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15 years of mental torture, harassment, persecution, intimidation, bullying and blackmail tactics - in the Jefferson House 'concentration camp' - in 'The Kingdom of Make-Believe'

My Diary - 2005

Year four of the horrendous, sheer utter hell nightmare.

The year of:

•  My battles with the Legal Services Ombudsman and her dismissal of my complaints against the Law Society and the Bar Council

•  The battle with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors following my complaint against Martin Russell Jones

•  Intense harassment and intimidation

•  The development of my website

February 2005

In the main entrance, the carpet was removed throughout, as well as the extra board of plywood that had been placed many years ago to lessen the noise above my flat. This left the bare slats of wood exposed. (See photos compiled in this pack , as well as additional evidence in the Photo gallery)

From February until late June 2005 , works were periodically carried out in the entrance - comprising of drilling, using an electronic saw, as well as dragging heavy items across the floor. This took place until late in the evening.

For example, on my return at 22h00 on Monday 20 June 2005 , a workman was working in the entrance. Until 23h00, he intermittently used an electric saw, as well as drill and hammer.   (Doing this until this hour is illegal. No point wasting my time reporting this)

In addition to this, while evidently little or no work had been carried out in the entrance during weekdays, it was carried out on several Saturdays. immediately above my flat.

Because of the excessive noise from people walking in and out of the building, sometimes dragging suitcases, in March 2005 , I started to sleep on the sofa instead of in my bed.

Monday 7 March 2005

I got to the flat at 19h00 where workmen were working in the entrance corridor i.e. immediately above my flat. They did this until 21h00, dragging heavy items across the floorboards, dropping heaving things as well. (See this pack for the state of the corridor at the time, and for additional evidence, see the Photo gallery)

Thursday 24 March 2005

In order to get at least one good night of sleep, on that date, at the beginning of the Easter bank holiday weekend, I checked into a hotel.

I did this again for three nights at the beginning of June. (I have also done this in August 2005 - see below for further detail)

25 March 2005 - The LSO and Bar Council

In a letter dated 25 March 2005 , I respond to the Bar Council's decision, dated 27 January 2005 . Also on 25 March 2005 , I file a complaint with the Legal Services Ombudsman against the Bar Council for its handling of my 5 April 2004 complaint against Stan Gallagher.

I receive a reply from the LSO, dated 1 April 2005 , stating:   "it appears from what you have told us in the application form that the Ombudsman is unable to help because the Bar Council are still investigating your complaint."

I reply on 2 April 2005 "How can you possibly arrive at this conclusion?   I most vehemently disagree with it" .   Among others, I highlight the statement by the Bar Council in its 27 January 2005 decision:

"Under the Rules, there is no mechanism for you to appeal this decision. If you are dissatisfied with the way in which your complaint has been considered by the Bar Council, you may approach the Legal Services Ombudsman to investigate the way we have dealt with it."

What had happened is that, following my 25 March 2005 complaint, the Bar Council, had written to me on 30 April 2005 "In light of the issues you have raised, I am seeking further advice" - and the Bar Council had obviously been contacting the LSO, resulting in its 1 April letter.

As I pointed out in my 2 April 2005 letter, "there is nothing new in my 25 March 2005 letter" . (A fact that was recognised two months later by the Bar Council in its 3 June 2005 letter to me. I replied on 22 June 2005 )

The outcome of my 2 April letter resulted in the LSO 'then' deciding to consider my complaint - its 8 April 2005 letter = a U-turn .

I was shocked and depressed by what had taken place. I saw it as a bad omen. I kicked myself for my (continued) naivety as, yet again, I had fallen into the trap of believing that there was somebody there who would help me.

As well as filing a complaint against the Bar Council, I had also filed two complaints with the LSO against the Law Society. The first one, dated 5 December 2004 , was for its handling of my 16 March 2004 complaint against Piper Smith Basham . (My last reply to the Law Society was on 30 November 2004 ).

The second complaint against the Law Society, dated 20 February 2005 , was for its handling of my 20 December 2004 complaint against CKFT . (I had replied to the Law Society on 19 February 2005 )

Two factors had prompted me to refer my complaints to the LSO.   Firstly, several months previously, Mrs Zahida Manzoor had participated in a BBC Radio 4 programme with the then head of the Law Society. I was impressed by what she was saying as she demonstrated understanding of the plight faced by consumers when trying to get redress following malpractice by a solicitor.

The second factor was the LSO Annual Report 2003-04 as it provided reinforcement to what Mrs Manzoor had said on the BBC Radio 4 programme. What caught my attention in particular was:

"Through the complaints that are referred to my Office, I see many instances where the existing system fails to meet the needs of consumers or afford them adequate protection from the dishonest or fraudulent behaviour of a very small minority of legal professionals.

I am astounded at the complexity of the existing multi-step and multi-layered complaints handling model and I feel strongly that it imposes an unacceptable and disproportionate burden (in terms of time and effort) on complainants.

In my view, the degree of patience, tenacity and endurance that complainants need to show in order to negotiate this system is quite unreasonable"

Moreover, what really cheered me up was the following:

"It is relatively straightforward to detect the recurrent failings in service delivery that present themselves within these complaints, most notably, excessive delays, excessive costs, poor responsiveness to communications, failure to follow instructions, failure to act in the client's best interest and failure to clarify the implications of proposed actions"

I most particularly liked the last part of this paragraph.

I had FINALLY found somebody in government with a consumer-centric orientation, and somebody who was wise to the tricks of the legal profession and its trade associations i.e. the Law Society and the Bar Council. It gave my spirits a much-needed boost.

Evidence that I did believe this at the time can be seen in my 22 November 2004 letter to the Parliamentary Ombudsman . In this letter, I wrote, "In terms of government bodies, you are the 'end of the line' for me - with the exception of the Legal Services which I have a tiny bit of hope having heard an interview with Mrs Zahida Manzoor on Radio 4. However, this will only be limited to my complaint against legal advisors" .

Yes, it was a "tiny" bit of hope (there is a saying, 'once bitten, twice shy'), but it was 'hope'.

My feeling that these events with the Bar Council were a bad omen, materialised - in relation to the three complaints I had referred to the LSO. (See My Diary at the beginning of year 2004 and LSO for more detail)

Tuesday 19 April 2005 - 22h00

On my return from the office at 22h00, Andrew Ladsky was in the main entrance, talking to a woman. He told me "you are mad" and to "go and see a psychiatrist". On this day, in the morning, I had seen a therapist located in West London . (I had not seen him in over 2 years).

From April - May 2005


A spy camera has been in operation by the main entrance. (The bottom of the plaque for the entry system reads: "These premises are protected by CCTV" )

Another one is also placed at the end of the corridor, immediately opposite the main entrance.

This camera is hidden behind a dark globe (as e.g. in shops) suggesting that it swivels. If so, for this reason alone, it is in breach of the Data Protection Act 1998. (Likewise, it breaches the Act if it can zoom / focus on people).

Andrew Ladsky appears to be glued to the monitor, as he has occasionally come out of flat 9 once I had already started to come down the steps in the direction of my flat. Although I have not seen him (given that by then, my back is turned), I have recognised his voice as he has on occasions said something to me / emitted some noise.

Aside from being told of the intention to have this installed (and doing it in such a way as to ensure that I would not be able to have a say (see letter of 16 December 2004 from Joan Hathaway, MRICS, MRJ, and 'so called' "notice" of 18 March 2005 ), I have NOT been supplied with any communication whatsoever about this camera.

(See also below, 22 July 05 - for features of entrance system)

22 May 2005

I receive a letter dated 19 May 2005 from the Office of the Ombudsman for Estate Agents. I came across this Office from press reports and opted to send a copy of the complaint I had sent to the RICS. This too was thrown back at me on the grounds that ".according to our records, Martin Russell Jones is not a member and your complaint is, therefore, outside the Ombudsman's terms of reference"

How many consumers know that membership of the Estate Agents Ombudsman is not compulsory - and consequently operates in a different manner from the other ombudsmen ? Obviously, estate agents most likely to be found at fault by the Ombudsman are not going to register = another pointless scheme! discover once you start scratching the surface.

(NB: Consider that Martin Russell Jones states on its website (in 2004) to be " Members of. the NAEA (National Association of Estate Agents)" )

Wednesday 1 June 2005

(Subsequent note: see Persecution page for snapshots of my being under surveillance, and My Diary for the numerous attempts to make me fear for my life)

I had lunch with my 'Honorary Mum' at Dickens & Jones (a department store). She was sitting against the wall in the restaurant and therefore facing the restaurant area.   At some point, I felt somebody behind us. It was a man, Caucasian, c. 1.80m, sitting by himself. In his 40s, grey hair , he wore a dark green T-shirt. He had a rucksack placed next to him on the table. He seemed to be particularly interested in us. (Later on, my 'Mum' said that he had been "glaring" at her).  

I gave him a look that said 'I am aware that you appear to be interested in us'.   He left c. 2-3 minutes later.  

My 'Mum' and I remained in the restaurant for c. another 40 minutes .

We then made our way towards Bond Street station. As we were walking on Oxford Street , I could feel that somebody was very close behind us. I pulled my 'Mum' to the side to let the person go by. It was a man.

My 'Mum' immediately said:  

"That's the man who was in the restaurant!"

Indeed, he looked like the man who had been sitting next to us 50 minutes previously in the restaurant:   same height, same grey hair, same shape and colour of T-shirt, same colour trousers and same rucksack.

19 June 2005

It is a glorious day but yet again, another weekend I am going to spend in the office working on 'project nightmare' i.e. the flat.

I take the bus and sit on the top deck by the window. I have the sun on me. I feel warm but not hot and enjoy having the warmth of the sun... and the light. I am missing out on so much of this by being 'chained to my desk', consumed by project nightmare. As I am not familiar with the route, I go down to ask the driver where he will stop. The stop I want, at Westminster , is another eight minutes or so away. No point trying to find a seat. Anyway, there are quite a lot people, including some standing in the alley. I decide to stay by the luggage rack.

After about three-four minutes, as I am looking out of window, my vision becomes blurry as though the buildings are merging into one another. I tell myself, come on, control yourself, you are going to be okay, you are going to be okay. Hang on! Hang on! Control yourself. Next thing, I find myself crouching on the floor with my hands resting on the luggage rack.   Had there not been people behind me, I would have fallen flat on the floor. I had fainted for the first time in my life. Judging by the distance covered by the bus, only for a relatively short time.

A couple is sitting by the luggage rack. The man gets up and gives me his seat. I have cold sweat and feel unwell. The woman pats my forehead with a tissue on which she has placed water. They offer to come off the bus with me. By then we have reached Westminster .

I just about make it to the part of the pavement that is under the arcade by the shops and sit on the pavement. The very kind couple (Pat and John) stay with me. As does another lady and her son.   I am feeling really awful. Cold sweat and the worrying part for me is that I feel numbness in my face and head, forearms and hands, as well as my legs. I don't know what is causes this. I find it difficult to breath.

Pat goes in the Tesco shop asking that they phone for an ambulance. A tourist, who Pat subsequently told me had just bought a bottle of fruit juice (and must have apparently queued a long time for it), hands it over to me. (Thank you Mr Tourist for your kindness!). I feel very weak and most definitely not 'all together'.

After about 15 minutes, a paramedic arrives from St Thomas hospital (which is just across the bridge). He does various tests, including blood sugar level - which is normal. His name is Devon . He is a very kind man. He explains that the reason for the numbness is because I am not breathing properly. But I can't breathe properly. "Look at me" he says, "hold my hand" and then encourages me to breath at his pace.


After about 20 minutes, he suggests that I go to the hospital. I can barely walk to his car. When we get to the emergency room, Devon has to bring a wheelchair as I can't walk. He wheels me in.

After about 20 minutes, I see a nurse who decides that I should see a doctor. I am wheeled into another reception area. After a while, I end-up dozing off in the chair.  

By the time I wake-up, I have been in the hospital for about two hours. I feel a lot better. The worse is over. I feel that I can leave but the nurse strongly recommends that I see a doctor. A doctor arrives and repeats the same advice. She wants to carry out other tests but has to deal with other patients first. I wait for c. another hour. It gives me the chance for further recuperation. The various tests do not highlight that there is anything wrong.

The doctor asks me "Are you under stress?" "Yes" I reply, "continuously for the last four years with some peaks of extreme stress"

The shock of what has happened to me today brings back to my mind at the time, and as I leave the hospital, the terrible anguish, torment and distress I have suffered and been made to endure:

•  When I received the 17 July 2002 £14,400 (US$25,400) demand from Joan Hathaway, MRICS, Martin Russell Jones (My Diary 22 Jul 02 ; Summer 2002)

•  When I read the 7 October 2002 letter from Lanny Silverstone, CKFT, threatening to forfeit my lease and contact my mortgage lender, unless I paid the full amount demanded by 10 a.m. on 14 October (My Diary 10 October 2002) (Subsequent note: threat of forfeiture, as well as court claims = FRAUD TOOLS)

•  The 29 November 2002 West London County Court - fraudulent claim (Subsequent note: court claims = FRAUD TOOLS) and Particulars of claim and my disbelief and unbelievable distress (My Diary 6 Dec 02) given that, one month previously, the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal had told me (and fellow leaseholders) to NOT PAY until the tribunal had issued its determination and it had been implemented. To reinforce the message, we were given a booklet which, on page 5, relates the Daejan Properties v. LVT "the LVTs only have jurisdiction over service charges that are still unpaid " (LVT # 1 ). (The first day of the LVT substantive hearing took place on 13 March 2003 i.e. 4 months after the claim, drawn-up by CKFT, was filed in court by Joan Hathaway - LVT # 3)

•  The 21 March 2003 Charging Order that did NOT concern me and the surrounding battles I had over a 10-day period before West London County Court finally admitted this fact ( 1 April 2003 ). In addition to causing me an unbelievable amount of anguish and distress (WLCC # 5 ; Lord Falconer of Thoroton # 1 ; My Diary 24 Mar 03), this malicious, vicious 'misinformation' nearly cost me £2,000 (US$3,500) in solicitor fees (My Diary 25 and 30 Mar 03)

•  I also remember the three other situations with West London County Court and Wandsworth County Court - to which my file had been "transferred" for no reason as WLCC knew that "an agreement had been reached" (Lord Falconer of Thoroton # 5.3)

(1) WRONGLY telling me in a notice dated 9 June 2004 - without giving any detail - that I was the defendant in a trial - scheduled for 17 August 2004 ((WLCC # 14 ; Lord Falconer of Thoroton # 5.1) This was done in spite of WLCC having absolute knowledge that agreement has been reached with 'Steel Services' (Lord Falconer # 4 ; # 5.3) In spite of my challenging the courts, after 10 days of unbelievable anguish, torment and distress (My Diary 12 Jun 04 ; 26 July 04), Wandsworth County Court, still maintained that the trial concerned me. Eventually it sent me this 23 July 2004 letter stating that I am "not required to attend" - and in the process treats me like an illiterate idiot (Lord Falconer # 5 , # 5. 1) (I am a woman, so: 'OF COURSE, I must be stupid!')

(2) WRONGLY telling me that a judgment had been entered against me on 18 March 2004 (WLCC # 5 ; Lord Falconer # 1) (Lord Falconer # 2 )

(3) Making me miss the 28 May 2004 hearing and capturing in the order that the action be stayed (i.e. open to further proceedings) (WLCC # 13 ; Lord Falconer # 3 ) when, in fact, the court had the evidence that an agreement had been reached (Lord Falconer # 4 ; # 5.3). I was so distraught that I could not stop myself from crying in the street (Lord Falconer # 4 ; My Diary 28 May 04) When I went to WLCCC to get a copy of the transcript, the court staff initially DENIED that a hearing had taken place (Lord Falconer # 5.2 )

As evidenced from the transcript , the judge admitted he had not read the document for the hearing. He therefore took directions from Ayesha Salim, Cawdery Kaye Fireman & Taylor, as to what he should be doing (see Lord Falconer of Thoroton # 3)

•  Oh yes, I remember each very vividly indeed!   The cruelty, persecution and what I can only describe as sadism I suffered from the courts. I stopped counting the times I was reduced to tears. I can still see myself walking in the street on several occasions unable to fight back the tears, overcome by feelings of extreme loneliness, helplessness, being totally ignored and abandoned by a system I (now realise, wrongly) believed in, of being trapped and not knowing how to address these situations.   Writing this brings the tears back on again as it heightens the terrible pain and suffering from this horrendous nightmare.

•  I remember the defiant, arrogant, challenging, patronizing and dismissive 23 August 2004 'get lost' reply I received from the Court Service following my cry for help to Lord Falconer. In other words, the typical type of letter I have now become so accustomed to receiving whenever I have turned to a government body for help.

•  The ongoing defamatory documents from Ladsky et. al's evil, corrupt, criminal aides: Lanny Silverstone and Ayesha Salim, CKFT; Joan Hathaway, MRICS and Barrie Martin, FRICS, Martin Russell Jones; Brian Gale, MRICS - who, in effect, repeatedly portrayed me as a dishonest person to the LVT and the court.

•  I also remember the battles I had with my so called legal 'advisers': Lisa McLean and Richard Twyman, Piper Smith Basham, from September 2003 (My Diary Sep 03 - My 20C application) to December 2003 (My Diary 28 Oct 03 , 11 Nov 03 , 12 Nov 03 , 13 Nov 03) and subsequently with Stan Gallagher, the Law Society, Bar Council and Legal Services Ombudsman, including in relation to my complaint against CKFT. I lost nearly one stone in weight in the space of a month during November - December 2003 because I could barely eat. Due to the extreme stress, I also had great difficulty sleeping (My Diary Nov 03 , Dec 03 , Christmas 2003)

•  I went through sheer, utter hell with them because, in essence, I refused to comply with the commonly 'enforced' business model: I was not prepared to strike a deal with the owners of the block. I wanted to enforce the terms of my lease, as well as exert my statutory rights. I wanted to comply with the instructions that had been given to me by a tribunal. I wanted to abide by my moral principles, my integrity: I wanted to pay my just and fair share of the costs for the major works (as captured e.g. on pages 3 and 4 of my 9 August 2003 letter to West London County Court) (Subsequent note: summary under I am NOT the criminal. I AM THE VICTIM OF ORGANIZED CRIME)

•  I had the same battle with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors following my complaint against Martin Russell Jones. The same turning of a blind eye and a deaf ear. (Subsequent note - In 2008, not only was the RICS of the view that "no doubt Martin Russell Jones will issue proceedings against me for defamation" (RICS # 12), the RICS itself tried to censor me by threatening me with defamation proceedings (RICS # 11 , # 12)

•  And the battles I had as well with Kensington & Chelsea police who claimed 'lack of evidence' and concern for the judicious use of resources when I and at least four other residents, over a two-year period, complained of harassment and intimidation by Andrew Ladsky. However, a year later, in 2003, when Ladsky reported me to the same police station for "swearing at him" , neither of these considerations came into play as PC Neil Watson 206BS, who desribed himself as a "Crime Investigator" (NB:!!!) informed me in a malicious, threatening letter that "...this initial complaint has been fully recorded by the police" and that I had better shut-up and not challenge 'Dear Mr Ladsky' "or there may be further consequences". My not phoning as requested, led him to send me another letter a few days later. He then ignored my written request for detail of the accusation against me.

•  And the battle with Kensington and Chelsea housing department to get it to perform its legal remit (Prescott # 2.5), as well as with the Local Government Ombudsman (also My Diary Complaint against Kensington & Chelsea housing dept). The anguish when I received the LVT report without a summary (and therefore in breach of its legal remit, under s.19 of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1985, which is "to determine the reasonableness of the global sum demanded" (LVT # 4 , # 6 , # 8.16) and the subsequent refusals from Siobhan McGrath, head LVTs, to have one included (LVT # 7 , Prescott # 1.4). This report cost me £30,000 (US$53,000) of my life savings (LVT # 8.2 ; Prescott # 1)

•  The unbelievable distress when I received a £14,500 (US$25,400) invoice 'from' Martin Russell Jones in October 2004 - without any explanation whatsoever. And another one a month later, this time for £15,500 (US$27,350) - likewise with no explanation (My Diary End of 2004

•  I did not acknowledge these inoices because I know that I do NOT owe this money as, three months previously, I accepted Ladsky's 21 October 2003 "offer" of £6,350 (US$11,200) in payment for the works, and the Consent Order was endorsed by Wandsworth County Court on 1 July 2004. I did this even though, legally I did NOT owe this amount either.

I made the payment to CKFT on 19 December 2003 (which was cashed in ) "for the sake of bringing this dispute to an end". But, I should have known that what I was hoping for was like trying to get a bone away from a dog - and an extremely vicious one at that. Andrew Ladsky et. al. are intent on taking their revenge for my 'daring' to challenge the 'service charge' (which I was perfectly within my rights to do - point 64, 17 June 2003 LVT report) .

Have I been under stress?   Oh yes, I have continuously been under a tremendous amount of stress - being subjected to ongoing, inhuman treatement.

The doctor recommends that I "take it easy" . I reply that I can't as I am fighting for all that I possess in terms of material wealth: the flat. I think to myself, as I have done now for a long time, if this fight ends-up killing me, well, so be it. By losing the best part of what I have, I am dead anyway.

So, might as well fight the system like a demon to the very end (as I wrote in my 6 April 2005 letter to Michael Howard).  

And if it comes to that, 'maybe' my death will bring me posthumous justice.

Not much good to me then but, hopefully, it will protect others from those who have made me go through this unbelievable, horrendous hell over the last four years.

As I wrote to the Parliamentary Ombudsman on 22 November 2004 , maybe my tombstone will read: "She died because the British government opted to not only turn a blind eye and a deaf ear, it actually helped a greed-ridden bunch of people who wanted to make her pay for the construction of a penthouse flat and enlargement of flats on 4 floors - all in the name of the leasehold system. She fought for all she had: a flat which was going to be her pension fund". What an epitaph!"

However, I opt to heed the doctor's advice at least for the rest of the day. This episode has cost me five hours of my Sunday. Very valuable time lost, as weekends are the main opportunities for me to work on project nightmare.   On the upside, I have some new friends: Pat and John. (I have yet to see them - due to the pressure of developing the site. Also, given that I am being followed, I do not want them to be connected with me). In addition, I have also come across very kind, caring, professional and helpful hospital staff.

Experiences like these bring me back out of the dark hole in which I find myself sink every so often over the last four years: there is a lot of evil in this society, much of it I now view as being inflicted with the support of government and institutions - but there is also tremendous kindness - among the 'ordinary' people . Many people on this island 'walk around wearing their heart on their sleeve'.

Saturday 25 June 2005

This morning as I looked out of my kitchen window, I noticed that a miracle had happened yesterday: works to repair the broken step in front of my windows were started...

... nearly one year after the workmen had broken it on 27 August 2004.

Note as well the view I have had from my windows since August 2004 - including the filth.

See why I have been keeping the blinds closed?

Monday 27 June 2005

On my return from work I found that some sort of plywood / cardboard material had been cello taped over the part of the entrance for which new (cheap) floorboards had been placed. As it dampened the noise, I started to sleep in my bed again.   My mid-July I was back sleeping on the sofa. As can be seen from the photographs captured in this pack, at 1 May 2006 , works in the entrance were still not completed i.e. nearly two years after the start of the works (in August 2004).

As the new floor boards have been nailed directly on the joists with no insulation whatsoever , (see this pack containing photographs, as well as the Photo gallery for additional evidence) when the temporary cardboard material is removed, the level of noise is going to be unbearable.

(Note at April 2006:   Yes! Correct! Great for tap dancing! So, I am back sleeping on the sofa)

Photograph taken from floor below entrance corridor

Friday 8 July 2005 - morning

In the morning, I did an errand locally (unusual for me to do this on a working day) (due to the bombing in the underground the previous day, I delayed my departure time to work). I went to Marks & Spencer at c. 10h30. I had spotted that a man appeared to be following me. He was Caucasian, c. 1.68m, shortish hair, wearing a light colour T-shirt.

I had just about past a woman's clothing shop, which is about 20m before M&S. I saw the man go into the shop. He only went in for c. 2.5m, looked for a few seconds, then came out. I had stayed where I was and had turned to face in his direction.

When he saw me, he froze on the spot. We were about 7 metres apart. I held his gaze. This lasted for c. 10 seconds. He then turned away and hence, went back the way he had come from - having done nothing . I proceeded to go into M&S.

Friday 8 July 2005 - evening

On my return from work, I went into Kings Road , in the part next to Sloane Square . I spotted a man, Caucasian, in his early 40s, c. 1.78m, with a beer belly, blue shirt with short sleeves, smoking a cigarette. (Hence, apart from smoking, untypical of the profile of the other men I believe had so far been following me / observing me.)

He appeared to be following my movements namely, stopping when I did.   I decided to do the same thing to him. I purposely walked very slowly to force him to overtake me. He stopped a few metres ahead of me, leaning against one of the wrought iron balusters. I stopped 2 metres behind him. Eventually, after c. 15 seconds, he turned round. When he saw me, he walked away and positioned himself against another baluster, in the right side hand alley (which leads to shops in an inner courtyard). I hid in a shop recess, but he did not come by. I continued my shopping.

Saturday 16 July 2005 - morning

I went to the dry cleaner in Pont Street . On my way out of the shop, I saw a man in his c. 20's, Caucasian, wearing a rucksack, who was sitting on a low step in front of one of the buildings a few metres from the drycleaner. Hence, he was practically sitting on the pavement. I turned left to go in the direction of Motcomb Street .

At the intersection, a man, Caucasian, c. 1.65m, very short hair , wearing a white T-shirt, was sitting on the low wall that surrounds the flower display. His physique suggested to me that he might be of Jewish origin.

He was yawning and stretching himself. It seemed to me that I had seen him before. If not, he shared very similar physical characteristics with some of the men who have been following me.

As I went by, he got up and crossed the road. I started to turn into Motcomb Street . He crossed Motcomb Street to go on the other pavement. There was something about him that looked suspicious. I also crossed the street, ending up walking behind him. He turned round, eventually seeing that I was behind him.

He continued walking and turned into the alley, in front of the Waitrose store. On the corner of the alley, there is a coffee shop. He stopped and looked into the coffee shop - but without actually looking at anything in particular. I also stopped. He saw me. He then continued into the alley for another 2-3 metres. I did the same. It was very clear that he was just pretending to look at shop windows (for about one second) and that his concern was with what I was doing.   He looked at me again.

It was obvious that he was very uncomfortable and disconcerted, not knowing what to do.

He turned back on himself, coming out of the alley. I did to.

He walked away hurriedly, back down Motcomb Street i.e. the way he had come from. Consequently, he had come into Motcomb Street in order to do what? Nothing! This and his behaviour, confirmed to me that he was following me. As I crossed the road, I could feel that he was still looking at me as he was walking down the street. I carried on with my errands.

Tuesday 19 July 2005 - c. 8h30

On my way to the tube station, as I had walked a few metres into Hans Square , I heard a woman's voice coming from the car parking area saying, very clearly: "where are you going today?" I did not look in her direction and just continued as though nothing had happened. I have the feeling that I have heard this voice before, late one evening, in summer/autumn 2003, outside of my windows. It certainly had the same arrogant, challenging tone in it.

Friday 22 July 2005 - morning

I made a 'V' sign towards one of the spy cameras in the corridor (see above, April-May 05) . The reason for this is that, at 8h20, as I was about to come out of the block to go to work, I noted that the lock on the main entrance door had been changed. I had not been provided with a new key . Nor was I aware of any communication about it. Understandably, I got very worked-up about it.

I went to the top floor where I found workmen. (One year on and the works are still continuing - still showing the Mansell sign on the scaffolding at the back of the building). One offered to give me one key, asking me to sign a piece of paper. I replied that I currently had three keys and therefore needed three copies. He said he only had one key. He walked off saying he had better things to do.

After a while, I managed to speak to the site manager . He said that he could not give me a key , that I needed to ask whoever was the contact for the block. At this point I phoned Kensington & Chelsea police - who said they could not get involved (domestic matter + terrorist events), but did suggest to phone them back if I could not resolve the situation.

The police person asked me to put him through to the site manager/ one of the workmen. The smile from the workman and nods of the head as he was talking to the policeman conjured up to me some 'nudge, nudge, wink, wink' going on. (Subsequent note in 2010: I WAS RIGHT. See events with Kensington police demonstrating how it defers to Andrew Ladsky)

I went back down the floors trying to find the porter. I could not find him. I decided that if I was going to be left without a key to come in, I would break the glass on the upper part of entrance door in order to open it. I went back up and informed the site manager of this. He said he did not care. It was not his door. He told me that the porter was on holiday in Poland, and that Ladsky was also on holiday.   (He had previously suggested to me that I wait for the porter). After some argument, I was given a key.  

I then went to the sorting office to collect my mail. There I found a letter from the managing agents, dated 12 July 2005, addressed "to all lessees" stating that the system was being upgraded on 18 July. It gave the porter's number to get a new key.

In other words, this gave a notice period of five working days. Just as well I was not on holiday at the time.   I could have come back late one evening to discover that I could not get in the block.

I sent a recorded delivery letter to Martin Russell Jones, dated 26 July 2005, requesting two extra keys - and enclosing a self-addressed, special delivery envelop.  NOTE at March 2010 i.e. 5 years on: I am still waiting for these keys. (A favourite excuse of Joan Hathaway, MRICS, is to blame the post for my not receiving documents. As can be seen from the copy attached to the letter, this time I sent a pre-paid, self-addressed 'special delivery - next day' envelop)

I have not been provided with any information whatsoever on this system, including measures in place in case of malfunction.

I determined the supplier from the name on the key.

As the supplier's literature emphasises, the benefit of the supporting software package to the fob key system is that it "gives a degree of control only previously dreamt about by housing managers. The ability to add and delete keys instantly from a remote location."

The literature also states "...a powerful reporting package which offers automatic reports. This is a valuable report as it could show that. the occupant of a flat has left never to return"

This system, combined with the spy camera, means that all my movements in and out of the block are, in all likelihood, being monitored and captured on a 24 / 7 basis.

In other words, this is a complete invasion of my privacy, and amounts to living in conditions that are the same as if I were in prison. It also means that, likewise, any of my visitors are captured on camera.

Furthermore, every time I go back to the flat I wonder if I will be able to get in i.e. whether the number of my key for the main door has been changed - thereby preventing me access.

Tuesday 2 August 2005

Morning : for the purpose of confusing my 'minders', I took the bus to Oxford St, walked for a while, then took the #23 bus to work.

Lunchtime - A (male) friend came to pick me up from the office to go for lunch. As I was waiting by the door when he arrived, we left immediately. We went to a restaurant that is a 2-minute walk away, in a basement. After we were there for about 15 minutes, two men came in. They both looked at us and in particular at my friend.   I said to my friend that they may be part of the 'minders' who had been following me around. He replied that they did not have the appearance of the office worker one would expect to see in the area.

The men stayed fairly close to the entrance and asked a serveuse for a menu. While waiting for the menu, both looked at my friend again. They appeared to be slightly uncomfortable, ill at ease. Once they had been given the menu, they scanned through it for about 10 seconds and gave it back saying something to the waitress. At this point, they departed.

Evening - 22h00 . I took the tube with a colleague. Got off at Sloane Square . Turned into Clive Place .   A man, with a rucksack, was on the other pavement. I turned into South Eaton Place , then 1st left alongside the narrow garden.   I walked a few metres down. I was hidden by trees. I looked whether I could see the man I had seen on the other pavement. I did not.

After 3-4 minutes I continued down the street. At the intersection with Elizabeth Street , I turned left. I walked the c. 5m leading to the intersection with Eaton Square i.e. at the traffic light - but did not walk on the Eaton Square pavement. Instead, I stayed in the shadow, close to the railing. A cyclist coming from the direction of Sloane Square crossed the intersection, in the direction of Hobart Place . As he had cycled c. 6 metres past the intersection, he turned round and saw me. To do this he had to turn his head around by more than 90 degrees . There was no traffic on the road. He continued in the direction of Hobart Place .

I went up Lyall St in order to go to Basil Street . I saw another 1-2 other cyclists.

Wednesday 3 August 2005

Morning : Again for the 'benefit' of my 'minders', I walked from Basil St to the top of Regent's street where I took the bus to come to work. I did this going through the park (exiting at the height of the Grosvenor House), went down Alford St , then left into Mount St , direction Berkeley square.   C. 25 metres before Berkeley Square I noticed a cyclist (grey hair, navy blue shorts and T-shirt, white socks). We looked at each other. He proceeded in the direction of Berkeley Sq, in which he turned. As he did this, he looked at me .

Evening:   Left work at c. 21h30. I went in Fleet St . I waited for a while at my usual bus stop. I then walked in the direction of Aldwych. I spotted two men on the same pavement. They 'seemed' to be interested in my movements . One went into the 24hr grocery store across the courts. The other stayed on the pavement.   I went back down Fleet for c. 50m. After a few minutes, I walked back up again. One of the two men was still in the shop. I noticed a cyclist on the right handside of the law courts. He seemed to be keying into a mobile phone.

I went by up to the next bus stop - which is just past the champagne bar on Essex St . As I was crossing Essex St , I saw a man, Caucasian, standing some way down . At the same time as he saw me, he started to walk-up Essex St . He then turned left, thereby passing in front of me as I was against the wall (of the building society).   He looked at me.

I walked to the next bus stop - across from the church. There I saw a man I had seen before when I was standing at the previous bus stop. He is of Mediterranean origin. He was loitering around . I took the bus from there.

That evening I took several video clips.

Friday 5 August 2005

(Subsequent note: see Persecution page for snapshots of my being under surveillance, and My Diary for the numerous attempts to make me fear for my life)

Morning : I wore 'weekend' clothes, including trainers. As I left the block in the direction of Harrods, on the corner of Basil St and Hans Crescent there was a car parked, with two men, Caucasian, in their early 40s. Both wearing a blouson; I think that one wore glasses.

I walked alongside the back of Harrods for c. 20 metres (until recently, a fairly usual route for me).   I then made a U-turn going back down Basil St in the direction of Sloane St . Both men were still in the car.

In Sloane St I turned right to go to the bus stop . After being there for c. 3-4 minutes a man arrived . About 1.80m, Caucasian, English, thin, a #1 hair cut, blond. He was walking up and down close to the bus stop - and looking into the reflection from the telephone box - thereby being able to see the bus stop.  

A #137 bus arrived. I pretended to be interested. Then came a #19. Again I pretended to be interested. The man also showed interest. The bus was full but still possible to get on.   Immediately behind was a #22 bus.

The man waved for the bus to stop. He walked in the direction of the door that had opened.   It was definitely possible to get on the bus.  

I made a slight movement towards it but did not get on the bus.  

The man opted to not get on the bus. He 'seemed' angry.

When the bus left, he crossed Sloane St , walking up in the direction of Harvey Nichs. I took a photograph of him at that time. (As with the others, delay due to the need to confirm 'suspicious' acting + fact different people all the time)

I then decided to walk to Victoria station going through a small side street, Lowndes St , Belgrave Sq, Hobart Place . I went into the station then took the tube to work.

Evening: I left office at 22h30. I walked alongside the river on the south bank, from Blackfriars to Westminster. I purposely did not look if I was being followed. I wanted a milkshake but McDonald, by the amusement arcade was closed. I opted to try the one on Victoria St to which I walked. I do not know if I was being followed / observed. I sat in McDonald to drink a milkshake. I stayed there for c. 20 minutes.  

I purposely did not look at the face of people coming in.  

I sensed that some of the men who came in were looking at me persistently, as though trying to catch my gaze.  

When I came out, three men, average height c. 1.80m, English origin, who appeared to be in their late 20's/early 30's who had been standing immediately by the door for several minutes, partly blocking the entrance, were talking, laughing. Their body language communicated arrogance and defiance.

Two other men, they evidently knew as some kind of contact was taking place between them, were sitting in a car parked immediately in front of the entrance to McDonald.

To my mind, this was a demonstration of 'strength in number'. On the upside, I conclude that I am perceived as formidable to warrant five men to try to intimidate me. One explanation I had for this 'show' was the fact that I had been taking photographs / video clips over the previous days - and had rattled their cage. As I walked away from McDonald, the car departed.

I walked to the flat. Coming from Sloane St, as I arrived close to the corner with Hans Crescent and Basil St , on the left hand side pavement, a man, Caucasian, in his 30s, hid behind the scaffolding, which is in front of the building with the wide staircase. The base of the scaffolding is clad with plywood.

Although I had by then walked across to the other pavement, I walked back across the street on to the pavement and went to where the man was i.e. between the building and the base of the scaffolding.

He was stationary, his back turned to me.   Loudly I said: "pathetic, sad people!" and walked to Basil St .

Saturday 6 August 2005

(Subsequent note: see Persecution page for snapshots of my being under surveillance, and My Diary for the numerous attempts to make me fear for my life)

Morning : Went to M&S. I felt I was being followed. A man, mid-30's came into the shop. He went around picking one thing and putting it back. He was doing this in the dairy area, then meat, then household cleaning. In other words, he was not a real shopper.

As I came to the cash desk, I saw two men standing on the pavement close the shop window, talking. One, mid-30s', overweight looked inside the shop and therefore in my direction. Having paid, I went down to the back of the shop which I left through the Beauchamp Place exit.

Got to office at 13h45, having gone through Piccadilly to stop at Lillywhites. I purposely did not look if I was being followed.

Evening : I left the office at 19h30. I took the tube to South Ken to go to my friend's place. We stayed at his place until c. 21h15, then went to our 'usual' Japanese restaurant. The place was totally deserted. After a few minutes a man came in. Caucasian, late 30's, wearing a thick, dark blue, weatherproof jacket. He wore a wedding ring. He sat immediately across from us. Hence, on the other side of the carousel. He had a drink and some food. He left after c. 25 minutes.  

A few minutes after the man had come in, tow women and a man walked in. They came and sat immediately next to us . (It is my view that, in this situation, most people would have sat away from us in another part of what amounted to c. 80% of free space around the carousel).

One of the women, with long blond hair, sat immediately to the left of my friend.   (There was only one seat on my right).   They spoke Italian.   The conversation took place principally between the other woman and the man. The blond one nearest to us was joining in the conversation only occasionally.   She spoke to the cook in very good English. I caught her gaze on a few occasions. She appeared to be paying interest to our conversation .

As my friend and I parted by South Ken tube, I walked in the direction of Fulham road.

About 100m down the street, I saw a cyclist hurtling himself from the right handside of the street in my direction. He mounted on the pavement and went very close passed me at high speed. He was Caucasian, late 20s.

For the rest of the journey, I purposely did not look to see whether I was being followed.

Sunday 7 August 2005

(Subsequent note: see Persecution page for snapshots of my being under surveillance, and My Diary for the numerous attempts to make me fear for my life)

Morning :   As I came out of the newsagent in Motcomb St , two men who were standing by the door, walked immediately behind me. I crossed the road to go into Waitrose. About 1.5m from the pavement, I stopped dead in my track pretending that my attention had been caught by something in the estate agents window. In fact, I was looking at the reflection of one of the men behind me.

He was in his early 40's, c. 1.79m, beer belly, wearing a blue and white, short sleeved shirt. My having stopped, forced them to go past me. My direction indicated that I was going towards Waitrose. They both went in. I did too. One got in the queue at the cash desk. The other picked up a packet of cherries, looked at them without really looking.   It seemed to me that he was doing this to give himself composure. I was close to him, and did the same thing with a small bag of potatoes. I then walked off ignoring them.

At c. 12h'ish I headed towards the office using the #9 bus. At Aldwych, I went across into the Courtaulds gallery and into the coffee shop. (I had not been there in over 2-3 years). I then sat outside (a very large area, relatively quite at the time) to eat and drink what I had bought. I sat in a way that allowed me to see the entrance door to the area.

Some 15 minutes later, a man, of African origin (I believe West Africa ) (I have worked there) stood at the top of the stairs. He was frequently looking at me.

He was talking into a mobile phone. By the time I departed he had been there for a good 10 minutes.

As I went past him I said "good afternoon" to which he replied "good afternoon" . After which I said "nice day for following people around" .   He blurted something out suggesting that he had not heard what I had said. By this time I was walking away.

Evening : Took #11 bus and got off at Victoria from where I walked.   Spotted a car that went passed me 2-3 times around Belgrave square.

Monday 8 August 2005 - Leak in my bedroom

Morning : I walked across the park to Marble Arch from where I took #6 bus.   Again, made no effort to see whether I was being followed.

Lunchtime :   a goldish colour car which looked similar to the one I had seen the day before / on Saturday in the area of Belgrave Sq / the Carlton Tower came from [name of] court and stopped just before [name of] square (by my office). I was nearly at the height of [name of] square. It made a left turn thereby passing in front of the main entrance to my office. It continued round [name of] square. I did not make a point to further observe its movement. I walked into the office.

Evening : Left the office at 00h15. Went to Fleet St, to my usual bus stop.   A man, late 20's, Caucasian, T-shirt, canvas type bag on a long strap, across his chest, and therefore resting on his right hip was standing at the bus stop .   A taxi came within seconds of my being there. I took it .

As the driver drove off, I turned round to look at the man. He walked away from the bus stop down in the direction of St Paul's, looking in the distance (from the angle of his head).   It could be argued that he had given-up waiting for the bus.   My instinct - influenced by previous days' events - led me to conclude that it was not the reason. I was. He kept walking away from the bus stop. I turned back round on the seat.

When I got to the block, a man and a woman, both short, of Mediterranean origin, were kissing immediately in front of the entrance steps. As I came to their height, they moved aside to let me go past.

Once in the flat I saw that water was dripping from one of the light fittings in the ceiling, which is above the edge of my bed.

The entrance corridor is above my bed. (At the time, the floor boards were exposed in the entrance corridor. See this pack containing photographs, as well as the Photo gallery for additional evidence). There was a large puddle on the carpet and my bed was significantly wet as well on the side.   At this point I realised that I am totally disconnected from that flat.

I pushed my bed away. Put a bucket on the floor to catch the dripping water. I closed the partition and went to bed on the sofa. In total, it took c. 50 minutes before I went to bed. After c. 15 minutes that I was in bed, I heard some heavy, hurried footsteps in the corridor. The person went into the street. I heard some other noise a while later but, it was muffled as I was wearing ear plugs. I probably did not fall asleep until c. 2 am.

When I got up by c. 7h15 I noted that no water was dripping from the light fitting . Judging from the bucket, very little had come through since I had placed it under the light at 1 a.m. In other words, the leak had miraculously fixed itself most probably around 2-3 a.m. Not surprisingly, part of the ceiling was wet and now shows staining and cracks.

This was a malicious act.  

I attribute the heavy footsteps in the corridor to my not having reacted as expected.  

I presume that somebody (with an audience?) had been salivating in anticipation of seeing me through the spy camera in the corridor, in a state of anguish and distress, trying to see where the leak was coming from. Also, that I would call a plumber, as I had done in March 2002.

(I reported this leak (and another one in the bathroom during the night of 17-18 August 2005), to Martin Russell Jones on 18 August 2005 . In its 19 August 2005 reply (posted 2nd class on 22 August 2005), Martin Russell Jones attributed the leak to: ".water penetration emanated originally from flat 24 running down a soil vent pipe to the common entrance area and thence down to your flat" - see 18 August 2005 entry for further detail )

Tuesday 9 August 2005

(Subsequent note: see Persecution page for snapshots of my being under surveillance, and My Diary for the numerous attempts to make me fear for my life)

Morning : I noticed a man, Caucasian, late 20's, short, canvas like bag, standing by the newsagent on Tudor Street .   I would not normally go there but did so because I had a letter to post and the letter box at the post office was closed.   He stayed on the spot, pretending to look at the newspapers. 'Pretending' as it was obvious that he was not really looking. It was more like to give himself composure, as he looked somewhat ill at ease.

I had an external phone call, a man asking for a name I did not catch and immediately saying he had the wrong number. Five minutes later, another external call. I did not say anything, and did not hear anybody say anything.   After a few seconds, I put the phone down. I then set-up my phone to divert immediately to my voicemail.

Sunday 14 August 2005

(Between this date and 9 August there have been, what appeared to me to be several other instances of my being followed / observed. I have not kept a log, as I have not made a point of trying to ascertain my suspicions).

Morning : This event is worth recording given what took place on Thursday 18 August . I was on the south coast for the weekend.

As I was walking on the promenade along the shore, a man, Caucasian, pot belly, wearing shorts, 40s and a small dog were closely behind me. As the man came to my height, he very clearly said "you are going to get wet".  

It could be argued that he was talking to the dog. However, we were about 25 metres from the water's edge - which, from where we were, requires jumping c. 1 metre in height in order to get access to the beach - and there was no water anywhere else.

In addition to which, there was some negative force emanating from this man which had triggered my 'internal radar'. (I know it sounds a bit 'whacky'. Hopefully, this will make sense to at least some of the visitors to the site).

Tuesday 16 August   2005

 Evening - c. 19h15 - I walked on Fleet St in the direction of Aldwych.   As I arrived at the height of the law courts, walking approximately 80cm from the curb of the pavement, a cyclist, Caucasian, coming from the same direction, at a fair speed, drove the front wheel of his bicycle on the pavement while stopping abruptly c. 1.5m in front of me.

Male, young, appeared to be shorter than me, stocky build , shoulder strap bag resting on his back. I purposely ignored him by looking ahead. It seemed to me that he was trying to catch my attention.This is a continuation of the persecution and harassment. (For many days now I have purposely looked away when somebody appeared to me to be trying to catch my attention).  

The cyclist continued in the direction in which I was going. I saw him stop c. 80m ahead due to the traffic light having turned red (traffic light by the church). I then made a point of not looking for anything potentially suspicious

Wednesday 17 August 2005

Evening : Going up the escalator at Knightsbridge tube station, a woman, Caucasian, possibly with some southern Europe origin, was about two steps down behind me - looking at / reading a magazine. I stopped on the side at the top of the escalator so that she would have to go in front of me. She went through the ticket barriers. I did the same.   The hall of the station was deserted. She was in her late 20s', longish dark hair, petite, wearing some sort of sandals.

I decided to hang around to see what she was going to do. I took 2-3 steps in the direction of my 'usual' exit, then turned round. She had made her way towards the third exit on the left to the point where I could not see her from where I was standing.   She then came back into my view i.e. re-entered the hall area. All the time, she was looking at the magazine.   I could see that she was observing me .  

I went in the direction of the ticket office, in the process, passing quite closely in front of her. She kept looking at the magazine.   I picked-up a map, turned round and again went quite closely passed her. She kept looking at the magazine.   In this situation, the normal reaction would be for the person to look-up - given that this time I had gone in front of her within c. 1 metre - and the whole area was deserted. She did not look up. I could definitely feel that she was observing me.

I again went back in the direction of the ticket office. And I again went passed her. She still kept looking at the magazine. At this point, I opted to get out of the station, using the middle exit, without turning back.

(It occurred to me later on that she looked similar to the woman I had seen driving a Range Rover type car in one of the surrounding streets c. 2-3 weeks previously on a weekday morning.

At the time, when I came out of the block, I noticed that a blond woman , in her 30s , standing on the other side of the pavement in front of the entrance to Lincolns House and was looking at me. In other words, she was standing c. 35 metres away from me.

I stayed on the top step and purposely kept looking in her direction. She held my gaze, then looked away. She again did this c. 30 seconds later, in the process walking into the entrance recess. After a few seconds, she turned, and again looked at me.

Having made it known to her that I knew she was showing interest in me, I walked away from the block. As I was in Hans Crescent , I saw her as the passenger in the Range Rover type care .   

( On Sunday 21 August 2005, I saw the blond woman coming out of Jefferson House with Andrew Ladsky )

Note in 2006. Around February / March 2006, as I was leaving the block, this blond woman was in the entrance. Having walked away from the block, when I returned two minutes later, I saw her walking with Andrew Ladsky in the direction of Harrods.

As I was walking on Sloane St , in the direction of Sloane Sq, on the Harvey Nichs side of the pavement, I noticed a car at my height , being driven down very slowly, like curb crawling .   I purposely did not look at it, in case it was for my benefit. It 'seemed' to be similar to a car I have seen previously on several occasions, including by the office where I work. As the bus arrived behind, the car had to take up speed.   It stopped c. 50m ahead.   I purposely looked at the shop windows. I think it had left by the time I reached the height where it had stopped.

When I arrived at the flat, I did what has now become my usual routine before taking my coat off, including still holding on to my bag:   looking everywhere, including the state of ceilings. Everything looked as I had left it in the morning.

For the rest of the evening, I cleaned the bathroom thoroughly as I had not done this in a while.

Thursday 18 August 2005 - Leak in my bathroom

Morning :   A leak had occurred during the night in the bathroom ceiling. It was not leaking when I got up . In other words: another self-fixing leak in the space of 10 days . Or, should it perhaps be described as the second miracle in 10 days? It is also amazing that it should happen within a few hours of my having cleaned the bathroom.

The leak caused a significant wet patch of brownish colour (from the filth that has accumulated in the ceiling following works in the corridor above), around the fan extractor and next to the mirror.   It had dripped on the side of the toilet seat cover and had ricocheted, as the bottom part of the floor to ceiling mirror was full of watermarks to a height of c. 50 cm (I had cleaned the mirror the previous evening in the process of thoroughly cleaning the bathroom).   The leak also ricocheted in the dustbin that is close to the toilet.  

Water had also been dripping on the back of the toilet i.e. immediately beyond the base of toilet seat cover, making brown watermarks. From there, it had fallen on eye make-up removal pads I keep in a bag on the floor.   The top of the bag was open and the water fell into it.   The toilet roll, on the toilet roll holder, was also stained on the side.

I am absolutely convinced that the water had been made to leak from the corridor above i.e. that it was a malicious act .

(As can be seen in this pack , at the time, the base floor boards were exposed). (Hence, what took place was exactly as happened in March 2002 when the water was coming from the radiator, which was located in the entrance by the lift. At the time, I had called a plumber who, of course, could not find a means to stop the leak. Again, I had come back to the flat after midnight.   'My usual time'!)

In the morning, as I came to the top of the stairs on my way out of the block, two of the workmen , English origin, were standing in the main corridor.

I noticed they were looking at me and continued to do so until I went out of their line of vision . (From seeing them around on previous occasions, I believe that there are among the more senior workmen - unlike some of the others who are foreigners (can barely speak English)).

Because of their behaviour, my 'internal radar' told me that they knew what had taken place during the night.

As it was a nice day, I opted to get off at Westminster and walk the rest of the way to work along the river. After about 15 minutes, it 'seemed' to me that I was observed from one of the bridges by a stationary cyclist. (Again, my 'internal radar' switching on)

At lunchtime, I sent a 'special delivery by 9 a.m.' letter to Martin Russell Jones detailing the events, as well as asking for the procedure to file a claim on the insurance. 'Maybe' it has communicated the message that I will do the same for any further damage and 'might' therefore put an end to these malicious acts. Only time will tell!

I received a reply dated 19 August 2005 . The points to note about this letter:

•  Although dated Friday 19 August 2005, as can be seen from the post mark at the bottom of the letter, it was only posted on Monday 22 August 2005 - with a second class stamp!

•  The reply to my reporting that there is a leak in my bathroom is "the matter will be investigated next week" .   Is this how the reporting of a water leak should be handled?

•  Regarding the leak in my bedroom area " emanated from flat 24...and hence down to your flat" . But I received no communication about this.

Fair minded, reasonable visitor to the site, I think you will agree that these provide ample evidence to back-up my claim: BOTH LEAKS (8 Aug 05, above) WERE CAUSED MALICIOUSLY.

Note at 6 February 2007 : And another leak! It narrowly missed my flat - see My Diary on that day

Friday 19 August 2005

Morning : I took photographs of the ceiling of the corridor that is on the other side of my bathroom wall. As happened in March 2002 when (I firmly believe) water had been made to leak from the floor above, judging from the size of the stain, a more substantial amount of water ended-up in the ceiling of the corridor than in my bathroom ceiling.

Hence, repeat of 2002 .   Obviously, the law of physics had not sunk in second time round: the corridor by my flat is wider than the above corridor.

Saturday 20 / Sunday 21 August 2005 - Water cut off

Evening : Left the office at 12h45 a.m.   As I was coming out of the staff entrance, two men, caucasian, both bearing a white shirt, were resting on the bonnet of a white car . When they saw me they said "good evening" with a sarcastic / challenging tone of voice . I purposely avoided looking at them, turning left to go to Fleet St .

Took a taxi to get back arriving at 1h15 a.m.   After being in for some time, I turned on the taps in the bathroom:   NO water.   Went to the kitchen. Got some water that had been trapped in the pipe, then, no more. I watched the end of a film on TV and went to bed at c. 2:30 am. I heard somebody leave the block a while later. I thought of getting up to check whether the water was back on, but decided it was not worth the bother.

This event concluded in what is now the 3rd miracle in as many weeks as, when I got up at c. 9 a.m., the water was back on.

The previous week I had a premonition that this would happen - and consequently had filled-up several containers with water.

What's in store next?   Cutting off the electricity, combined with water leaks for good measure? Changing the code to my front door key so that I cannot get access to the block and hence, the flat?

Note at 8 July 2006: Yes! The electricity was cut-off - only in my flat. See my entry for this date.

Sunday 21 August 2005

Afternoon - I walked from the flat to Trafalgar square going through Green Park and St James Park. In St James Park in particular, I noted some men who 'appeared' to be interested in my movements . On two occasions I sat next to where they were. The second time was at the Trafalgar sq end of the park, by the ice cream shop.

Three young men, caucasian, dressed sportily, one wearing black and white combat trousers, two wearing a vest (i.e. sleeveless top) both showing extensive tattoos on their arms walked into the park from the Trafalgar sq end.   Having gone in front of me, they stopped about 7 metres down.   I was still sitting on the little metal fence. They stayed there talking with the occasional look in my direction.   After c. 4 minutes, they departed using the way they had come in , crossing the road and walking the long staircase that leads to the corner of Trafalgar square.

As I was about to get up, I saw an Afro Caribbean woman with two men , walking towards the exit of the park.   It 'seemed' to me that she looked very much like the woman I had passed by in Knightsbridge c. 3 Saturdays previously, on the pavement close to the height of Beaufort Gardens. I believe that as she went passed me, she took a photograph. (I was not looking at her at the time)

I took the #15 bus from Trafalgar sq. The bus took a while to depart and the door remained open during that time. A substantial number of people boarded the bus. I noticed two men who, it seemed, I had seen previously.   When I got off on Fleet St, they did to .   ( Fleet St is deserted at the weekend. The main reason for being on it is to go in the direction of St Paul's - for which there is a bus stop which is much nearer than the one on Fleet St)

Friday 26 August 2005

(Subsequent note: see Persecution page for snapshots of my being under surveillance, and My Diary for the numerous attempts to make me fear for my life)

Morning :   I left the flat at 9h10. Coming out of the block, I turned left. At the intersection with Hans Crescent , I crossed Basil St in the direction of Knightsbridge tube station. This part of Hans Crescent is a cul-de-sac, with the entrance to Knightsbridge tube station at the end. At the beginning of the cul-de-sac, and standing in the middle of it was a man. About 1.80m in height, English, early 40s, grey hair, spykish hairstyle, holding a book and a packet of Malborough cigarettes. I am positive that I have seen him before. We looked at each other and I went passed him I sneered, shaking my head from side to side and said "pathetic" .

I went down on the platform, direction Heathrow. There was only one other person. After about one minute, a woman arrived at the other end of the platform. I assumed she had accessed the station from the Sloane St entrance. She looked in my direction.

Although we were that far apart, my 'internal radar' switched on as I felt a very negative force. She was middle-late 20s, medium height, short brown hair, wearing a blouson, trousers and trainers. She had a small, light grey rucksack on her back. She also carried a black rectangular shape handbag with silver trimmings under her arm, for which she had the handles resting on her shoulder.

I opted to walk slowly in her direction - as though I was strolling while waiting for the train to arrive. As I was doing this, a man, wearing a suit , also arrived on the platform, also at her end. He walked relatively closely passed her . He then left the platform .

As I continued walking in her direction, the woman started to look at one of the parts of the wall that is covered with plastic sheeting. This raised my suspicions. The train had arrived on the Cockfoster direction platform, due to leave shortly.

I opted to go into the passageway that leads to the other platform (and is the exit out of the station).   I stayed there for about 1.5 minutes. Some people gave me a slightly quizzical look as they were about to go up the stairs. The woman did not come by. I went back on the Heathrow direction platform and did not see her. I took the train that arrived c. one minute later.  

At South Ken I changed for the District line. I opted to sit on one of the benches. Within a few seconds, a man, tall, came and sat next to me. After another few seconds, another man arrived (look and appearance very similar to other men who, I believe / suspect have been following / observing me: c. 1.68m, trainers, bag across the shoulders, dark / Mediterranean features . It seemed to me that he might be of Jewish origin. He stood quite close to the man sitting next to me. There 'seemed' to be some unspoken contact between them.

I got up and walked some way down the platform, passing, among others, a man, tall, blond. When I boarded the train, he had also walked into the same compartment. He got off at Westminster. While I cannot draw conclusion from this, other events have led me to the impression that Westminster station is the 'switching point' for the people who follow me .

I got off at Blackfriars.

As I was walking the last flight of stairs before the ticket barrier, I felt somebody, on my right, trying to push their way past me.

There was just enough space between the wall and me.  

I felt the person looking at me with a lot of insistence i.e. attempting to get my attention. The body language also conveyed anger.

It was the woman I had seen on the platform at Knightsbridge station. She took the second exit.

Sunday 28 August 2005

As I was desperate for a good night sleep, in a safe environment, I stayed in the hotel near the office.

I believe I was observed leaving the hotel by a couple sitting in a cream colour BMW parked in front of the hotel.  

Both blond, early 30s, English origin, the man was in the driver's seat. He looked similar to the man who had changed his mind about getting on the bus on 5th August 2005.   It 'seemed' to me that I had also seen the woman before.   Certainly, my 'internal radar' locked onto them.

Monday 29 August 2005

(Subsequent note: see Persecution page for snapshots of my being under surveillance, and My Diary for the numerous attempts to make me fear for my life)

As I came out of the block at c. 11h30, I noticed a man standing immediately across the road. Early 30s, c. 1.78m, holding packet of cigarettes. Same sort of look as many of the others I suspect have been following / observing me.

I took photographs of the spy camera at the end of the corridor, as well as of the entry system. He did no look. He only started to look in my direction once I had walked away for c. 8 metres - as I turned round, and took a photograph.

I also noticed another man , on the pavement on which I was. About 1.80m , grey hair, cut very short, caucasian, black trousers and black, short sleeve top, trainers. Mobile phone.   He was looking at me and appeared to show interest in my movements. He saw that I had a camera in my hand. He walked off to the back of Harrods, on the left-handside pavement. I was on the right handside.

At the height of the Harrods door, he started to cross the street towards the Harrods entrance I had, by then, reached.

He was looking at me.

I had a sneer on my face.

He half smiled, looking a bit ill at ease, and turned back towards the other pavement .

I went to the office. Around 16h00 I had an anonymous phone call . (Consider that today is a bank holiday). With a sarcastic laugh, I said "trying to find out whether I am in, are you?"   The caller put the phone down at this point. (NB: Note also the anonymous phone calls I received in the flat and at work during February 2002)

Wednesday 31 August 2005

(Subsequent note: see Persecution page for snapshots of my being under surveillance, and My Diary for the numerous attempts to make me fear for my life)

Lunchtime - In Fleet Street, having just crossed the road at the traffic light, I could feel that somebody was walking very closely behind me. I stepped aside to let the person go by. It was a woman . Mid-late 20s', Mediterranean look, (she reminded me of somebody of Greek origin), overweight, long dark hair, with streaks, cut in V shape at the back . She wore a black velour type top, waist length, black flared trousers, black thick soled sporty shoes. She carried a large black, shoulder type handbag.  

Having gone past me for a few metres, she turned round and looked in my direction. Three-four steps later, she again turned round, this time as though she was looking for a particular building. She was at the height of a wall. No entrance. No shops. Another four-five steps, and she did this, again, now for the third time .

A few metres down, she turned in the small alley, Wine press court, which, about 15 metres up, has a little square on the left.   Her left hand moved, and I saw a woman coming into the alley from the area of the square.

Blond, mid-late 20s, black trouser suit. She walked down in the alley in the direction of Fleet St . I had positioned myself on the corner of the alley and Fleet St, looking in the alley. She went passed me. I carried on with my errands. I then went up the alley to determine from where the blond woman had come from. Which is when I discovered the little square.

Evening - Left the office at c. 19h00 with a colleague. We went down the street for a few metres, and then crossed onto the other pavement.  The woman with the dark, streaked hair I had seen at lunchtime was behind us i.e. had come from further up the street.  

As I was talking to my colleague about being followed, the woman with the dark hair overtook us. As she did this, I said to my colleague "like this one!"   The woman would have heard me say this. She continued walking in what looked like a stomping manner.

Tuesday 6 September 2005 - 04:55 a.m. - Hosing of windows

I was woken-up by a substantial amount of water falling against my windows . I got up to investigate and saw a man , Mediterranean look, late 20s, c. 1.73m , short-sleeved, dark blue T-shirt.

He was holding a hosepipe, part of the time directing the hosepipe at the plant pot placed at the top of the railings in front of my windows c. 2 months ago, part of the time, at an angle leading to some of the water falling on my windows.

Another man was with him. I did not get to look at him. They were laughing The man with the hosepipe continued for c. another one minute by the time I saw him.

A very large amount of water had fallen in front of my windows . He then proceeded to 'water the plant' that is to the left of my window. I did not bother to find out what they did next.

Considering what had been done, and the time at which it had been done, I assumed that it was a continuation of the harassment and intimidation tactics .

Saturday 10 September 2005 - 23h45

(Subsequent note: see Persecution page for snapshots of my being under surveillance, and My Diary for the numerous attempts to make me fear for my life)

As I came out of the office, a man, 50s, grey hair, English origin, dark top, dark trousers, trainers was strolling down [name of street by my office], on the opposite pavement, in the direction of [name of street by my office]. He looked in my direction as he was getting to my height, which is the entrance to an office block.

He stopped to look at the notice on the glass door which is entrance to that building. The notice was an A4 size white paper, with text written with a felt tip pen.   (The following day I went to check it. It is facing inwards into the entrance. Hence, from the street must be read backwards).

I had stopped in the doorway to my office to observe him. (I could have potentially been waiting for a taxi). The man looked in my direction, and continued to walk down slowly for a few metres. He stopped and looked over the knee-high wall where bushes are planted.  

He walked another 3-4 metres then stopped again to look at a leaf on one of bushes. (Although I am not a gardener, I do not think there is anything extraordinary about the bushes that are planted alongside the wall to warrant an inspection at nearly midnight).

I moved slightly back into the entrance to be out of his view. I stayed like that for c. one minute, then went back to where I had been standing. The man was walking back-up the street slowly. He stopped to again look at the notice affixed on the other side of the glass door. He looked at me as he went by.   He turned into [name of street]. I waited a few seconds and started walking towards Fleet St . I turned into [name of street] going alongside [a particular building].

As I came to the end of the street on Fleet Street , the man was on the other side of the pavement , a few metres up from where I was. Evidently, from [name of street] he had gone into [name of street], then onto Fleet Street.

I walked to the bus stop situated across from [name of building].

The man was there, loitering around, in front of [name of building] and looking in my direction .  

I took a photograph.

He became disconcerted, somewhat panicky and immediately walked to a car that was parked a few metres away. I noted the number plate

Note: I have seen him again on 27 February 2006, 18 March 2006 and 23 April 2006 - captured under the relevant dates in My Diary.

If those corrupt, criminal scum think they are scaring me, they are very much mistaken. Rejects from the sewer!

Sunday 18 September 2005

I opted to take photographs of the corridor by my flat. It looks absolutely disgusting as it has not been swept in months - see Photo gallery. I also took photographs of the kitchen window. See attached pack , as well as the Photo gallery for additional evidence.

Tuesday 4 October 2005 - 05:30 a.m.

This morning, I had a repeat of what took place on Tuesday 6 September .

A hosepipe had been used in front of my windows.

However, after sleeping on the sofa for many weeks, that night I had decided to sleep in the bed. (My 'little voice'... again!)

Hence, by the time I woke up, a man, with a hosepipe, had moved along, further up the block.



Evidently, he had directed the hosepipe at the wall area around my windows as, by the time there was daylight, a reddish colour residue was on the ledge in front of the windows.

As can also be seen from the above photograph taken two hours later, the area in front of my windows is wet. (It had not rained). In other words: a very significant amount of water was poured at the area in front of my windows.

October - November 2005

It 'seems' to me that I continue to be followed / observed. If I am, I am making sure I give 'my minders' the run around. If I am not, it is making me get some exercise.

It makes me more determined than ever to carry on with the development of my website.

I will NOT give in to the terrorist-like tactics intended to force me to leave the block so that Ladsky et. al. can have my flat at a hugely discounted price relative to its market value - on top of the £75,000+ (US$132,300) of my life-savings their scam has so far cost me.

'Discounted market price' given the unsubstantiated 21 October 2004 £14,500 (US$25,600) and 16 November 2004 £15,500 (US$27,300) invoices that have been hanging over my head. I did not acknowledge them and therefore did not pay.

Furthermore, in January 2006, I received another invoice, this time stating a "Brought forward balance" of £5,625 (US$9,900). Yet again, no explanation provided. Hence, what is the amount hanging over my head? £15,500 (US$27,300) (?) £14,500 (US$25,600) (?) £5,625 (US$9,900) (?), or all three combined i.e. £35,625 (US$63,000)? (SUBSEQUENT NOTE: see Portner and Jaskel for update)

I have a £6,100 (US$10,800) credit because Mansell was appointed without issuing a Section 20 notice. Under statutory instrument 2003 No 1897 (which came into force on 31 October 2003) , of the £6,350 (US$11,200) I paid to 'Steel Services' (also evidenced by Ayesha Salim's comment at the 28 May 2004 hearing), it can only spend £250 (US$450) on Mansell.

What will happen in relation to these unjustified demands? One potential scenario was supplied by a reader of the Winter 2005 issue of the Leaseholder in which my case was reported. As can be seen from the reader's email to C.A.R.L. , the person used to live in a block 'managed' by Martin Russell Jones . The person wrote

"This firm.were truly terrible.It did not even bother them in the slightest that most of the residents refused to pay their service charge - they knew they would get it all back by refusing licence to assign the lease when it came to moving"

While it would be morally very wrong to sell the flat given the profile of the owners of Jefferson House and their aides, not only can I not afford to lose what would amount to the best part of my financial wealth, I DO NOT SEE WHY I SHOULD .

My situation is not the result of an act of nature e.g. an earthquake you cannot do anything about. It is the outcome of a bunch of greed-ridden, highly vicious, cruel, sadistic, sociopathic individuals and their equally abusive, highly vicious, cruel, sadistic, sociopathic aides who decided that they were going to steal from me - and 'the system' says

"Yeah, go ahead! Help yourself! And we'll help you do this"    

And I 'should' give in to that? Like hell I will. Spending part of my childhood in an orphanage has given me an iron will. I made myself what I am through enormous sacrifices and a lot of hard work.

The little I have, I have worked very hard for. I earned my money honestly. I did NOT steal it. I did NOT acquire it through extortion, by deceiving, misleading, blackmailing, defrauding, abusing, bullying, harassing, victimizing, terrorising, threatening, intimidating, persecuting, etc. others


Heavily bruised and battered as I am, I am a fighter and I will continue to

"fight like a demon to the very end. If my flat is going to lead to my drawing the last breath out of my body. So be it. At least it will be a last breath that I will draw feeling extremely proud of myself and with my integrity intact" (as I wrote on 6 April 2005 to Michael Howard, then leader of the Conservatives).

As Che Guevara said "I would rather die standing up, than live life on my knees"

I will expose what has taken place - regardless of the ongoing harassment and attempts to intimidate me. If they want to push this further: I don't care.  

At November 2005, I have so far developed about 75% of the contents of the site. If something happens to me, people in various countries get regular updates of a CD-ROM that contains an electronic version of the c. 650 supporting documents to the site, as well as the site contents. (I am writing all the contents in Word, incorporating the hyperlinks to the source documents. This is a precautionary measure in case I am being made to close the site. Hence, as I am doing this, I do not need to have a website. I can just send a CD-ROM).

I have told everybody that if something happens to me, they could anonymously drop the CD-ROM at a media organisation, human rights group, etc. - outside the U.K.

Since April I have been working on the site an average of over 30 hours per week. Although I had already scanned many documents, it nonetheless took me until June to scan the majority of my files (of which I have many!). (Bearing in mind that I can only do this during my spare time).

Writing the contents is a very laborious process, much more than I originally anticipated. Accuracy of contents and evidence in support of it are obviously critical. Finding the correct document to hyperlink to out of c. 650 is a laborious, painstaking process. And the quantity of PDF documents keeps growing.

It is turning into a reference book on-line. Friends tell me that people will not read it. They certainly will not read all of it - and they may not read any of it. The points are:

•  I cannot make the statement that " there is no avenue open to me for justice and redress- and protection on this island " without backing it up. If, four years ago, I had read this statement, my immediate reaction would have been to dismiss it - and the individual as likely to be a 'lunatic'.  

This is most definitely not how I perceived the country I decided to make my home. For me to be prompted to read on would have required solid evidence in support of the claim.

•  I cannot make accusations/'alleged accusations' without stating the position of those I am accusing. I must give them a voice as well, i.e. relate events and provide their replies - comprehensively.

My reply to my family and friends is: what do you suggest I do instead?

I have knocked on every door possible - and frequently on several occasions. I have 'obediently' gone through absolutely all the 'loops', followed all the paths I was 'officially' meant to follow (home Note 8 ) - to the very end. (Doc library summary)

Either the door remained shut, or it was eventually slammed back in my face. The more I forced the door to open and to remain open, the greater the throwback, pushback, refusal, misinformation and denial I received. (Subsequent note: Home page-Overview)

What else can I do? All that I possess is on the line.

I do not have the means to employ expensive lawyers. (Assuming I could find one who is 'trustworthy').

In addition, given events with the courts, how far would I need to go to 'perhaps' get the justice and redress I believe I deserve?) (Some people would say that if I had that kind of money, I would not have found myself in this situation in the first place, as only those unlikely to be able to fight back tend to be attacked. Well, generally speaking).

What also sickens me is the evident expectation that I should take on the role of the so-called 'regulators'.   

I am not going to walk away and be left with next to nothing.

This would be the end of me.


Why should I let this bunch of CRIMINALS (*) walk all over me and steal from me?


(*) YES, 'CRIMINALS' - see links to examples under the Acts.

If nobody is interested in the site, well, so be it. At least, I will be able to say to myself: within my means, I have done ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING I could.

And while I may still be left with nothing, I will feel extremely proud of myself for what I have done. I will have remained true to myself: the moral principles I believe in.

How many of those connected in one way or another with my case will be able to say that when they draw their last breath?

Would the same thing be said to e.g. a bank owner?

(See Home page-Overview)

1. I know, the robbers have been trying to break into your bank.

You called on the cops, but they decided to not help you.

2. You called on the judge, but he, likewise, decided to not help you.


3. Seeing that, you gave the robbers money which, of course, was not theirs.

You did this in the hope of getting rid of them.

4. But they are not giving up: they came back asking for more, and more.

You are not giving in, so they are harassing you and attempting to scare you because they want to break you - knowing that there is nothing there to protect you.

They want the content of your coffer and to get your bank for a song and a dance.  

Let them have it! Best you walk away Dear!

Yeah, I know you worked hard and earned this money honestly, making sacrifices to save a modest nest egg for your retirement. You took steps to be self-reliant. I know...

Com'on, you' ll be alright. You can go into rented accommodation.

When it comes to retirement? Well, even with the little you'll be left with, you'll find somewhere to live... in the back of beyond... somewhere on this planet. Of course you'll be alright Dear! Come on!  

To which might be added from those who refuse to act - in breach of their legal remit / mandate: And if you can't face that, why don't you just go and commit suicide in some corner of this planet, preferably, far, far away from our view and our case your suicide causes us some embarrassment.

November 2005


The view outside of my windows is not improving.

As can be seen from the photographs captured in this pack , Ladsky et. al. are allowing the workmen to use the area for storage and as a rubbish dump. (I have no control over this area).

This is in addition to the windows that have not been cleaned since the summer of 2004.

Isn't it an exquisite view...from, as Martin Russell Jones and its client describe as "a property located in Knightsbridge only some 50 metres from Harrods and therefore the standard of decoration should reflect its location"?



In this context, consider also the comment in Joan Hathaway's dictatorial letter of 28 February 2005 "...the unsightly nature of bags left on the common parts of the building... It is only courteous to your fellow residents that you should strictly abide by this regulation."

(NB: The rest of her letter amounts to - yet again - a breach of my lease, as I highlighted in my reply of 30 March 2005 . In fact, this covenant had been highlighted four years previously to Ms Hathaway by Nucleus, local Citizen Advice Bureau in its 8 October 2001 letter when, at the time, domestic refuse had not been collected from the flats for six weeks )

First weekend in December 2005 - My happy Christmas in Munich



Having gone to Germany for a meeting, I decided to spend a long weekend in Munich making it my Christmas break as I plan to work throughout the Christmas holiday on developing the site.

I lived there for one very happy year and needed to get back into the feeling of being happy - a state of mind I have not been in for the last four years. I so love the place. It is so beautiful. Look at it! Isn't it?

It worked. I did feel very happy, going back to my 'old' places - including 'my' 'very classy' swimming pool (in the bottom photograph; yes, it is a swimming pool! And you should see the inside).

I went past the flats where I lived. If only I could still be there instead of the hellhole in which I am!

I also went to my other favourite city for the day, Salzberg, where I did my other 'old favourites', including going to a 'Konzert' and strolling in the Christmas market. It was snowing. Brilliant. I finished my visit with a delicious cake and cup of coffee and headed back to Munich.

I was flying back to London on the Sunday evening. By lunchtime, my stomach was starting to churn at the thought of coming back to the U.K.

December 2005

And the weeks continue to merge into one another as I continue to spend all my weekends (as well as most evenings) working on developing the site.

Frequently, the thought comes to my mind as to what will happen when the site goes live. Will all hell break lose? Probably, but what shape will it take?

No doubt there will be pressure for me to close down the site (as happened to e.g. the site ' Scotland Against Crooked Lawyers' (SACL) ( ; About SACL ( ; Latest News ( ; SACL links ( - when the ISP caved in under pressure... but another ISP came to the rescue).

It is a worrying step to take but, considering the alternatives which are to remain trapped in my flat at the mercy of a bunch of crooks - living under hellish conditions - or leave and be left with next to nothing, I'll take the gamble. I have very little to lose (e.g. Home - Overview)

I will not be treated as a door mat, used and abused by corrupt individuals because the system gives them carte blanche to do exactly as they please. They and the system can go to hell.

I AM THE INNOCENT VICTIM OF A SCAM. Yet, everywhere I have turned to for help, I have been dismissed and the door has been slammed in my face.


...and by an audience that is independent of the parties from which I consider I have, and continue to suffer injustice, as well as appalling treatment.

(*) Artilcle 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights "Right to freedom of expression" - comprised under the Human Rights Act 1998; Defamation Act 1996 ; Definition of libel ; Justification ; Fair comment ; Qualified privilege ; Common law privilege

While neither a lawyer nor a genius, I can see that I have a strong case.

Consequently, I can also see that my case has the potential to be a trigger for change. And change is one thing that needs to happen - as a matter of urgency.

I am lucky I can express myself and that, if I had any inhibitions four years ago, I now have none. There are likely to be hundreds of thousands of people in a similar situation to mine who, because they may be intimidated by the institutions, courts, lawyers, etc. and / or could not write a letter to a lawyer or a court to save their lives, suffer terrible misery, including unjustly losing their home.

It really, really gets to me that such injustice is allowed to take place.

In addition to wanting justice and redress, this is what also spurs me on.

The abuses that are allowed to take place under the leasehold system are morally so very wrong.

They have to be stopped.

So, I continue to develop the site in the hope that somewhere, somehow within the international community I will summon the necessary help to get the justice and redress I believe I deserve.

It is a very, very lonely journey. After four years, I only talk about it 'seriously' to relatively few people. For the rest, it's just a short, bite-size update. Best I save my energy and strength to keep me afloat.

There is obviously on-going concern in some quarters as to what I am up to (spending at least 12 hours per day in the office, seven days a week) as I continue being followed. I have redoubled in my 'confuse the minders' tactics by changing the direction in which I go on living the flat 3-4 times.

(Subsequent note: see Persecution page for snapshots of my being under surveillance, and My Diary for the numerous attempts to make me fear for my life)

For example on Wednesday 21 December, on leaving the block I turned left into Hans Crescent and walked half way down the street as though I wanted to get to Sloane Street (one of the routes I would take to go to Sloane square tube station). I then turned back, and noticed a man, Caucasian, on the other pavement, mid-30s, black blouson, white trainers; he was looking in my direction.

I continued walking as though I was going to Knightsbridge tube station and noticed another man who, more so than the other one, made me suspicious. About 1.70m in height, grey hair, light colour blouson. There was something quite unpleasant about his body language and look. I stopped dead on the pavement.

As he went past me, he spit a few times while facing me.

I walked down the Brompton Road , on the Harrods side of the pavement (another route I occasionally take to go to South Kensington tube station).

Having walked about a third of the way of the frontage of the store, I turned back. The man was behind me. During the few metres that separated us until we passed each other, the man looked at me. I likewise held his gaze until we passed each other giving him a piercing look.

When I reached the corner of the store, I turned right and stayed in the alcove to the entrance of the store which is immediately on the corner.

After about one minute, the man had also turned round as he walked by and continued walking on the Brompton Road, in the direction of the top of Sloane Street . He did not see me.

This is just one example. I could mention several others over recent weeks which, likewise, confirm to me that I am being followed.

Having done these few 'acrobatics' on leaving the block, I then get to (and back from) work through a convoluted route using a mix of buses and underground lines, as well as walking. With my several change of direction on leaving the block, the intention is to get 'my minders' to think that I am trying to lose them for the purpose of going somewhere I don't want them to know about.

Aside from the benefit of physical exercise, it gives me the satisfaction that the costs to the abhorrent paymasters are mounting up. (Unfortunately, I 'suspect' that some of the costs are being picked-up by the taxpayer - and hence diverted from where taxpayers' money should be spent: hospitals, schools, people suffering from handicaps, etc. Of course, I stress that it is just a suspicion i.e. I may be wrong - and I sincerely hope that I am)

(Subsequent note: see Persecution page for snapshots of my being under surveillance, and My Diary for the numerous attempts to make me fear for my life)

Considering that I live in the middle of London , I cannot believe that I am writing this. Anybody reading this in isolation could be forgiven for thinking that I am living in a war zone under enemy occupation. I guess I am, and I am facing an enemy that is running scared.

It just shows their combined stupidity, arrogance and grossely inflated sense of power: throwing money attempting to scare me instead of addressing the situation.

How much has been spent so far on attempting to cover-up what took place (including fighting with the other leaseholders)?

Evidently, there is not anybody with the intelligence to say: stop! Let's put an end to this and repair the damage. It could still be done - although I would also want undertakings extending beyond my case: active steps must be taken now to get rid of the feudal leasehold system.  

And the bonus would be proper control of the professions.

Three-four days before Christmas

I picked-up the phone in the flat and discovered that the line was dead. I have stopped using the phone a long time ago due to concern that the line might be tapped. (The line goes somewhere into a box in the block).

I reported this to British Telecom. After immediately suggesting to me that there might something wrong with my phone (another one immediately throwing the ball back in my court!), while I was on the line, the person had evidently been conducting a test as she then said that there was something wrong on the line.

I tried the phone again after Christmas. The line was still dead. I bought another phone (a British Telecom phone!): still no dialing tone.

When I call the number, it suggests that the line works. It may that the line has been cut in the building.

It would probably require that I take time off-work to get this sorted as I assume that an engineer would need to come. No point, I would not use the line anyway.

Christmas day 2005

(Subsequent note: see Persecution page for snapshots of my being under surveillance, and My Diary for the numerous attempts to make me fear for my life)

Since the office officially closed on Friday 23rd for the Christmas break, I have been coming to the office every day, for 10+ hours.

As there is no public transport today, I walked from the flat. It was a beautiful, sunny day. I leave the office sometime after midnight . The streets are deserted (as you can imagine, on Christmas day and with no public transport).

As I am walking on the Strand, in between the Savoy and Charing Cross station, roughly at the height of William IV, a cyclist, Afro-Caribbean origin, late 20s comes to my height and, as he does so, cycles across both lanes of the Strand onto the opposite pavement. A manoeuvre I am unlikely to not see given that by then, it is about 00h45 a.m.. and there is hardly anybody around.   He cycles on the pavement, turning left into William IV.

I continue walking, then cross the road to go to the north side of Trafalgar Square . Hence, end up walking in front of the National Gallery museum, in the direction of Pall Mall .

As I reach the first street on the right after the museum, Whitcomb Street, I see the same cyclist, stationary on the left hand side pavement, about five metres down from the beginning of the street.

He stays stationary while looking at me as I cross the street .   As I reach the same side of the pavement, I look at him and say "good evening" .   He then starts cycling in my direction asking me to repeat what I said. I do so, adding "and Merry Christmas" .   After a few seconds of hesitation, as he cycles around, he replies "Oh, Merry Christmas to you too and happy new year" , to which I replied, "and to you as well" .


I then walk up in the direction of Piccadilly, then onto Piccadilly in the direction of Hyde Park Corner. After I have walked past Green Park station, a car comes to a stop . The driver is a man. He shares a very similar physique to some of the men who have been following me (e.g. 16 July 2005, 26 August 2005). He appears to be quite short.

He asks for the direction to the "nearest motorway" to which I reply, well, "it depends where you want to go" . He is looking uneasy, ill at ease. At this he replies "the M4" . I tell him that he is on the right road and that all he needs to is to keep going straight on.

Considering what took place, this was not a genuine enquiry from a driver who was lost.   Within 500 metres from we were, you can take the direction to motorways going to the North of England, the south coast and the West of the country. The question from this man suggested that he was happy to end-up anywhere in the country.

So: as stupid as their paymasters which, of course, must be a 'recruiting' requirement so as to not give their paymasters an inferiority complex!

I wonder: do these people get paid double time on Christmas day for following people around and communicating to them that they are being watched?  

If so: good!   More costs to the abhorrent paymasters. And if they think that they are scaring me, they are very much mistaken.

Surely, even somebody with two brain cells between their ears would have got this message by now.

Obviously, the paymasters of the [morally depraved, beneath contempt scum ] [Note] do not come under this category, such is their arrogance and grossely inflated sense of self-importance and belief of superiority.

For the last days of 2005 I am in the office every day for at least 10 hours. It is my home.

On the 31st , I leave the office just before midnight to see the fireworks by the river - and make a wish that 2006 will bring an end of this horrendous nightmare. Will it???