an exam coming-up shortly. Happy to help, and because she was pleasant, at the time I spent an afternoon with her on the Kings Road, where we also had dinner.

In December 2009, she was in the library. As we were having a coffee on site, I spotted a man sitting at the next table and immediately knew that he was interested in our conversation. What was also obvious was his choice of table as, I would bet that, in the circumstance, anybody coming into the coffee shop would have sat somewhere else.

In the course of our conversation, Priya told me that she was concerned about her flatmate, also a student, because she was "depressed" and it impacted on her as it also made her "feel depressed". She attributed her flatmate's condition to, among others, her lack of confidence.

I told her about a book that is particularly good and, on my computer, showed her examples of exercises from the book. I promised to send her 1-2 examples but, afterwards, changed my mind as it's important to read the book. Hence, I only sent her the reference details of the book. She did not acknowledge receipt.

What Priya said to me on 3 April 2010:

  • (1) That she was sitting outside the coffee shop and saw me walk by. (She obviously did not see me go by as, by the time she called my name, I was already c. 30 metres past the coffee shop)
  • (2) She felt cold, and was shivering. (Leading me to wonder why she was sitting outside)
  • (3) She had come into town in order to go the French library but that it was closed. (She had therefore been in the area for several hours as, by then, it was c. 17h30)
  • (4) She had gone to the Victoria & Albert museum (close by) and that she "felt lonely" (If so, I wondered why she had come back to South Kensington, to sit, by herself, in a coffee shop instead of going back to her parents' home. She did mention having an appointment later on, but her choice of seat, outside, where she was feeling cold, made no sense)
  • (5) She was thinking of moving into a place of her own, next to the university, because her flatmate continued to be "depressed" and was "depressing" her. However, she was worried that she might "feel lonely". Being by herself in the museum made her "feel lonely". She laboured the point about her flatmate being "depressed" which in turn made her "feel depressed".
  • Hence, it was like a series of hooks she was throwing in the hope I would say that I have these feelings. ('They' are so arrogant, ego-crazed, power-corrupted - and devoid of humanity - that, to this day, 'they' are STILL incapable / refuse to see the situation from my point of view).

I said that, the day before, I had watched Unreported World, on Channel 4, which covered very young children working long hours, for a pittance, in the cocoa industry, and that seeing that made me think that, even in my current situation, by comparison, I was very lucky.

I said that what annoys me are people driven by the cult of money, who indulge in self-pity, basing their benchmark on celebrity magazines as to what their life 'should be like' - totally oblivious to the fact that there are hundreds of millions of people in the world who are suffering terrible misery, live in appalling conditions, go to sleep hungry every day, etc.

I said that it did not mean that we should not aspire to having materialistic things, but that we should appreciate what we have, and try to do good with it.

I added that it was in part my reason for continuing with my fight: to stop the oppression and monstrous injustice that are taking place in the residential leasehold sector. (NB: Also taking place in many other areas in this country - see e.g. Comments received on my site; Victims Unite ; petition to Stop the Oppression of the British People, website:, as well as the "Comments" received by the petition (PDF version) See also the website of some of the signatories:

NOTE also:

(See My Diary 21 Jul 10 for the 'Stop the oppression of the British people' meeting that took place at the House of Commons)

(For the experience of other victims, see the Comments sent on my website)

At this point I remarked that Priya had not replied with the frequent, defeatist response I get from people "It's the same everywhere" i.e. in other countries. I said that this reply made me very angry, and that if we take the lowest common denominator as the benchmark of what is 'acceptable': what kind of society are we creating for the people, including the children of this country?

I added that, with that kind of thinking, we should canonize Idi Amin as a saint because, relative to Pol Pot who had c. 2-3m people killed, Idi Amin 'only' had c. 0.5m people killed. Likewise, we should canonize Pol Pot as a saint relative to Hitler who had c.6 million killed.

At this point Priya said "It was not only the Jews, it was also homosexuals". To which I replied, okay, add another what, say 1 million people killed? - but we should still canonize Hitler as a saint because that's far fewer people killed than those killed under Stalin, up to 35 million. (Other sources quote c. 10m). I concluded by saying: one person killed is one person too many. One wrongdoing is one wrongdoing too many.

Priya did not go back on the topic of "loneliness" and "depression" after I said this.

I gave her a card with my website address saying "in case you want to have a look at it".

She said that she would be in the library during the following week. I did not see her, and never heard from her again.

I repeat what I said at the beginning of this entry re. looking at other parts of My Diary.

Saturday 17 April 2010 - Another attempt to assess my state of mind and determination, as well as to determine my next moves (see also above) = 'The Brotherhood' is desperate to 'get me'.

The scum are out in force. Having just gone past Harrods, my 'internal radar' locked onto a man, in his late 30s, caucasian, wearing a dark blue coat, coming across as lacking in confidence / being very self-aware. He was carrying a Harrods bag that appeared to be made of fabric.

I let him go past me. He stopped about 6 metres ahead of me, put the bag on the ground, and, what was obvious, pretended to inspect the exterior of the bag. I remained where I was. He walked back in my direction, and went past me. Having walked for about 20 metres until the street corner, he turned round to look at me. At this point I laughed, and he immediately turned round and continued on his way.

I too turned round, as my real destination was in the opposite direction: Piccadilly. Having gone past Harvey Nichols, my 'internal radar' locked onto two men, both of whom I assessed (unlike the one above) as not being from the 'Ladsky stable'.

One of them continued on his way, but the one wearing a dark blue suit, English, c. 1.85m, somewhat overweight, in his 30s, stopped by the next street corner, and smoked a cigarette. I positioned myself in the recess of the hotel. After 2-3 minutes, he was still there. Another 2-3 minutes and he was gone. I continued on my way, walking slowly. As I reached the next street corner, he was stationary, 'apparently' looking at a shop window.

I crossed the street. As I reached the opposite pavement, a young man, British, caucasian, c. 1.78m, slim, wearing a blue woolen hat, came from behind me. My 'internal radar' went on alert but I decided to play the game as I wanted him to feedback certain messages.

Since updating my website at the end of March 2010, I have gone back to wearing my T-shirt - everyday on top of my clothes, wherever I go. When I first started to do this, walking around with the board in January 2008, my objective was to put pressure on resolving my situation.

But, as I have failed to achieve this, my objective now is to raise awareness of my case - while I continue to accumulate the extremely shocking and truly sickening evidence.

(The photograph shows the back. On the front, the order is reversed i.e. 'Victim of leasehold fraud' is at the top)

(I often get asked by people what my T-shirt is about, as well as see others make a note of my website. On occasions, I come across people who look at me as though I am suffering from leprosy, with parts of my body falling off / foaming at the mouth from rabies.

I can say that, since 2002, I certainly know what it feels like to be marginalised. I cannot begin to express the ever growing loathing, repulsion and anger at the way I have and continue to be treated in this country. Hearing the claims made by politicians e.g. Gordon Brown, makes my blood boil).

The man asked me what my website is about.

I explained, among others, that: the landlord made me an "offer for £6,350", which was more than £8,000 below the original demand (17 July 02 invoice); I accepted it and paid it even though legally I did NOT owe this amount either ; I did this by writing to his solicitors that I was doing this "for the sake of bringing this dispute to an end" ; that my experience with the tribunal and the courts had been so horrendous and traumatic that my plan was to then leave the country - never to return - as it was no longer the country I had decided to make my home (Home page-Overview)

At this point I said: Guess what? and explained about the 21 October 2004 invoice for £14,400 sent to me three months after the consent order had been endorsed by the court. Hence, as though no offer had been made, I had not accepted it and paid it. And the follow on invoice, three weeks later, for £15,500. (Home page-Overview)

This was the cue for theatrics, as the man got an inhaler out of his trouser pocket. I asked him if he was alright. Reply "Yes, it's just that hearing that stresses me". (!!!)

He led the conversation onto comparison with France. Having said that it would not surprise me to hear that the word corruption was invented in France, I told him the same thing I said to Priya about canonizing various individuals. As I was about to compare Hitler to Stalin, the man said "Stalin" before i had a chance to say the name.

He probed me about my plans. I replied that, with God's help, I intend to fight to the last breath in my body. That even though I am unlikely to achieve my objectives, I am doing this in the hope of being a trigger for change because what is going on in this country, in this sector, is monstrous.

He told me that I was "very strong". I thought to myself: yes, and that sure frustrates the hell out of all of you, as most people would have caved in by now. That's what the business model relies on, including the endless 'Get lost!'

In fact, by now, I 'should' have been 'history' e.g. My Diary 2009 Intro-Medical # 2 ; Medical # 3 ; West London County Court ; the 09.10.10 £24,000 demand ; 25 Jan 11, for other evidence, in addition to Kensington & Chelsea police # 3 Key point # 8, I give in support of my conclusion that the objective of the 'Brotherhood' is to get me 'out of action'. See also the experience of Maurice Kirk and of the MP's constituent. YES: this country DOES lock-up 'inconvenient people'.

Providing further confirmation that he was tasked with 'assessing me', he asked whether I had friends here. I replied that I no longer trust anyone in this country, and that, luckily, I love my own company - an upside from my childhood when I was constantly moved around, from family members, foster parents, boarding schools, an orphanage where I spent the longest time, etc.

In reply to his question, I confirmed that the majority of the establishments in which I spent my childhood were run by nuns - and that therefore the principles of right and wrong had been drilled into me at an early age (e.g. in the orphanage, we went to mass every day, and said at least a dozen prayers during the course of the day).

I thought to myself: that's obviously perceived as 'very inconvenient' by the 'ruling elite' that does not expect "the Great Unwashed" to have scruples in relation to each other. (My protests against the 'service charge'). The only time you are expected to be honest is, 'of course', in relation to paying tax i.e. money for them. In other words, the 'little people' are expected to behave like schizophrenics - by turning the 'moral principles tap' on/off.

I said that I would die knowing that Ladsky and those who have and continue to help him would be known as the people who killed me. The man replied "He does not care!" (NB !!!).

To which I said that his son, nephews, etc. and ditto for the next generation of the others who have and continue to help him, might feel differently about being known as related to these people who led to the death of a woman - solely because she 'dared' to stand-up to them and their greed. That kind of event sticks to the descendants for a very, very long time.

He said something about Ladsky then getting my flat. I replied that it was clearly the game plan: waiting for me to die / being 'put out of action' permanently (and, possibly before that, ensuring that I have paid off the remainder of the mortgage on the flat) - as (among others) I have not had any communication from the managing agents since the fraudulent claim of 27 Feb 07.

Hence, have not paid any service charge. (See 13 Jul 10, below, for update) I added that this potential outcome cheered me up as the flat would be like a noose around Ladsky's neck. Once dead, I obviously would not care about the flat. I think I also said "What goes round, comes round"; "As you sow, so shall you reap".

Fairly early on in the conversation which lasted about 8-10 minutes, he said words to the effect: "Are you going to bump him off?" I thought to myself: Is this perceived as the 'ideal scenario'? I replied "Ladsky is not worth spending a nano second in prison for".

My take on this (added to the theatrics when I talked about the follow-on invoices after I accepted - and paid - the "offer") is that Ladsky is perhaps viewed as a major liability by the long-established residential leasehold sector players.

(I assume that, unlike him and his mob, they know when it is in their interest to back-off; in my case, would have backed-off when I accepted the 21 Oct 03 "offer") - but, typically, 'they' are too craven to do anything about it. So, 'they' direct the vendetta and persecution at me (Home page-Overview)

I also said that, contrary to Ladsky's claim to Kensington police, I was not an anti-Semite - as evidenced by e.g. the fact that I had had a Jewish doctor for 37 years - but that so-called 'Jews' like him and his aides were going out of their way to create this feeling in people. (The woman from a lovely couple I have met through C.A.R.L., who is Jewish, agreed with me, and added that their landlord, from whom they have also suffered horrendous treatment (see My Diary 22 Nov 08 re. her husband), is also Jewish). (See below).

I ended the conversation by saying that I'd better continue on my way. After I had walked a few steps, the man came from behind me saying that he happened to be going in the same direction. He then proceeded ahead at a fast pace. It seems to me that he took a bus - going in the direction from which we had come. Maybe he was on his way to report back to Kensington police. (See Definitions - Use of covert human intelligence sources by the State, under the RIPA)

Tuesday 6 May 2010 - And 'they' continue circling around me like vultures

On my way to the French Institute, I spotted some scum who appeared to be interested in my movements. Among these were:

Thurloe Place - 11h 23

(1) As I arrived in Thurloe Place, at 11h22, a man (man # 1) wearing a black waterproof three-quarter length coat, with a blue rucksack - was stationary alongside the pub, talking in a mobile phone. As my 'internal radar' went 'on alert', I stopped, and prepared my camera.

(2) The second man (man # 2) with the tan briefcase arrived, and stopped alongside the pub, a few metres from man # 1. He had been walking close to me since Knightsbridge.

Thurloe Place - 11h23

When man #1 saw that I was taking a photograph, he started to walk in the direction of Exhibition Road. Man # 2 walked in the direction of Cromwell Place. I did the same thing, crossing over to the pavement where they had been.

Man # 2 turned left into Thurloe St, and stood c. 8 metres from the entrance to South Ken tube station. I also stopped to see what would happen next. After about one minute, he walked to the passage way of the entrance to the station.

Thurloe St - 11h25

I did the same thing, and a few seconds later, spotted man #1 standing alongside the railing of houses that are opposite the entrance to the station.

Hence, he had gone round the block: from Thurloe Place, turning right into Exhibition Road, and right into Thurloe St.


Thurloe Street - 11h27

I remained where I was, hiding behind the folded shutter of the entrance.

As can be seen from the photograph, the man had moved along.

(Use of a mobile phone as an excuse to remain stationary is an alternative to using a map - e.g. 18 and 24 April, above)

Thurloe Street - 11h28

One minute later, he started to walk in the direction of Cromwell Place. I decided to follow him to see what he would do next.

Cromwell Place - 11h29

As can be seen from the photograph, he stopped about 20 metres up from the corner of the street. (The next street corner, a few metres up, is Thurloe Place, where he was originally positioned at 11h22).

Thurloe Street - 11h28

Cromwell Place - 11h29

While I do 'feel things' (e.g. so far, I have accurately predicted the date and precise time of the death of two people - I hasten to add: not because I killed them :-) ), I am sure, and in fact realise that, sometimes, I get it wrong. However, I think that, in this instance as well, the evidence speaks for itself.

I took more photographs as more scum (1) came and stayed in the library to 'check' on me ; (2) followed me on my way back to the flat, in the evening. Clearly, in this town, there is no shortage of help to carry out your dirty work. "People would sell their soul to the devil" is certainly very true.

I wonder what 'Freemasons-Tel Aviv Subsidiary' have in store for me tomorrow. (To reinforce the message that (unlike the craven individuals in the State departments I have had to deal with since 2002), I am not scared of vermin, the following day, on leaving Jefferson House, I made a one finger sign towards each of the cameras... as an alternative to my other message).

On my way back to the flat, a man who said to be living close by, asked me about my case, and reported what appeared to be a similar story to mine: rip-off service charges; corrupt individuals in the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal / court; Jewish landlord; 'company' registered offshore, etc. Yep! it definitely sounded very familiar! (Home page-Overview)

When I told the man that I also had a death threat hanging over my head since 15 Jun 09 and was waiting to be killed (NB: another one was added on 14 Jun 14) - the man replied "They won't do that! They are very nasty, vicious people. It's intended to scare you". I replied that I wanted 'them' to do it as 'they' would have to live with the consequences and, any case, metaphorically, I died in 2002 when it all started (My Diary 20 Mar 07 ; 7 Jun 08_Q1).

I said that, in the meantime, I WILL continue with my fight, exposing more and more evidence of what can happen in this country to an innocent leaseholder. And said: 'Those who have no hope, have no fear'. (I must say: it's a very liberating feeling).

Many of what I call the 'new entrants' to the residential leasehold sector are 'Jewish'. Based on the leaseholders I have met through, among others, C.A.R.L., they tend to be behind some of the worst treatment of leaseholders. (Look at what Ladsky and his mob have and continue to do to me - and the assistance they have and continue to get in doing it ). However, geography has an impact, as the profile appears to change depending on the area.

In the 50s and early 60s, one of the most notorious landlords was Peter Rachman, born in Poland, the son of a Jewish dentist. His properties were concentrated in West London. It is said that he got rid of sitting tenants who had statutory protection against high rent increases, and then subdivided the properties and let the rooms to recent immigrants from the West Indies who did not have the same protection, as well as for prostitution. (See e.g. Wikipedia, for detail).

A site,, had reported Rachman's "rent collectors and enforcers" being beaten-up following Rachman going back on a protection agreement with Ronnie Kray, a notorious London East-End gangster. (NB: Had Rachman been around now, if he wanted active protection and assistance, he could have gone to his local police station at Notting Hill or, indeed, any of the other stations in the borough).

The then MP for the area who fought for new legislation to protect tenants, coined the word RACHMANISM. It was entered in the Concise Oxford dictionary, and is defined as:

"The exploitation and intimidation of tenants by unscrupulous landlords; 1960s, after the notorious landlord Peter Rachman" (See media articles)


A visitor to the site wrote, in 2008, "Legislation was introduced to protect private tenants, but the Thatcher Government of 1979 watered it down in favour of the private landlord". To this I will add: And this was followed by New Labour which went out of its way to give landlords carte blanche to do exactly as they please - in spite of its pre-election promise, " An End to Feudalism" (John Prescott # 4.1). And Gordon Brown, then Prime Minister, continued to break Labour's promise by rejecting the 2007-08 "Petition to abolish leasehold"

Outcome? More than 50 years on (!!!), a new term is required (racketeers, parasites, vermin and psychopaths spring to mind) (I repeat my Comments under Persecution (1)(4)), and the definition to read something along the line of:

"State-endorsed widespread exploitation, extortion, blackmail, persecution, harassment, bullying, victimization, intimidation, character assassination of tenants by criminal landlords, with the active assistance of corrupt surveyors, accountants, lawyers, judges, police officers, etc - and the support of some MPs, ministers, Prime Ministers, head of police, etc.".

Saturday 8 May 2010 - And the 'vultures' continue circling around me

On my way to the French Institute; in the library. I let them know that I was aware of their game. God! There is a lot of vermin in this town! I wonder: are things 'hotting up' somewhere? Outcome of the "general election"? Follow-up to the letter to Her Majesty The Queen?

The kindergarten little boys who perceive themselves as being 'ever so superior to me', throwing tantrums because (1) I spot them and report some of it on my website, including capturing some of the photographs? (e.g. from the start of this page) (Perhaps 'they' concluded from the fact that I had stopped doing this that I was not aware of it); (2) I have - yet again - seen through their game - and exposed it? (3 Apr 10 ; 17 Apr 10)

'They' do this to me, including coming close to me to dare me, and then 'get upset' when I expose it - demonstrating that 'they' perceive themselves as the parties who have been wronged. It shows the extent of their moral depravation, massive arrogance and equally massive stupidity.

The kindergarten little boys can't cope with the fact that a - totally unprotected - 'woman', on her own, is not scared of them! How 'dare' I? And nor can they cope with the fact that the 'standard formula' to beat leaseholders into submission is - second time round - not working in my case. So, knowing that 'they' have carte blanche to do exactly as they please, 'they' will keep on persecuting me to the very end.

Indeed, here I am: all by myself against this 'army' with ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE to turn to for help.

(By contrast, the judges who have subjected me to 43 months of unbelievably vicious, perverse, sadistic and cruel treatment, have the option of accessing "a 24-hour counselling helpline to help them deal with the emotional problems and stresses of the job"). (The MPs caught misappropriating public funds were also provided with this facility).

And this country, "A Fair Britain for All" - that has excluded in its legislation two critical Articles from the European Convention Human Rights, criticizes the breach of Human Rights in other countries! 'Great' Britain indeed!

Monday 10 May 2010 - Yep! Looks like the kindergarten little boys are having tantrums

I was in High Street Kensington, and could see that I was being followed. (The unusual thing would be if I were not).

Kensington High St - Bookshop - 13h51

I went into a bookshop, and positioned myself at the back, at street level, with a good view of the entrance. This man came in about one minute later. He kept walking around, looking at everything and nothing in particular.

I knew that his interest was in me, and my 'internal radar' led me to assess him as one of Ladsky's scum. I stayed where I was, taking one book after the other, and reading the back cover. The man kept circling around.

After about 12-15 minutes, I opted to leave the bookshop to see what he would do. As I went past him, he took his mobile phone out of his pocket - and pressed just one key on his mobile. I have seen this done many times before by those I suspect to be monitoring me e.g. man in the Internet cafe on 3 Apr 10.

I positioned myself slightly out of view, by the phone box. Sure enough, within about 20 seconds, the man came out of the store - and I took the photograph.

The man looked panicky. He tried to avoid me by going around the phone box. He went past me at a fast pace in the direction of High St Ken station. As he went past me, and by then was ahead of me, I shouted "On whose payroll are you?" He turned around very briefly. I repeated my question, by which time, he was nearly running away. (Previous examples of panicky behaviour: 23 Mar 10 ; 26 Oct 03 ; 19 Apr 06 ; 16 May 06 ; 16 Jul 05 ; 10 Sep 05) (Yes. I am being closely monitored since 2003 and, in all likelihood, it started before that for the purpose of determining whether I could be a potential mark).

Having done something else, I returned to the bookshop, and this time, went downstairs where I positioned myself in a corner from where I could see people coming down.

My take to explain what happened next - based on my 'internal radar': (1) the above scum reported to Ladsky what had happened; (2) Ladsky phoned his bully 'SS' lackeys at Kensington police, Earls Court Road, which is very close to the bookshop - as a mini-cavalry turned up, in drips - with at least always two being in the area where I was, OR the scum was one of the local 'SS' snoops, and phoned the station himself:

Man # 1 arrived, and repeated the same 'dance' as the one above: repeatedly circling around the area, looking at everything and nothing, including going back to stands he had previously 'looked at'; coming close to me as if to dare me.

After more than 10 minutes, I decided to make myself comfortable to watch 'the show', and sat on the floor, scanning through a number of books. He continued with his 'dance'.

Kensington High St - Bookshop - 14h51

Man # 2, as can be seen, wearing shirt and tie, but no jacket, in spite of the cold weather (hence, came from close by: building, or car) arrived.

He remained close by me, 'looking' at books.

After about five minutes, man # 1 also came back close to me. At this point I said "Vermin!". (I repeat my Comments under Persecution (1)(4)). They pretended that they did not hear me. Man # 1 continued circling around the area.

Another c. 3-4 minutes, and I took the photograph.

Man # 2 practically jolted and bolted from where he was, as though his pants were on fire, in the direction of the stairs, empty handed, and up the stairs. Man # 1 left within the next 20 seconds - also empty handed.

(I should add that, during part of the time, an employee had been taking photographs of the shop and, quite clearly, this had not bothered these two men).

I am not sure, but he looks very similar to the man who was 'overseeing' the encounter I had on 17 Apr 10 (above) with, what I conclude, was a covert surveillance goon.

These are just examples of what took place on that day - including in this shop e.g. another man in the bookshop, of Black-African origin, came to sit in the area downstairs c. 15 minutes after I arrived. He was still there when I left.

At least 1.5 hours later (during which I had gone to the local library where, of course, I was also followed), this man 'happened' to come to McDonalds when I was sitting, in the basement level, and looked at me. I sneered.

(NB: Then Ladsky throws back the ball to his flunkeys at the local police (see e.g. 29 July, below)

(Adding to the evidence: see e.g. the outcome of my 7 visits, in October 2010, to Kensington & Chelsea police in an attempt to get it to record - and investigate - blatantly obvious instances of my being followed and harassed)

I wonder how much taxpayer money is used by corrupt police officers:

  • (2) To take revenge against individuals like me who 'dare' stand-up to the racketeers and expose them - and, in the process, those who assist them. (e.g. K&C police # 5)

In its 24 May 10 issue, the Yorkshire Post has an article "Shamed: 40 Yorkshire police staff sacked for crime and misconduct" The sackings are reported to have taken place at West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire and Hamberside Police.

Looking at the offences that have led them to being sacked, I can think of quite a few in Kensington police who should DEFINITELY be sacked - starting with Chief Superintendent Mark Heath, Borough Commander, for acting as a fertiliser for malpractice. But, considering the outcome of relating my experience to the Met Commissioner, Sir Paul Stephenson, he evidently does not share my view. A visit to the Yorkshire police forces 'might' enlighten him. Perhaps the new (then) Home Secretary, Theresa May, could suggest that to him.

(Note that e.g.s.30 of the Police Reform Act 2002 has added, to s.9E of the Police Act 1996, 'Removal of Commissioner or Deputy Commissioner', "resigning" to the option of "retiring" ("in the interests of efficiency or effectiveness") (and related s.33) = as in other parts of the public sector: NO sacking! )


Thursday 13 May 10 - Another of Andrew Ladsky's scum dogging me from South Kensington

As I walking back to the 'concentration camp' (i.e.the flat) from South Kensington having, yet again, spent the day in the French Institute's library, I felt that somebody was following me.

13 May 10 - 20h46 - Height of V&A museum

I was at the height of the V&A museum.

I turned around and saw the scum in the photograph. I describe him as a scum because as soon as I turned around, he stopped walking abruptly and turned to face the VA - perhaps having been warned that, if I caught him, I was likely to take a photograph. Failed attempt!

That is another of Andrew Ladsky's 'dogs' that, among other, track me back to the Jefferson House 'concentration camp' e.g. 20 July 10 ; 25 Apr 11 ; all the way to my destination e.g. 24 Mar 10 ; 27 Jul 10 ; from my point of departure e.g. 6 Jun 09; 29 Jul 10

See other examples.

Sunday 16 May 10 - The 'dogs' lost track of me, causing a 'red alert' among the 'Stasi' that eventually found me, and sent a signal to the 'Luftwaffe', to come and dish out more of the criminal psychological harassment by the British State.

I left the flat at c.02h30 a.m. Having crossed the Brompton Road, I proceeded to the next main parallel road, and went West in the direction of the museums. After c. 5 minutes, I stopped in a side street for c. 8 minutes. Having changed route again, I then stopped somewhere where I was out of sight. By then, c. 25-30 minutes had passed since I left the flat.

After about 3-4 minutes, a helicopter arrived. It circled over the route I had taken. It then went West, and kept circling over the area of the museums. It was still doing it when I left where I was after about 15-20 minutes.

In the afternoon, I went to Piccadilly, Regents Street, and Oxford Street. I could see that I was being followed. Same thing when I was in John Lewis. I left the store through an emergency staircase and went to a nearby restaurant.

By 18h10 I was in Duke Street, in front of the very large, multi-door entrance to Selfridges (which, by then, was closed), to shelter from the rain. It has a freestanding glass roof that covers the whole length of the entrance, and is of a width that shelters a large part of the fairly wide pavement.

A man arrived from the Wigmore St side, late 30s, of Far Eastern origin, emanating a lot of negativity. Although the whole length of the entrance to the store was deserted, he positioned himself just over one metre to my right. I held my open umbrella on the side, turning it rapidly c. 60cm in front of his face to force him away. He did not move.

He took a mobile phone out of his pocket, and pressed 1-2 keys. Within seconds, an helicopter flew right above us, with underneath lights blazing. It was so low, that it seemed that it was about to land on the roof of Selfridges. (Subsequent note: the height of the helicopter was c. the same as on 30 Nov 13 - when I took a photograph)

The man did not look up. At this point, he left in the direction of Oxford St.

= More of the criminal psychological harassment regime by the British State - implemented by psychos demonstrating their fury (and insanity) at my 'daring' to give the 'Stasi' the run.

[Sunday 25 April ; Green Park: repeatedly circling above me like a dog trying to catch its tail]

(See also 18 Sep 10 and 22 Sep 10. This is becoming a habit by the 'Gestapo') (a habit that continued - see Persecution # 2)


Monday 17 May 2010 - Taking the scum for a walk

In the morning, before leaving the flat, I said: "Let the dogs loose. Alert the Earls Court pigs. Get the helicopter on standby in case you lose me again"

I decided to take the scum for a walk, by doing nothing other than walk around, several times, the surrounding blocks to Jefferson House, including walking back on my steps after going into a street. I counted a dozen scum, including three women (there is no shortage of 'helpers' in this town) - with some of them pressing just one key on their phone as I went past them. (Other examples: 10 May 10; 3 Apr 10) 'They' were evidently determined that 'they' were not going to lose track of me this time.

Of these, two scum, talking to each other, who, as I went past them, were stationary half way up the pedestrianised area alongside Harrods, had walked up to the Brompton Road end of the area. As I had turned back after walking for c. 40 metres on the Brompton Road, alongside Harrods, we came face to face on the corner of Harrods. Panic showed on their face.

Being near the Harrods door, they made a beeline for it and went in. I went back to Jefferson House, when, of course, I continued to be followed. I 'think' that 'a meeting' took place shortly afterwards to discuss events...and, perhaps review plans.

It really is high time to issue an updated version of 'Rachmanism'.

Of course, the following days, a large number of 'troops' continued to be deployed e.g.20 May 10. 'They' follow me, as well as circle around me in the shops, including chemists, no doubt hoping to hear that I am not feeling well. (The alternative to being provided with the opportunity to get me sectioned - as 'they' are not breaking me (e.g. 3 Apr 10 ; 17 Apr 10) e.g. My Diary 2009 - Medical # 3 , # 2 , K&C police # 3, Key point # 8). In recent weeks, I have noted what appears to be a growing proportion of individuals of Middle-Eastern origin.

The whistleblower, Neil Mitchell described the individuals following him as "military type". It's a description that also fits some of the individuals I believe are following me. I assess a significant proportion as being of Middle-Eastern origin.

Thursday 20 May 2010 - "I am on the payroll of the devil"

I left the flat to go to a CASIA meeting. It's a support group for victims of the legal sector: solicitors, barristers and judges. Some cases also involve equally corrupt individuals in the police. In the case of the latter, as I have discovered, those who are not, can end-up being overruled by those who are.

As I was about to get on Sloane St, I spotted the man in the photograph, opposite the Armani shop.

I tracked back to the corner with Hans Crescent to prepare my camera, out of sight. I then walked back and took the photograph. The man had a menacing face, squinted his eyes into a slit. His facial features led me to think that he 'might' be from Eastern Europe.

I walked past him, and stopped by the Prada shop. He came very close to me and, as he kept walking, said one word. I could not make it out. It had two syllables. It seemed that the first one started with 'd' and the second one had an 'ee' sound.

I turned around and said, loudly "Go s**** yourself!"

He stopped a few metres down, at the height of the pedestrian crossing, looking at me. Had his eyes been machine guns, he would have killed me on the spot.

Sloane Street, 20 May 10, 13h52

As I got near him, I asked "On whose payroll are you?". He replied "The devil". To which I said, in a half laughing tone, "That, I have absolutely no problem believing".

I crossed Sloane St and went down, past the hotel, on Cadogan Place.

I could feel that the man had done the same thing.

As I reached Lowndes St, I turned around and, sure enough, he was there. He turned round as soon as he saw me aim my camera at him.

He then continued walking in the direction of Lowndes St. We looked at each other. He made a fist gesture at me. I smiled. He did as well.

I crossed the road, and continued on West Halkin St.

Cadogan Place, 20 May 10, 13h55

A factor that might have unconsciously led me to spot him is that it seems to me that he is the same man I saw on 14 July 09, opposite Harrods. (Although I assessed him as likely to be British). In fact: he IS the SAME man.

I had gone into Sainsbury, the food shop, on the Brompton Road, opposite Harrods. On coming out, I saw that he was looking in my direction, and stationary.


Brompton Road, opposite Harrods, 14 Jul 09, 17h07

On seeing that I was looking at him, he then walked to the bus stop, and positioned himself behind it, against the wall of the block of flats behind it. He turned his face away when he saw me prepare my camera.

What I heard from the other victims during the CASIA meeting was horrendous and very shocking. (Some of what I subsequently heard from other victims, on 21 Jul 10, was even worse) (See also Comments for other people's experience).

It further confirmed to me that, up to 2002, I had been walking around with a blindfold on my eyes.

There are a lot of very, very sick people in the English legal sector. See also e.g. Victims Unite; Stop the Oppression of the British People (other websites under the Legal Home - Intro).

Based on my first-hand experience, that of others, and media reports, I conclude that they are also well represented in the police, including its (police-staffed) 'Independent' Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), as well as among surveyors (e.g. RICS, MRJ, Brian Gale, London LVT).

The all-consuming obsession with the 'God of Money' is supported by extreme arrogance; gross abuse of power; gross failure of duty of care; extreme cruelty, ruthlessness, viciousness, perversion and sadism in the pursuit of the financial objectives, as well as 'revenge' against those who 'dare' stand-up to the corrupt individuals, racketeers and their supporting infrastructure.

After money, these people get their kicks out of making - and seeing - people suffer. And what is even more sickening, in fact, frightening, is that there is no shortage of people ready to help them in the pursuit of their objectives. Like the cop said: "People will sell their soul to the devil".

What is going on is like the Wild West - but devoid of all humanity, and with absolutely no fear of sanction - as the corrupt elements who have the legal remit to control the environment are active participants, acting like pimps and whores who prostitute Her Majesty The Queen's departments for the benefit of crooks.

At the end of the meeting, as we were about to leave the room, I said that it was best that people were not seen with me, otherwise they 'might' end-up being followed.

Two women replied to not worry about this, as they too were being monitored and followed, and that it had been going on for some time. (See other examples: 21 Jul 10 ; whistleblower ; Comment # 34 ; leaseholders in a small block of flats)

There must be hundreds of 000s of 'Stasi' in this country spying on others - also used for the purpose of protecting / assisting criminal activities from:

(1)- profiling them (e.g. law firms) to determine whether they can be a mark;

(2)- monitoring their every move once they have been selected, in the process enlisting other parties to assist, such as e.g. mobile communication providers - and taking 'remedial' actions in case they show signs of being 'uncooperative' by e.g. attempting to scare them, other forms of harassment (21 Jul 10) , recording false "crime reports" against them, etc., etc,.

(3)- hounding them for revenge and 'retribution' if they failed to lie down and let themselves be used and abused by the racketeers.

The pub had become very busy. As we left, one of the women said "If these people knew our story! They are like we were before it happened to us". We agreed that they would not believe us. We also agreed that we wished the blindfold had not been removed from our eyes. At least, we had a life then.

By then it was c. 19h30. As I was walking back in the direction of the flat, I spotted more scum e.g.

(1)- When I reached Belgrave Square, from Upper Belgrave St, after walking for c. 30m I went past a man, English, 40s, c 1.85m, overweight, wearing blue shorts, checked-shirt. I turned round after taking a few more steps. With his left hand, he took a mobile out of his pocket. He lifted his right hand towards his left hand, then put the mobile back in his pocket = signaled that he passed me.

(2)- Still on Belgrave Sq, a few metres from the corner with West Halkin St, an obese, medium height man, dressed in black, smoking a cigarette, with a Waitrose bag at his feet, was stationary alongside one of the buildings. It 'seemed' to me that he was the same man I spotted on 27 Jul 06 and described as "out of a Hitchcock's movie". I might be wrong. However, I am sure I have seen him before. He gave me a nasty look as I went by.

Having gone past him, I did the one finger sign in my back. He followed me, as he also came into West Halkin St and kept looking in my direction. By then, I had crossed to the other pavement. I stopped at the Waitrose store... from which he had come and then gone to Belgrave Sq to wait for me?

(3)- Within 3 minutes of my being in Waitrose, a man, English, middle-age, shorter than me, cop-look, also oozing negativity, came into the store from the West Halkin St side. I was standing by one of the empty checkouts, with no cashier, waiting for an employee who had gone into the store room. The man made a beeline in my direction. As he was close to me I said "Ladsky's dog". He went back the way he had come from, oozing anger. I believe that he then left the store by the other entrance.

Considering what took place early afternoon, and the predominant profile of the scum in the evening, my guess is that it was a repeat of what took place on e.g. 10 May 10. How dare I not be scared of 'Dear Mr Ladsky' scum - including his Earls Court Road bully henchmen? Although, having said that, the 'troops' have since continued to be out in force on a daily basis.

YES. It really is high time to issue an updated version of 'Rachmanism'.


Saturday 22 May 10 - One of Ladsky's 'dogs' hounds me in South Ken

As I was arriving at the pedestrian crossing by South Ken tube station, on the Thurloe St side, the young man in the photograph, who appeared to me to be of Middle-Eastern origin (not Arab), was hovering by the crossing.

I stood at the crossing as though I was going in the direction of the French Institute.

The man went ahead of me and crossed the road.

I turned round and went down the station where I stayed in the main area.

After about 10 minutes, the man arrived and positioned himself where he is in the photograph... and got his mobile out.

As I went past him, I said: "What happened? Did you miss me?" Reply: "Yes!"

South Kensington station - 11h25

Sunday 23 May 2010

Cromwell Road - 11h25

On my way to South Ken, at c. 11h17, I noticed the man in the photographs walking close to me. He was holding a drink. I assumed that he had come out of the coffee shop that is past Harrods, after I went by.

He crossed Brompton Road at the crossing that is before the Brompton Oratory. Continuing to walk in the same direction as me, he took his mobile out briefly. (Walking on the opposite pavement is a tactic used to avoid being noticed).

By the Brompton Oratory, I also crossed the road and continued in the direction of the V&A museum. From a long way, I spotted that the man was stationary, just before the height of the crossing on Exhibition Road. As I continued walking, he kept looking in my direction. I took the photograph at 11h25.

As I went past him I said: "Now you can report that you have seen me - again!". I continued on my way.

As I came out of Jefferson House, at c. 21h30, I saw a young man, who appeared to be of Jewish origin, wearing a suit, standing on the opposite pavement. On seeing me, he had a smirk and, within three seconds, left in the direction of Harrods.

Among what happened subsequently: as I was walking in the direction of the Brompton Oratory, I spotted a man sitting on one of the benches on the elevated section of the pavement. The area was quite dark. Without my doing anything to suggest that I had spotted him, he waved at me. I waved back.



This is a continuation of ongoing harassment, persecution, and utter invasion of my privacy - Transferred to Persecution # 2.

  • Snapshots of examples, including means used - Transferred to Persecution # 2


And if the "Nazi" Bitch does not do as she is told and rebels? No worries! There is a well established extensive network of 'shareholders' in the 'right places' in the professions, the police, the courts, etc, ready to crush her - by whatever means.

(They have (blatantly obvious) implicit / explicit 'memorandums of understanding' e.g. police and Law Society) (copy)

She can write to her MP, heads of the courts, other ministers, all the way up to the Prime Minister, the Met Commissioner, file complaints left right and centre: nobody will lift a little finger to help her. In fact, we'll all have a good laugh about it. And those who are not already part of 'the system'? No worries!

They can be bought / brought in (e.g. medical, mobile communications, post). We'll get the Bitch!

(See the 9 July 2010 totally unsupported demand of £24,000 (Martyn Gerrard: Background , # 2); outcome of my reporting being followed to K&C police, in Oct 2010)

The obvious conclusion from this is that Andrew David Ladsky and his mob have overall control of this country.

And this island has to be, by far, one of the most welcoming to crooks in the world.

My experience since 2002 (Case summary) in "A Fair Britain for ALL" (*) leads me to conclude that, instead of paying £500,000+ in tax to the State, I should have paid it to the more commonly known mafia.

I assume that this amount of money would have guaranteed me protection from exploitation, extortion, blackmail, persecution, harassment, bullying, victimization, intimidation, character assassination, etc., as well as given me access to justice and redress - especially as a woman, on my own, of limited means - who is the blatantly obvious innocent victim of crime.



(*) Note that the UK Human Rights Act 1998 OMITS two critical Articles from the European Convention on Human Rights (document obtained from the Council of Europe's website):

  • Article 1 - Obligation to respect Human Rights
  • Article 13 - Right to an effective remedy

(I asked Liberty - "Protecting civil liberties - Promoting human rights" - whether I had missed it on its site "What's not to love about Human Rights?", or whether it was silent about these omissions. If so, why. I did not receive a reply).

(NB: Another example: The UK attempted to limit the European Commission's Data Protection Directive)

Wednesday 2 Jun 10 - Continuation of the 'Stasi'

After posting a Data Protection Act Section 10 Notice to Chief Superintendent, Mark Heath, Kensington police (which he has of course ignored) (police # 5.5), I went to Oxford St via New Bond St and Bond St.

Bond St, opposite Fenwicks - 16h04




Bond St, opposite Fenwicks - 16h05

For a while, I noted that these two men were walking, on the opposite pavement, about 8-10 metres behind me, at the same pace as mine. They were also stopping when I did.

I went into the department store Fenwicks. When I came out after a few minutes, they were stationary on the opposite pavement.

The Asian man first spotted that I took a photograph of them and turned round, while alerting the other one.

They then walked back in the direction from which they had come.

This is just an example of what took place on this day.

Psychopaths shoving map and mobile phones in my face

I forgot to mention that, within 24-48 hours of publishing on my website that the scum who are dogging me, stalking me often use a map as a means of giving them an excuse to stop and observe my movements, one of them, stepped in my path as I was walking past the V&A museum and shoved a map under my nose. He was Caucasian, massive potbelly. I laughed. I had spotted him well before, stationary, looking in my direction.

Likewise in relation to my reporting on my website my conclusion that the scums use their mobile phone to communicate when they are about to pass me / have passed me...

... - within 24-48hrs of my publishing it, on the corner with Sloane St, two men, who were stationary, waited until I was close to them, then shoved their mobile under my nose while pressing one key in a highly exaggerated movement. I just laughed showing my utter contempt for them. Do these people ever stop to think and look at themselves - and more to the point: to question what they are being asked to do? Obviously not; same breed as their handlers.

In addition to demonstrating that the psychopathic vermin (I repeat my Comments under Persecution (1)(4)) is constantly monitoring my website, if further proof was required: IT UNDENIABLY PROVES THAT I AM BEING MONITORED AND STALKED. And, of course, it continues on a daily basis - including being monitored in the flat. (I have met yet more people who are reporting the same thing - see (20 May 10 ; 21 July 10).

Wednesday 30 Jun 10 - The 'Stasi' continues to watch my every move - and making it clear that it does ....and Kensington & Chelsea police REFUSES to act on the evidence...which means that this particular scum continues to do it.

Walking on the Brompton Road, in the direction of South Kensington, I noticed that a man, 50s, dressed in black was, as he frequently does (and always wearing the same type of clothes), sitting on a bench on the elevated section of the pavement on Brompton Road. This time, he was sitting at the height of c. #150.

As I was walking on the opposite pavement, I noticed that he was looking in my direction, following me as I was walking. He has previously done this on several other occasions.

Brompton Road - 10h04

I did an errand in one of the shops, past where he was sitting. As I came out, he was still looking in my direction. At that point, I tracked back from where I had come in order to take the photograph - 10h04.

I then went to an internet café in South Ken (see below).

Old Brompton - South Ken - 14h02

As can be seen in the photograph – 14h02 (hence 4 hours later) - the man had also come to South Ken, and was looking in my direction.

I remained where I was, looking to see what he would do next.

As can be seen in the 14h04 photograph, he continued walking and then stopped in the entrance to a building – continuing to look at me.

Old Brompton - South Ken - 14h04

s he continued to do so, after 2-3 minutes I took a mobile phone out of my bag and started to talk. The man then took a mobile out of his pocket. He was evidently given the order from ‘headquarter’ to leave, as he departed within the next 20 seconds - while still looking at me.

On a previous occasion, one evening, as I was heading back towards the flat, the same man had also been sitting on one of the same benches on the elevated section, and had given me a very nasty look as well as made a remark. Having gone past him, I did a one finger sign in my back.

The following evening, shortly after I left the French Institute, he had ensured to come face-to-face with me in South Kensington. (Hence, he obviously knew about my movements on that day!) I sneered. If that vermin and his equally psychopathic, vermin (I repeat my Comments under Persecution (1)(4)) masters think they are scaring me – they ought to know better by now. It shows their unbelievable stupidity. Great! It helps me to continue building-up the evidence.

(NB: This goon has continued dogging me e.g. 21 and 22 May 11)

Of note: within 2-3 days of my reporting on my website the 30 Jun 10 events, that scum's mate, a pretend tramp whose 'territory' is after that of the 30 Jun 10 scum's, directed abusive comments at me as I went past.

A 'pretend tramp' as, while he often sits on the pavement in the vicinity of the Brompton Oratory - always glaring at me as I go past, on at least 5-6 occasions he has turned-up within 5 minutes of my being in an Internet café in South Kensington (most recently in early Oct 10) (I have stopped going there since) - and whenever possible, has sat next to me, and has ensured that I noticed him)

Brompton Road, 31 Dec 10, 12h39

I took the photograph on 31 Dec 10 (the beard is a recent addition). As I was walking west on the Brompton Oratory side of Brompton Road, the man was coming from the opposite direction. On recognising me, his facial expression communicated superiority, arrogance and contempt.

Knowing that he would eventually turn round to look at me to see what I had done, I prepared my camera. And sure enough, having walked for c. 40m which led him to being on the elevated section of the pavement: he did. At that point, I took the photograph.

(On 31 Dec 10, another scum had been watching me - see 31 Dec 10)

Note at Nov 10 - The 30 Jun 10 scum HAS CONTINUED TO STALK ME, picking-up from others at his usual 'relay point' on the Brompton Road.

Attempting to file a complaint of harassment against this man at Kensington police

See below, 27 July 10


On arriving late morning in South Ken, I went to an Internet café, and went downstairs. After a while, the woman in the photograph came and sat next to me. (She has numerous large verrucas on her scalp) .

She left after c. 30 minutes. I remained in the café for a considerable period of time.

Later on, as I got close to the French Institute, on Harrington Road, I spotted that the same woman was stationary on the pavement, alongside the bookshop of the Institute.

(Hence, well over one hour after she had left the Internet café).

I opted to look at the shop window of the bookshop and, in the reflection, saw a man, middle age, Caucasian, arriving from the Queens Gate end at a fast pace.

He walked very close to the woman and must have said something to her as she nodded.

At this point I decided to take a photograph. Seeing what I was trying to do, the woman kept turning away. Eventually I walked around her and took the photograph.

Harrington Road - South Ken - 13h41

13 July 10 - Another attempt to 'finish me off': A TOTALLY UNSUPPORTED - FRAUDULENT - £24,000 (US$42,000) demand 'from' Martin Russell Jones = Andrew Ladsky, which, ignoring my demands for evidence (15.07.10 ; 17.11.10; 16.12.10) it continued sending me (01.11.10; 18.01.11).

It has since been followed by a 16.02.11 - equally unsupported - FRAUDULENT demand of £27,500 from a new addition to the Ladsky stable of racketeers : Martyn Gerrard, London N3 1LP, "The award-winning agency...where integrity counts".

On my way back to the flat, in the evening, I was, as per usual followed. The 'Stasi' watch included a Caucasian man, late 30s, I assessed as being 'police-connected', positioned alongside Harrods who, in spite of there being quite a few people around, and of my passing c. 10 metres from him, I felt was interested in me, and that he knew that something was 'in store' for me. (Difficult to explain as I do not have the terminology, but it's like an electric field/an invisible aura that radiates their thoughts / feelings).

On arriving in the flat, I found this 09.07.10 'invoice' 'from' Martin Russell Jones i.e. Ladsky, stating:

“Landlord Rootstock Overseas Corp c/o Martin Russell Jones"
Balance to pay: £24,034.42 - comprising of “Brought forward balance: £24,002.35” and “Electricity charge per attached letter” “from 14 Apr 2010 to 8 July 2010: £32.07”

Other than an enclosed invoice/letter dated 9 July 10 giving some detail of the electricity charge claimed, NO justification has been provided to support the demand of £24,002.35. This is yet ANOTHER major FRAUDULENT demand - making it the third one since 2002. (And MRJ has the blessings of its so-called 'regulator' the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) - that keeps on concluding that it has "insufficient evidence" to take action against MRJ).

The invoice states “Please make cheques (sic) (*) payable to Martin Russell Jones for the amount of £24,034.42” (*) Maybe I am expected to send several cheques for that amount.

This is the first communication 'from' MRJ since its 01.03.07 invoice i.e. 3.5 years ago. (A demand used to file the fraudulent WLCC 27 Feb 07 claim - that was entirely dropped: (Portner # 30 , # 31 , # 33). (The previous FRAUDULENT demand, of 2002, resulted in an "offer" in October 2003)

It seemed to me that the recording equipment had been turned-up, as every sound reverberated more than usual in the flat. The psychopathic, sadistic vermin (I repeat my Comments under Persecution (1)(4)) failed in its objective as, on reading the invoice I laughed and said "They have a sense of humour!"

I replied on 15.07.10 asking for evidence. (It seems that the content of my reply was 'not liked' - see 17 Jul 10). (I have taught myself a great deal since the previous fraudulent demands: The parable of the horse :-) ) Nothing had arrived by 31 July. The following day I left the country for two weeks. I am expecting to find some 'follow-up' on my return.

On the morning of Tuesday 2 Nov 10, I bumped into one of Andrew Ladsky's criminal puppets, Joan Hathaway, MRICS, Martin Russell Jones, in the entrance corridor to the Jefferson House 'concentration camp'. Firstly claiming that she did not know who I was, I asked her why she had NOT replied to my letter of 15.07.10 (above). She claimed to have sent me an acknowledgment.

I told her that she was a liar like her client. This was followed by some of her trademark excuses: "the accounts are being prepared; people have been on holiday" (NB: 'evidently' since 2004 - as I have not received accounts since then). I again told her that she was a liar like her client. I repeated this a third time in relation to her claim re. the radiator (see below). At this point she stepped close up to me and said "I go to church!"

Under point 5 of my 17.11.10 letter, I detail some of the major deceits by Hathaway since 2002 "to assist your and your client fraudulent activities" and conclude by stating, among others:

"...ALL of you operate as an organised crime 'mafia' that evidently considers itself to be above the law of the land, and resorts to extremely vicious, cruel, sadistic and perverse means in order to feed your all-consuming greed...

In other words: you are ALL very sick individuals"

In my 17.11.10 letter, I pointed out the lack of reply to my 15.07.10 letter and followed this by: "WHY?" "BECAUSE THIS SO-CALLED 'INVOICE' IS, YET AGAIN, FRAUDULENT"

By mid-December i.e.FIVE MONTHS since my 15.07.10 letter, and ONE MONTH since my 17.11.10 letter: STILL NO EVIDENCE in support of the 'demand'.

It led me to send Joan Hathaway, MRICS, MRJ, this 16.12.10 letter in which I re-emphasise some of 'her' various breaches. I sent this letter and the previous above correspondence: (1)- with a 16.12.10 covering letter to Grant Shapps, Housing Minister (see My Diary 4 Feb 11 for follow-up);

(2)- Julian Knight at the Independent on Sunday;

(3)- her so-called 'regulatory' body, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors - stating in my 16.12.10 letter that " light of your 'regulatory performance', I am sure you will agree [these documents] justify considering Joan Hathaway, MRICS, for an 'RICS Surveyor of the Year Award'" (See RICS 2010-11 for the 'follow-up')

Still ignoring my requests for supporting evidence, for the third time, 'Joan Hathaway, MRICS, MRJ' (=Andrew Ladsky) sent me the invoice - dated 18.01.11.

It has since been followed by 16.02.11 correspondence from Martyn Gerrard - a new addition to Andrew David Ladsky's stable of racketeers.

To MRJ's demand, have been added demands from OUTRAGEOUS "estimates of expenditure for year 2011" WITHOUT stating to whom they relate - see MG # 2.

= These are - yet other - typical - examples of 'RACHMANISM' by Ladsky and his mob - and the continuation of their (justified) belief that they are above the law of the land i.e. - in my non-lawyer opinion - in addition to being an offence under the Fraud Act 2006, this 'demand' also amounts to, among others - yet again - an offence under: the Theft Act s.17 False Accounting ; the Malicious Communications Act 1988 ; s.44 of the Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001 (Collective harassment) ; Protection from Harassment Act 1997 (as this makes it the nth time)

I wonder which sheep-brained individuals are going to hook-up with Ladsky and his mob this time - and put me through the 'mincing machine' - yet again [ ]

In his 26.03.07 letter to KPMG, Andrew Ladsky wrote that I was "clinically unwell", and on 15 May 08 told me that: I am "mad" ; "in very serious need of help" ; to "go and see a psychiatrist". I think that those who fit the descriptions and should most definitely follow the 'advice' - as a matter of extreme urgency - are blatantly obvious.

(In my 15.07.10 letter I also raise the issue of the main radiator in my flat which, as a result of the heating being purposely put on full blast on Thursday 1 Apr 10, the day before the start of the Easter weekend (preferred times by the sadistic Ladsky and his mob to reduce the possibility of getting help e.g. My Diary Easter break 2003 ; Christmas 2007), resulted in a leak in the (old) radiator. (From spying on me, the mob knew that in Oct 09 there had been a leak in the same radiator and that the valves were difficult to close). Having first called a plumber who said to be unable to do anything due to lack of access to the main control/s, I called MRJ's number that provided an emergency number leading me to speak to Roger Childs (a builder, connected with MRJ for more than 20 years; he was registered under MRJ on the FSA website).

Radiator - Left

Radiator - Right

On that day, late evening, they disconnected the radiator from the pipe at either end, and put 'a plug' at the end of each of the disconnected pipe (as per above photographs) - which is not entirely water tight and hence, leaks. I was told that the radiator needed to be replaced, and that MRJ would be informed "next week".

I spoke to Childs a week later. Having determined that the leak from the pipes was manageable, he suggested that “to save on costs" it would be best to wait until the heating system was turned off which “should be in the next 4 weeks or so”. He was finding it difficult to control his irony when saying "to save on costs". I agreed with his suggestion.

I anticipated that it would not take place, and saw my readiness to accommodate as yet more evidence against MRJ and Ladsky. Of course, I was right: as I wrote in my 15.07.10 letter "Clearly, with the external temperature having since reached 30 degrees centigrade, the heating has been turned off. At the date of writing, there has been no follow-up". And more than 2 MONTHS post my letter: I have, of course, NOT been contacted. Yep! definitely 'RACHMANISM!').

Note at 2 Nov 10 - When I saw Joan Hathaway, MRICS, Martin Russell Jones, and challenged her on the fact that she had (also) failed to follow-up on the radiator, having told me that replacing it was "[my] responsibility" she claimed that she had asked a contractor to contact me. (For the third time) I told her that she was a liar. As I capture in my 17.11.10 letter to her, "I noted in the context of stating that the radiator is my “responsibility” that you added, with considerable glee: “it will require purging of the heating system”.

My take on what prompted this demand - and the timing:

(1) - It is abundantly clear from the 3.5 years silence that there was an expectation by Ladsky, his mob and supporters in the wider arena that, by now, they would have succeeded in 'putting me out of action' (In My Diary, 15 Jun 09, I wrote "I can see that a waiting game is being played" ) e.g.

(2) - As the typically arrogant, 'I and my police force are above the law of the land' Chief Superintendent Mark Heath, Kensington police, continues to ignore my legislative rights, this time by failing to reply to my legitimate 02.06.10 Section 10 Notice under the Data Protection Act 1998, I have decided to issue proceedings (police # 5.5)

Because of my failed attempt to determine from The Treasury Solicitor the name of the solicitor on whom I should serve the claim XXXXLINK TO TREASURY SOLIXXXXX , the day before I received the above invoice 'from' MRJ, i.e. on Monday 12 July, after doing some errands outside of my local area, I went to Scotland Yard, in Victoria, to ask the question.

In spite of their being a 100+ legal team at Scotland Yard which, I assume could have answered my questions, or, at least, given me the appropriate contact, it was suggested that I go to the nearest police station, Belgravia. There, I met with further stonewalling. I then went to the Home Office = more stonewalling. On leaving the Home Office, I saw a scum who was stationary, and looking in my direction.

(Needless to say that my other attempt at getting the information by sending a letter to Dominic Grieve (LibDem), recently appointed Attorney General, also failed as the 27.07.10 'reply' contains the standard government department reply: "Get legal advice")

My decision was clearly not expected. Indeed, in his initial 'reply' of 22 Sep 09, the typically arrogant Acting Chief Inspector Steve McSorley, 'Professional Standards', Kensington Police, 'suggested' that I approach the Information Commissioner,...

... while in his subsequent letter of 20 Nov 09 he wrote that he "will not be making any alterations to the various crime reports… unless enforcement notice is served by the Information Commissioner”.

And the so-called 'Independent' Police Complaints Commission (mostly staffed by police officers) also pushed me in the direction of the Information Commissioner.

(NB: (1) The objective was to not only mess me around further, it was also to put me in a situation of being 'out of time' to bring certain actions, as I phoned the Commissioner' Office and was told that it could take up to 9 months to get a decision; (2) The Data Protection Act 1998 permits filing court proceedings – WITHOUT a requirement to go firstly through the Information Commissioner)

(3) - On Monday 12th, after the Home Office, I went north of town, to a bookshop for law books. I ended-up chatting to a sales assistant about my case. I had spotted that a man was standing about three metres from us, pretending to read a book, and listening to every word of our conversation. (They are swarming all over the place).

At one point I said: "I really don't give a damn. My life has been totally destroyed. So, if that 'Jewish'-Freemason mafia wants to kill me (e.g. 15 Jun 09 death threat), they can go ahead! I HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG. I am the VICTIM of crime, NOT the criminal. They want to turn me into a martyr and be forever remembered as the people who killed me. Fine by me.

[NB: 'Apparently' "they don't care"] That makes me the eternal winner. But until they do: with God's help I am going to fight for justice and redress to the last breath in my body" (The mafia can't cope with that e.g. "You are very strong" - that's not how the 'little people', the 'Great Unwashed', are meant to react).

At the end of our conversation I sat on the floor, in a recess, against a window, such that nobody could come close to me, looking at various law books. After a while, another scum turned up. He kept on circling the relatively small area.

As I did not look up, annoyed that I was not paying him attention, he positioned himself in front of me. Still not looking at him, I said "Pauvre con!", to which he replied "I speak French". I said, while still not looking at him "I thought you might". He eventually left. (See 'Orwellian surveillance Britain')

Anybody with two brain cells between their ears would have said, in 2003, when I paid £6,350 which, legally, I did NOT owe either : 'Leave her alone! Plenty more fish in the sea!' - but not Andrew Ladsky.

And what is truly mindblowing is the army of sheep-brained individuals in the State and private sector who, since then, have and continue to help him blindly in his objective of destroying me by whatever means... all for the sake of a penthouse flat and three other flats.

O Great One, Andrew David Ladsky, our Most Revered Lord and Master: as exemplified by our recent actions / lack of action (e.g. the 'Get lost' response from: (1) the Ministry of 'Justice' ; (2) the police - endorsed at the highest level - including by our (police-staffed) IPCC ; (3) the PHSO): We ALL continue to be 100% behind you (confirmed yet again in Oct 10). WE'LL GET THE BITCH!

I cannot begin to express the amount of loathing and repulsion I feel for ALL these people. Unlike many in the animal kingdom, they are even incapable of showing any sign of humanity.

On the upside: their pursuing me like a pack of demented, blood thirsty hyenas, determined to get my scalp, means that less resources have been available to do it to other - equally innocent victims of crime.

(4) - Added to the others could also be the fact that: (1) this year, I am publishing on my website the photographs of some of the scum who are dogging me, stalking me ; (2) (Unlike with the 1st so-called 'visitor' to my site) I have not since been tricked by 'certain individuals' who have attempted to befriend me.

(5) - I suspect that another trigger for the above 'invoice' is the fact that I have booked a two-week trip out of the country (known by the mafia from their constant monitoring of my movements and communications) (and also confirmed to them by one of my French compatriots who has opted to also join the 'Ladsky camp') - perhaps hoping that it will lead me to cancel my plans (as the 2004 fraudulent invoices did in 2004 when I cancelled my Christmas holiday). (This time, it won't).

(The sole purpose of my trip is to say a very long overdue face-to-face 'Thank you' to HostDime, my website Host - while I still have the chance). And if I don't cancel my trip, in the hope that it will spoil my break (it won't do that either... even if I am monitored) (organized crime on that scale has overseas 'correspondents').

[In fact:

(1) I recognised a police / police-connected individual on my flight to Newark, in the US. Does the fact that I remembered seeing him before mean that he is connected with Kensington police? His face is etched in my memory. He stayed behind me as we walked to immigration control; looking extremely self-important and arrogant, pure hatred was oozing out of him as he looked at me.

(2) Within 48 hours of my being in Orlando, as I was close to my motel, I went past a man, sitting on a block of cement in a deserted car park, in a practically deserted street. He said ‘hello’ to me. (No, judging from his overall appearance, he was definitely not a tramp). I replied by just saying ‘hello’. From my just saying that he said “You are French aren’t you?” To which my reply was “Who told you?” He replied “I can tell”.

I refuse to believe that such a person can make this assessment on the basis of my just saying ‘hello’. Even in the UK, where people are a lot more used to dealing with French people, they would not be able to arrive at this conclusion on the basis of my just saying this. (In addition to which, I could have been from French speaking Canada, a more likely visitor due to the proximity. Or, I could have been from Belgium, Switzerland, etc ).

This, plus the circumstances of the situation, added to the fact that I recognised the police-connected scum on the flight, led me to conclude that I was under surveillance – and this encounter was intended to make me realise it in case I thought I had escaped the British surveillance 'Gestapo'. (See Definitions - under RIPA surveillance can be conducted overseas)

From the time I saw the police scum on the flight, I knew that I would be under surveillance during my stay. Since Summer 2005 (on a work trip, when I started to be followed by police-connected goons), the scum appear to be on my tail every time I go to France. For example, in Aug 07, in Normandy, it entailed an English man who stayed in the same hotel as mine; turned up in the same 'quartier' restaurant in which I was having dinner. Some locals were used to track me out in the sticks (also Christmas 2011).

The scum have been on my tail when I went to the Netherlands (for work), etc. Why stop when I am in the US? No worries! It’s taxpayers’ money (*). Plenty more where that comes from...and ACPO has a 'surplus'... and Kensington police have shown in the past that money is no problem when they are intent on getting somebody's scalp'. Considering the persecution that the State’s psychopaths are subjecting me to in this country (even using a helicopter to hound me, as well as pursuing me in public toilets) they would of course ensure that I continue to be under constant surveillance wherever I am.

(*) Re cost of surveillance: see Definitions - RIPA, and evidence that surveillance is NOT controlled

(6) - Another reason is to get my flat (which has been the objective from Day 1 - through fraud, extortion, blackmail, persecution, harassment, bullying, victimization, intimidation, character assassination, etc.) so that it can be sold (and maybe joined with the flat next door, to turn it into a bigger flat): e.g., Sep 10.


Find a Property

is advertising, on behalf of Knight Frank, estate agents, a 1 bedroom flat in Jefferson House for £795,000. It is described as "An unusual one bedroom apartment arranged over three floors".

This summary of planning applications sourced from Kensington & Chelsea Planning website shows that the application was made on 22 Apr 08 and given "conditionally" on 12 June 08. Note that it does NOT identify which flats are concerned (the majority of the flats in Jefferson House were studio flats -on one floor). Of course: I did NOT receive from Kensington & Chelsea Planning the notice of application. (Best keep me in the dark!) (It 'may be' that it was - unlawfully - intercepted at the point of delivery. It would not be the first time that my correspondence is intercepted) (NB: For detail in relation to some of the applications referred to on the above list see Planning Applications)

Oh! the entry also states that it is "within this well run apartment block in the heart of Knightsbridge. Approx 50 sq m". Re. "well run" = 'run by criminals' who will destroy your life if you refuse to pay and do whatever they ask.

The same flat is also advertised, among others, on:

Country Life

Trovit - http//

also advertises the flat, giving the date as 13 July 10 (date I received the fraudulent invoice!), in addition to:

  • 1 bedroom flat - £795,000 - at 13 July 10
  • 1 bedroom flat - "of air conditioning throughout" - 13 July 10

And this is a continuation of the flurry of sale activities e.g. Zoopla,

, reports


  • 21 Dec 09 - sale of flat 9 for £311,000
  • 18 Nov 09 - sale of flat 2 for £385,000
  • 20 Sep 09 - sale of flat 5 for £255,000

(NB: It may be that my reporting the above might lead to the rapid removal of the flats from the websites - as it did in e.g. January 2007 ; Block sale of flats)

And maybe there was also an expectation that my receiving the invoice would lead me to again conduct searches (based on the information I am believed to hold) on the Land Registry, as well as in offshore jurisdictions. (It 'seems' that a new domicile has been added to the list for the paper companies: the Bahamas)

Saturday 17 July 10 - Looks like the content of my 15.07.10 reply to MRJ-Ladsky's invoice was not expected

A man came to the French library c. 20 minutes before closing time. I assessed him as being Jewish and a lawyer. He asked if he could look around. This started by going one row behind me (I was using one of the library's computers). After closing time, I went to the onsite coffee shop. He came in very briefly, oozing extreme arrogance and self-importance, looked around, including at me, then walked off in a very superior way, and left the building.

My take on this is that the psychopathic, sadistic vermin (I repeat my Comments under Persecution (1)(4)) 'does not like' my 15.07.10 reply 'to' MRJ. It was counting on a different outcome. And one of those behind the demand wanted to see me in person, maybe to psyche himself up for the next attack.

Monday 19 July 10 - As per usual, the 'Stasi' was out in force today

Of course, it started the minute I left the Jefferson House 'concentration camp' at 10h00 (in addition to my every sound, if not also move, being monitored in the apartment).

As I come out of Jefferson House, I sometimes stay on the top step for a while to survey the street. I could not see any 'potential suspects'.

On leaving the block, I frequently turn left in the direction of Harrods. However, this time I turned right.

Walking in the direction of Sloane St, I spotted the man in the 10h02 photograph, standing in front of the fire station. He had been hidden from view when I was on the top step at Jefferson House. He appeared to me to be Jewish. (For quite some time now I have noted that a high proportion of the scum who are stalking me, dogging me, monitoring me, come to the French Institute to attempt to intimidate me - appear to be Jewish).

3-4 days earlier, a man had been hiding behind one of the trees on Basil St. However, as I stopped to talk to a porter in one the buildings across the street, he positioned himself close to us so that he could hear our conversation. He was still there, stationary, when I walked away. I sneered as I went past him and said "Ladsky's dog!".

Basil St - 10h02

Late morning, walking back alongside the park, from Kensington High Street, my ‘internal radar’ led me to feel that I was being dogged. I turned round, there was this young man, in the photograph, of Black African origin.

Kensington Gore - 11h43

He went past me, and continued walking in the direction of Knightsbridge, in the process getting out of my line of vision.

Feeling this would not be the end of it, I stayed on the corner of a street to see what would happen next. Sure enough, after about 3-4 minutes, the man appeared again i.e. had turned round and walked back – most probably on the order of his masters. I took the photograph as he was waiting to cross the street.

Having crossed the street and walked for about 20 metres, he turned round and gave me a one finger sign. I continued on my way.

Knightsbridge - 12h04

Brompton Road - 12h08

As I reached Knightsbridge, I noted this man, of Mediterranean origin. He was talking on a mobile phone. He looked at me as though he was surprised, and brusquely went into Park Close, the alleyway to Hyde Park. I stopped as my ‘internal radar’ went on alert.

As I remained where I was, he walked out of Park Close, down Knightsbridge to the nearest traffic light, from where he continued looking at me (12h04 photograph). He then crossed the street.

I did as well and forgot about him.

Walking leisurely, at the height of the Burberry shop, I crossed Brompton Road and, on arriving on the opposite pavement, noted that the man was stationary and looking at me. I shouted that if he kept doing this I would contact the police and report him for harassment. (There were a lot of people on the pavement). He walked away – photograph at 12h08.


Wednesday 21 July 10 - House of Commons meeting - 'Stop the Oppression of the British People'

In the afternoon, I went to the House of Commons for a 'Stop the Oppression of the British People' meeting. On arrival, outside the building, the police asked me to remove my T-shirts (which I have since updated, as per this photograph i.e. changed to 'Victim of fraud and corruption').

I asked why. Reply: "You are not allowed to wear protest T-shirts inside". To which I replied: "And Westminster is positioned as the 'seat of democracy'!?!?"

(NB: The next 'update' of my T-shirt was in Dec 12)

On entering the building, at the security check point, my T-shirts were 'confiscated'. I was given a number and told to collect them on my way out. During the meeting, when I recounted what took place, two other group members said that the same thing had happened to them.

I handed out, including to the Chair, Austin Mitchell, MP, who excused himself from the meeting due to another engagement, this brief overview of my case, covering primarily the tribunal and courts, and lastly, Kensington police - as the police is at times involved in the cases reported in the context of the petition.

I thought that what I heard at the 20 May 10 CASIA meeting was horrendous. Well, some of what I heard from the attendees was even worse. Some of the attendees have, like me, set-up a website (see 3 Apr 10)

Hounding - as though they were terrorists - and relentlessly persecuting those who 'dare' to stand-up against injustice, refusing to let themselves be trampled on is evidently the standard approach in this country (other examples: the two women ; Comment # 34 ; whistleblowers ; leaseholders in a small block of flats) (see also 'surveillance Britain'). Indeed:

  • Several individuals told me that they too were being followed.
  • Some said that their telephone was bugged. Two, who are friends, said that those bugging their phone had even, on occasions, said something during the course of their conversations. (It shows the snoops' level of intelligence. Or is it part of the mental torture tactics: 'you can't escape us'?)
  • One said that photographs of him had been sent anonymously to his wife - clearly hoping to cause a rift, as they included one of him walking with a woman. Apparently, it even included a photograph of him using a toilet. (Objective of doing that? (Apart from communicating: 'we are very seriously mentally sick people') - to communicate the message: 'wherever you are, whatever you do: we are watching you'? (Potential explanations as to how this could be done: pub monitored by the police? / By a Freemason pub landlord? (part of the vast army of foot soldiers who report back-up the chain of command))

Needless to say that, on leaving the pub where some of us had gone for a drink after the meeting, I was, 'of course', followed. I took some photographs, starting at 19h14.

(See My Diary 25 Jan 11 for the subsequent meeting)

22 July 10 - O2 disconnected my mobile phone for several weeks

See Persecution # 3 - Phones

Tuesday 27 July 10 - and Tuesday 20 July 10 - And more on the 'Stasi'...which, 'of course', is dismissed by Kensington & Chelsea police as "not amounting to evidence of harassment"

On coming out of the shop, Snappy Snaps, on the Old Brompton Road, at South Ken (see 30 Jun 10 above for photo), I saw this man, I assessed as being of Middle-Eastern origin, crossing the street.

He saw that I had spotted him and made a beeline for a hotel which is 3-4 doors down from Snappy Snaps (the 2nd photo is the entrance at the forefront). His movements consisted of walking up the two steps, looking inside for one second, whilst remaining under the porch.

Old Brompton Road - 10h54

Old Brompton Road - entrance to hotel

He then positioned himself in line with the pillar such that I could not see him from where I was.

I stayed where I was for c. 15 seconds and, as he remained where he was, started to walk in his direction.

He might have seen me do this from the reflection in a shop window across the road, as he then left hurriedly, crossing the road (above photograph) i.e. going back the way he had just come from. I did the same thing, intending to take a photograph of him.

I continued to follow him and took another photograph at, 10h56, at the beginning of Onslow Place.

He knew, from the reflection in the shop window, that I was behind him, leading him to turn his face away from me.

South Ken - beginning of Onslow Place- 10h56

He continued rapidly on Onslow Place and got into a car. As he was coming in my direction, I walked back to the South Ken main intersection as, because of the traffic, I anticipated being able to take another photograph. The light turned red when he arrived. I took the 10h58 photograph.

The car number plate is: FA52 BEO

Onslow Place - 10h56

South Ken main intersection - 10h58

(I then went back to take the photograph of the entrance to the hotel)

This is the same man who followed me on Tuesday 20 July 10 i.e. one week previously, on my way back to the 'concentration camp', from South Kensington.

This photograph is taken in front of the Brompton Oratory.

He then hovered near to where I was, as I remained stationary to see what he would do next.

That's definitely one of the Ladsky mafia's 'dogs'! vermin (*)! (Other examples of the same type)

(*) I repeat my Comments under Persecution (1)(4)


(One of the numerous previous examples of tracking me back to the Jefferson House 'concentration camp': e.g. 13 May 10; all the way to my destination e.g. 24 Mar 10 ; 27 Jul 10 ; from my point of departure: 6 Jun 09; 29 Jul 10...

...And countless other examples of tracking me, hounding me, harassing me from the 'concentration camp' throughout the day - as per these examples)

According to Her Majesty's police, "he lives in Chelsea".

Contrast this evidence (among many others, including what is on this page) with Ladsky's claim in his 26.03.07 letter to KPMG that I am suffering from "clinical paranoia".

And let's not forget TDC Simon J Dowling of Kensington police 'Community Support Unit' who "contacted social services" because he deemed that

I am "obviously extremely paranoid…” as I "think [that I am] being followed by either the police or – 77 – 78" and "This is not the case". " (police (3)(2)(8) & (9))

"NOT THE CASE" Dowling? What do you make of that, and other evidence on e.g. this page?

This outrageous accusation is straight out of the text books on criminal psychological harassment - headers # 1.17, # 1.18 and # 4 - which the 'Jewish' Ladsky mafia and its servants in the English 'Establishment' are experts at - due to very extensive first-hand practice.

It is the standard tactic they use against 'the little people' who 'dare' stand-up to them.

I repeat: the seriously mentally ill are blatantly obvious - and those who support them are just as sick as they are.


Continuation (*) by the British State of (among others) of the breach of my Human Rights, as Kensington & Chelsea police continues to wilfully discriminate against me, as well as fails to protect me from the acts of private individuals - as, in spite of my 7 visits, it refused to record my complaints of harassment as crime reports, and therefore refused to investigate them.

This makes it the 4th time since 2002 that Kensington police has failed to - correctly - record offences against me as harassment and, concurrently, failed to take action. (NB: On everey visit I wore my T-shirt, throughout, over my coat)

On 19.04.11 I filed a Claim, in the Queen's Bench Division, against the Met Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, that included these events - see police # 6 for subsequent events.

OF NOTE: I included these events in my 26.01.12 Application to the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR # 1).

The 06.06.12 letter (my Comments are attached) communicated the decision of ONE judge, Vincent A. De Gaetano, (Malta), to reject my Application - without giving a reason - thereby breaching Article 45 of the Convention (ECt # 2)

Subsequent events with the court, including its then head, one of Her Majesty's judiciaries, Sir Nicolas Bratza (ECt # 2.1), and higher up (ECt # 4) - demonstrate that the ECtHR cannot justify the rejection of my Application - leading me to conclude that:

  • (2)- HM's Bratza found an extremely compliant judge from a little island prepared to breach the Convention in order to reject my Application.

(The below events are captured under paras 113-142 of my 19.07.11 MPS Witness Statement - and hence, like my Particulars of Claim, endorsed by a Statement of Truth).

(See Summary below - and contrast with Her Majesty's police's laughable claims)

(*) As can be seen from (i)- events in 2002, Kensington & Chelsea police's discrimination against me started from my 1st ever contact with these stations, and from (ii)- the Overview, has continued ever since; snapshots also under Doc library # 4.

1. Monday 4 Oct 10 - 1st visit to Her Majesty's Chelsea police

In the morning, I went to HM's Chelsea police to report the above harassment of 20 & 27 Jul 10 - I described as 'racially aggravated harassment'. To this effect, I prepared this 04.10.10 3-page document, endorsed by a statement of truth, containing:

  • detail of my being followed on 20 and 27 Jul 10 – with photographs in support;
  • my conclusions as to the statutes under which offences have been committed against me, and my belief that Andrew David Ladsky is implicated.

Note that throughout the following - and subsequently - Her Majesty's police's focus was on the 20 & 27 Jul 10 man.

In addition to the excuses for not acting on my complaints, it reinforced my belief that he was one of the Ladsky mafia's 'dogs', and the 30 Jun 10+ man, a police informant - see police # 6

(NB: Lack of action by HM's Kensington & Chelsea police means that the 30 Jun 10 scum feels free to continue harassing me e.g. 21 and 22 May 11. That's part of the 'retribution' pacakge - using their key tool: criminal psychological harassment)

The officer on duty was Her Majesty's PC Belky Giles (BG), a woman. She asked me to explain my complaint. I suggested she reads my document instead.

BG: “Who is Andrew Ladsky?

Me: “The man fronting the ownership of Jefferson House. I say fronting as I suspect that there are others hiding behind him” (NB: See Directorships)

BG: So he is your landlord? (NB: v. describing him as "my neighbour" (!!!) in the so-called "crime reports")

Me: “Yes

BG: “Why do you say that he is behind this?

Me: “He has been after me since 2002 because I ‘dared’ challenge his fraud (which I started to explain very briefly, including referring to the 21.10.03Part 36 offer – and was cut short by BG when I was about to say that I paid the £6,350 in spite of the fact that, legally, I did not owe this amount either).

BG: I can’t see any evidence of racial harassment (repeated by the Met Commissioner - police # 6)

Me: “I briefly explain this on page 3. Ladsky claims to be Jewish.

It is abundantly clear from his so-called ‘complaint’ of 2007 to Kensington police that he used my racial origin as a motive for his ‘complaint’ [police # 3 (3)2] – and it is also blatantly obvious from the fact that TDC Simon J Dowling branded me a “Nazi” in his 16 March and 20 March 2007 emails to my website Host" ("because of my franco-german (sic) origin").

BG: “Has the man said anything to you?

Me: “No, but behaviour, being followed - IS harassment” (NB: e.g. Public Order Act 1986: "s.4-Fear or provocation of violence" and "4A-Intentional harassment, alarm or distress" - specifically refer to "behaviour")

BG: "I’ll file this as an intelligence report

Me: “Meaning?

BG: “If it happens again, we will have this information on file” (NB: The Met Commissioner DENIED I was told this - see police # 6)

As I have this evidence, of course this man is not going to be used again to follow me

BG: But you followed him(NB: The Met Commissioner DENIED my being told this - see police # 6)

Damn right I followed him. I recognised him from one week previously. I was determined to get evidence. Had I come here without this evidence, your automatic reaction would have been to dismiss my complaint, as well as label me as mad (NB: I should have said “extremely paranoid” – quote 'from' TDC Simon J Dowling). And even with this evidence you are still refusing to file it as a crime report

“I have the evidence. It MUST be filed as a crime report. An offence of harassment has been committed against me – TWICE by this man. S.7 of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 states that an offence has been committed if it occurred at least twice”

BG:But you followed him- “Damn right I did!” (NB: = How did I 'dare' follow him and capture this incontrovertible - and extremely inconvenient evidence - for both Ladsky and Kensington police)

BG, in a challenging tone: “You say here that you “feared for your safety

Yes, when a man follows me, and then circles around me as I am stationary: I fear for my safety” (For proof she challenged me: para.19 of the Met Commissioner's 30.06.11 Application: "PC Giles did not accept the Claimant's account that she had feared for her safety" - see police # 6)

(NB: As the 15 Jun 09 death threat ("Enjoy your life. You don't have long to live"), and the numerous other threatening behaviours / actions (examples) have not stopped me from fighting against injustice, maybe, out of frustration, it was decided to 'up the game' - see 16 Nov 10 man who tried to hit me i.e. the following month)

I asked for a reference number. BG said that she would capture what I wrote "later on, because the station is busy right now". She asked for my contact details in order to send me the information which, we agreed, she would send me by email. Yet again, BG repeated that she would capture what I handed her in an “intelligence report”. She picked-up the phone that was ringing. I left the station.

(NB: PC Giles repeated the same things on 16 Oct 10 - see below)



2. Friday 8 Oct 10 - 2nd visit to Chelsea police

I returned to Chelsea police as I had NOT received anything from PC Giles since my above visit of 4 Oct. The individual on duty, PC Paul Pennial, tells me that PC Giles will be back on 13 Oct and that "it's best you talk to her".

I re-submit my 4th Oct document against the 20 & 27 Jul man, dating it 08.10.10, in which I changed the word 'complaint' to 'crime report'.

I also submit a 08.10.10 crime report: against the man involved in the 30 Jun 10 harassment and previously - see 30 Jun 10, above. As can be seen, as with the other report, I provide:

  • Detail of my being followed on 30 Jun 10 – with photographs in support - as well as previous harassment
  • My conclusions as to the statutes under which offences have been committed against me, and my belief that Andrew Ladsky is implicated.

(NB: Lack of action by Kensington & Chelsea police means that the scum feels free to continue harassing me e.g. 21 and 22 May 11) (He HAS to be a police informant - see police # 6)


3. Thursday 14 Oct a.m. - 3rd visit to Chelsea police

I arrive at Chelsea police at c. 11h00. At c. 11h30 – (after an Afro-Caribbean young male who arrived after me, was served before me (he said that he had served 2 years in prison; another indication that criminality affords you preferential treatment at Kensington police)) - I spoke to CSO Jeff Salvage (JS):

JS: “PC Giles was in yesterday, but she is on a training course today”

To my saying that I doubt the veracity of what he is telling me, he says: “I assure you that I am not trying to fob you off. She should be back after 13h00. It’s best that you phone her”

I say: As she has not done anything in the 10 days since I first spoke to her, there is no point my talking to her”

JS (from my briefly explaining to him some of the detail): “It’s very complex. There is a lot to it. I don’t know why Belky did not take action; I need to talk to her to understand”

Having told me that PC Giles was expected back at lunchtime, I say that I will come back, rather than phone – as suggested.


4. Thursday 14 Oct p.m. - 4th visit to Chelsea police

I am back at the station at 13h15. After a c. 30 minute wait, CSO Jeff Salvage comes to see me in the reception area. He insists that I should talk to PC Belky Giles and says “`Belky is on a training course all day. If you want to come back, instead of phoning, it would be best to do it at 19h00 on Saturday”. I said that I would do that.


5. Saturday 16 Oct 10 - 19h00 - 5th visit to Chelsea police

I arrive at Chelsea police at 19h00. At 19h40 PC Belky Giles (BG) comes to see me in the reception.

Prior to filing my 19.04.11 Claim against the Met Commissioner, under this sub-section, I had reproduced comprehensive extracts from the conversation. In fact, I HAD RECORDED the conversation. As explained under police # 6, it proved to be a very wise decision as, in his 25.05.11 Defence (QB # 4(2)) , the Met Commissioner DENIED key points of the conversation. This is the transcript of the conversation, and the recording...

...I issued to each of the 3 Defendants and the court, with my 14.06.11 Reply to parts of the Commissioner's Defence.

Main points and excuses for not taking action:

"It might be that he [20 & 27 Jul man] lives around South Kensington.

What you must appreciate is that you followed him as well (repeating what she said on 4 Oct 10) (which the Met Commissioner DENIED - police # 6)

Repeat of the 4 Oct denial of racial harassment (NB: Confirmed by the Met Commissioner - police # 6) To my insisting on this, PC Giles replied, in an arrogant, sadistic, perverse way: "You can't prove that though, can you!"

To this I replied: "Yeah, because you are not talking to him. Of course, because that's very inconvenient evidence. Oh dear! I followed him! My God, I come back with photographs and a number plate. That's very annoying evidence for the police and for Ladsky. Isn't it? Because it's much better to pass me off as mad". (NB: The glaringly obvious objective for doing it: police Outcome ; criminal psychological harassment)

I kept asking why the police was not taking action, in light of the fact that my evidence contained photographs of the man, the car he was driving and the number plate - and insisting that it does investigate my complaint. PC Giles' reply was: "it's all in the report". And: I am not going to stand here and argue with you. I have done what I told you I was going to do”

The UNBELIEVABLE claim that "On the information that you've given me it was not sufficient enough for a crime report to be put on".

Contrast that with the 2003 and 2007 so-called "crime reports" that CORRUPT VERMIN (*) POLICE is processing against me because 'its brother', 'Dear Mr Ladsky' is 'the complainant' - and they ALL want to take revenge against me.

(*) I repeat my Comments under Persecution (1)(4)

PC Giles then said: "That's why an intelligence report was put on". (NB: The Met Commissioner DENIED I was told this - see police # 6)

I asked PC Giles "Under which rule of law do you consider yourself entitled to discriminate against me?" To this, at one point, she responded - in a 'could not give a damn attitude': If that’s what you believe, that’s fine”

As I reported under para.132 of my 19.07.11 MPS Wit.Stat., in response to her denials, I attempted to quote the fact that in 2003 and 2007 the police had had no problem filing immediately a “crime report” against me on the basis of totally unsupported accusations against me by Ladsky, and had done this without EVER contacting me. (Example of what I said at the time: "When Ladsky comes, or probably just makes a phone call, then everything is okay. He actually claims that I have "harassed him?" "Yes of course she's harassed you! And a "crime report" is filed against me!" (2003 "crime report"))

‘Attempted’ as PC Giles kept cutting me to shut me up by saying: “I did not deal with that” ; “That’s up to the officer at the time” ; “I don’t know the details about that” ; “I don’t know anything about that” ; “I have nothing to do with that; this is a separate matter”.

This was intercepted with patronising comments from PC Giles.

To my saying that I wished to talk to her supervisor, she replied "Sergeant Allen is not in tonight”", and that if I want to talk to somebody tonight, "[I] can go to Kensington police to speak to Inspector Griffiths".

She returned with a piece of paper on which she wrote: “CRIMINT REPORT BSRT00327225 – PC Giles (125BS)Sergeant Allen (PS 17 BS) – Inspector Griffiths” and, on the other, her name and telephone number.

Having determined that Griffiths was "going to be there all night", I said that I would now go there.


6. Saturday 16 Oct 10 - 22h00 - 6th visit to the police; this time to Kensington police

Following being told that "[I] should go to Kensington police", I arrived at the station at 22h00. I am told by the 2 officers on duty at the desk, Ben and William, that Inspector Griffiths is "out and might not be back for several hours". (= another example of criminal psychological harassment as, 2 hours before, I had been told: "He' s going to be there all night")

They ask me why I want to talk to him. I relate events with Chelsea police. It leads to their asking me questions about my case which, at one point brings tears to my eyes from the frustration and anger of getting absolutely no help and continuing to be messed around by the State (1), including Her Majesty's police that has very clearly decided to protect Andrew Ladsky - a crook.

In the process of discussing my reports of 20-27 July 10 and 30 June 10 and prior, I also show them an A4 size photograph of the man on 30 July 10, and say: "Recognise him? One of yours? The number plate of the car is P66 WHU" They reply that they don't know him.

One of them mentions the IPCC, and pulls out the brochure. I laugh and say: "Been there, done that. Waste of time as it's staffed by police officers" - and quote media reports to support my comment, and add "Equal: There is NO EFFECTIVE REMEDY available to people in my situation - in breach of Human Rights"

I mention the false "crime reports" held against me by the police on its systems and my ongoing battle with Chief Superintendent Mark Heath and Steve McSorley, 'Professional Standards', I call Ladsky’s friends.

One of them looks on a computer and, after 2-3 minutes, calls the other one over and says: “Read that!” Their expression is as though it’s a command/warning from an ‘almighty being’. I wonder what it says. It brings on feelings of extreme anger as the ONLY reason I have ended-up on the police systems is because Andrew Ladsky, that evil, greed-ridden monster and vermin (*) decided to steal from me - and has since been protected and assisted by Kensington police ( (Until 2002 i.e. in my previous 33 years in this country, I had NEVER had any dealings with the police).

(*) I repeat my Comments under Persecution (1)(4)

Meanwhile, Kensington police has "No crime report against Mr Ladsky" - the criminal - but it holds 2 FALSE so-called "crime reports" against me (2003, 2007) - HIS VICTIM.

By 23h00 Inspector Griffiths has “not returned”. They suggest I come back “tomorrow”.


7. Sunday 17 Oct 10 – 12h15 – 7th visit to the police, and 2nd visit to Kensington police

I am told that "Inspector Griffiths is not in". I explain that this makes it my 7th visit to the police. The officer on duty opts to phone Chelsea police, asking somebody to come over.

After c.30 minutes, Sergeant Avison (59 BS) (SA) arrives from Chelsea police (i.e. where I had been for visits # 1 to # 5, above), saying that he is "today’s supervisor".

I relate my experience to date, and hand over (another copy of) the 2 reports (20 & 27 July 10 ; 30 June 10 and prior) I want the police to record and investigate.

SA asks me to explain what happened on 20th July, and then on 27th July. In relation to the latter, and says but you followed him = YET AGAIN! There certainly was coordination between them (NB: The Met Commissioner denied this had been said to me - police # 6)

I reply that, as explained in my report, HE HAD BEEN FOLLOWING ME - until he realised that I had spotted him. And this is evident by his behaviour, I have captured in the report - on which I swear on my Grand-Mother's grave. And then yes, I followed him in order to take photographs because I recognised him from one week previously.

In reply to his question, I tell Avison that I had not seen this man since 27th July – and would not because I reported events on my website.

He asks me about the 30 June 10 man: "Have there been other occasions?" - "There might have been another one before that. I can't remember".

SA "Has he done it again since 30 June?" - "I have seen him, but he has left me alone" (NB: I should have mentioned his mate) "He won't do it again because I have captured the evidence on my website. Two occasions amount to an offence under s.7 of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997"

(NB: That scum IS a police informant (police # 6) They must have said: 'Ha! you think "he won't do it again". There you go Bitch!' - as the scum continued to dog me, harass me and persecute me e.g. 21 and 22 May 11).

SA asks me why I am "reporting this now?". "For the purpose of adding to the evidence; because your boss, Mark Heath continues to discriminate against me by ignoring my s.10 Notice. This is a continuation of the discrimination I have been faced with at this station since my very first contact in 2002"

SA tells me: "If it happens again, phone the police", to which I reply: "Firstly I don't carry a mobile because the police is interfering with mine, and you would use it to track me. Secondly, by the time you arrive, the guy would be gone"

SA "We can be there very quickly. You would come in the car with us and we would drive around to see if you can spot him". To which I reply "And if I do spot him and you go and talk to him, the guy would say that I am mad, that he was not following me. Come on! I come here with this photographic evidence and you are NOT taking action. Why don't you talk to these men?"

I tell SA that these 2 reports are only examples, as I am being continually followed, by other individuals - as I report on my website. And add Because I am passed off as being "mad", I take the photographs

SA replies: “I am not saying that”. In reply, I quote TDC Simon J Dowling’s comments in the 2007 “crime report”: "She thinks she is being followed by people employed by her enemies and by the police; she is obviously extremely paranoid; I believe she may have mental issues so I will contact social services to see if they are aware of her". I then say: I am not "paranoid". And to prove it, I am coming here with photographs. How do you challenge that?

SA: I can't speak for what other officers have done. I don’t believe you are mad or paranoid. If I thought that, I would have pretended to read what you handed me and you would have been out of the door in seconds”

(NB: Of course Kensington police knows I am being followed, that I am under surveillancebecause it is taking a very active part in it! :

(1) directly e.g.

(2) through its own goons e.g. the 30 June 10 scum is one of them, and quite likely, so is his mate (added to others captured on e.g. this page, and many, many others. The 'Gestapo' has even followed me in public toilets in case I again give it the run..

The Masons' flunkies have been doing this for a LONG time e.g. 5 Aug 05 ; 26 Aug 05 ; 4 Jan 06 ; 15 Jan 06 ; 23 Jan 06 ; 27 Jul 06 ; Apr - Nov 07 ; 25 Oct 07. (2005 was when I was battling on all fronts with the so-called 'regulators' in the context of my legitimate complaints

= I was perceived as 'a threat, a danger' by / to the corrupt elements in 'the Brotherhood' and therefore had to be monitored... as well as persecuted in an attempt to make me give up e.g. 1 Aug 06 ; 2 Aug 06 ; 23 Aug 06 ; 22 Mar 06) (More examples under Persecution # 2)

(This in addition to other forms of harassment and persecution by Ladsky and his gang of racketeers - - and ALL part of 'the Brotherhood's 'retribution' package - in which Her Majesty's police plays a key part in dishing it out)

(3) in tandem with the Ladsky mafia's 'dogs' - many examples e.g. snapshots)

SA leaves to “go and check on the vehicle”. He comes back saying that the man lives in Chelsea. He then says “It’s not necessarily a criminal offence. Nothing has happened in the last 2.5 months”

I again quote s.7 of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 (which irritates him), and say "I am absolutely certain that Andrew Ladsky is behind this. Anybody with two brain cells, looking at what he and his mob have done to me (and my fellow leaseholders) since 2002 will have no difficulty arriving at this conclusion".

SA says "I can see that you and Ladsky don't get on" (!!!)

I state “I have done NOTHING wrong to anybody. The evidence is overwhelming: the harassment and persecution are being instigated by Ladsky. He is a crook, a fraudster taking revenge for my ‘daring’ to stand-up to his fraud

Asked what I mean, Avison cuts me off as I was quoting the 2002 and 2007 fraudulent demands, and how they ended, as well as the 13 Jul 10 demand.

SA replies “It’s a civil matter”, to which my response is “NO, under the Fraud Act 2006, fraud is a criminal offence. So, it IS a matter FOR the police(He also gets irritated by this) (Clearly, K&C police does not like victims of crime who are aware of the legislation)

(NB: Contrast SA's assertion with the replies to me, in 2005, from the Law Society and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors that "[I] need to report [my] alleged criminal offences to the police".

They must have been laughing their head off as they wrote this, as they have implicit/explicit 'Memorandums of Understanding' with the police e.g. the Law Society - see police # 9.2 - Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) - in addition to clearly having (like other State parties) 'memorandums of understanding' with 'certain crooks')

(I also cite a reply, in Parliament, on 11 Jan 12, from the Minister of State, Ministry of Justice (Lord McNally), to a question from Baroness Hooper (Hansard, at Column WA95): "A fraud is a criminal offence, it may also be appropriate for the consumer to report allegations of such activity to the police who, if they consider that there is a case to answer following investigation, may refer the matter to the Crown Prosecution Service"

I have so much anger and frustration that I cannot control the tears (1) I say that “the police persists in holding against me, the victim of Ladsky’s crimes and his mob's', false, unlawful so-called “crime reports” that are a pack of lies from Ladsky - but the police holds NOTHING against Ladsky who IS THE CRIMINAL. In fact, Kensington police has - and continues - to go out of its way to assist him in his criminal activities, as well as protect him

I ask “Under which rule of law do you consider yourself justified to discriminate against me?” SA takes offence, saying that he is taking action; that he has "looked at PC Giles' report" (4 Oct 10 ; 16 Oct 10) ; that it includes my report of the 20 & 27 June 10 events, and that he will "add my other report" re. 30 June 10. (NB: The Met Commissioner DENIED the police telling me that an "intelligence report" had been created - see police # 6)

(Prior to filing my 19.04.11 Claim, at this point, I had a note stating that, 'IF' my complaints had been recorded, I could I guarantee - based on the content of the 2002, 2003 and 2007 "crime reports" - as well as non-capture of the complaint of some my fellow leaseholders against Ladsky - that they would exclude my references to Ladsky, as well as the photographic evidence.

Events post filing my Claim provide absolute certainty of this = everything went into a round filing cabinet on the floor i.e. the bin!)

I reply Ladsky complains to the police against me, maybe by phone, or maybe at the local Freemason lodge and, without him providing ANY evidence in support of his accusations, because they are false, and malicious - Kensington police immediately files a “crime report” against me.

Whereas I come here - with photographic evidence – and it does not count as harassment! That’s what leads me to say that I am being discriminated against

Avison: “We have to capture everything that is reported, but not unlawful information against people; that’s a breach of the Data Protection Act”. (NB: Note that the Met Commissioner denied Avison saying this to me; see police # 6, for what he claimed Avison told me instead)

(NB: I conclude that Avison is having fun saying that, which I view as a 'spit in your face comment', and imagine him licking... to be polite: Ladsky's shoes).

I burst out laughing, citing the unlawful so-called crime reports held against me by the police, that are packs of lies, a web of malicious, libellous, twisted fabrications - and therefore reports that are most definitely in breach of 'my rights under the DPA'...

– as well as my lengthy battle with Steve McSorley, 'Professional Standards', and Chief Superintendent Mark Heath who, to this day (NB: At the time, Dec 10) - in breach of statutory requirements under the DPA - continue to ignore my 2 Jun 10 s.10 Notice.

SA: “But you have not been charged with anything; there has been no follow-up”. (*)

I reply that the personal data held against me is false, and therefore unlawful; that it is in breach of my rights and legitimate interests; hence, there cannot be any legitimate reason for processing it. I add that some of the false data from the 2003 “crime report” was ‘conveniently’ recycled by the police to add weight to 'Dear Mr Ladsky'’s so-called complaint in 2007.

(*) The Met Commissioner stated under para.9 of his 23.05.11 Defence that "[I] had not been charged" - a claim which (as with all the others) was regurgitated by Her Majesty's Master Eyre under Reason 3(2) and 3(3) of his pack of lies 09.08.11 MPS Order (summaries: Events ; Breaches of the law).

It is clearly not true - as the police does hold criminal charges against me: police: 2003: Key pt # 1 , # 15 ; 2007: Key pt # 1 , # 8) (paras 110(3) and 113 of my 17.10.11 Request) - with every intention to continue using these so-called "crime reports" against me - until they put me 'out of action'.

I follow this with the question: “What will happen next month? The month after? When will you again indulge ‘Dear Mr Ladsky(I mimic a lackey bowing with extreme reverence) and record another fictitious “crime report” against me and recycle even more of the malicious, false, libellous data from the previous reports?”

SA: “We have to keep information in case you commit an offence and end-up in court” My reply: “False information, that’s what you are planning on using against me in court?”

Pre filing my 19.04.11 Claim, I had listed, under a sub-section headed 'My take on this comment', various events: (1) contents of the "crime reports" - which, at the time, was the Jul 09 version ; (2) the treatment by the police, at the highest level of the executive, following my receiving the "crime reports", including ignoring my s.10 Notice ; (3) the police's failure to act on my reporting the 15 June 09 death threat ("Enjoy your life. You don't have long to live") - in spite of the fact that I had reported this to the Met Commissioner (and Home Secretary) - and concluded: :. that the ‘mafia’ is still aiming to put me 'out of action'.

I followed this by citing various events in support of my position. I have now updated this: Police-Outcome.

Following filing my 19 Apr 11 Claim, my conclusion was undeniably confirmed - from a less redacted version of the "crime reports": QB # 4(3) (the police tried desperately to retrieve: 28.07.11)

SA said that he would "visit Mr Ladsky" (!!!) (NB: ='pay his respects'... and collect a brown envelop?) - and asked me for my email address. (I concluded that it was yet another way of mocking me, as the police KNOWS my email address - as it infers with it)


Needless to say that I never heard from him. (Like I had not heard from PC Giles)

NB: He / other 'might' have paid another visit to 'Dear Mr Ladsky' in Feb 11 - see My Diary 13 Feb 11)

Summary of Kensington & Chelsea police's excuses for NOT recording 'my crime reports' (20 & 27 July 10 ; 30 Jun 10 and prior) as crime reports, and concurrently refusing to investigate my complaints (NB: On every visit I wore my T-shirt, throughout, over my coat):

20 & 27 July 10 man

Overall: focus on him by Chelsea and Kensington police - BECAUSE? One of Ladsky’s 'dogs' (and the 30 Jun 10 man is a police informant)

  • "Can’t see any evidence of racial harassment(first, second)

30 June 10 and prior man

  • My 30 Jun 10 and prior report was TOTALLY ignored by Chelsea police, and quickly forgotten by Kensington police

Hence, IN SPITE of my evidence, and of my bringing s.7 of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 to the attention of the officers a total of 3 times (4 Oct 10 and 17 Oct 10: first time; second time) - on which the Act is very clear: "(2) References to harassing a person include alarming the person or causing the person distress ; (3) A “course of conduct” must involve conduct on at least two occasions" - and amount to committing a criminal offence.... well as also noting breaches of other acts in both my reports (20 & 27 Jul 10 ; 30 Jun 10 and prior) (in my non-lawyer opinion): (1) Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001: s.44 – Collective harassment ; (2) Crime and Disorder Act 1998: s.32 - Racially or religiously aggravated harassment ; (3) Public Order Act 1986 – s.4A – Intentional harassment, alarm or distress...

... Her Majesty's police has refused to investigate my complaints - making it, since 2002, the 4th time that Kensington police has failed to - correctly - record offences against me as harassment, as well as FAILED to investigate...

...and my 2 reports (20 & 27 July 10 and 30 Jun 10 and prior) have 'apparently' been 'filed' as "Intelligence Reports"CRIMINT REPORT BSRT00327225 – PC Giles (125BS)" - "in case these men do it again" (!!!!) (4 Oct 10 ; 16 Oct 10 ; 17 Oct 10). In other words - given the content of my reports, they have gone into a round filing cabinet on the floor: the bin!

In the course of my visits:

  • In reply to my question “Under which rule of law do you consider yourself entitled / justified to discriminate against me?” : repeated denials of my being discriminated against (first ; second) (there were other repeats - see transcript of the 16 Oct 10 conversation)
  • Concurrently, repeated dismissal of my supporting my assessment by comparing how Kensington police has and continues to treat me v. Andrew Ladsky – by claiming 'lack of knowledge' of “what other officers have done (first ; second ; third)

Sgt Avison said that he would "visit Mr Ladsky" (!!!) (NB: ='pay his respects'... and collect a brown envelop?), and asked me for my email address. (I concluded that it was yet another way of mocking me, as the police KNOWS my email address - as it infers with it). Needless to say that I never heard from him (like I had not heard from PC Giles)

Consider my above experience with Her Majesty's police, and since 2002 - against:

1. The Policing London Business Plan 2009–2012 - Metropolitan Police Authority & Metropolitan Police Service (copy) ("prepared by the Met Commissioner with regard to the Secretary of State's National Policing Plan")

e.g. Pg.12 - "Safety - Reduce Crime and catch criminals - "This outcome is centred on tackling a local level, on reducing the incidence of serious crime..."

e.g. Pg.13 - "MPS corporate objectives - 1 To improve public confidence in policing London;... 3 To improve user experience in every contact with us..."

Pg.18 (and pg.100)- "Disrupt More Criminal Networks and Reduce the Harm Caused by Drugs" (NB: 'But the "harm caused by" fraud and other criminal activities committed by 'sacrosanct' Masonic landlords and their gangs of racketeers e.g. Ladsky's - are 'off territory'... because of implicit / explicit 'Memorandums of Understanding' e.g. police and Law Society (copy))

Pg.77 - Appendix A - "The MPS Policing Pledge - Our Promise to the Public"

"The Metropolitan Police Service, takes pride in providing the best possible service to people in London. Our Policing Pledge sets out the standards of service you can expect from us."

"One of the main commitments of our pledge is that we will always treat you fairly, with dignity and respect..."

"Reporting incidents and investigating crime - We recognise that being the victim of crime can be a distressing and sometimes disturbing experience, which can leave people feeling insecure, angry and upset. If you become a victim of crime, we encourage you to report it to us - we need to know where crime is happening so we can respond to your needs in the best possible way" (also pg.101)

Pg.79 - "Criminal Investigations - When you report a crime, we will record the details and give you a reference number. We will carry out an initial investigation into every crime reported to us"

Pg.80 - "If you are the victim of hate crime - Hate crime is any incident that the victim, or any other person, thinks is motivated by prejudice against the victim’s race, gender..." (my case: my profile, facing a 'Jewish' landlord ; summary of the "crime reports")

"We investigate all allegations of hate crime and have a specially trained Community Safety Unit in each London borough" (NB: Like e.g. Trainee Detective Constable Simon J Dowling of Notting Hill police's Community Support Unit?: 2007 "crime report": Key pts; 'his' emails to my website Host) - "who will investigate hate crime when:

• There is evidence to suggest that the incident was mainly motivated by prejudice against the victim’s race, gender, sexuality, disability, religion or belief" (my case: my profile, facing a 'Jewish' landlord ; summary of the "crime reports")

• There is evidence that the victim has suffered from a similar hate crime before" (my case: since 2002)

pg99 - Appendix E - MPS corporate objectives aligned to Public Service Agreements (PSAs) 2008/11... – "Make our services more accessible and improve people’s experience of their contact with us, especially victims

  • PSA24 “Deliver a more effective, transparent and responsive Criminal Justice System (CJS) for victims"
  • PA1 Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the criminal justice system in bringing offences to justice”
  • PA2 Increase the levels of public confidence in the fairness and effectiveness of the CJS”
  • PA5 “Reduce the harm caused by crime by increasing the quantity of criminal assets recovered

2. Attestation of constables - Form of Declaration

3. Claims to the media: Independent, 1 Dec 10, "Hate crime figures paint a grim portrait of life in Britain" - "...Devon and Cornwall Chief Constable Stephen Otter, the ACPO spokesman for equality, diversity and human rights, said...Hate crimes cause a great deal of harm among victims and communities... Whilst we want to reduce the incidence of these crimes, it is vital that we close the gap of under-reporting. Only by increasing reporting can we gain a full understanding of the extent of hate crime...

Professor John Grieve, chairman of the Government's hate crime advisory group, said: "The UK is amongst world leaders in the way that it responds to hate crime (!!!!) but there is still much work to do. One of the greatest challenges is to reduce the under-reporting of hate crime" (!!!!)

In other words: comments in the same category as those of Nick Harding, then Chairman of the IPCC - but... they were reported in the media - making them feel important.


I wonder how many other 'little people' like me in the Royal Borough 'of crime and corruption' are treated as I have and continue to be treated by Kensington, Chelsea & Notting Hill police.

Prior to filing my 19.04.11 Claim, at this point, I asked: What is the extent of its carte blanche from the Met Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson and the Home Secretary? I got the answer post filing my Claim: UNLIMITED!

The Metropolitan Police's motto is "Working together for a safer London"

In the light of my experience with the police since 2002 - and the fact that the ROOT CAUSE for ALL the events captured on this website is 'Dear Mr Ladsky' deciding that he was 'entitled' to make a multi-million £ jackpot at my expense (and that of my fellow leaseholders), I am prompted to change that to: "Working together with the criminals for a safer London for them to operate in"

(1) NB: The ex. PM’s wife, Cherie Blair, said during a state visit to Palestine that she understood why some people resort to terrorism. Of course, she was vilified for saying that. I’d never thought I’d agree with her, but: I do as well.

In my case, the outcome - from being a blatantly obvious ongoing victim of organized crime since 2002 - of being, from the start, TOTALLY marginalised by the State authorities and other institutions, treated with utmost hatred, like a piece of dirt, a non-entity who does not have the right to have rights, and hence made to feel that I am outside the protection of the law and the State - vis-à-vis Andrew Ladsky, a criminal and his equally criminal aides whom they very clearly view as being entitled to do whatever they want to me and totally destroy my life - translates into tears from extreme anger and frustration. (I leave the appropriate punishment of my enemies up to God).


Thursday 29 July 10 – And yet more of the 'Stasi'!

As I reached the French Institute I spotted this man stationary at the other end of Queensberry Mews West, about 6 meters down from the corner with Queens Gate. He was looking in my direction. Knowing from previous experience that the scum are positioned around from where I am, I opted to cross Queensberry Place, and walked down Queensberry Mews West, on the opposite pavement.

As I started to walk into the Mews I could see the man getting a paper tissue out of a pack, in a highly exaggerated way, while looking in my direction. My take on this was that the gesture was intended to justify being stationary. He then started walking in my direction, looking at me sideways.

Half way down the short street, I stopped to take the photograph and stayed where I was, looking at the buildings as though I wanted to take more photographs.

On reaching Queensberry Place, the man turned left, and looked at me as he did this. I walked back and positioned myself close to the entrance to the French Institute to see what he would do. He walked all the way down Queensberry Place to Cromwell Road and, before turning – left – on the Cromwell Road, turned round to look back on Queensberry Place. Why?

Queensberry Mews West - 10h55

If his plan was to go, not only on Cromwell Road, but actually at the height where he was going, all that he needed do was to walk straight ahead on Queens Gate from which he had come in order to turn into Queensberry Mews West. Why take the route he took? What did he do in Queensberry Mews West (which only has residential properties)? Nothing! = Another one of the 'Stasi'! (They are swarming all over the place).

The mafia has a massive portfolio of photographs and films of me and gives my description, and perhaps a photograph of me to what is, by now, quite literally, an army of 'Stasi' so that they can dog me wherever I go.

I will continue building my portfolio (I have a lot more than what is on my website). And I will continue putting some of it on my website because, as I said at the beginning of My Diary for this year: at least, it counteracts the malicious, scurrilous, libellous, slanderous accusations against me by Andrew Ladsky and his supporters in the wider arena.

And, as I have said before: I am counting on God working in 'mysterious ways' for the evidence from the 'other side' to, one day, come to light. There are far too many people who are involved. Somebody will talk; somebody will one day have to face their conscience; somebody will one day be a whistleblower. In the end, the truth ALWAYS comes out.

It seems that, among many other things, my taking the above photograph might have 'displeased' the mafia. After the Institute's library had closed, I was in the reception as my usual next place of call, the coffee shop, was closed. A young man, I assessed as being Jewish, entered the Institute.

On discovering that the coffee shop was closed, he took a leaflet and went to sit at the other end of the reception area, 'appearing' to read the leaflet - while looking at me. Without looking at him, and knowing that he was looking at me, I had sneered as he went past me. I had felt his very negative aura the minute he walked in. He stayed there until I got up to plug in a lead, and then left the Institute = a case of Ladsky throwing back the ball to his flunkeys at the local police (see e.g. 10 May, above).


Friday 30 July 2010 - The friend of the scum from yesterday?

As I arrived (unusually) from Queensberry Mews West into Queensberry Place, a man, oozing extreme arrogance and self-importance, was standing a few metres down from the corner, on the pavement that leads to Harrington Road. He was holding a small bottle of mineral water.

My 'internal radar' switched on. I stopped. We exchanged looks, his communicating anger and self-importance, mine aiming to communicate contempt. After about one minute, during which both of us remained stationary, I sneered, shook my head aiming to communicate 'pathetic scum', crossed the road and entered the French Institute.

Queensberry Place - 11h21

Normally, my doing that means that I am going to be there until the evening. However, after a few seconds, I decided to go back out to check whether my assessment had been correct.

I saw the man walking towards Harrington Road, looking full of himself.

He then stopped by the car in the photograph - which is a Mercedes E220, number plate P66 WHU. He subsequently removed his jacket.

The police driving Mercedes cars? An ACPO mate of Kensington police? Or a private snoop employed by Andrew Ladsky (the use of snoops appears to be a 'Jewish thing') - as the close-up of this one (Scum gallery) suggests a 'Mossad' 'dog'?

Actually, I subsequently saw an unmarked Mercedes car with a flashing light put temporarily on the roof i.e. undercover officers. (*)

I returned to the Institute.

(*) 2.5 months later, on 16 Oct 10, I showed my photograph to 2 of the local police. They claimed to not recognise him. Whether they did or not, the point is: employed by Ladsky or the State = same difference!

Saturday 18 Sep 10 - The 'Luftwaffe' dishes out more of the British State's criminal psychological harassment regime by hovering over me repeatedly as I was walking in Hyde Park - and once out of the park

At c. 13h30 I was walking through Hyde Park, from Knightsbridge, to go to Edgware Road. Because of the event held later on for the visit of the Pope ('Heart speaks into Heart, The visit of Pope Benedict XVI'), there were a lot of police officers in the park. I was walking on the alley called Main Street. As I reached about half way up, I noticed a helicopter circling above.

I assumed that this was part of the security measures. As I continued walking, the helicopter kept circling above me. It did it again once I reached Stanhope Place Gate to get out of the park. In light of what took place on 16 May 10, at this point I did a one finger gesture.

I left the park and walked into Stanhope Place, which was deserted. By the time I reached the end of the short street, and found myself on the corner with Seymour St and Connaught Sq, the helicopter was again hovering above me. I again did a one finger gesture.

I continued on the right handside of Connaught Sq (which was also deserted). As I reached Connaught St (also near deserted), I crossed the street and stopped on the other side. Yet again, the helicopter circled above me. Yet again, I did the one finger sign.

I walked the short street to Edgware Road. As I reached it, the helicopter - yet again - circled above me. It continued hovering around. I then went into an internet café.


Wednesday 22 Sep 10 - Use of a helicopter by the 'Luftwaffe' to track me down / harass me is becoming a habit

I was walking on Old Brompton, in South Kensington. As I was getting close to Cranley Place, I heard a helicopter flying quite low. I decided that if there was going to be a repeat of 16 May 10 and 18 Sep 10, this time I would take photographs.

I stopped at the beginning of Cranley Place - and the following is what took place. I went from one side of the pavement to the other as the helicopter kept circling. (To my knowledge: no incident was taking place; there was relatively little traffic, and no accident).

Please note that:

(1) The whole episode lasted eight minutes - which is a long time

2) At 11h17 I left Cranley Place, turned left into Old Brompton Road, and at the intersection, crossed the road into Queens Gate, where I positioned myself close to the corner with Brompton Road. As can be seen from the photographs taken at 11h20 the helicopter came and circled where I was.

11h13 - Cranley Place

11h14 - Cranley Place

11h14 - Cranley Place

11h15 - Cranley Place

11h15 - Cranley Place

11h17 - Cranley Place

11h17 - Cranley Place


11h20 - Queens Gate

11h20 - Queens Gate

The helicopter did not return after 11h20. Maybe it finally clicked that I was recording evidence. (As with the previous occasions, it should not be difficult to find out who was in the helicopter) (NB: Soon the question will have to be: who was maneuvering the unmanned helicopter drone?)

As evidenced by my experience, 'my card' is very clearly marked by the extremely arrogant, 'we are above the law' police (*) - and I assume that some of the photographs placed on this page, added to my recent additions to point # 5 and point 9.2 of the page on Kensington police are fueling the obsession.

(*) As it is by the Court Service - in which those I have had the great misfortune to deal with share the same attributes



4 Oct 10+ - Continuation of the breach by the State of (among others) my Human Rights, as Kensington & Chelsea police continues to wilfully discriminate against me, as well as fail to protect me from the acts of private individuals...

...- as, in spite of my seven visits, it has refused to record my complaints of harassment as crime reports, and therefore refused to investigate them.

This makes it the fourth time since 2002 that Kensington police has failed to - correctly - record offences against me as harassment

See above 27 July 10

Thursday 2 Nov 10 - Bumping into Joan Hathaway, MRICS, Martin Russell Jones, in Jefferson House. I called her a liar like her client

See above 13 July 10 - including 'her' 'follow-up' on the same day: another invoice; and my reply of 17.11.10 (followed by my 16.12.10 letter)

Wednesday 10 Nov 10 - Continuation of the interference with my French email address

See Persecution # 3 - Emails.


Tuesday 16 Nov 10 - I am verbally abused by a man who also tried to hit me. WAS THIS PLANNED? An intention to up the criminal psychological harassment game - out of frustration because e.g. the 15 Jun 09 death threat, "Enjoy your life. You don't have long to live", is not stopping me from fighting against injustice?

Having kept well clear of the City (business district) since resigning from KPMG in Jan 08 because the thought of going there made me feel physically unwell, (even seeing it / Canary Wharf on TV had this effect) (*), I have recently forced myself to return to it in order to use some private libraries.

(*) Subsequent note: I first returned on 8 Feb 13. See what happened!

(Wearing my T-shirt) I boarded a bus near the British Museum, a stop I have been using quite regularly. I sat in the front seat, nearest to the driver.

A man, of Indian/Pakistani/other nearby country origin, tall, in his 40s, several front teeth missing, wearing a dark blue suit, potbelly, entered the bus and immediately started to voice extremely abusive language at me, which he preceded by calling me a "European". The rest is so abusive that I will not capture it.

He continued to do this as he went up to the upper deck. I told him that he was demented and should get himself locked-up in an asylum. The abuse continued from the upper deck of the bus. Both, the driver and the only other passenger on the lower deck (a middle-aged man) shook their head in disbelief.

As the bus neared the next stop, the man came down and continued with his extremely abusive language. As he was standing near the exit, he leaned towards me, and extended his leather-gloved-hand in an attempt to hit me. The driver shouted to him to stop.

Was this a planned attack? An intention to 'up the game' out of frustration (comment at Chelsea police on 4 Oct 10 i.e. 1 month previously) because e.g. the 15 Jun 09 death threat "Enjoy your life. You don't have long to live" and the numerous other threatening behaviours / actions - part of the criminal psychological harassment regime e.g. 20 July 10 ; other examples - are not stopping me from fighting against the injustice dished out by the Masonic Establishment?

Why did the scum direct this abuse at me the second he stepped into the bus? Why did he refer to me as as "European"? Why did he come off at the next stop?

Should I start counting the days to my being killed?

Subsequent note: Was this also carried out for the benefit of pyschos in the CCTV control room/s, so that they could satisfy their sadistic craving - (as happened 4 months later: My Diary c.week 2 of Mar 11)?

(NB: A key objective of criminal psychological harassment is to cause anger in the victims).

(The previous evening, a scum had been waiting for me when I left the library: he was at my 'usual' bus stop; I went in a nearby shop; he was still there when I came out several minutes later, and barely missed the bus I wanted to take; when another of the same bus number arrived, he boarded it after me. Why didn't he take the previous bus? He sat down, his back to me. I remained standing, and got off at the next stop)

(Also on the previous day, at lunch time, my 'internal radar' led me to suspect another man) (of whom I took photographs)


Monday 13 Dec 10 - The psycho 'Gestapo' is even hounding me in public toilets

In an Oxford St department store, I used the toilets. They are very clearly marked 'Women's toilets'. From the shop floor, they require going up one flight of stairs. It can be seen from the bottom of the stairs that they lead directly to the toilets i.e. it is clear that there is nothing else.

After I had been there for about 10 minutes, a man walked into the toilets: mid 30s; wearing jeans and blouson; carrying a shopping bag. Having looked at me, as he started to walk back down the stairs, he talked inside the left handside of the collar of his blouson.

Of note: This is the store from which I gave the 'Stasi' the run on 16 May 10 - which led to my being tracked down by the 'Luftwaffe'. Evidently, this time, they were determined to not run the risk of losing me. (Other examples, Persecution # 2)

Considering that: (1) from the hellhole i.e. the flat, I came to the store by bus; (2) the bus stop is immediately opposite the entrance to the store; (3) I rapidly went straight-up to the toilets; (4) the man was not on the bus: leads to the conclusion that he had been within the vicinity of the store before my arrival.

As I wrote previously: how come that these scum materialise within minutes of my being somewhere? Given the evidently very large number involved, added to, in this instance, the behaviour of the man, as well as having a microphone hidden in the collar of his blouson, I conclude that these people (who are swarming all over the place), in 'surveillance Britain', are employed by the State i.e. at the taxpayers' expense. For what - official - reason? The most likely answer must be: for anti-terrorism purposes, or maybe they are part of the brigade that infiltrates activists groups.

How far up the executive level does awareness of this moonlighting for organized crime - and therefore endorsement - extend? While recent events with undercover police officers provide further evidence that the police operates in a totally uncontrolled environment, my view is that, in my case (considering the persecution I have and continue to be subjected to by, among others, the British State), endorsement takes place at the highest level in Government - because it is about taking revenge for my exposing the miscreants in its midst. (Subsequent note: I was proven right: My Diary # 6, summary of links)

= Further confirmation of my conclusion that, in this country, 'daring' to stand-up for your so-called 'rights', in the process exposing fraud, collusion, corruption, etc. by the rotten elements categorises you as a 'terrorist' (Experience of other victims of crime e.g. 20 May 10 ; 21 July 10 - in 'surveillance Britain')

(NB: On 14 Apr 10, one of Ladsky's 'dogs' also followed me in the toilets)


Thursday 16 Dec 10 - The one-month silence 'from' Joan Hathaway, MRICS, MRJ, since my 17.11.10 letter following 'her' 01.11.10 - yet again, totally unsupported - 'demand' of £24,000 (US$42,000) added to the previous four-month silence since my 15.07.10 letter in reply to 'her' 09.07.10 - totally unsupported - 'demand' of £24,000 - have led me to send her this 16.12.10 letter...

... - on which I copied Grant Shapps, Housing Minister; Julian Knight at the Independent on Sunday; her 'regulatory' body, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, suggesting in my letter that " light of your 'regulatory performance', I am sure you will agree [these documents] justify considering Joan Hathaway, MRICS, for an 'RICS Surveyor of the Year Award'"- See above, 13 July 10.


Monday 20 Dec 10 - Scum wearing sunglasses - I assume in case I take photographs... but the planned unmanned helicopter drones will do away with this 'concern'

Contrary to my frequent route, on leaving the hellhole i.e. the flat, I turned right into Basil St. Having reached the end, I positioned myself on the corner with Sloane St, out of view from Basil St to see who 'might' be behind me. Within c. one minute a man arrived, wearing sunglasses. This is London, in winter, and it was 9h15 a.m.

He was oozing an extremely toxic aura. Wearing sunglasses, regardless of the time of day, appears to be the new accessory 'de rigueur' - I assume in case I take photographs. (No: no map :-) and no mobile phone in view as e.g. 10 May 10; 16 May 10; 23 May 10; 2 Jun 10) (He had his hands in his pockets)

But it looks like, in 'Orwellian surveillance Britain', they won't have to worry about having their photograph taken for much longer: the Daily Telegraph reports in its 15 Dec 10 article "Surveillance state 'more intrusive than ever'"

"Britons are already the most-watched citizens in the democratic world because of an array of systems including CCTV, cameras that track vehicles, vast government databases and the sharing of personal data..

...a pilot scheme by Merseyside Police to use unmanned helicopter drones, which had now finished. It was “quite probable” they would become commonplace... It quoted reports that six other police forces were considering using the drones, potentially to monitor offences such as fly tipping" (!!!!) (NB: Yeah, right! A case of: 'I am saying that because I assess you as being stupid enough to believe it')

Following the recent student demonstrations, the police said to also be looking at the possibility of acquiring water canons - and to have the implied go-ahead from the Home Secretary on whatever the police thinks is best.

What will it be next? Machine guns on the drones? (Actually, in a Daily Mail article of 22 Jun 08, "Was my 'friend' a stooge or a thug?", a journalist reported seeing "snipers on rooftops" during what was described as "a peaceful demonstration"). Tanks on Trafalgar square? (another 'T' square) Or maybe the notorious landlords will rush to provide the 'necessary space' - for 'the right lease' and service charges 'for maintenance, repairs and improvements'?

As Yasmin Alibhai-Brown of the Independent wrote in her 6 Dec 10 article headed, "Ann Widecombe and the rise of Strictly Come Democracy"

"While the population is preoccupied with song and dance, Britannia as she was burns, burns down...

most British adults are doing little about the state we are in or will find ourselves in very soon. TV is their opiate....

Think of what all this means. Think and get angry and do something. At least wake up"

I agree with Ms Alibhai-Brown, but feel that I have to come to the defence of the "couch potatoes".

Until 2002, when I was dragged kicking and screaming into the residential leasehold hellhole, I was a "couch potato", apolitical, keeping my head down, giving my whole to my employer, etc.

Everyday, for 6 months of the year, I went to work and gave ALL that I earned to the State in the form of taxes in the understandable belief that those who took the money would act as per their stated remit i.e. as per their contract of employment signed with us, taxpayers - their employers.

It is not until you are pulled into a hellhole by corrupt elements that you discover the true face of 'the system' beneath the thin layer of veneer.

Look at my experience (Case summary) (including the 'Get lost' response to ALL my complaints - and subsequent persecution), as well as the experience of others (e.g. Whistleblowers; 20 May 10 ; 21 July 10 ; Maurice Kirk) - for 'daring' to challenge 'the system'.

(The gigantic network of symbiotic relationships, 'the Brotherhood', collude through 'Memorandums of understanding' e.g. Law Society and police - see ACPO, K&C police # 9.2)

To borrow an expression used by the European Court of Human Rights in some cases that engage Article 10 of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights: "Right to freedom of expression": my website must have a "chilling effect" on the 'little people' who look at it = a warning: 'Shut up 'piece of dirt'! Let yourself be used and abused to our hearts' content, or else we'll destroy you'. (Another benefit of my website to the corrupt elements: a great advertisement to attract 'new business')

As the relatively few of us who are fighting for what is right know only too well: it is a fight that has truly horrendous consequences on our lives.

But, as somebody once said: 'IF NOT YOU, WHO? IF NOT NOW, WHEN?'

I hope more people will join us... each picking up one starfish.


Friday 31 Dec 10 - I took a photograph of the pretend tramp, and of another of the 'Gestapo' which - of course - continues to track me on a daily basis

I concluded that a scum, I assessed as being police-connected, had been waiting for me to get out of a bank on the elevated section of the Brompton Road pavement, in which I spent a relatively long time. He was positioned on the corner of the food shop (street corner), resting against the wall, arms folded on his chest, looking straight at me. I went to the railing and did the same: remained stationary, while looking straight at him. After c. 15 seconds, I took my camera out. At that moment he left, and went into the food store - 12h38 photograph.


Brompton Road, 31 Dec 10, 12h38

Brompton Road, 31 Dec 10, 12h48

I walked for a few meters, past the close-by bus stop (and encountered the pretend tramp). I stayed by the bus stop, across from the bus stop where the other one who, on leaving the food shop, positioned himself - 12h48 photograph.

As the bus I wanted to take arrived, I boarded it.

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