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15 years of mental torture, harassment, persecution, intimidation, bullying and blackmail tactics - in the Jefferson House 'concentration camp' - in 'The island-kingdom of Make-Believe'



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1. SINCE 2002, my life has been totally destroyed

2. Unlawful 'surveillance' = persecution


  C O M M E N T S


(1)- SINCE 2002, my life has been totally destroyed

My Diary is a log of events, presented on a yearly basis, covering the period from January 2002 to date. While many of the events are covered in other parts of the site, My Diary is more personal.

Prior to launching the site - as the glaringly obvious victim of organized crime - I was calling my extremely traumatic, life-destroying, horrendous experience with some of the rotten to the core institutions of this now moral vacuum island "kingdom" - 'project nightmare'.

Following finding my current (priceless) website Host, HostDime, and re-launching the site, on 25 Dec 06, I called it 'project sunshine' - taking it as an omen that the scales were finally tipping back in my favour. They did not.

Still, of paramount importance, is that I have my wonderful website Host.

From the beginning of 2002, until Jan 08, when I resigned from my then employer, KPMG, on top of my working week, this horrendous, life-destroying nightmare cost me, on average c. 40 hours+ per week. At times, it was in excess of this. Hence, it swallowed up all of my free time, as well as my annual leave (even though I was buying some extra days).

Since then, on a weekly basis, it has taken-up some 60 hours+ of my time (e.g. among other, my battles (in vain) in relation to the so-called "crime reports" have cost me over 4,000 hours of my life, between Aug 09 and Jan 12 (ECtHR # (3)).

By end 2015, it has cost me c. 40,000 hours of my life. Based on a 35-hour working week, it amounts to c. 22 years! (Still short of the 25 years+ the relatives of the Hillsborough football disaster have been fighting in their attempts to get justice).

A 22-year prison sentence, suffering treatment which, I assume, if inflicted on prisoners of war, would be considered as inhumane under the Geneva Conventions.

I have spent a very large part of the time fighting - in vain - for the implementation of my so-called 'rights' - in this island-kingdom which, the then Prime Minister David Cameron claimed "has a long and exemplary record on human rights" e.g.:

A large of the time has also been taken up by the development and then updating of my website. I launched it out of utter despair, as a 'cry for help' in the hope that my situation would be resolved (a very naïve, vain hope!). (It had cost over 2,500 of my life by the time of the initial launch).

You will see from My Diary that, when employed, I frequently stayed in the office until midnight, or later, as well as most weekends to avoid being in 'the concentration camp'. (In some groups, it was not unusual to work very late and at weekends). The office was my refuge, my 'safe heaven'. I only went to the apartment or, as I call it, the hellhole, to sleep and wash.

For the same reason, I occasionally stayed in a hotel to get a good night sleep, in a safe environment e.g. My Diary 28 April and 29 Apr 06 - as, in spite of paying for it through my taxes, and of its legal remit - I very clearly cannot rely on Her Majesty's police for protection.

Eventually, with the aim of bringing back 'some kind' of normality in my life, and because, as part of the victimization regime at KPMG, my staying late in the office was questioned, from April 2007, I rented a room in East London for 7 months, (at £450 per month = more drain on my savings).

Only 'some kind' of normality as 'the surveillance' continued (below, # 2) - including by the person from whom I rented the room; (events in My Diary 2009; also captured under paras 122-123 of my 19.07.11 Witness Statement to Theresa May, then Home Secretary).

(The apartment remained empty: no point renting it as the person would be harassed e.g. as happened to the tenant of other leaseholders - and as evidenced by the criminal actions that are causing the ongoing destruction of my apartment, as well as other forms of harassment against me in the apartment).

Before reintegrating the apartment, I had extra security installed so that now I no longer feel the need to sleep all dressed-up. However, it only addresses part of the anguish of being in the hellhole - as, among other:

  • in the middle of the night, thugs have come to my apartment to bang on the windows, as well as hose my windows on many occasions (more detail, below, under # 2.1);

To these are added other worries I reported in e.g. My Diary 2 Aug 06.

As you can see from e.g. the Overview, there has always been something deliberately happening / hanging over my head, ensuring I cannot escape from this horrific nightmare, nor forget about it - not least 'the surveillance' (# 2, below)...

...because, 'of course': "[I am] evidently enjoying it" (!!!) - as one of the mafia's scumbags told me on 12 Oct 15.

To this is added the death threat that has been hanging over my head since 15 Jun 09:

  • repeated, by implication, on 14 Jun 14, as well as
  • other attempts to make me fear for my life (below).

Under Note 8, on the home page, I wrote: 'I have been crying out for help since 2001'.

I have, literally, been crying on many occasions: tears of utter despair, terrible loneliness, abandonment (e.g. My Diary 16 Jun 06 ; 20 Aug 07) - from knowing that there is absolutely nothing there to help me - 'only God' - to ask for the strength, and protection to carry on.

Also, tears from extreme frustration and anger, as well as immense loathing, repulsion and disgust that - across the board, including at Cabinet level - a conspiracy of silence, and hence, complicity; of 'blind eyes and deaf ears' are turned to such injustice and inhumane treatment - in the United Kingdom, in the 21st century.

I aim to control the hold events have over me, as not doing so plays into the hand of the thoroughly evil, racketeering Ladsky mafia, and of the equally thoroughly evil Establishment: causing mental torture in the hope that it will destroy their victims.

On a number of occasions, it led me to consider the option of 'ending it all'. I snapped out of it through a lot of anger and determination to fight to the death (e.g. My Diary Oct 05). But, that was in the early years.

I have since 'adapted' by making myself take each day as it comes - and from being more than ever determined in my resolve to fight to the death (as explained in the Overview) - something the assassins in the Ladsky mafia and its supporters in the Establishment appear to have yet to grasp e.g. what took place on 12 Oct 15...

...- or are increasingly impatient to achieve their objective of "killing [me], zipping up the bag, bringing [me] to the morgue" (which has been their mantra for many years).

I am not a doormat, nor a free access cash dispenser to be used and abused by criminals.

In spite of this being the expectation - and of 'the Brotherhood' telling them: 'Go ahead! Help yourself! - I will not give in - again - to their terrorist-like tactics.

It is said that those who have nothing to lose, have nothing to fear.

I have reached that stage - much to the extreme fury of the insane, evil and tyrannical mafia connected in one way or another with my case - that is counting on its ongoing criminal psychological harassment to destroy me.

I continue fighting because: I have done NOTHING wrong.

I am the victim of crime, NOT the criminal - (contrary to Her Majesty's Kensington & Notting Hill police's description of Andrew David Ladsky, in its so-called "crime report" it is processing against me, as being: "my victim").

And, having put, not just my head, but 'my whole body' above 'the parapet', I must 'maximise my return' by seeing it through to the very end - and somebody has to do it.

There HAS to be a positive outcome to my horrendous suffering: it has to act as a trigger that brings about change; an end to the terrible misery suffered by so many people at the hands of this barbaric, tyrannical, totally uncontrolled, feudal system and of the corrupt elements in its masonic supporting infrastructure.

The law of probability dictates that, among the individuals who could bring change, there HAS to be at least a few individuals with moral values - and the guts to do it. (It will take a lot of both!)

In the meantime, I have the consolation of knowing that my site is of help to others e.g. Comments.

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(2)- Unlawful 'surveillance' = persecution


(2.1)- Unlawfully stalked, hounded, tracked, monitored, harassed and persecuted - on a daily basis - as well as the use of plants by Andrew David Ladsky and the British police.

A key component of My Diary are recordings of my being stalked, hounded, tracked, monitored, harassed and persecuted - on a daily basis -... the Andrew David Ladsky mafia, operating in tandem with state resources: police and related services: snapshots, Persecution # 2 - entailing also the use of police helicopters: snapshots.

When I launched the website in 2006, I wrote:

"It is my impression that there is a connection with the police... I emphasise that I have NO EVIDENCE to back-up my claim i.e. I may be wrong (and I certainly hope that I am because of what it would imply).

I am simply capturing my impressions. It may be that they are ex. policemen employed by the private sector".

I now contend that my above summary is supported by overwhelming evidence, accumulated since 2002 - added to what took place - and failed to take place - following filing my 19 Apr 11 Claim against Her Majesty's Met Commissioner, Home Secretary and 'Independent' Police Complaints Commission (IPCC)...

...- as well as pre-filing my claim (police # 5): Met Commissioner and Home Secretary: police: # 5.2 ; # 5.3 ; IPCC police: # 5.4. (See # 2.6, below, for a compilation of the main links).

La Fontaine was right: "Patience et longueur de temps font plus que force ni que rage".

As can be seen from what I report, as well from the photographs (examples in the Scum Gallery), the profile of those involved is principally men. They come in all shapes and sizes, age, skin colour, and, by definition, origin / nationality.

I have tended to capture my impressions of their racial origin. Although I have come in contact with many nationalities as a result of, among others, working in different countries, clearly, what is captured are just 'my impressions' i.e. I may be wrong.

For the reasons detailed under the entries, I have captured my conclusions as to whether they are Ladsky and / or police-security services connected. In recent years, when I am not sure, I have (for obvious reasons), tended to state: same difference!

In relation to many, the conclusion is obvious - not least when it entails:

  • an individual in uniform, sitting in a police car, reporting back to base on my movements e.g. 22 Apr 11;
  • a uniformed police individual mocking me as I go past him: 16 Apr 11;
  • an individual on a scooter, with the name 'Metropolitan Police' emblazoned on his jacket: 19 Oct 14;
  • a man who, on numerous occasions, turns up within about 5 minutes of my arriving at an internet café (at different times of the day) - and then tells me: "Hitler should have killed all the Jews, don't you think?": My Diary 2009 - # 3(3) of 'Individuals used to attempt to trap me'.
  • in the underground, when I am hounded from platform to platform by thugs who behave like a pack of demented blood-thirsty hyenas: 19 Jan 13.

or, when it entails somebody:

  • another one of the same type who awaits my arrival on the platform at my local underground station / stalks me on the underground in order to then deliver his script and assess my reaction: 12 Oct 15.

To these are added many instances of both, the police and related agencies very clearly operating as a fully integrated team with the Ladsky mafia resources.

As to the rest: while I may be wrong, I submit that it does not undermine my overall conclusion: the - unlawful - ongoing persecution is a joint Ladsky mafia - state resources enterprise.

It is also blatantly obvious that, from at least 2005 (below, # 2.5) the British state has been illegally circulating photographs and/or film footage of me to a vast army of goons.

The above activities are supplemented by Ladsky and the police using plants: snapshots

(The use of plants is one of the British state's many 'Stasi' 'specialities' e.g. (1)- Confidential Intelligence Unit and / or National Public Order Intelligence Unit; (2)- Covert surveillance of campaigners.

As to the Ladsky mafia, it is one of its standard tools - as can be seen from the snapshots).

Abuse of power by the British state

The above activities by the British state 'come under' the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA): s.26(2)- Directed surveillance; s.26(8)- Covert human intelligence source.

'Come under' in inverted commas as, when you consider the (detailed) legal requirements for carrying out these activities - they amount to very blatant, ongoing abuse of legislation by the British state.

(Note also the experience of e.g. the whistleblower hunted by HM Revenue & Customs under anti-terrorism legislation (like me) for 'daring' to expose the secret multi-million £ "sweetheart" tax deal it made with Goldman Sachs).

As to the Ladsky mafia, its actions amount to ongoing breaches of the Protection from Harassment Act = ongoing criminal actions.

(NB: I also recorded some of the events in my 19.07.11 Witness Statement (QB # 6(1)), in response to the Application (QB # 6(1)) by Her Majesty's then Home Secretary, Theresa May, (QB # 6) to have my 19.04.11 Claim "struck out").


Up to roughly the end of 2005, in My Diary, I used to refer to those who are on my tail as 'my minders'.

From 2006, I started to refer to them as 'pigs' and 'monkeys'.

It was crystal clear from the context in which I used the descriptions that I was referring to the police ('pigs' being the derogatory term for it) (e.g. Private Eye's 1431 issue)...

and to the non-police i.e. the Andrew David Ladsky mafia's scum as 'the monkeys' (an image conjured up to me by those who became disorientated when I challenged them (above, link to examples)).

Of course, evil, Rachman Ladsky (who had already been trying desperately to (yet again) get the closure of my website: Overview # 9), jumped on this by contacting his henchmen in the Kensington police mafia, and filing a so-called "complaint" against me - that was turned into a "crime report".

It also led the police mafia to contact my (priceless) website Host, with the same objective of attempting to get the closure of my website - and failing: Overview # 13.

At the time of the so-called "complaint", under My Diary 20 Mar 07, I cited some examples of what had been done to me, leading me to use the above expressions.

Having stated the dictionary definition of 'pigs' (in 2007, I had not), I again started to use this term - and explain my reasons under the definition.

At times, a concurrent objective of the thugs and scum's thoroughly evil masters is to scare me / make me fear for my life - so that I give up my fight.

(See also Comment # 13 "Violence and physical threats against other leaseholders were common") e.g.


By Andrew David Ladsky: KCP # 1 ; other examples of harassment and persecution by him, and under Persecution (1)(4)(16).

• Death threats:

• Cars driven straight at me:

  • After midnight, 4 men, in a parked car, waiting for me to arrive, on my own, in a deserted street. As I was about to cross the - dead-end - street, they started the car and drove it straight at me: 1 Aug 06.
  • There was a repeat of a similar thing on 18 Jun 12, when a driver, who appeared to me to be Jewish, waited for me to cross the street, then started the car and drove it straight at me.

• Use of cyclists to scare me:

  • 6 Aug 05 - As I was walking on the pavement, a cyclist hurtled himself at me, at high speed, from the opposite pavement;
  • 16 Aug 05 - As I was walking on the pavement, a cyclist purposely drove the front wheel of his bicycle on the pavement, and stopped abruptly immediately in front of me.

In the middle of the night, man banging on my windows for several minutes, while talking loudly and laughing with another man: 22 Feb 13.

.• Hosing my windows in the middle of the night (NB: Like the above, intended to cause me sleep deprivation - not only at the time, but also in future, from not knowing when it will be repeated - in order to cause additional physical damage ('The Favourite Strategies') (header 4) case everything else does not stop me from sleeping:

  • (6)- Feb 08, also in the early hours of the morning

• I was ambushed by a man when I was on my own, in a deserted street, after midnight: 19 Apr 06.

• On another occasion, after midnight, in a deserted alley, a man, hiding in a dark recess, came straight at me: 23 Aug 06.

• I have found myself in situations of being 'hunted' / encircled: 26 Feb 06 ; 17 Mar 06 ; 22 Mar 06.

• Following me, and then circling around me when I stopped walking: 20 July 10 ; 17 Jun 06.

• Leaving a snapping sound 'message' on my mobile phone: 2 Jan 09.

And more examples in 2010, including the man who tried to hit me on 16 Nov 10.

Further, Her Majesty's British Transport Police is also hounding me and persecuting me with the aim of adding to the fear = criminal psychological harassment tactics.


(NB: I know of several leaseholders in a small block of apartments, fairly close to my area, who also reported being followed. They believe that it took place over a period of at least 6 months. Like me, they challenged 'a service charge' demand.

And, as in my case, the then Leasehold Valuation Tribunal determined that the sum demanded was unreasonable. I do not know whether there is a connection between the 2 blocks.

In 2010, I met other victims of injustice - who 'dare' to fight for their rights - reporting the same thing: My Diary 20 May 10 ; 21 Jul 10.

I also draw your attention to a whistleblower who "claims to have been followed by 'military types'").

I have come to the conclusion that there must be well over one million individuals spying on the population at any point in time.

This is a state that has adopted the Stasi model, lock stock an barrel in terms of:

In a report, the House of Lords described this country as having "the most pervasive surveillance system in the world".

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(2.2)- The 'surveillance' i.e. persecution, also includes the British state's - unlawful - ongoing monitoring and interference with all my means of communications.

This is detailed under:

  • post - includes stealing important. sensitive post e.g. letter informing me of a family funeral (done in conjunction with the interception and retention of voice messages, and of an e-mail) ; stealing all my financial post;

(NB: As in the case of the above, I also recorded some of the events in my 19.07.11 Witness Statement (QB # 6(1)), in response to the Application (QB # 6(1)) by Her Majesty's then Home Secretary, Theresa May, (QB # 6) to have my 19.04.11 Claim "struck out").

(Snapshot under Overview # 15)

Abuse of power by the British state

The above activities by the British state 'come under':

'Come under' in inverted commas as, when you consider the (detailed) legal requirements for carrying out these activities - they amount to very blatant, ongoing abuse of legislation by the British state.

Note that Ladsky had also been stealing my post when addressed to 'the concentration camp' - leading me to set up a PO Box. And, he is also bugging my apartment.

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(2.3)- The objectives of 'the surveillance' are obvious from the examples - and can be summed up as: causing me harm through on-going criminal psychological harassment.

The assassins' (# 2.4 below) ultimate objective of 'the surveillance' and associated activities: above # 2.1 and # 2.2 is to cause me harm:

  • to determine who I contact, in case it can provide an opportunity to inflict yet more criminal psychological harassment e.g.
  • harm me in other ways / finish me off e.g. Medical;
  • etc., etc., etc ...

(Portraying the 'inconvenient' 'Proles' / "Oiks" who 'dare' rock the boat i.e. stand-up to Establishment-controlled organized crime - as "mad", is a standard tactic used in this island-kingdom, by 'the Brotherhood' e.g. snapshot re. some whistleblowers).

In the case of the Ladsky mafia, the initial objective (typical of that type of mafia) was to profile me to determine whether I could be a potential mark; evidently: I was!

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(2.4)- Ordered, and carried out by extremely sick, amoral, insane, corrupt individuals - and more specifically: assassins.

Considering what has and continues to be done to me: above, # 2.1 , # 2.2 and # 2.3 - and the reasons for doing it: police- 'Retribution' - how to describe the people who order it and, those who carry it out?

Obviously: extremely sick, repugnant, abhorrent, amoral, psychopathic / sociopathic monsters, and those who respond to their diktats: equally extremely sick, morally depraved, despicable, beneath contempt scum = all more accurately described as assassins (*)

Among these assassins, in addition to Andrew David Ladsky and his gang of racketeers, I highlight Her Majesty's Home Secretaries and Foreign Secretaries who endorse warrants upon warrants (directed surveillance; communications) to have this done to me (Persecution # 4.2 and # 4.3 ; Home Office # 5).

See also below, and under # 2.6, for absolute proof that this treatment is endorsed at high level within the state executive i.e. by other assassins.

WHO are the other assassins, in Kensington & Chealsea police and higher up in the Metropolitan Police Service, who are orchastrating this persecution against me since at least 2005 and, in the process, have and continue to destroy my life?

Considering what they have ALL done to me since 2002, I think that 'I' should be the one who "speaks to social services" to report them as "suffering from [extremely serious] mental issues".

(*) Concise Oxford English Dictionary definition of 'assassin': "A person who murders someone for political or religious reasons".

I should have started to use this description years ago as the irrebutable evidence in my case was building-up - as:

  • ... and their very extensively supported criminal conduct (e.g. Extortion) demonstrates that they perceive me, a non-Jew, as chattel there to be exploited, used and abused by them - at will - in the process, happily destroying my life for my 'daring' to stand up to them.
  • ALL of this done with the endorsement of politicians - as evidenced by their 'response' to my complaints from the start of their vendetta against me:

There are different ways of "murdering someone". In my case, I am being "murdered" the British way: slowly - by being relentlessly raped psychologically and financially - through e.g.:

  • needing to spend many years of my life fighting due to, throughout, facing a gigantic wall of blind eyes and deaf ears (# 1, above) and having all access to justice and redress denied: complaints and courts;
  • traumatising me to the point that I could not contemplate working for another organisation - and thereby losing 8 years of work = over £1 million in potential income and pension (KPMG Intro (7));
  • (2)- my being unable to leave anything of importance to me in my apartment - resulting in my constantly walking around with 3 heavy bags that are not only affecting my body (not to mention my clothes), but also prevent me from doing many things e.g. long walks; swimming (as, in a health club, I once found a member of staff who had just opened my locker), etc;
  • blighting my life in other ways by, among others, isolating me: leading me to cut-off all my UK contacts, as I now find it near impossible to trust anybody in this country - including the medical profession (consider the potential consequences of this) and, equally obviously: the legal profession and the police;
  • adding to my isolation by greatly reducing the frequency of my contacts with my family and friends in France, as well as affecting the content of these contacts (Queen's Bench # 6.1).

In fact, the way I have - and continue to be treated - as the glaringly obvious victim of organized crime - reminds me of the movie, Hard Target (with Jean Claude Van Damme), in which anybody with enough money to spread around the authorities can, as a form of recreation, hunt any homeless person - to the kill.

For me, the worst part of what I report above (# 2.1, # 2.2 and # 2.3) is that, taking into account all those who, since 2002, joined the Ladsky camp by acting against me, added to the hundreds, over the years involved in - unlawfully - carrying out the above activities - means that it adds-up to a sample size that is at least in the hundreds.

Even my doctor of 37 years, and my 10-year employer joined the group!

I have identified and named over 200 with certainty. There are many, many more behind those.

Depending on how you define the population, statistically, it could be regarded as a significant sample size, including in terms of cross-representation. Of these 100s, c.20%(?) are likely to be Masons.

Hence c.80% are individuals who - knowing that I am the innocent victim of organized crime (*) - follow the diktats of corrupt Masons to act against me, including using criminal psychological harassment tactics.

(*) Even those who carry out the above activities - including in the CCTV control rooms - are aware of my situation from my T-shirt which, in large lettering, states: "Victim of fraud and corruption" - "".

I 'upgraded' it in Dec 12 to "Victim of corrupt police and judges" (pdf copy). (It is partly my objective in wearing it, 98% of the time, in the (evidently vain) hope that 'orders' will be challenged).

See the NOTE at the end of this page for examples of individuals who are part of the sample.

Considering the above, I often ask myself: was I blind when I fell in love with this country, 40+ years ago, and decided to make it my home, or has it changed beyond recognition? Yes, as it was not like that.

As the Indy journalist, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, wrote in her 6 Dec 10 article: "Britannia as she was burns, burns down... "

As evidenced by the criminal psychological harassment, and the below note about the experience of others...

...- it has now turned into a moral vacuum, a profoundly sick and very frightening society - in particular within the ruling class (below # 2.5)...

...and its extremely large supporting cast ready to align itself automatically on the side the miscreants, the criminals - in the process, turning into extremely vicious, cruel, sadistic tormentors. Well, certainly viewed from my value system.

Consider what they are ALL doing it for (# 2.5, below).

What is their motive in doing this? For the sake of:

(1)- a title 'for services rendered' to the white-collar crime fraternity? e.g.

(2)- ingratiating themselves with those with power, including over their income, and get a pat on the back?

(3)- out of resentment because they would not have the guts to do what I am doing?

According to the following, there is a more disturbing explanation:

The Stanley Milgram's 'obedience experiments' - and in particular, the conclusion, 50 years later, reported in the Guardian, 1 Sep 11, "Stanley Milgram taught us we have more to fear from zealots than zombies":

"people follow leaders because they see them as representative of an identity that they share;

they don't inflict harm because they are unaware of doing wrong but because they believe what they are doing is right."

(A cop said to a protester: "People would sell their soul to the devil". Well, I would not - for all the riches in the world). (Another saying: 'Once you've sold your soul to the devil, you have to dance to his tune').

(NB: I am not the only one arriving at the above conclusions - see e.g. Stand Your Ground -

For examples of other people's experience with the Establishment (below) and its vast supporting cast - see e.g.

....all from victims who, like me, had not realised how vile, cruel, vicious, sadistic and barbaric 'the system' actually is - and how parties which, on the face of it, 'should not' be connected, actually conspire and collude with each other.

Mercifully, I still come across some genuinely kind-hearted English people. There are also many who have retained their integrity, their moral values, their sense of duty. As I state e.g. on the MPs main page, for them I have a lot of respect; and, due to the circumstances of some of them, also a lot of admiration.

(Events since the latter part of 2008, with the banks, the scandal in the House of Lords and the House of Commons, reports on whistleblowers, reports on 'surveillance Britain', etc. - are also helping more and more people to 'see the light' - making me feel 'somewhat' less isolated).

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(2.5)- The police and security services joined the persecution from at least 2005 - because my complaints against various parties, as well as my persistence, flagged me up as 'a threat' to the Establishment and 'its brother', Rachman Andrew David Ladsky.

In the light of the above 'surveillance' (# 2.1 and # 2.2), as a visitor to the site not connected with my case, you might be asking yourself the following questions:

  • Am I one of the parties who rigged (is still rigging?) LIBOR, the inter-bank lending rate and /or FOREX, the foreign exchange market rates and / or the London gold price? No, I am NOT. (Ditto)
  • Have I committed a bank robbery? No, I have NOT.
  • Am I a murderer / a serial killer? No, I am NOT.
  • Am I a drug dealer? No, I am NOT.

And the same answer to any other question relating to illegal, criminal activity: No, I am not / I have not!

Quoting William Hague, then Foreign Secretary:

"[I am] a law-abiding citizen [NB: I reject this term as we are 'subjects' - treated like serfs (end of article)] [taxpaying individual] of this country going about [my] business and [my] personal life" who,


"[should] have nothing to fear – nothing to fear about the British state or intelligence agencies listening to the contents of [my] phone calls or anything like that."

= A pack of lies! In 'The island-kingdom of make-believe'.


Until I was dragged, kicking and screaming into this horrific hellhole by the evil, vampiric vermin (I repeat my Comments under Persecution (1)(4)), Rachman Andrew David Ladsky - in my previous 33 years in this country - I had never had any dealings with the police or the courts.

Further, as I stressed - repeatedly - in the context of my Claim (Queen's Bench), e.g. under section 3 of my 19.04.11 Particulars of Claim, and under paras 132 -137 of my 19.07.11 Witness Statement to the then Home Secretary, Theresa May (QB # 6(1)):

"In the 43 years I have lived in this country I have never been engaged in any activity and/or conduct that justifies this extreme, ongoing surveillance, as well as monitoring and interception of my means of communication".

(NB: Suspecting, from a conversation I had with somebody in Nov 12, that Her Majesty's police / related services 'might' be 'cooking a story' involving my Dec 98-Jan 99 holiday in Yemen, I added 2 documents to the entry: My Diary 15 Jan 06).

So, as none of the above applies: WHY does Her Majesty's police and related services deem it 'necessary' to:

  • unlawfully carry out the directed surveillance, and covert human intelligence - exemplified under # 2.1, above;
  • unlawfully carry out the monitoring of, and interference with all my means of communication, as well as hacking into my computer - outlined under # 2.2, above;
  • 'justifying' the processing of these "crime reports" by making the absolutely outrageous claim that it is "for the prevention or detection of crime"; "for the apprehension or prosecution of offenders" (police # 3(9));

And all of the above is carried out with the undeniable endorsement of Her Majesty's Home Secretaries, Foreign Secretaries, Met Commissioners - as well as High Court judiciaries (# 2.6, below) - added to other ministers and members of Parliament.

Under para.157 of my 19.04.11 Particulars of Claim, as well as under para.4 of my 19.07.11 Witness Statement to Theresa May, I stated that I believe that involvement by the police-security services started in the summer of 2005 e.g. 5 Aug 05.

(It 'might' have started one year earlier, following my 'daring' to complain against the judiciary in West London County Court: Lord Falconer / HMCS 'Customer Service'- summary of my complaint # 1.5).

It coincided with the time I was still battling on several fronts in the context of my - legitimate - 'cries for help' and complaints against various parties in the public sector, as well as some of the professions in the private sector (summaries: section # 2 ; section # 6)...

... - following Andrew David Ladsky's (proven) fraudulent 'service charge' demand of 2002 (Overview # 1 , # 2).

(The 29.11.02 claim filed against me for £14,400 (US$25,400) (Overview # 3) was followed by a 21.10.03 'Part 36 offer' for £6,350 (US$11,200) (Overview # 3)).

My - legitimate - 'cries for help' and complaints, and subsequent fighting against the typical rejections, etc. against all 31 of them - that eventually led me to launch my website in 2006 - flagged me, 'the Prole', as 'a threat' to the Establishment (below):

my card was marked - leading the 'Thought Police' and its 'Ministry of Love' (Orwell's 1984) - to 'get on my case'

I was 'daring' to stand-up to an organized crime gang led by 'Jewish' (an important characteristic in this kingdom, as Jews control the state) Rachman and 'brother' Andrew David Ladsky, who decided he was 'entitled' to make me (and my fellow leaseholders) pay (Overview # 3) for this:

- for which we are not legally liable...

(*) Amazingly, by 2016, they had 'disappeared': Martyn Gerrard # 30.

Back of Jefferson House in July 2002...

...and in September 2005 that Ladsky could make a multi-million £ jackpot...

...- that includes a penthouse apartment (Planning application ; Land Registry BGL 54458)...

...that was "categorically NOT going to be built" (Brian Gale, MRICS, 13.12.02 "Expert Witness" report to the then London LVT),

..."because it was not a viable proposition" (Joan Hathaway, MRICS, MRJ - 04.03.03 letter) (Overview # 3)...

...sold for £3.9 million (US$6.9m) in Dec 05, and on the market in Oct 07, for £6.5m (US$11.5m).

Added to the price of the other 3 apartments (...that had 'disappeared' by early 2016: MG # 30)

Secondly - in the process, 'me', 'the Prole', was 'daring' to stand-up to the Establishment' (below) that decided - in breach of my 'rights' (and those of my fellow leaseholders)...

...- to provide Andrew David Ladsky and his gang of racketeers with all manner of support in the achievement of his objectives (above) - by putting any of the institutions he requires entirely at his service.

Among others, this is demonstrated - irrebutably - by the summary outcomes of my 9 experiences, (over a 9-year period), with the so-called 'justice system' of this island-kingdom.

(It includes one occasion when (as 'my luck' would have it) the European Court of Human Rights was under British mandate - headed by Sir Nicholas Bratza (ECtHR # 2.1)).

This unlimited assistance also includes the police and related agencies operating with his scum and thugs as a fully integrated, joint operation (examples extracts).

This is done while not giving a damn about the consequences on me (and on my fellow leaseholders) of their malefic actions.


Looking at the criminal psychological harassment I have and continue to be subjected to by the British state since 2002,

...and its very actively helping the criminal Andrew Ladsky gang in inflicting it, as well as protecting it from the legal consequences of its criminal activities - is glaringly obvious from the evidence that the claims that this island-kingdom:

'is committed to the rule of law';

"has a long and exemplary record on human rights";

"If you are a law-abiding citizen [*] of this country going about your business and your personal life you have nothing to fear from the British state..."

etc., etc., etc...

... - are lies, upon lies, upon lies - part of an elaborate front-end circus - in 'The island-kingdom of make-believe'.

My problem is that - to my very great cost: I very naïvely believed the lies.

(*) We are not "citizens". We are 'subjects' - treated like serfs (end of article).


The British Establishment (book ref.) / Freemasons, or 'Brotherhood'

A bottomless cesspit of moral depravation and of interconnecting caves of corruption.

After my years of ongoing hell, since 2002, added to seeing what the British state does to other of its people (e.g. # 2.4, above) - I now perceive Britain as... Orwellian, tyrannical state that employs worse than Stasi tactics of criminal psychological harassment with the objective of silencing - by any means - 'the little people' 'like me', 'the Proles' / "the Oiks / the Great Unwashed" / "the Lobbyists" who 'dare' challenge it,...

...and especially the greed-feeding criminal activities of the Establishment, its cronies and hangers-on - such as those of the Ladsky gang of racketeers (above).

(Attributing this conduct to a policy of 'neoliberalism' is false, as one of its tenets is that success comes to those who are self-reliant. My case demonstrates that, in the pursuit of assisting criminal activities - the British state actually blocks your attempts at self-reliance).


(1)- Because the - essentially unelected - Establishment, comprising of:

  • members of Parliament and House of Lords;
  • captains of industry, etc.

...controls this country - with those, not officially part of the government, doing it through, among other, 'lobbying' (MPs page) , that includes many shades of grey, and beyond into very black - and entails a lot of money.

Quoting from Owen Jones, in his book, 'The Establishment - And how they get away with it' (pg 6):

"As well as a shared mentality, the Establishment is cemented by financial links and a 'revolving door' culture: that is, powerful individuals gliding between the political, corporate and media words - or who manage to inhabit these various worlds at the same time."

"Many politicians are on the payroll of private businesses; along with civil servants, they end up working for companies operating in their policy areas..."

(Private Eye often reports on these types of examples e.g. its article on "Tax, Lies and videotape" (BVI # 4(2)).

As Owen Jones states in his book, the profile of the Establishment is constantly changing. In this context, I highlight some of the (below) sourcing for 'the replenishment'.

(2)- Because it is a despotic, self-regarding, ego-crazed, power-corrupted, amoral, and often extremely cruel, vicious, sadistic ruling class - that perceives itself and its cronies and hangers-on as being entitled to unlimited self-enrichment at the expense of society at large - and is dripping with absolute hatred of 'the little people'.

(3)- Because none of the Establishment's members are ever held to account for their often outrageous conduct (the random mentions in the media are not a substitute for sanction) - as its members include the law makers (members of Parliament and of the Lords), as well as the law enforcers: judiciary and police:

  • (i)- they have put a system in place to ensure their protection - staffing it with a vast army of 'yes people' who share their mentality (# 2.4, above) e.g.
  • those responsible for the actions "have left the department"; those who are still in their post are expected "to do the decent thing"; heeding the call of "please, stand aside; resign" - because "that's all that can be done" (media - Rotherham)...but can get away for their action by merely "apologising" (Stafford hospital);
  • turning a deliberate blind eye to the evidence, they deceitfully claim that there is "insufficient evidence for them to take action": Financial Reporting Council (Trust fund-Intro); several examples in my case under Rifkind # 2;
  • (ii)- they have rigged legislation to exclude coverage of their wrongdoings, as well as twist the interpretation of anything that could be held against them e.g. reports of the police deciding against conducting an investigation:
  • (iv)- with the same objective, they claim 'incompetence' - considered safe to use because not actionable and is, of course, never their fault: 'because' not being properly equipped "to deal with the scale and complexity of the matter" (Media- The Cardiff Three);

...- leaving all to perceive themselves - and behave - as being, 'of course', 'above the law of the land' - untouchable.

Being "the Masters of cover-up", when exposed, under its ‘One for all, all for one’ mantra, the Establishment immediately closes ranks e.g. in 2013, the number of attacks against me by HM's British Transport Police helicopters that immediately shot-up following my reworking the main legal pages i.e. the evidence against HM's judiciaries: 2013 summary.

In the process of covering up their actions, they e.g.

doctor witness statements (police);

lie under statements of truth: in my case, the police ; lie under oath (police);

destroy evidence "by the lorryload" (police); claim:

• temporarily "lose the evidence and have it reappear once a court case is over" (police and Crown Prosecution);

• fabricate "evidence": Hillsborough (police, judiciary; Birmingham riots (police), including libellously portraying whistleblowers as "suffering from mental issues"

(also done in my case, by the police); in my case, the judiciary also fabricated "evidence" with the aim of exonerating the police of wrongdoing.

Thereby telling ‘the little people’ - as summed up very succinctly, in Jun 15, by the epitome of the British Establishment, Boris Johnson, then Mayor of London and Head of the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime, to a taxi driver: “Fuck off and die!” (Source: The Guardian).

None of 'the little people' are spared the treatment.

However, in the men-controlled Establishment, (and beyond, such as that of its protégés Andrew David Ladsky and his gang of racketeers), a woman 'like me' who 'dares' to stand up against its injustice and then resorts to exposing it because it refuses to address it - thereby breaching its omertà: 'Don't point the finger at the perpetrator, point it instead at its victim' - is immediately singled out for ill-treatment.

As demonstrated by my experience, including with my then employer, KPMG (and the experience of others (above)), the Establishment knows absolutely no bounds in its 'retribution', as well as for covering-up its wrongdoings. Being amoral, it does not give a damn about the impact of its malefic actions on people.

(In my case, the reprisals are heightened by the fact that I am not falling into a heap from its attempts at submission and licking its jackboots 'in gratitude' for its horrendous abuse).

'Dare' to challenge, and the Establishment, will criminalize you for 'daring to step out of line', by doing nothing other than demanding 'your rights' (see below, # 2.6) - and will concurrently run an extremely cruel, vicious, barbaric vendetta against you for 'daring' to do it.

In fact, as demonstrated by these examples, the English Establishment has a high propensity to criminalize 'the little people' i.e. those it perceives as being unable to fight back.

The police state par excellence! (In 2009, a former MI5 Chief was reported as saying: "We now have more to fear from our police state than from terrorism).

The greater the level of systemic institutional corruption in a country, the greater the need for 'surveillance' of the 'little people', 'the Proles', to ensure they don't interfere / are hounded if they do.

And there sure is a lot of corruption in this island-kingdom! (see below; Summary of my case) - that has been reported by the media for a long time.

Yes Ms Yasmin Alibhai-Brown: "Britannia as she was burns, burns down... ". It has now reached an unbelievable level of decay.

Further, I contend that:

  • (1)- the criminal treatment that has and continues to be carried out against me (above);

as well as e.g.

... - demonstrate - amply - that this is a fantastically corrupt island-kingdom, that has sold out to crime, and is consequently controlled by crime (*), for the benefit of crime.

I add that only the corruptible can be corrupted.

Reason: an amoral Establishment (above) that has become obsessed with money.

(*) In my case, Jewish organized crime - in part, because the Jewish lobby is showering Her Majesty's government with large sums of money.

The Establishment's obsession with money leads it to devise and operate an infrastructure focused exclusively on feeding its, cronies and hangers-on's insatiable greed...

...- at the expense of 'the little people' it very clearly perceives - and treats - as non-entities, who do not have the right to have rights (concurrently ensuring that they are all protected from any repercussion - above) e.g.

Hence, in that kind of environment, not only is 'a Prole' 'like me' expected to shut-up and pay whatever is asked...

...- if you 'dare' persist in demanding the implementation of your 'rights', 'the Brotherhood' defines you into "a criminal" and a pariah, and persecutes you ruthlessly with the aim of destroying you (see also below, # 2.6).

Having 'the right set-up' in place, the ruling class is also keen to attract overseas individuals who are in its image e.g.

"I’m half bulimic ... I eat a lot but don’t throw up, Minister tells his baffled guests", Mail on Sunday, 23 May 08 (My Diary 23 Mar 08)...

- reporting "Trade Minister, Lord Jones, formerly Sir Digby Jones" - as saying:

"We don't care what colour you are;

we don't care if we can't pronounce your names,

and we don't care where your money comes from.

We just want you to invest in our country"

Private Eye, # 1361 – 7-20 Mar 14, pg 29:

"As if the government weren’t tarting out Britannia enough by offering accelerated settlement to wealthy foreigners who bring more than £5m of whatever provenance into the country...,

...the migration advisory panel has now recommended auctions to allow them to settle in the UK on even cushier terms.

The idea is that a certain number of such fast-track visas would be granted to the highest bidder, with a “reserve price” of £2.5m..."

= Requirements that are obviously not targeting altar boys.


In light of the above, I include here some short, easy to follow guidance aimed at 'a certain type' of criminals, too busy to look at this site, and eager to get on with the next illegal deal.

What do you need to do to take advantage of this set-up?

Essentially, only 3 easy actions are required by you:

Action # 1 - Select the appropriate target. As you know: as per e.g. the profile of the owner of this website.

Action # 2 - Concoct a story, as outrageous as you can, e.g.

portraying yourself as playing absolutely no part whatsoever in the criminal activities,

- and your target as "a Nazi", "anti-Semite", "who suffers from mental issues", "defaults on her contractual obligations",

"attacks you verbally, repeatedly, on seeing you" - "leading you to feel vulnerable and intimidated".

Action # 3 - Push the 1st domino of, as explained in the Overview, a literally endless line of dominoes,...

... and, helping them along, watch them ALL do your dirty work for you,...

... falling at your feet one by one.

In the process, they will peddle your story like an army on speed:

They know that they - and you - have nothing to fear, including from the European Court of Human Rights...

...leaving you to laugh your head off, as you carry your loot, all the way to the bank,...

...perhaps in your offshore retreat/s.

Voilà! "Welcome to corrupt Britain"...

...the Wild West...without a sheriff - as the state acts as one with 'certain criminals'.

PS. To confirm: (based on my experience) do not worry about the country’s legislation and regulations, court and tribunal rules, codes of conduct, etc.

They are only a front to conthe Proles’ into believing they have rights, and the outside world into believing the same thing.

The widespread abuse of power, from the total lack of sanctions, and standard perception that 'the little people' are non-entities, who do not have the right to have rights .- means that, whoever you call on to help you:


- they will ALL ignore them.

Note that you can also lobby a ‘friendly’ Lord or Member of Parliament to have the legislation changed – even in court.

This obsession with money is found across the board, including 'at the top', among some of the Royals e.g.

In 2010, Prince Andrew's ex. wife, Sarah Ferguson, filmed by the now defunct News Of the World (see 'Phone hacking', in 2011, for 'the trigger' to its demise), claimed that "£500,000 to [her ex. husband] would open up doors for you which you would never possibly do".

She was filmed walking away with a briefcase said to contain US$40,000.

It was claimed by the Palace that Prince Andrew knew nothing about this. Examples of media reports:


The Guardian 13 May 13 article by Guest Contributor, James Wilsdon, "Prince Andrew's election to the Royal Society sparks anger among fellows", refers to Prince Andrew's "close links to a rogues' gallery of tinpot dictators in Kazakhstan, Azerberjan and Kyrgyzstan".

A 29 Nov 10 Guardian article, "WikiLeaks cables: 'Rude' Prince Andrew shocks US ambassador", also covers some of these "close links".

"Secret files reveal Prince’s diplomat pal ‘is a KGB spy", Mail on Sunday, 16 Aug 09 -

"Kairat Abusseitov, Kazakhstan’s attache to London, is already at the centre of cash-for-lobbying claims surrounding Prince Andrew and multi-million-pound oil deals in the former Soviet republic."

"Mr Abusseitov is honorary president of the British Kazakh Society and Prince Andrew is its honorary patron."

In fact, the obsession with money is most evident among the true power in this country: the land-owning class, dominated by some of the senior Royals, and other titled individuals - who have persistently blocked / influenced legislation to protect their own interests e.g. Overview Note 9.

In his 6 May 13 Guardian article, "Why the politics of envy are keenest among the very rich", George Monbiot argued that

"What the very rich appear to value is relative income", quoting "HL Hunt several decades ago: "Money is just a way of keeping score"".

He argued that "In order to grant the rich these pleasures, the social contract is reconfigured" [NB: In the case of the residential leasehold sector, I cite the above examples].


In the Independent of 4 Mar 13: "A 'betrayal' of British values: Tories accused of damaging UK’s reputation on human rights"

"The leading human rights barrister Ben Emmerson QC accused the two ministers [Chris Grayling, then 'Justice' Secretary and Theresa May, then Home Secretary] of working in a political pincer movement...

...In Europe and the UN the UK is seen as having lost the plot.

The UK’s international reputation as a leader on the rule of law and human rights is plummeting at an alarming rate and with it our ability to influence other states.

I cannot recall a time since 2003 when the UK’s international reputation has fallen farther and faster.(*)

(*) Personally, I see it as sliding more and more into Europe's equivalent of North Korea.

Looking at what has - and continues to be instigated against me since 2002 (e.g. above, # 2.1 and # 2.2) - added to the experience of others (# 2.4, above)...

...- I hold the view that the powers who control this country have more than "lost the plot": their all-consuming greed has turned them into very sick monsters.

As to the "plummeting" of this country's institutions, my example relates to the RICS:

(1)- In its 28.05.92 letter to one of my contacts, who complained of being unlawfully threatened with "defamation proceedings" by one of its members, the RICS, in effect, praised my contact for bringing it to its attention, and wrote:

The Institution has always and will therefore continue to take a dim view of such threats, and such action may in some circumstances lead to a charge of “conduct unbefitting a Chartered Surveyor.

(2)- 16 years later, in 2008, in an attempt to muzzle me from reporting, on this website, my experience with the RICS, following my legitimate complaint against the then Martin Russell Jones (MRJ) (snapshot - RICS # A)...

...- the RICS not only threatened me with "proceedings and costs", but (equally unbelievably), in effect, also encouraged the then MRJ issuing proceedings against me.

This kingdom does NOT deserve law-abiding, decent, hard working people like me who are, and have always been net contributors to this society. (*)

However, by turning more and more of the 'little people' into its image (examples, below) and, concurrently, "this society into a profoundly sick one", the Establishment (above) is ensuring a rapid decrease in their number...

...and setting-up a time bomb.

(*) At May 2013, in The Queen's endorsement of new legislation, the then Coalition claimed that it was "the profile of immigrants it wants to attract to this country".

To treat them as I (a 40+year immigrant) have - and continue to be treated by this kingdom?


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(2.6)- The above - unlawful - persecution = criminal psychological harassment is taking place with the absolute undeniable approval at high level within the state.

This is demonstrated irrebutably by events with Her Majesty's (*) Met Commissioner of the day, Her Majesty's (*) Home Secretary of the day, 'Independent' Police Complaints Commission...

...- and subsequently endorsed by some of Her Majesty's Queen's Bench Division judiciaries:


Met Commissioner and Home Secretary

'Independent' Police Complaints Commission (IPCC)


pre filing my 19 Apr 11 Claim:

police: # 5.2 , # 5.3

police: # 5.4


post filing my 19 Apr 11 Claim:

Queen's Bench: # 4 , # 5(7);

police: # 5.5 , # 6

Queen's Bench: # 5

Queen's Bench:

Summaries: Events ; Breaches of the law

(NB: Senior endorsement of the illegal / unlawful police conduct against me first started in 2002, by Sir Toby Harris, then Chair of the Metropolitan Police Authority.

As demonstrated by the above links, 9 years later, it continued pre and post filing my Claim.

Hence, they are all aiding and abetting criminal activities against me.

I repeat my Comments, above, under: # 2.4 and # 2.5.

Re. the judiciary: it was the 8th time in 9 years that Her Majesty's judiciary denied me access to justice and redress i.e. access to my so-called 'rights'.

(It was then followed by a 9th time, in the European Court of Human Rights, when it was under British mandate - headed by Sir Nicholas Bratza). (Overview # 19 ; Kangaroo courts).

(My initial experience with HM's Stratford Employment Tribunal, in 2008, in relation to my Claim against KPMG, indicated that I was set for suffering yet more injustice: KPMG # 16).

And, since the above events, the absolutely undeniable endorsement at high level has continued:

  • Boris Johnson, then Head of the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime;
  • (= 19 letters, each sent under separate post; I repeated the same thing 2 weeks later = 38 letters),

Note that there is also an extremely large, and ever-growing supporting cast (# 2.4, above, and its associated NOTE, below) behind the ongoing persecution and injustice dished out against me.

(*) Her Majesty The Queen and other royals have far more control over the country than 'the little people' are led to believe e.g.

  • (It was amusing to see how this obvious fact was portrayed by the media as "a revelation").
  • They hold very senior positions within the Freemasons - the real, unelected power that controls this island-kingdom, and is not held to account.

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NOTE to # 2.4, above (List of names under Executioners) - In addition to the fact that aiding and abetting crime makes them criminals,...

what else can be said about the following individuals?

In the state sector:


Her Majesty's police and related services (the law enforcers):

(1)- Those who carry out the activities outlined, above, under # 2.1 and # 2.2 - including those who:

(2)- Those who perversely and viciously processed, and continue processing false, highly malicious data against me - thereby, since 2003, defaming my name, character and reputation to more than 50,000 people.

Outrageously, they claim to be doing this "for the prevention and detection of crime" and "for the apprehension or prosecution of offenders" (police # 3(9));...

...- thereby treating me as 'the criminal' - while they treat the actual criminal, Andrew David Ladsky as the 'poor' "vulnerable victim who is intimidated by [me]" (QB # 4.3).

(3)- The police thug who, in Jun 14, came to my apartment to deliver an implied death threat.

(4)- The one who provoked me, with the aim of making a false accusation stick against me by telling me: "Hitler should have killed all the Jews, don't you think?"

(Perhaps still influenced by the fact that, 700 years before Hitler did it, "England became the first European nation to require Jews to wear a marking badge, and expelled them from England..." (Wikipedia)?).

(5)- Those who kept Ladsky informed of who I contacted by post, and of the content of my correspondence.

(6)- Those who refuse to protect me.

(7)- Those within the high level executive who dictate, as well endorse the above conduct (# 2.6, above).


Her Majesty's courts (kangaroo courts) (the law enforcers):

(1)- Her judges, masters, and tribunal panel who denied me access to justice and redress by suddenly 'suffering' from extreme blindness to the very damning evidence, as well as amnesia about the rule of law - and even ensured the same injustice by the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) because, at the time, it was under British mandate - headed by Sir Nicholas Bratza

In the process, they have (so far) subjected me to 81 months i.e. nearly 7 whole years - of horrendous torment, anguish, distress and trauma.

(2)- The managers and clerks who actively participated in the abusive treatment (exception: Queen's Bench staff).

(3)- Her Majesty's Court Service that sided with them against me.


Her Majesty's MPs (the law makers):

Those who turned a blind eye to the evidence in my case and refused to help me - including through collusion and conspiring.


Her Majesty's council:

Those who in my local council who sided against me with the Ladsky mafia and, in effect, treated me, among other, as a liar.


Her Majesty's Pension Service:

That also joined the rank of the tormentors.


Her Majesty's ombudsmen:

Those who sided against me.

The 'regulators' and the 'regulators of the regulators'

Who have state-endorsement for their failure to act.

All those, in the state, and private sector, who told me to, in effect, 'Get Lost!', following my glaringly obvious legitimate complaints - thereby endorsing the conduct I was subjected to - and, in the process, treated me (among other) with utter contempt; like a piece of dirt; as a liar and / or an imbecile, etc. e.g.

  • ...and concluded with: "I do not consider that the letter is either threatening or that it amounts to harassment".

When the state, including the law makers and law enforcers, as well as 'the regulators' side with the criminals against their glaringly obvious victim...

...- it gives the signal to the population that 'it's okay to behave in the same way', that it does not have to fear any repercussion - as demonstrated by the following examples (I also give in support of my above conclusion that the Establishment is turning more and more of 'the little people' into its extremely rotten image (# 2.5)):


'My' doctor of 37 years who, in Apr 08, with the objective of helping KPMG defend itself against my Claim, claimed to have “no record of prescribing me tranquilisers and anti-depressants” in Apr 07 (my 10.04.08 letter to him) (para.63 of my 19.07.11 Home Office Witness Statement).


The ‘specialist’ who, in May 08, could not wait to get me locked-up (my letter to him of 11.05.08) – by 'amazing coincidence', at the time:


Another ‘specialist’, in Aug 08, who could not wait to operate on me.

Understanding the game plan, I declined and saw a French doctor who simply could not see on what ‘the decision’ was based (para.64 of my 19.07.11 Home Office Witness Statement).


Work 'colleagues' at KPMG, in 2007, many of whom knew I was a victim of crime, with some having known me for several years, who nonetheless joined blindly in the victimisation regime against me over a period of 10 months - including fabricating false accusations against me.

(It led me to resign in Jan 08. Being psychologically unable to work afterwards - it forced me to take early retirement, 8 years earlier than planned - in the process, losing more than £1million in potential income and pension).


The lawyer I saw, in Nov 07, in relation to events taking place at KPMG, who, two weeks later, claimed to have 'a conflict of interest', while nonetheless trying to extract more information from me I considered as evidence in support of my position (para.63 of my 19.07.11 Home Office Witness Statement).


'My' advisors, Piper Smith Basham and Stan Gallagher who ended up batting for Andrew David Ladsky: e.g. Stan Gallagher- Summary of events; also captured in my Comments to the 13.11.03 'Draft Order and Notice of Acceptance'.


Probably in Dec 13, if not earlier, my "security-lock" supplier, Banham, that gave Ladsky a key to my apartment - in order to cause yet more criminal damage (and, of course, denied that it had done this).


The one who agreed to help Ladsky and his racketeer solicitor, Portner and Jaskel, secure the fraudulent 27 Feb 07 claim against me - by posing as 'a visitor' to my site.

He then 'sent' a cheque to Portner - by 'amazing coincidence', for the precise amount of interest claimed - thereby implying that I owed the whole claim.


The one used to befriend me, as well as others (Use of plants - summary), in order to 'assess my state of mind'

(e.g. My Diary: 3 Apr 10 , 17 Apr 10 ; 6 Aug 12 ; paras 125-131 of my 19.07.11 Home Office Witness Statement)...

...- with the objective of putting me 'out of action'.

(NB: 'assessment' used to 'test' the impact of the mental torture).


The cyclist, in Jun 09, who 'delivered' the death threat to me: "Enjoy your life. You don't have long to live".


The woman who, in Jan/Feb 04, phoned me at work to say: "Don't worry. They won't kill you".


The 4 men, in Aug 06, waiting in a parked car, in a deserted street, waiting for me to arrive, on my own. As I was about to cross the - dead-end - street, they started the car and drove it straight at me.


The man who repeated this in Jun 12.


Those who, in July 07, ensured that my apartment was flooded - added to causing other malicious leaks.


Those who, in May 14 and July 14 - who definitely include the porter for 'the concentration camp', ensured causing a lot more criminal damage to my bathroom, and beyond.


Those who have ensured, over the years, cutting off the electricity, hot water and heating - only in my apartment.


Those who, in 2013, agreed to come and bang repeatedly on my windows, in the middle of the night - while laughing their head off.


Those who agreed to come and hose my windows in the middle of the night (above).


An acquaintance I had known for 12 years, from whom I rented a room for 7 months in 2007 (above), in an attempt to bring back some kind of normality into my life, by escaping my horrendous living conditions (e.g. My Diary 2 Aug 06 ; harassment by Ladsky) - who was evidently reporting information about me.


The IT freelancer who, in 2016, turned his back on me, without having the guts to give reason.


Other acquaintances and so-called ‘friends’ who were, likewise, clearly acting on behalf of the extremely large Ladsky camp (My Diary 09, My so-called 'friends' and acquaintances).


The one who, in Oct 15, regurgitated the malicious and slanderous script from the vampiric Ladsky mafia that "[I] owe the [fraudulent] service charges", and "obviously enjoy" the situation I am in.


The one who, on the same day, in early Oct 15, added 3 comments to my videos on YouTube - while failing to take any of the supporting evidence into account, as well as suggesting a link with Ladsky.

Handily for the parties concerned: Ladsky and the police - the videos selected happen to be particularly damning - starting with the title.


The one who, in Nov 10, on a bus, tried to hit me, as well as used extremely abusive language towards me (which was no doubt monitored through the CCTV cameras by those in the control room in need to satisfy their craving for sadistic kicks).


The one on a bus, in Mar 11, who, like a monkey, clearly performing on the orders of his masters in the CCTV control room, so that they, and him, could get their sadistic kick - who called me "a whore", "a bloody foreigner who comes to this country as a freedom fighter" - and an assortment of other very abusive names.

(Considering what took place on 13 Feb 13, it leads me to conclude that it was a planned attack).


The one who, in Aug 06, was hiding in a dark recess, and came straight at me as I went past.


The cyclist, in Aug 05, who hurtled himself at me, at high speed, from the opposite pavement.


Another cyclist, in Aug 05, who, as I was walking on the pavement, purposely drove the front wheel of his bicycle on the pavement, and stopped abruptly in front of me.


The one who, in Mar 09, from the entrance steps to the Jefferson House 'concentration camp', urinated in front of my windows.


Those who, in Jan 09, left a threatening 'message' on my mobile phone, as well as a bogus message, and, in the summer of 2014, recorded messages about 'getting help re. bankruptcy' - ALL intended to worry me.


The mobile phone company, in Oct 08, that attempted to stop me from switching to another network - forcing me to go into a 4-month battle.


In Feb 10, the successor to that mobile phone provider who immediately got 'on board' by intercepting my messages - leading me to miss my Uncle's a funeral - and subsequently cut off the service for several weeks.


My local PO Box provider that also played a key part in my missing my Uncle funeral; it again colluded to inflict me distress in 2014.


The accountants who, in breach of my Lease and of their 'professional' body's directives, produce so-called 'accounts' - for the sole purpose of helping the Ladsky mafia add to its criminal psychological harassment regime against me, as well as to its sadistic kicks.


The contractor that colluded with Martyn Gerrard = Ladsky, in 2014, to cause me distress.


The informants in my ex. uni who report on my movements.

I repeat my Comments, under # 2.4, above.


  C O M M E N T S

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