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Reshuffling of the named owners of Jefferson House and discrepancies on the Land Registry

Freehold Ownership of Jefferson House, 11 Basil St, London SW3 1AX


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As an introduction, I hold the view that Andrew David Ladsky is the key individual behind ALL the ever growing collection of offshore paper companies associated with the ownership of Jefferson House i.e. the freehold ownership and all the others.

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(1)- The British Petroleum Pension Fund disposed of the freehold of JEFFERSON HOUSE LIMITED in 1997 to (???).

It had 3 titles on the Land Registry. It was then also registered in the British Virgin Islands - with Steel Services, that had done this the previous year.

Land Registry records 'indicated' that on 11.06.97 the British Petroleum Pension Fund disposed of the freehold of Jefferson House Limited.

(However, the previous year, the 22.11.96 LR title for NGL 373 333 i.e. Steel Services - indicated that it had become 'a lessee' - as it stated the Lessor's 3 titles (below)).

(See Headlessors # 1 for the announcement that "the headlease interest was transferred from Acrepost Ltd [a subsidiary of Langhaven Holdings] to Steel Services, an associated company").

Joan Hathaway, MRICS, of the then Martin Russell Jones, (MRJ), then 'managing' agents for the block, announced the disposal in a letter dated 27.03.97, stating:

"...they have taken legal advice and they do consider that as you are not the direct leaseholders from the freeholds and there is an intermediate being Steel Services Limited, they do not have to offer the property to you on the basis of the right of first refusal"

A Section 2 Landlord & Tenant Act 1985 request to Hathaway, (from the Tenancy Relations Officer at Kensington housing: Owners identify # 1), ...

...led to a 23.01.02 reply to Hathaway, from Saxon Law, surveyors & development consultants, London W1J 6NE - stating:

"As far as I am aware, under Section of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, it is the lessees immediate landlord [*] whose details are to be provided which is not, in this instance, our client, Jefferson House Limited."

[*] i.e. headlessor (Owners identity # 1)

The 23.04.04 reply I received from the British Virgin Islands Authorities (BVI # 1), stated that Jefferson House Limited was registered with them on 21 April 1997, giving its International Business Company as 227 649.

It states that the agent used was Mossack Fonseca (as in the case of 'Steel Services').

(As can be seen from the 23 Apr 04 reply, 7 months previously, on 18 Sep 96, Steel Services Limited had also been registered in the British Virgin Islands).

There are / were 3 different titles for Jefferson House on the Land Registry:

  • # 69051 (11 and 13 Basil St);

At least until 26 Apr 04, all 3 titles included "Note 3: Lessee's title NGL 373 333" i.e. Steel Services.

However, on the Land Registry records at 22 Feb 06, title NGL 373 333 had disappeared from all three.

Instead, each of the 3 titles: # 69437 (9 Basil St) ; # 69051 (11 and 13 Basil St) ; # 101949 (7 Basil St) stated:

"Lessee's Title" BGL 56 642 with "Date of lease and term" as "15 December 2005, from 29 September 1979 to 1 October 2202"

This title is / was for Lavagna Enterprises Limited (Headlessors # 2 ; Owners identity # 3). The registration date was 31 Jan 06 .

As to Pettman Smith solicitors nominated on the Land Registry records as acting solicitors for Jefferson House Ltd (e.g. 26.03.02 and 26.04.04), the firm was replaced by Eversheds solicitors.

Compare the above with the following:

As it is clear that Andrew David Ladsky was the individual behind Steel Services (Advisors to Jefferson House ; Directorships ; Owners identity) (and the other paper companies - Headlessors),...

...I hold the view that he is / was also behind Jefferson House Limited - whatever has happened to it.

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(2)- Since 1997 (above), Rachman Andrew David Ladsky has kept the 'men and a dog' outfits in the offshore jurisdictions very busy: another addition (making it the 8th such paper company I am aware of), communicated to me by Saul Maurice Gerrard, Martyn Gerrard, in his 16.08.13 letter, is "GREYCLYDE INVESTMENTS LIMITED".

He claimed that, 'apparently', "as a result of a transfer from Rootstock Overseas Corp", (that had been described as the "head lessee"), it became "the freeholder of Jefferson House" - and "[my] landlord"- typically, and deliberately, leaving many questions unanswered. BUT, surprise, surprise: there is a link with Martyn Gerrard.

Perhaps spurred on by, among others, his ‘brothers’ who ‘did not like’ my update of the British Virgin Islands page, demonstrating, from media reports, that the UK is at the centre of a financially exposed web of offshore jurisdictions (*) – and to help feed his insatiable need for sadistic kicks,...

...Rachman Andrew David Ladsky decided to keep another, no doubt, offshore ‘man-and-dog outfit’ busy - by, yet again, adding another name to his collection of paper companies:

(*) I have since added evidence of 'the double-talk' by the then PM David Cameron and his Chancellor George Osborne

16.08.13 letter from SAUL MAURICE GERRARD MA FICBA MRICS, Martyn Gerrard (explanation of the acronyms after his name) - stating:

RE: Former landlord - Rootstock Overseas Corporation

New landlord - Greyclyde Investments Limited

"As you are aware [1] we act on behalf of your former landlord, Rootstock Overseas Corporation [2] under the Lease"

"The former landlord has on 3 June 2013 transferred its interest in the property to the new landlord, Greyclyde Investments Ltd. [2] We can confirm that we are also instructed by the new landlord Greyclyde Investments Ltd."

"We write to inform you that the transfer of the freehold interest of Jefferson from Rootstock Overseas Corporation to Greyclyde Investments Ltd [2] is not a disposal pursuant to the Landlord and Tenant Act 1987.

This transfer is an exempt disposal as it is by one company to another company whereby both companies have been associated companies for more than two years." (3)

(1) - "As you are aware" = Yet another example that demonstrates some of the key components buried deep in the Ladsky mafia's psyche: sadism and perversion: as the purpose of the letter is to inform of the appointment, if I was "aware" of it, why do it?

(2) - "Rootstock Overseas Corp" - "transfer of the freehold interest of Jefferson from Rootstock Overseas Corporation to Greyclyde Investments"

'Rootstock' was the paper company to which the title for 'Steel Services' (Headlessors # 1) was apparently transferred on 24 May 06 - BY 'Steel Services' (Headlessors # 3).

At the time, 'Steel Services' was "a lessee" of Lavagna Enterprises, a superior headlessor, apparently set-up in Dec 05 (Headlessors # 3).

As 'Steel Services' was "a lessee" of Lavagna Enterprises, it follows that by taking on its title, 'Rootstock' became "a lessee" of Lavagna Enterprises.

FURTHER: in its initial (fraudulent) financial demands of e.g. 16.02.11 (MG # 2), 23.06.11 (MG # 3) and 12.01.12 (MG # 5) - Martyn Gerrard described 'Rootstock':

"Head lessee: Rootstock Overseas Corporation, Edificio PH Plaza 2000, Calle 50, Apartado 6307, Republic of Panama,

address for service in the UK c/o Martyn Gerrard


Subsequently, in its equally fraudulent financial demands, e.g. 17.07.12 (MG # 6) and 11.01.13 (MG # 9), it then changed tactic - by just stating:

"Rootstock Overseas Corp, Martyn Gerrard House, 197 Ballards Lane, Finchley, London N3 1LP"


YET, the above 16.08.13 letter, states that "Rootstock transferred its FREEHOLD interest to Greyclyde ".

WHEN did 'Rootstock' become "the freeholder"? I was NOT informed of this.

I am not an expert on the paper companies monopoly board game allowed - deliberately - by this and previous administrations to keep leaseholders totally in the dark as to the entity that controls their home (another example in the sector: the Tchenguiz Brothers)...

...- and can therefore only point to events that 'suggest' that 'Steel Services' is / was the freehold owner - in spite of being defined on Land Registry records as 'headlessor': from the time it was registered, on 22.11.96, and at e.g. 10.10.01, 26.04.04 and 22.02.06:

One thing for sure, and as demonstrated by my findings in 2006 (Headlessors # 7), the multi-criminal Rachman Andrew David Ladsky is the main driver behind this transaction, as well as others - who spends his time playing monopoly with his paper companies – and devising his next criminal moves.

And surprise, surprise: there is a link with Martyn Gerrard.

On the Company Check website, Greyclyde Investments Ltd is reported to have 'Sheila Greyclyde Investments Ltd' (!!!) as a director and shareholder (20 £1 shares) of G.H. INVESTORS Ltd – for which the address is that of Martyn Gerrard.

What has happened to:


= As I captured several years ago under e.g. Headlessors # 9:

I am left without knowing who has legal responsibility to perform the covenants in my Lease.

It was demonstrated further by the Ladsky mafia sending me, one month after the above letter, a "service charge statement" - without giving a name for 'the landlord' (Martyn Gerrard # 15).

Perhaps because the paper company does NOT exist - as happened previously?

(NB: with my 10.02.14 correspondence to Martyn Gerrard (# 19), I submitted a Notice under the Landlord & Tenant 1985 to determine the identity of my lessor. Of course, in breach of statutory requirement - it ignored it!).

(3) - " not a disposal pursuant to the Landlord and Tenant Act 1987..."

Looks like the Ladsky mafia has not yet recovered from I did in 2006 (Portner # 1).

"it is an exempt disposal as it is by one company to another company whereby both companies have been associated companies for more than two years."

Aside from the question as to whether or not this is correct, I had NEVER heard of 'Greyclyde' before.

HOORAY for this and previous governments ensuring – deliberately - that leaseholders are kept totally in the dark as to the entity that controls their home i.e. their main financial asset,... allowing individuals to hide behind offshore, paper companies and "sham directors" - making leaseholders' so-called 'statutory right' to know who controls their home - a complete and utter farce. (As also demonstrated by e.g. the Tchenguiz Brothers case).

Feudalism is definitely alive and kicking (in more ways than one) in this island-Kingdom that treats its 'little people' as serfs!


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