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26 companies dissolved; 6 liquidated

Directorships - for Jefferson House, 11 Basil St, London SW3 1AX


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Concurrently with this section, see also:

This section provides evidence that 2 individuals in particular are connected with the ownership of Jefferson House:

•  Andrew David Ladsky

•  Patrick May O'Connor

I undertook the desk research on the companies in mid-2006 and compiled this overview of the directorships - referred to under point #3 below.



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(1)- Evidence in support of connection - Jefferson House and Andrew David Ladsky - and Patrick May O'Connor


Grouped under


(1 of 1) - Cawdery Kaye Fireman & Taylor (CKFT), solicitors

(Also covered under Advisors to Jefferson House # 1)

(NB: CKFT is covered in my 03.06.08 Witness Statement)

In her identical letter of 11 Oct 01 to Leaseholder A and Leaseholder B , Ayesha Salim, CKFT, wrote "We are solicitors instructed by Mr Andrew Ladsky"

(See also Elderly Resident (Resident A); harassment of other residents by Andrew Ladsky:

CKFT acted for Arthur Ladsky, instructing counsel, in the TSB Bank v. Arthur Ladsky 1996 Court of Appeal case (Bailii database). Andrew Ladsky and Arthur Ladsky were directors of Combined Mercantile Securities.

CKFT acted for Steel Services - as evidenced in numerous documents, including the Particulars of claim for the 29.11.02 - fraudulent - claim (ref: WL 203537) filed in West London County Court against me and 13 other apartments (Overview # 3).

The 07.10.02 letter in which Lanny Silverstone, CKFT - illegally - threatened to forfeit my Lease (copy of definition) (Overview # 1) - has the reference 'LAD'.

Likewise, the 01.07.04 Consent Order also has the reference 'LAD' (Overview # 3).

(NB: This outcome provides undeniable proof that the Ladsky mafia uses the threat of forfeiture (and of bankruptcy), as well as court claims, as fraud tools).

CKFT acted for Steel Services prior to 2002, as can be seen in Joan Hathaway's 15.10.01 reply to Nucleus, (local Citizens Advice Bureau) who gave CKFT's address as contact.

In the context of the several transactions probably best described as further 'carving out' and 'reshuffling' in the named owners of Jefferson House which took place late 2005 and early 2006 (followed by another transaction in 2007) (see Freehold ownership , Headlessors , Owners identity), and, 'it may be', yet again in 2010, and involving the Bahamas...

...- CKFT became the nominated solicitors for 'Steel Services' on the Land Registry (Title NGL 373 333).

(All these monopoly-board-type of changes in the ownership, are keeping the 'man and a dog' outfits in the British Virgin Islands, Panama, Bahamas, etc., busy... and maybe they are not getting paid for it)

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(2 of 1) - Laytons, solicitors

(Also covered under Notices by landlord # 1 and # 2 )

In the context of the so-called "notice of first refusal" of 13.12.00 sent by Laytons acting as "agents for Steel Services Ltd ("the landlord)..." (see Notices by landlord # 2)...

... Andrew Ladsky sent me (and fellow leaseholders) a letter, dated 25.01.01, in which he attempted to dissuade us from taking up what turned out to be, of course, a bogus offer - by making claims that:

"...the tenants must purchase the property with the burden of ongoing litigation which has serious implications both in terms of the costs and damages that could follow... ..the litigation could impose upon those participating, and in addition to the acquisition cost, a serious financial burden which is yet to be determined" (see Notices by landlord # 2)

Absolutely determined to stop the leaseholders from pursuing 'the offer', Ladsky harassed the then Head of the Residents Association over a period of several months. (See Notices by landlord # 2 ; Head Residents Association)

(Afterwards, from early 2002, Ladsky started doing the same thing to me, as soon as I started to challenge the true nature of "the major works" - see police # 1 - Background)

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(3 of 1) - Portner and Jaskel, solicitors

(NB: Portner and Jaskel is covered in my 03.06.08 Witness Statement).

Jeremy Hershkorn, Portner and Jaskel, confirmed in his 03.10.06 letter to my then ISP that his client was Andrew Ladsky.

Eight months previously, in Feb 06, Daniel Broughton, Portner, sent me a so-called "notice of first refusal" , dated 10.02.06, stating "as agents acting for Steel Services" (see Notices by landlord # 3 ; Portner and Jaskel # 1)

(NB: As I demonstrated, and summarised in my 30.04.06 reply to Broughton, this so-called "notice" was fraudulent: PJ # 1)

Making false, libellous, scurrilous claims against me in an attempt to get my website closed down, Jeremy Hershkorn harassed my subsequent, and current website Host, over a period of several weeks, including threatening legal action (Portner # 2).

When Hershkorn backed off because of my complaint to the Law Society, Ladsky took over the harassment of my website Host (Overview # 9 / Advisors to Jefferson House: Portner and Jaskel).

Having first threatened me, in the 16.02.07 letter, with "bankruptcy and forfeiture" (copy of definition), in the name of a company I had never heard of (Overview # 10 ; Portner # 3),...

...'not liking' my 25.02.07 reply, Jeremy Hershkorn then filed a fraudulent claim, ref. 7WL00675, against me in West London County Court on 27.02.07, in the name of "Roostock [Rootstock] Overseas Corp", as "the lessor" of my apartment...

... v. the Particulars of claim, on Martin Russell Jones headed paper, stating "Landlord: Steel Services, c/o Cawdery Kaye Fireman & Taylor".

After 16 months of hell, following my 03.06.08 Witness Statement, Ladsky and his henchmen issued me with a 06.06.08 Notice of Discontinuance of "ALL the claims" against me (Overview # 11 ; Portner # 6 , # 15 ; # 31 ; West London County Court).

(NB: Yet again, this outcome provides undeniable proof that the Ladsky mafia uses the threat of forfeiture, of bankruptcy, as well as court claims, as fraud tools).

(See also Portner # 27 for the 08.01.07 transfer, for "£1", of the title for "Steel Services" "to Rootstock Overseas Corp" = same owner!)

In 2002, Portner and Jaskel also acted for 'Steel Services' by filing a claim against the Elderly Resident.

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(4 of 1) - Martin Russell Jones (MRJ), 'managing' agents

(NB: Martin Russell Jones is covered in my 03.06.08 Witness Statement).

MRJ, previously known as Spyer Johnston Evans, was 'managing' agents for Jefferson House from 24 June 1989 when it was appointed by Langhaven Holdings (see below # 3.2 for Langhaven Holdings).

(It was replaced in 2011 by Martyn Gerrard, the "RICS, ARMA, ALEP regulated" (link is to my document assessing its decorations) - "the award-winning agency...where integrity counts" (changed in 2014 to "50 years of fulfilling dreams" (of criminals?))

= another one of the 'same kind' - for 'a good fit' with the rest of the stable of racketeers).

See Advisors to Jefferson House, section on MRJ for some of the very many examples that, like the other 'professional' 'advisors', both Barrie Martin, FRICS and Joan Hathaway, MRICS, were Andrew Ladsky's puppets - with no limit as to what they would do in order to help their client secure financial gains - and were a KEY party to: Threat of forfeiture and bankruptcy proceedings, as well as court claims = fraud tools.

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(5 of 1) - Brian Gale, MRICS

(NB: Brian Gale is covered in my 03.06.08 Witness Statement)

Brian Gale, MRICS, confirmed during the London Leasehold Valuation Tribunal hearings that Ladsky was a prior client (Gale Intro).

He certainly went out of his way to support his client by lying to the leaseholders at Jefferson House, and to the Tribunal, in "Expert Witness" reports - see Brian Gale.

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(6 of 1) - Involvement by Andrew Ladsky in relation to the (then) London Leasehold Valuation Tribunal action

(NB: 'Steel Services' - Martin Russell Jones, then 'managing' agents for Jefferson House, filed an application in the then London Leasehold Valuation tribunal on 07.08.02 on behalf of 'Steel Services') (Overview # 2).

At the 29 Oct 02 LVT pre-trial 'hearing' when Andrew Ladsky was asked by the Chair what his interest was in the proceedings, he replied: "I am just a tenant" (My Diary 10 Oct 02). (His name is stated on the 29.10.02 directions issued by the tribunal).

However, throughout the 4-day tribunal hearings, he was a member of 'Steel Services' party, holding frequent discussions with: Mr Warwick, Steel Services' counsel ((My Diary 13 Mar 03) ; Brian Gale, MRICS, 'Steel Services' surveyor ; Joan Hathaway, MRICS, Martin Russell Jones, 'managing' agents for the block.

Prior to the substantive hearings, Andrew Ladsky wrote a letter to the tribunal - falsely - claiming that:

"31 or 32 of the 35 tenants have paid their contribution towards the major works.

They are, therefore, in agreement with both the scope and cost of the proposed refurbishment".

This letter is captured under para.50 of the 17.06.03, LVT/SC/007/120/02 report (ref #992 on the tribunal's database) (Tribunal's so-called 'summary of the case') (Gale # 2.2)

(In spite of seeing this, the tribunal continued to use Ladsky's initial answer - as can be seen in its 17.06.03 report, under para.4 "attended by.Mr A Ladsky, the owner of flats 34 and 35 " (Owners identity # 4))

At the 5 Feb 03 tribunal 'hearing', Andrew Ladsky asked the Chair " Will Ms Rawé pay the £250,000 (US$441,000) of additional costs that will be incurred as a result of the delay in the start of the works due to the hearing?" (For the response, see Overview # 2)

(NB: One month earlier, on 3 Jan 03, Ladsky had told me: "I am going to get you this year!".

And, 10 days prior to the 5 Feb 03 'hearing': "Better luck next time!" (police # 1 - Background)).

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(7 of 1) - Mansell Construction Services

(NB: Mansell is covered in my 03.06.08 Witness Statement)

On 22 Jul 05, when I asked the worker employed by Mansell for another key for the new lock on the front door, he replied that "Mr Ladsky is on holiday".

(During the course of "the major works" (between 2004-06), it was clear from observing the conduct of the workmen that they saw Ladsky as overseeing the works).

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(8 of 1) - Kensington & Chelsea Housing

(NB: Kensington & Chelsea housing is covered in my 03.06.08 Witness Statement).

When, in 2002, I approached Kensington & Chelsea Housing for assistance in relation to obtaining (as per my statutory rights) (and as per its legal mandate) the names of the directors for the block (summarised in my 30.08.04 letter to Shireen Ritchie, 'my' Ward Councillor) (Owners identity # 1 , # 2), ...

...Andrew Ladsky phoned the Tenancy Relations Officer (TRO) asking for all the information I had supplied to the Housing department. This can be seen in the 05.11.02 email sent to me by the TRO. (The TRO did not provide him with the information: 06.11.02 email).

It follows from the above that 'Steel Services' and Andrew David Ladsky are/were (NB: it may be that Steel Services is now defunct) one and the same client of:

In fact, I am of the opinion that Andrew Ladsky is also the same individual attempting to hide behind the rest of the offshore, paper companies and "sham directors" (see Headlessors ; Freehold ownership ; BVI registration ; Owners identity )

And evidence that he is a Mason.

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(2)- Evidence in support of the connection - Jefferson House and Patrick May O'Connor - and Andrew David Ladsky


In a communication dated 21.11.96, Laytons of Carmelite, solicitors, London EC4Y 0LS (Advisors # 3), informed leaseholders that

the head leasehold interest had been transferred from "Acrepost Limited to Steel Services Limited" - an "associated company of Acrepost Limited" (Headlessors # 1)

My Lease is from Acrepost. At the time that Langhaven Holdings was dissolved in 1994, Acrepost was reported in the accounts as a subsidiary of Langhaven Holdings.

(NB: For a period of one year, Acrepost-Langhaven assumed the day-to-day management of Jefferson House (e.g. service charge demand of 15.06.88), taking over from Stanley Professional in June 1988. Stanley confirmed in its 28.03.88 Landlord & Tenant Act 1987 S.48 notification that it acted for Acrepost (Langhaven).

Langhaven appointed Martin Russell Jones (then known as Spyer Johnston Evans) in June 1989.

In 'her' 27.03.97 letter to the leaseholders, Joan Hathaway, MRICS, MRJ, communicated that

"the freeholders intend to dispose of their interest in the property", and that "as you are not the direct leaseholders from the freeholders as there is an intermediate being Steel Services, they do not have to offer the property to you on the basis of the right of first refusal".

(As can be seen from the Headlessors page, there have been numerous reshuffling of the paper company titles since).

The accounts for Langhaven Holdings, at the time that it was dissolved, identified the following individuals as current / past directors:

(The June 1988 appointment of Spyer Johnston Evans (MRJ) is signed by Martin Walford)

Although the so-called 13.12.00 "notice of first refusal" was withdrawn, a change in the ownership of Jefferson House was nonetheless recorded on the Land Registry as Patrick May O'Connor 'resurfaced' in the ownership of the block.

The Land Registry Title (at 10 Oct 01) for Steel Services, NGL 373 333 reads:

"Note on title for Leasehold:   '1 June 2001 - RESTRICTION: .pursuant to clause 6.7 of an Agreement dated 26 July 2001 made between (1) Steel Services Ltd (2) Canso Properties Ltd and (3) Patrick May O'Connor "

As suggested by this restriction, neither Patrick May O'Connor, nor Canso Properties were previously mentioned under this title - as can be seen for example on the Land Registry copy dated 01.06.01 (the date on which the Land Registry later recorded the restriction).

The name of Patrick May O'Connor and Canso Properties remained on the Land Registry during at least the next 2 years (e.g. they were still listed at 06.03.03). By 26.04. 04 they had been removed.

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(3)- Directorships

Using Andrew David Ladsky and Patrick May O'Connor as the base, the following lists the companies on which they / other related parties hold / held directorship positions.

The source of the information are various suppliers who sourced the original data from Companies House i.e. information in the public domain.

Whenever available, in the case of the individuals, the information lists their current / past directorships. - providing only the name of the companies.

In the case of the companies, whenever available, the information are extracts from companies accounts - capturing only the name and address, description of the business, the top level, one-liner summary of the latest accounts filed and the name of the directors. (Hence, detail of the accounts, name of accountants, etc. are not captured - as the objective is to only provide evidence of directorships held / previously held).

This document captures the summary information for both groups.


(3.1)- Ladsky group - 20+ companies connected through directorships (summary - at May 2006)

5 "live", 10 "dissolved", 4 "liquidated", 1 "dormant" and 1 "non-trading"

Andrew David Ladsky


Combined Mercantile Ltd

Arthur Ladsky


Combined Mercantile Securities Ltd (in 1996 TSB case)

Clare Ruth Ladsky


Combined Mercantile Developments Ltd

Christopher T Rawdon Leefe


66 Maresfield Gardens Freehold Ltd

Ian Roy Woolgar


Moneymedia Ltd



Magellan Prop. Int'l Ltd



Meridian Travel Ltd



Scantours Transport



Cloudhurst Ltd



Gripwell Ltd (no data)



Bestchance Ltd



Thirdslot Ltd



Highrix Estates Ltd


Highrix Investments Ltd


Highrix Securities Ltd



Townbrook Ltd



Zone Franche Ltd



Christopher Leefe Ltd



Aeroplan Ltd



Alpine 93 Ltd

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(3.2)- O'Connor group - 24 companies connected through directorships (summary - at May 2006)

3 "live", 16 "dissolved", 3 "liquidated", 2 status unknown

Patrick May O'Connor


Langhaven Holdings Ltd

John Brendan O'Connor


Acrepost Ltd (sub of Langhaven Holdings)

Martin Vosper Walford


Langhaven Land Ltd

Peter James Bennett


Langhaven Properties Ltd



Langhaven Mgt Ltd



Langhaven Developments Ltd



Langhaven Investments Ltd



Boltwood Investments Ltd



Gas Recycling Partnership Ltd



Hawkwise Ltd



Tedage Ltd



Judgewell Ltd



The Property & Retailing Co



Dillstem Ltd



Great Dunmow Estates Ltd



Ginwell Ltd



Park Avenue Estates Ltd



Richmond Sheen Estates Ltd



Firmcourse Ltd



Hadley Wood Homes Ltd



The York Business Park Ltd



Inchimie Ltd



Megaplace Ltd



Silvas Ltd


(3.3)- Other connections

In the course of my desk research, I have identified three other individuals connected / I conclude are connected with the Jefferson House gang:


  C O M M E N T S

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