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Visual applies to those against which evidence is contained on the site - the organized crime gang that implements, on the order of its gang leader, Andrew David Ladsky, the extremely cruel, vicious, sadistic Jefferson House 'concentration camp's regime

Advisors to Jefferson House, 11 Basil St, London SW3 1AX


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(A)- Introduction to 'Advisors to Jefferson House'






...through EXTORTION and...

...MENTAL TORTURE tactics...


= 'Great ambassadors' for the Jewish community that frequently complains of being "victims of antisemitism in society" - a claim that attracts heavy state support...

...and who make "contributions" I most definitely do NOT "cherish".

Andrew David Ladsky is the "Jewish" (only in name - not in practice), Rachman landlord for 'the Jefferson House concentration camp' who, for years, has been driving the activities of the gang of racketeers (e.g. CKFT-Intro).

Ladsky hides behind the gang, as well as the offshore shell companies and "sham directors" - using an assortment of offshore jurisdictions e.g. British Virgin Islands, Panama, Jersey, Gibraltar, etc.

It includes using the services of Panama-based Mossack Fonseca, (source of data leak for the Panama Papers), for setting up e.g. Steel Services and Jefferson House Ltd.

Although he 'forgets' to pay the licence fee, resulting in 'the company' being "struck-off the register" e.g. 'Steel Services', which means that the so-called 'companies' are an even bigger sham. But...'it doesn't matter', because Her Majesty's courts and tribunals don't give a damn whether or not they exist.

With the aim of conferring 'respectability', he describes himself as a "property developer" / while his police lapdogs describe him as a "company director" (of paper / bogus companies).

Typically, most of the gang are also Jewish e.g. CKFT, Portner and Jaskel, Martyn Gerrard; Errington Langer Pinner; Wagner & Co.

Like others of their - extremely vile - kind in the residential leasehold sector, they make a living out of ripping-off leaseholders.

As can be seen from this page (and CASE SUMMARY), these ruthless, amoral, bloodsucking monsters operate as an organized crime mafia of assassins, coordinating their extremely vicious, cruel, sadistic, amoral, vampiric attacks on their victims...

...doing this, as the Law Society has repeatedly thrown in my face: "by acting on the instructions of their client" (which, evidently, makes it 'alright').

To identify their 'marks', they have a network of resources that profiles their victims - as was very clearly done in my case.

The use of snoops appears to be 'a Jewish thing' - making this island-Kingdom an ideal environment in which to indulge - as demonstrated by its activities, as well as by my experience.

In addition to calling on the state for assistance, as well as having their own official militia (below), they are also known to call on the motherland for support e.g. Vincent Tchenguiz.

As demonstrated by my experience:

having ascertained they have a mark they can abuse and exploit at will, their KEY TOOL - causing F E A R - comes out of their tool box:

State-endorsed and assisted ongoing criminal psychological harassment to, under the fraud system, terrorise their victims into submission i.e. into paying monies they do NOT owe - implemented through extortion tactics:

  • threats of defamation proceedings, backing up their client in his false accusations against 'the marks', to the police, and to 'the marks' employer, etc; example 1 ; example 2.

Of course, always placing great emphasis on "costs" - and always ensuring - with the very active help of 'the Brotherhood', that they cause maximum mental torture to force their mark to capitulate - and as 'retribution' for their 'daring' to stand up to ALL of them.

In case they still cannot shut up their victims, like a pack of demented bloodthirsty hyenas - working in close cooperation with state's resources who, like them, perceive themselves as supremacists...

- these assassins continue their relentless persecution of their victims who 'dare' stand-up to ALL of them...

...- with the objective of finally destroying them - as per e.g. the messages communicated to me: "Enjoy your life. You don't have long to live", and

"kill em, zip up the bag, bring em to the morgue". (In this island-Kingdom, one more dead or one less is neither here nor there).

(Other method, as Christian Candy is alleged to have said to one of his targets: "fuck-up your world").


Their other tools of attack - also with the unfailing assistance of the state supremacists, and often with that of others who are as equally sick - include:

Etc., etc.

They operate as a fully integrated team with state's resources who, like them, perceive themselves as supremacists - including Her Majesty's taxpayer-funded police helicopters in:

  • the hounding also takes place overseas.

The objective is to also prevent their victims from getting help: thanks to the state ensuring that the victims have no means of being able to put an end to it - snapshots of examples: Persecution # 2.

Added to, 'of course', Her Majesty's police refusing to investigate the victims' complaints of harassment.

= Under this fraud system: There is NOWHERE to turn to for help.

The victims 'daring' to stand up to the barbaric treatment and injustice, leads ALL to perceive themselves as being 'the victims' - and join forces in dishing out an ongoing 'retribution regime'.

(See also the whistleblowers examples).

ALL are very clearly individuals who get endless enjoyment = sadistic kicks from inflicting as much suffering as they can on their victims (and, by being in this island-Kingdom, are in the ideal environment for feeding their insatiable craving).

In one word: V E R M I N of the worst kind. (I repeat my Comments under Persecution (1)(4))

(In the 70's, in the sweltering heat, when I saw the Shatila Palestinian refugee camp in Beirut - my heart went out to them (1).

As a result of being subjected, since 2002, to horrendous suffering at the hands of Jews - directly and indirectly - who have also destroyed my life - for no other reason than 'my daring' to challenge their criminal activities - more so than ever, my heart goes out to the Palestinian people. (2)

(1)- It is not a criticism of the Lebanese people who, in their small country, had to deal with a very large number of refugees... (a number that has since grown exponentially following events in Iraq and Syria).

(2)- But my support also goes to the Israeli / Jewish people who stand-up against unjust treatment e.g. the website run by Israeli veteran combatants).

Where ALL of that mafia - added to the other assassins who support them - should be.

BUT: these criminals are actively protected and assisted by the British state

The conduct of the Ladsky mob conveys to me: Venimus, vidumus, vicimus (we came, we saw, we conquered)…

‘because we saw we could have a totally unhindered run of the placewe now control well beyond the property sector'...

and ‘because our Torah states that “God chose us to be a light to all humankind”’? us the right to behave like supremacists?

Perhaps also because they consider their activities as "Doing God's work" (Goldman Sachs, below).

They, and their Chief Rabbi, Ephraim Mirvis, who endorses their conduct - know - for a fact they can count on the “fantastically corrupt” elements within the key driving force in this island-Kingdom: the clandestine, ‘above the law’, Masonic network
- a network that includes the so-called 'law enforcers': police and judges, as well as many others - including politicians: MPs page; Jewish lobby, (below)

They also know - for a fact - that in this worse than Wild West environment (there is no sheriff for the victims to call upon) - not only will NO sanction will be taken (summaries of my legitimate complaints against some of the gang: lawyers- # 2 ; accountants: # 6.1 ; surveyors: # 6.2),...
...the state, starting with the 'law enforcers' will fall over backwards to assist them in their criminal activities - because they control them: (see: police and its 'regulators'; kangaroo courts and their 'regulators'; council and its 'regulator'), as well as politicians. Examples in my case:

In spite of the mountain of very damning black-on-white evidence of criminality against the Ladsky gang, placed on my website since the launch in 2006,...

Her Majesty's local police of Kensington, Chelsea & Notting Hill is illegally processing packs of lies so-called "crime reports" against me...

- one of which (2007) describes multi-criminal Rachman Ladsky as:

  • "neighbour" (it does not require much intelligence to understand the black-on-white facts that he is the KEY driver of activities e.g. CKFT-Intro...
  • - evidence I supplied ad nauseam in my documents to the police and the courts - until the last stages of my 19 Apr 11 Claim - in vain - e.g. my 29.08.11 Supplementary MPS Witness Statement ; my 17.10.11 Request for Oral Hearing);
  • whom 'I', 'of course', represent 'a risk',

Note that my objecting to the above in the so-called "crime report" (among many others), was described by Her Majesty's Queen's Bench Division judiciary as "[amounting to] a most obvious attempt to re-write history" (QB # 4(6)(1)).

When you consider the mountain of black-on-white evidence I had supplied to the court, including my 19.07.11 Metropolitan Police Service Witness Statement, and supporting documents - not to mention the evidence contained on this website (e.g. Extortion and Overview) they ALL had most definitely looked at,..

- these 'assertions' and comments demonstrate that those concerned within Her Majesty's police and judiciary are not only corrupt, they also have no sense of the ridicule....

in addition to being from the same cesspit by sharing the same, extremely sick psyche with Ladsky.

But then, in 2002, during my first ever contact with Her Majesty's police, Kensington & Chelsea police's DC DR Adams told me:

You won’t be able to prove a link with Andrew Ladsky

Other examples in the same 2007 "crime report" - that demonstrate the undeniable corruption of these "arslikhan" lapdogs - is their outrageous endorsement of Andrew David Ladsky's highly malicious, vicious, racist and scurrilous accusations against me...

that are NOT supported by one iota of 'evidence' - because it does NOT exist:

portraying me as:

  • - waging some kind of racist vendetta against Ladsky.

And, 'of course': Her Majesty's police has "No suspicion of false reporting"...

while her judiciary colluded with the police in an attempt to fabricate 'supporting evidence'!

See e.g. my Comments on the 28.07.16 'reply' 'from' Alison Saunders, Director Crown Prosecution Service, to my 24.07.16 letter following her (sham) 'condemnation' of "hate crimes") (My Diary 24 Jul 16).

Portraying people as "anti-Semite" is the Jews' default line of attack for anybody who 'dares' stand up to them; criticises them; interferes with their criminal activities...

as can also be seen in the 14.11.16 letter to me (includes my Comments) from Mark Henry Wagner (below, # 5A), another of the gang's shysters.

Other examples, (below): (1)- their response to The Guardian articles, and the UN report; (2)- their attack on the Labour party.

I also highlight what the "arslikhan" lapdog Acting Chief Inspector Steve McSorley, Head of 'Professional Standards', Kensington police, wrote me:

"With regard to the wording of the crime reports, I am satisfied that this represents an accurate account of what police were told at the time even if you do not agree with what was said by third parties." well as what Detective Inspector Crispin Lee, Police Directorate of Professional Standards wrote in his application to the IPCC, following my complaint:

"If the crime reports were to be altered at the complainant's request this would set a new precedent for crime reporting and recording across the UK" (*)

"This complaint is therefore an abuse of process"

(*)- Yep! That's what it says.

Reporting the truth would most definitety represent "a new precedent" for Her Majesty's police - that is so adept at manipulating evidence and getting rid of it.

As Peter Hitchens, journalist for the Mail on Sunday wrote in his 29 Jun 08 column:

In a country with proper justice, nobody would dare intimidate a witness. In such country, wrongdoers are afraid of the law. They’d know that such a crime would certainly be prosecuted and that they’d end-up doing at least 15 years breaking rocks.

But in modern ‘enlightened’ Britain, bad people are not afraid of anything. It’s the good who are afraid.

The police are afraid too [I obviously disagree], which explains why they pursue the obedient, gentle middle class rather than go after the real crooks and low-lifes. This is actually anarchy.

The only thing that makes it bearable is that, so far, the bad people have yet to grasp just how totally free they are to attack, rob, intimidate and terrorise the rest of us.

Even they can’t believe our criminal justice system is as feeble as it is…” [As a result of my experience, I replace "feeble" with "fantastically corrupt"].


(B)- Why is the British state actively helping the Andrew David Ladsky gang of racketeers in its criminal activities, as well as protecting it from the legal consequences?

Aiming to understand the drivers behind the barbaric, life-destroying treatment and outrageous injustice I am being subjected to by Jewish Andrew David Ladsky and his Jewish gang of racketeers -

in tandem with the British state in the private sector, since 2002...

- has led me to the conclusion that the Jews have created a state within the state.

However, relative to ISIS, they also control the actions of the state.

In various parts of my website, including in my letters of 07.03.09 (Rifkind # 1) and 24.03.09 (Rifkind # 2) to 'my' then MP, Sir Malcolm Rifkind - I ask:

"How come that Mr Andrew Ladsky and his aides can so freely command such outrageous acts against me (and my fellow leaseholder), get the authorities [*] to deny me my rights - thereby helping them with their fraudulent activities?

Why are they protected?"

(*) Referring, at the time, to the local police, courts, council, as well as tribunal.

I was wasting my time as, among other, like Ladsky and his gang, he is Jewish.


(1)- UK Jewish lobbies


Channel 4’s 16 Nov 09 Dispatches, "Inside Britain's Israel lobby", identified a strong Jewish lobby in this country. A TV programme summarised the documentary as:

"Although their influence can be felt in some of the highest echelons of British public life, influencing politics and the media, those individuals and groups who make-up the pro-Israel lobby have managed to maintain a relatively low-key profile".

Their tentacles deep into the state and the institutions (see e.g. Home Office # 3.1(5)) for those involved in my case), are intertwined with the equally very far-reaching tentacles of the clandestine, ‘above-the-law’ Freemason network.

(1.1)- Board of Deputies of British Jews (Wikipedia entry)

Headed by "President Jonathan Arkush" [see below, his comments to home affairs committee], and comprising "300 deputies" - It describes itself as

the voice of British Jewry and the representative of Jewish communal interests to government, media and others.”

"...this ability to unite the community behind a single message and the Board not only its legitimacy, but its ability to influence and shape events."

And “representation” - they certainly have e.g.:

(1.2)- All-Party Britain-Israel Parliamentary Group

The group defines its "purpose" as:

"To create a better understanding of Israel and to foster and promote links between Britain and Israel."

The group's parliamentary chairman is Eric Pickles. (He is also chairman of the Conservative Friends of Israel (below)).

Until the 2015 general local elections he was secretary of state for communities and local government...showing his largess to e.g. "Yitzhak Tshuva, owner of the Israeli Delek Group".

In its 22 Jan 15 article, The Guardian had a photograph showing Pickles holding a placard "Je suis Juif" ("I am Jewish"). He was standing next to Theresa May, then home secretary, who was doing the same thing (HO # 3.1(5)); (see, below, the praise she receives for her "unfailing" support).

The then PM David Cameron ensured that Eric Pickles received a knighthood, as well as made him “anti-corruption tsar” (The Guardian, 22 May 15).

(When you consider the extent of the corruption taking place in this island-Kingdom = the Tories always good for a laugh... like Labour appointing Jack Straw in the same role).

(No surprise that, some time after the announcement, Private Eye reported the case of one of Pickles' constituents who contacted him reporting some alleged corruption - and that the constituent never received a reply).

(1.3)- All-Party Parliamentary Group on British Jews - and its website


"To promote understanding of the aspirations and challenges of the UK 's Jewish community [1], with topics including religious freedoms and religious practices, faith based education [2], welfare and social justice [3]; and to celebrate the culture and the achievements of the UK's Jewish Community." (4)

(1)- "Antisemitism" being evidently 'perceived' by politicians and their Jewish backers as 'the major' "challenge" - see next entry.

(2)- In 2015/16, there were reports in the media of some of these schools in the UK found to be teaching children that "the Jews are a superior race" / something amounting to that...which then turns them into the supremacists I am facing.

(3)- And evidently excluding that of their victims (my experience: above; below).

(4)- Defined by e.g. Theresa May as "We cherish the contribution Jewish people make"

The group is "chaired by John Mann" (below article) (but, perhaps not), who 'also' chairs the (below) All-Party Parliamentary Group Against Antisemitism.

Comprising of many members (the link only lists the "officers"), the All-Party Parliamentary Group on British Jews include, for example:

(It would appear, from a source): Sir Peter Bottomley who, among his various hats, has positioned himself in the residential leasehold sphere (that includes notorious Jewish operators) - by being:

a joint chairman of a (reincarnated) "All-party parliamentary group on leasehold", and "a patron" of the Leasehold Knowledge Partnership that reports on some leaseholders' experience - including with some government departments e.g. LEASE.

(Ditto re. the uncertainty about the source): Barry Gardiner, who is also a member of the (below) Labour Friends of Israel. Like Bottomley, he has also positioned himself in the residential leasehold sphere (for a lot longer), including being a member the "All-party parliamentary group on leasehold".

(He is the one who said: "To have a right but no means of enforcing that right is to have no right at all" (Overview # 20)).

(When I contacted him following my 'cries for help' - in vain - to 'my' then MP Michael Portillo, the only 'response' I received was from Portillo - and it was another 'get lost').

(1.4)- All-Party Parliamentary Group Against Antisemitism - and its website


"To combat antisemitism and help develop and seek implementation of effective public policy to combat antisemitism."

= In line with the policy of portraying Jews as 'victims' - see e.g. below, Jewish militia.

Demonstrating widespread political support, this group, headed by John Mann - who also (?) heads the (above) All-Party Parliamentary Group on British Jews - is by far the largest.

Among its "officers" - it counts no less than:

  • 5 presidents;
  • 5 vice-presidents;
  • 15 vice-chairs.

To these must be added the large numbers of non-"officers".

(1.5)- The Conservative Friends of Israel

The Wikipedia entry states that it:

" dedicated to strengthening business, cultural and political ties between the United Kingdom and Israel."

"It also seeks to strengthen ties between the British Conservative Party and the Israeli Likud party."

The group's parliamentary chairman is Eric Pickles (who is also chairman of the above All-party British-Israel parliamentary group).

Of its large number of members (from Wikipedia), some are also members of the above All-party parliamentary group on British Jews. As expected, they include ‘my’ prior MP Sir Malcolm Rifkind.

Private Eye - # 1400– 4-17 Sep 15, pg 6 - reported that the then Prime Minister, David Cameron, "nominated lobbyist Stuart Polak to the Lords who,

"since 1989 chaired the Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI), once described by Channel 4's Dispatches as "beyond doubt the most well-connected and probably the best-funded of all Westminster lobbying groups."

"CFI has directly given £220,794 to the Conservative party since 2004, but Dispatches alleged a figure of more than £10m through assorted proxies, companies and individual members – something CFI strenuously denies."


Private Eye - # 1405– 13-16 Nov 15, pg 11:

Commenting on Boris Johnson (1), then Mayor of London, failing to answer a question in relation to ownership of property through tax haven companies, while dismissing it as "anti-foreigner rhetoric of the left" - the Eye added:

"It will have pleased a couple of his closest backers, brothers Simon and David Reuben."

"The pair – number five on the Sunday Times Rich List with £9.7bnare among London’s leading property investors [2]. Their portfolio includes some of London’s landmarks owned through companies registered in the British Virgin Islands."

"They donated to Boris’s 2008 election campaign and his parliamentary register of interests shows a £25,000 donation from another Reuben company, Investors in Private Capital Ltd."

(1)- Boris Johnson is the buffoon who exhorted many British people to vote for Brexit - while having absolutely no plan for it. He was appointed foreign secretary in July 16. (More detail under My Diary 14 July 16).

Johnson is one of 19 parties who (twice) failed to even acknowledge my 25.11.14 letter to Theresa May, then Home Secretary, in which I reported the ongoing horrendous persecution I am being subjected to by the state - for no other reason than my 'daring' to stand up to Andrew David Ladsky and his gang of racketeers' criminal activities.

(2)- Example of an article on them: "In and Out club set to become £214 million home with 48 rooms and 35,000 bottle wine cellar", Evening Standard, 22 Oct 12.

Like like others of their tribe members in the property sector, they have a penchant for spying on people.

They 'appear' to have dealings with another pair, also in the same ethnic group: the Tchenguiz brothers.

Another example of Boris Johnson's connection with the Jewish community:

Private Eye - # 1406– 27Nov-10 Dec 15, pg 10:

"Boris Johnson attended the annual dinner of Jewish charity Norwood, in which he outlined his thoughts on the Paris attacks"

...while, for sure, 'forgetting' to raise the issue of the attacks by some Jewish people on innocent victims such as I, as well as others - for no other reason than 'daring' to stand up to them and their supporters criminal activities.

(1.6)- The Labour Friends of Israel

The Wikipedia entry states that it:

"...promotes support for a strong bilateral relationship between Britain and Israel."

"It also seeks to strengthen ties between the British and the Israeli Labor party."

It "...supports a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with Israel recognised and secure within its borders and the establishment of a viable Palestinian state."

As in the case of the Conservatives, the group has many members: LFI site / Wikipedia entry. For example:

Barry Gardiner, described as a “former vice chair”, is also (?) a member of the above All-party parliamentary group on British Jews;

Margaret Hodge who, in the context of Mr Osita Mba who blew the whistle on HM Revenue & Customs' 'sweetheart tax deal' with Goldman Sachs (below) claimed that what had been done to Mr Mba "shocked [her] to [her] bones".

"Labour funding crisis: Jewish donors drop 'toxic' Ed Miliband", Independent on Sunday, 9 Nov 14

" is understood that Mr Miliband has been warned that Jewish backers are deserting the party in droves over what community leaders perceive to be a new, aggressive pro-Palestine policy at the expense of Israeli interests." (1)

"A previous donor said....Prominent Jewish supporters say problems started in the summer with Mr Miliband's aggressive condemnation of Israel's ground incursion into Gaza last August, which he described as "wrong and unjustifiable"." (1)

"A senior Labour MP warned that Mr Miliband now had a "huge if not insurmountable challenge" to maintain support from parts of the Jewish community that had both backed and helped fund Tony Blair and Gordon Brown's election campaigns." (2)

"Suggesting worry by Jewish lobby and its Establishment friends about Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘socialist talk [3], Labour appears to have come under attack with the Jews usual line of attack: claims of antisemitism in the party." (4)

To be clear: what follows must definitely NOT be construed as my coming on the side of the Labour party - as my case started in 2002 under a Labour government and,...

wherever I turned for help, ALL ensured I suffered horrendous, life-destroying treatment e.g. Lord Falconer of Thoroton and Jack Straw ; John Prescott, and many others.

(1)- Of course, mustn't criticise! (see, below, objections by Israel to UN report, and by the London Israeli embassy to Guardian articles).

(2)- And Tony Blair became a "Middle-East peace envoy"!

(3)- A spot on insight by the Independent's journalist that is equally accurate 2 years later.

"Having leftist / socialist views" 'displeases' the Establishment, including the Tories, and Jewish lobby - because of the potential threat to what is most dear to them: money.

(4)- Absolutely right about "claims of antisemitism being the Jews usual line of attack":

in my case: extracts, below, from my 24.07.16 letter to Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis - in which I refer to the false, malicious and extremely vicious accusations against me to the local police by Andrew David Ladsky: summary;...

that are doubly false as Ladsky is "Jewish" only in name - not in practice.

in the case of the Labour party:

"Jeremy Corbyn accused of incompetence by MPs over antisemitic abuse", The Guardian, 16 Oct 16

"Jeremy Corbyn has come under strong personal attack from a cross-party committee of MPs investigating the growth of antisemitism for helping to create a safe space for people with “vile attitudes towards Jewish people”."

"In a damning indictment of the party and its leader, the powerful home affairs select committee [1] claims that Corbyn’s lack of action “risks lending force to allegations that elements of the Labour movement are institutionally antisemitic.

"In the report,... Labour is said to have been “demonstrably incompetent” in dealing with incidents of anti-Jewish abuse."

"James Sorene, of the Israel and Middle East thinktank Bicom [2], said Labour should not ignore the report’s findings. “This report brings much needed clarity where previously there has been denial, obfuscation and abdication of responsibility,” he said."

Having said that...

"The committee acknowledged that there was “no reliable, empirical evidence to support the notion that there is a higher prevalence of antisemitic attitudes within the Labour party than any other political party”. (3)

“As the report rightly acknowledges, politicising antisemitism – or using it as a weapon in controversies between and within political parties [4]– does the struggle [5] against it a disservice.”

(1)- THAT's the committee- tasked with overseeing the Home Office -...

that finds it perfectly acceptable for the state to persecute innocent victims of organized crime by a Jewish gang of racketeers and its supporters:

my copying each of the members - twice - on my 24.11.14 letter to Theresa May, then home secretary - and their failure to even acknowledge it (HO # 3.1(4))...

while the only 'response' has been - and continues to be - a continuation of the criminal persecution against me in tandem with the Andrew David Ladsky gang of racketeers.

(2)- Israel and Middle East thinktank Bicom = another one to add to the list!

(3)- So: why pick on the Labour party? Because of the party's stance on Palestine!

Relative to the membership of the committee at the time of my Nov 14 letter, all but one: David Winnick are new members - who evidently continue to show which side they are on.

(4)- And this coming from a key perpetrator of this!

(4)- Who identified "the struggle"?

From the Jewish militia website, the Community Security Trust (below)

"CST’s Mark Gardner gives evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee Antisemitism Inquiry", 15 July 16 (It took place several months before. Hence the CST waited for the report to be published)

"Mark Gardner, CST Director of Communications gave evidence, alongside Sir Mick Davis, Chairman of the Jewish Leadership Council." (1)

"Ephraim Mirvis, Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth [2] and John Mann MP, Chair of the all-Party Parliamentary Group against Antisemitism [above] were also called upon to give evidence to the Committee."

"...other witnesses were Ken Livingstone, leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn MP, Board of Deputies President Jonathan Arkush [above]..."

"Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis began the session and stated that the rise in antisemitism [3] was “worrying, deep cause for concern." (4)

"Keith Vaz MP commented on antisemitic incidents recorded by CST [3],.."

"Mark Gardner discussed antisemitic posts on social media which target Jewish users such as Luciana Berger MP and Ruth Smeeth MP, and number into the thousands." (3)

"Mark was further questioned by Keith Vaz MP about the £13.4 million in Government funding granted to the Jewish community [below] and administered by CST." (5)

"The MPs lamented the need for the Jewish community to have security and Mark concurred [of course!], stressing that this should not become normalised, but that the continuation of security funding should be a recommendation of the Committee." (6)

"Mark Gardner said the idea that a hate crime is “any incident which is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person” and therefore all reports of antisemitism need to be taken seriously and investigated properly." (7)

(1)- Jewish Leadership Council = another one to add to the list!

(2)- And another one! United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth.

(3)- Based on? As stated by Keith Vaz in the article, on 'statistics' "published by the Community Support Trust" (below); hence not independent.

Unsurprisingly, the Jewish lobbies promote these 'statistics' far and wide (below).

My assessment of these 'statistics' is very much influenced by the claims made by the Jewish Andrew David Ladsky gang of racketeers over the years: lies!...

- as can be seen e.g. on this page; in the Introduction ; in the Conclusions; under Extortion, etc. etc., etc.

(4)- Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis "finds the rise in antisemitism a “worrying, deep cause for concern

However, he is very clearly not "concerned" about the attacks by Jews on non-Jews - such as I - and, in fact, encourages them:

my 24.07.16 letter to him ( - to which the only 'response' was from the Martyn Gerrard racketeers, followed by illegal demands and threat of prosecution by shyster Mark Henry Wagner (# 5A, below) - that very clearly conveyed this message (My Diary 24 Jul 16).

Oh! And he also has the gall to lecture people on the "need to be happy" - on BBC Radio 4, Thought for the Day (on 19 Oct 16) (My Diary 24 Jul 16).

(5)- £13.4m of taxpayer money "administered by the CST" confirms its uncontrolled activities.

(6)- Of course! See my comments, below.

(7)- "A hate crime is “any incident which is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person” = an adapted version to suit needs.

How about the - real - "racist" attacks by Jews on non-Jews, such as the attacks on me, because I 'dare' to stand-up to a Jewish gang of criminals...

- backed-up by their "arslikhan" lapdogs in the British state - starting with Her Majesty's police that portrays them as "victims" (above) - plus:

How about the attacks by Jewish groups targeting leaseholders to also rip them off, because they assume they won't be able to fight back?

(1.7)- The Liberal Democrat Friends of Israel

The Wikipedia entry states:

Its "stated objective is to 'maximise support for the State of Israel within the British Liberal Democrat Party', and to 'promote policies which lead to peace and security for Israel within a Middle East peace settlement."

The Liberal Democrat party has been greatly reduced since the 2015 general local elections.

(1.8)- Billions of £s of arms sales to Israel

Helping to maintain the ‘special relationship’ are also the billions of pounds Israel spends with UK arms manufacturers e.g.

Private Eye - 1372 – 8-21 Aug 14, pg 29 – "Arms sales – Trigger happy UK" – "Downing Street promise[d] to review all the UK’s arms export licences to Israel…"

"A report by MPs, “Scrutiny of Arms Exports and Arms Controls (2014)”… revealed the continuing mystery of licences for £7.8bn worth of equipment, mainly “cryptographic equipment, software and technology.

(After listing various types of arms and equipment): "The equivalent exports to Palestine from the UK total zero -..."


(2)- Run their own militia: Community Security Trust


It describes itself as:

providing security to the UK Jewish community

(Are some of the scum who dog me and stalk me (Scum gallery) part of that militia? Many are definitely Jewish.

Perhaps some are also from the motherland e.g. Vincent Tchenguiz who brought in, from Israel, “ex. Israeli-intelligence experts to dig up information on his business enemies”; and had “the team backed up by a small team of researchers in Israel” (My Diary 10 Feb 12)).

How does the Jewish community justify ‘the need’ to have its own militia?

It publishes ‘statistics’ on “antisemitic incidents” e.g.

Antisemitic incidents in UK rise 11% in first six months of 2016”, The Guardian, 4 Aug 16.

"Incidents of antisemitism rose by 11% in the first six months of this year compared with the same period in 2015, according to the Community Security Trust"

(See also, above, confirmation that the CST publishes these 'statistics' + their endorsement by all and sundry in the state)


These ‘findings’ are referred to (Aug 16) on the European Jewish Congress website, (Wikipedia entry) by its president, Moshe Kantor:

"The worrying increase of antisemitic hate incidents in the UK once again highlights our need to unite throughout Europe to stamp out intolerance…

More must be done by the British leaders to protect their Jewish communities

Who verifies these ‘statistics’? WHY are they not published by the state – given that these “incidents” are defined as “hate crimes”?

What is the cause of these alleged “incidents”?

Mind you, as demonstrated by my experience, it would not infuse credibility: e.g. the pack of lies so-called “crime report” processed against me by Her Majesty’s police it – falsely, and illegally - classified as 'my committing' a “Substantiated racial incident” – “Hate crime – race, religion” "against Andrew David Ladsky" (as discussed above).

As I wrote on page 3 of my 24.07.16 letter to Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis - (following their (sham) 'condemnation' of "hate crimes") (My Diary 24 Jul 16) - after relating some of my experience with the police and judiciary:

This experience leads me to view the often-heard claim from Jewish people of “being the victims of antisemitism”, as having the objectives of:

silencing people who ‘dare’ stand-up to them;

rallying others to them who have not suffered at their hands / opt to ignore their actions.

Rallying others to 'their cause' is certainly what they are achieving among the political class.

In addition to the many members of the (above) All-Party Parliamentary Group Against Antisemitism, in e.g. its 4 Aug 16 article, The Guardian reported:

John Mann, "Chair of the All-party parliamentary group on British Jews" who views these ‘statistics’ as “a worrying rise in incidents…”;

  • the new Home Secretary, Amber Rudd who “condemns the deplorable rise in antisemitic hate incidents
  • and will continue to work with law enforcement partners and with the Jewish community to ensure their safety and security."
  • "The government provided £13.4m for security measures at Jewish sites.”

How often have these taxpayer-funded payments been made?

How much do they amount to so far?

When will this latest payment be repeated - and for how much?

Is additional money given to the 'Mossad' goons?

Is the British taxpayer in effect funding the Jewish militia?

To this is to be added the many more millions the Home Office spends on assisting the criminal activities of some Jews.

In my case, the Ladsky gang and supporters have certainly rallied past and current home secretaries to 'their cause' against me – in particular by their ensuring a very large (and for sure, very costly) contribution to the dishing out of a sustained regime of criminal psychological harassment against me...

(e.g. My Diary section 2 ; my 19.07.11 Witness Statement in response to Theresa May's application to have my 19.04.11 Claim "struck out" - Queen's Bench Division # 6).

Of course, the Jewish bodies have congratulated Theresa May on her appointment as Prime Minister:

Board of Deputies congratulates Theresa May”, 11 July 16 (see, above, Board of Deputies of British Jews), and

"European Jewish Congress congratulates incoming British Minister Theresa May” – From the president, Moshe Kantor:

Mrs May has demonstrated throughout her role as Home Secretary, a strong commitment to fighting anti-Semitism

"Moreover, she has sought close contacts with our colleagues in the United Kingdom and has always shown an attentive ear to issues affecting the British Jewish community

Oh yes! She even “demonstrated her commitment” by holding a placard: “Je suis juif” (should be ‘juive’). Both websites display this photo - at least in summer 2016... well as said: "We cherish the contribution Jewish people make".

Oh! she also "cherishes their contributions" so much, that she has "private talks" with them, using them as her confidants (below, "The Vampire Squid").

Evidently, one of Amber Rudd's first tasks was to confirm the continuation of the unfailing support (above) - an assurance made at a higher level (above, from # 1.2) e.g.

The Jerusalem Post, July 16:

The Parliamentary Chairman of the Conservative Friends of Israel [above] issued a statement saying that “Israel can rest assured that a UK led by Theresa May [*] will be there in its moments of needs."

It then lists all the British prime ministers “considered good friends of Israel”: "Margaret Thatcher, John Major, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Cameron” [ = All over the last c.40 years].

(*) In the light of my experience with Theresa May when she was home secretary,...

...added to my experience with Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis (,...

the very loud and clear message to the Ladsky gang of racketeers, including Martyn Gerrard and the shyster Mark Henry Wagner (# 5A, below) making illegal demands and threatening me with prosecution - is:

  • 'boys, the party can continue in full swing';
  • you can - of course - continue to rely on our unfailing support...

and that's how the assassins have interpreted it.

Anybody who 'dares' to undermine the Jews' self-portrayal as 'victims' is immediately challenged or, more accurately: attacked.

(In addition to Andrew David Ladsky getting his "arslikhan" police lapdogs to portray him as "my victim" (above)), there is evidently a Jewish brigade that is constantly monitoring the publication sphere e.g.

In its 27 Oct 14 article, The readers’ editor on… the Guardian’s coverage of Israel/Palestine issues" - The Guardian reported that:

" 2014, [it] received 17 complaints from the Israeli embassy, including three in one day",..

as well as "two allegations of antisemitism in the past fortnight" "about [its] coverage of Israel / Palestine issues"

Well, in my case (in addition to being on the side of The Guardian), I repeat my comment that, more so than ever, my heart goes out to the Palestinian people.

Private Eye, 1392, 15-28 May 15, pg 10 - "UN report - Gaza assault - Gantz on fire"

"Israel’s top military commander during last summer’s assault on Gaza, Benny Gantz, has made another frontal assault on the United Nations."

"He told reporters in Jerusalem that a mortar which killed an Israeli child on a kibbutz during the Gaza war was fired from a UN school. His own spokesman denied the story, admitting it had been fired from a Hamas school."

"A recently published inquiry by UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon found that the Israeli Defence forces (IDF) were responsible for all seven attacks against UN schools where civilians had sought refuge during the Gaza war.

"Embarrassingly for Gantz, a published version of the UN report details how the IDF tried but failed to argue its case against all seven accusations."


(3)- British governments under the Jewish spell


While there is the case of Philip Green (MPs-home), exploiting, to the full, this kingdom's total lack of regulations, probably the most notorious example is that of...

Goldman Sachs - nicknamed “The Great Vampire Squid” "by the Rolling Stone" - reported to have said (*)

that it is a "great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money"

(*) The Guardian, 27 Oct 16, "Vampire Squid, Discreet money machine not known for leak")

As somebody who is the victim (like others) of some vampires who are members of "the Vampire Squid" tribe, hell-bent on sucking out all the blood they can from their victims - until they destroy them: You get my vote Rolling Stone!

Where there are opportunities to make 'big bucks', "the Vampire Squid" is there - because of its manoeuvering behind close doors, lobbying decision makers and influencers e.g.

"May under fire for secret talk on Brexit fears", The Guardian, 27 Oct 16

"Theresa May came under intense criticism from politicians in the UK and Europe yesterday after it emerged she had warned of the dangers of Brexit in a private talk at Goldman Sachs a month before the EU referendum."

The Guardian revealed the source as "A recording leaked to the Guardian"

= Another reason for the Jewish lobby gushing its praise on Theresa May (above). It also plays the role of confidants. I wonder: did Theresa May arrive at Goldman Sachs holding her placard: 'Je suis Juif'? ('I am Jewish'; it should be 'juive').

Among other, the coalition government (Tory-LibDem) asked "the Vampire Squid" to ‘advise’ on the flotation of Royal Mail - that resulted in fleecing the British taxpayer of £1bn.

Private Eye, 1373, 22 Aug-4 Sep 14, pg 32 – “Eat, bray, love

The business department’s Shareholder Executive, with chief executive Mark Russell, a former KPMG corporate finance consultant, was "advised by Goldman Sachs and UBS".

"Between them, they led the sale [of Royal Mail], while bankers from Lazard were appointed to check the pricing and give an “independent valuation.”

UBS and Goldmans earned £12.7m from the deal, while Lazard picked up £1.5m.”

A few weeks ago MPs delivered their final damning verdict on the sale – that “the taxpayer had missed out on significant value [a massive understatement] "all thanks to the bungling of the troughers…"

"...forced to reveal the name of “priority investors”, brought to light that one of the priority investors had been Lazard.”.

"Lazard made £8m from the under-priced shares" (The Eye 1371)


Furthermore, the “giant Vampire Squid” also helped cost the British taxpayer an additional £1bn:

Private Eye, 1396, 10-23 Jul 15, pg 7, and 1427, 16-29 Sep 16, pg 13 – “Squid’s in

"Goldman’s London operation was behind the infamous derivative transactions of 2001 that created the misleading impression that Greek government debt was falling when it was doing the reverse." [It did this] in exchange for a £300m fee deals."

"If the misleading deal couldn’t be said to have caused the crisis, it certainly made it worse and encouraged more lending to the country."

"One such lender was Royal Bank of Scotland, bailed out in 2009 [due to financial crisis - below], and still majority-owned by British taxpayers. It wrote-off £1bn on its Greek debt."

Does Theresa May also include the above two examples as part of "the contributions we cherish from Jewish people"?

Might it be also that Goldman Sachs perceives the above as "Doing God's work"? (see, below, for extracts from the DealBook article of 9 Nov 09).

Are politicians and civil servants condemning this appalling, morally depraved conduct?

Of course not! The smell of money is attracting them to the “Vampire Squid” like flies to cow dung e.g.

  • Within weeks of the Royal Mail scandal being exposed, "Goldmans sponsored an event at the Labour Party conference" (Private Eye, 1376, 3-16 Oct 14, pg 11).
  • Goldman’s chief economist when the Greek deal was signed was Jim O’Neil. He became a minister in George Osborne’s Treasury".
  • He was also given a gong – "making him ‘Lord O’Neil’." (The Eye 1396, 10-23 Jul 15, pg 7).

(Outside the UK), another one happy to overlook Goldmans’ contribution to the Eurozone debt crisis is Jose Manuel Barroso who, following being the Commission president, accepted Goldmans’ offer as “new executive chairman and Brexit adviser to Goldman Sachs” (The Eye, 1427 – 16-29 Sep 16, pg 13).

In fact, the British state falling over backwards for the "Vampire Squid" had also been preceded by e.g. George Osborne, then chancellor, ensuring it benefited from a "£20m sweetheart tax deal".

Why? To spare Osborne blushes "because Goldman Sachs had threatened to withdraw from the Code of Practice on Taxation for Banks". (= Another example in support of my above conclusion, at the beginning of section # B).

Aiming to cover it up, the state hounded and persecuted the whistleblower who exposed the deal, Mr Osita Mba.

Of course, all these politicians also turn a blind eye to the "Vampire Squid" being one of the key players in the global financial crisis - because they are protected through their offshore trust funds, directorships, and revolving door well as being in awe at its brazenness.

The following is sourced, and summarised, from the excellent documentary film, Inside Job (Wikipedia). (This is THE film to watch for understanding the financial crisis. Warning: not good for your blood pressure!) (The bonus: Matt Demon is the narrator).

Goldman Sachs and other investment banks combined thousands of mortgages and other loans: student loans, car loans, etc., to create complex derivatives: Collateralized Debts Obligations (CDOs).

Being on commissions, and with no risk to them (as they saw it), those who approved the mortgages did so without considering people's ability to meet the repayments - that frequently shot up after they had signed on the dotted line (the subprime scandal).

These CDOs were then sold to investors - who were far removed from the loans - as "safe, high quality investments" - aided by the investment banks who were paying the rating agencies... that rated the CDOs as 'triple A' (top rating).

By late 2006, Goldman Sachs did not just sell toxic CDOs, it started to actively bet against them.

By purchasing Credit Default Swaps from AIG (American International Group Inc.), Goldmans could bet against CDOs it did not own – and get paid when the CDOs failed.

Goldmans bought at least $22bn of Credit Default Swaps from AIG.

Realising that AIG might go bankrupt as a result, Goldmans spent $150m to insure itself against AIG's potential collapse.

In 2007, Goldmans went even further: it started selling CDOs specifically designed so that the more money their customers lost, the more money Goldman Sachs made.

Others did the same thing e.g. Morgan Stanley – knowing that the CDOs were junk – and betted that they would fail. (This is the focus of the film 'The Big Short').

Henry Paulson who, as former CEO of Goldman Sachs had a major role in causing the crisis, and was nominated in May 06 by George W Bush as Secretary of the Treasury - forced AIG to pay Goldmans 100 cents on the dollar on the Credit Default Swaps...

leaving Goldmans with $14bn of US taxpayer money on its bank account. (Other parties were also involved in the diktat to AIG).

Eventually, the AIG bailout cost US taxpayers over $150bn....and a lot more besides.

As a result of the financial crisis (above):

  • the financial system went into meltdown;
  • millions of people in the US lost their home and their job, and millions more worldwide;

Having done the above, and with its coffers full - thanks to the 'ever so generous' politicians - Goldmans then justified its very large staff bonuses - while claiming...

"Blankfein Says He’s Just Doing ‘God’s Work’", Deal Book, 9 Nov 09

"Lloyd C. Blankfein chief executive of Goldman Sachs, which has attracted widespread media attention over the size of its staff bonuses, says he believes banks serve a social purpose and are “doing God’s work.”"

We’re very important,” Lloyd C. Blankfein said in an interview with The Times of London. “We help companies to grow by helping them to raise capital. Companies that grow create wealth.

This, in turn, allows people to have jobs that create more growth and more wealth. It’s a virtuous cycle.”

[And could have added: we also help bring misery and despair to millions of people (above), and countries down on their knees, as well as those who lent to them (above)]

"He said that he understood, however, that people were angry with bankers’ actions: “I know I could slit my wrists and people would cheer.” [I would!]

"But he is, he told The Times, just a banker “doing God’s work.”

Back to list




(1)- Cawdery Kaye Fireman & Taylor (CKFT), solicitors, "regulated by the Law Society"

Solicitors, 25/26 Hampstead High Street, London NW3 1QA and British Virgin Islands (which 'appears' to be a more recent addition).

(See, summaries: Events ; Breaches of the law; Overall outcome on me; also Extortion;

summary of my complaints: to the Law Society: 2.5 ; to the Legal Services Ombudsman: # 3.3)

The firm's main points of contact were Lanny Silverstone and Ayesha Salim.

In the context of the several transactions probably best described as further 'carving out' and 'reshuffling' in the named owners of Jefferson House which took place in late 2005, early 2006 (see Freehold ownership , Headlessors , Owners identity), CKFT became the nominated solicitors for 'Steel Services' on the Land Registry (Title NGL 373 333 ). Previous solicitors were Laytons (see below)

CKFT acted for 'Steel Services' prior to 2002, as can be seen in the 15.10.01 reply from Joan Hathaway, MRICS, Martin Russell Jones, to Nucleus, (local Citizens Advice Bureau) who gave CKFT's address as contact.

CKFT acted for Arthur Ladsky, instructing counsel, in the TSB Bank v. Arthur Ladsky 1996 Court of Appeal case (Bailii database). Andrew Ladsky and Arthur Ladsky were both directors of Combined Mercantile Securities (among others; see also Directorships).

(I do not know whether CKFT acted for Andrew Ladsky in the case reported in the article in the Sunday Times (printscreen of site), referring to a relationship he had with a model that "culminated in a court battle over a floor-length sheepskin coat and two paintings" ).

(NB: CKFT is covered in my 03.06.08 Witness Statement)

See also my 20.12.04 complaint to the Law Society against CKFT: Doc library # 2.5 ; CKFT # 6,...

... and the 'get lost' from the Legal Services Ombudsman to my complaint against the Law Society).

(My complaint included my - non-lawyer - opinion of breaches of various Acts by Silverstone and Salim (CKFT - Breach of legislation) about which the Law Society told me that I "should complain to the police" -see CKFT # 7 , police # 7).


Of importance in the context of the events, note that a few months previously, Joan Hathaway, MRICS, MRJ, 'managing' agents for Jefferson House, had written to leaseholders, in a letter dated 21.12.01:

"We have to state that the sum quoted may be exceeded due to disbursements but these will be of a minor nature. Sufficient funds are held to cover the cost of the works within the Reserve Fund"

But, as summarised under Overview # 1, and discussed under e.g. Extortion, 'Dear Mr Ladsky' decided otherwise - so that he could make his multi-million £ jackpot.

Following the malicious 20.09.02 letter from Joan Hathaway, MRICS, MRJ, 'managing' agents for the Jefferson House 'concentration camp', threatening me "with proceedings" if I did not pay immediately the 17.07.02 £14,400 demand (US$25,400),...

... Silverstone sent me the 07.10.02 illegal, malicious threat of forfeiture (copy of definition), in which he also threatened to "contact [my] mortgage lender if [I] failed to pay immediately the sum demanded" (Overview # 1 ; CKFT # 1 , # 6.2 ; My Diary 10 Oct 02)

As with Hathaway, Silverstone was making the demand - and the threats - in the name of a company, 'Steel Services' - that did NOT exist - as it had been "Struck off the [British Virgin Islands] register for non-payment of licence fee" (LVT # 01 ; Owners identity # 2 ; CKFT # 1)

(The LVT ignored my letter - because, given the UK's company laws, and the "fantastically corrupt", worse than Wild West environment, it was evidently perceived as 'immaterial').

Further, the Jersey address was also false.

Fury at being exposed, from my reporting this fact in my 24.10.02 fax to Kensington & Chelsea housing, and copying it to the then London LVT with my 24.10.02 fax, Ladsky had Silverstone send me a 28.11.02 letter, accusing me falsely of having made "defamatory remarks about Mr Ladsky". This was followed by a list of diktats I ignored (police # 2 background).

Further, seizing on the opportunity that I had (stupidly) sent the faxes on my employer's headed paper, aiming to inflict maximum 'retribution', Ladsky also asked Silverstone to send a 28.11.02 threatening, malicious letter to my then employer, KPMG, repeating the same false, libellous, malicious accusations against me, and also threatening "proceedings". (My Diary 15 May 08 ; police # 2 KP(8))

As evidenced by his 21.10.02 letter to me, Silverstone made the above 07.10.02 threat of forfeiture (copy of definition) - in the knowledge that his client, 'Steel Services' = Ladsky, had made a 07.08.02 application to the then London LVT to determine the "reasonableness of the £736,200 demanded" (US$1.3m)

Reason for identifying Ladsky (more reasons, below): at the 29.10.02 London LVT pre-trial hearing when Ladsky was asked by the Chair what his interest was in the proceedings, he replied: "I am just a tenant" . (My Diary 10 Oct 02).

However, throughout the four-day LVT hearings Ladsky was a member of 'Steel Services' party, holding frequent discussions with: Mr Warwick, Steel Services' counsel (My Diary 13 Mar 03), Brian Gale, MRICS, Steel Services surveyor and Joan Hathaway, MRICS, Martin Russell Jones, 'managing' agents for Jefferson House.

(In spite of seeing this, the tribunal continued to use Ladsky's initial answer - as can be seen in its 17.06.03 report, LVT/SC/007/120/02 (ref #992 on the LVT database) under pt 4 "attended by Mr A Ladsky, the owner of flats 34 and 35 ", as well as under pt 50:

"It is noted that apparently the majority of the tenants wish all the works to be carried out. A letter from Mr Ladsky, the lessee of flats 34 and 35 dated 28 April 2003 stated: "31 or 32 of the 35 tenants have paid their contribution." )

(NB: Of course: a LIE - see Overview # 3 ; West London County Court - the claim against 14 apartments).

KNOWING that, on 29 Oct 02, the then London LVT had specifically told us, leaseholders, to NOT PAY the 'service charge' demand (pg 5 of booklet) until the LVT had issued its report - and it had been implemented (LVT # 1.5) (Ladsky and Hathaway attended the 29 Oct 02 pre-trial hearing; plus, as detailed above, Silverstone knew that Ladsky had filed an application in the tribunal)...

...- one month later, Silverstone filed a 29.11.02 fraudulent claim (Ref. WL203537) in West London County Court, against me and 13 other apartments - demanding full payment of the July 02 demand (Overview # 3 ; WLCC # 2 ; CKFT # 2 ; My Diary: 6 Dec 02 ; End Jan 03).

After making me go through nearly one year of absolute sheer utter hell - 'courtesy' of the assistance to the Ladsky mafia from Her Majesty's London LVT's panel and clerks (below) and of Her Majesty's judiciaries, as well as court staff in West London County Court (below) - Ayesha Salim sent me a 21.10.03 'PART 36 offer' from 'Steel Services' = Ladsky for £6,350 (US$9,900).

Hence, it amounted to a £8,050 reduction relative to the 17.07.02 demand 'from' MRJ / 29.11.02 West London County Court claim.

Contrast that with the above 07.10.02 threat of forfeiture from Silverstone if I did not pay the £14,400 immediately!

(Note that, in relation to this 'offer', 'my' advisors, Richard Twyman and Lisa McLean, Piper Smith Basham, and Stan Gallagher went into overdrive batting for Ladsky: Overview # 3). (It was a continuation of Twyman and McLean batting for Ladsky in relation to my my 20C application: Overview # 3).

Even though, legally, I did NOT owe this amount either, in my 19.12.03 letter of acceptance and payment to CKFT - I accepted it and paid it "for the sake of bringing this dispute to an end". But, that was not going to be the end of it:

  • ...- culminating in my finally getting the 01.07.04 court-endorsed Consent Order (WLCC # 13 , # 14) - while nonetheless ensuring I was left with an Order hanging over my head that the action against me be "stayed" (Overview # 3 ; WLCC # 13 ; Falconer # 4)
  • ...followed by an equally unsupported 21.10.04 demand, to which, likewise, without any explanation, nearly £1,000 was added - bringing the totally unsupported demand to £14,405 (US$25,401).
  • My ignoring them because I knew it was fraud, led to a repeat in a 16.11.04 demand. Note that Joan Hathaway, MRICS, did this - in spite - of my sending her a 31.12.03 letter stating that I had settled payment with CKFT.

In fact, all the Masonic mafia / their flunkies colluded and conspired with each other:

•  The then London Leasehold Valuation Tribunal (see: Summaries: Events ; Breaches of the law ; Kangaroo court) by e.g.:

  • 'Very conveniently' failing to perform its statutory duty by not including a summary of the impact of the hearing findings on the global sum demanded of £736,200 (e.g. Overview # 2) - which was a reduction of £500,000 (US$882,000) (incl. the contingency fund) (LVT # 4)


Her Majesty's judiciaries in: turning a blind eye to the evidence.

Between Dec 02 and Jun 03: I wrote 7 times to West London County Court: district judges and court manager, to inform them of the LVT proceedings - and therefore:

  • their 'response' was to throw me back at CKFT (WLCC # 2(1))
  • (*) This was repeated with this court in 2007-08 (below); with the tribunal in 2002-03 (below); and was again repeated in 2011.
  • Her Majesty's judiciaries nonetheless forged ahead with the claim (WLCC # 5), issuing Orders left right and centre - in total disregard of the evidence against the Orders (WLCC # 6)
  • ...and Salim, for the 26 Aug 03 so-called 'hearing' of her application for summary judgment against me (and a fellow leaseholder) - 'Apportionments' that falsely claimed an across the board reduction of 24.19% (WLCC # 10 , # 11 ; My Diary 2003: 9 Aug , 26 Aug).
  • (Confirmation of fraud: my analysis of the data supplied to me by the ICAEW with its 29.08.06 correspondence: Pridie Brewster # 18 , # 3 , # 8)
  • Come on! Her Majesty's judiciaries had been issuing the Orders. Hence, they knew how much the leaseholders had actually been made to pay...but, 'of course', 'Dear Mr Ladsky' 'needed' the money to make his multi-million £ jackpot!

In fact, the bullying and intimidation tactic worked with many of my fellow leaseholders - as they ended-up paying the full amount, which was not due and payable...

...- amounting - in my non-lawyer opinion to a £500,000 (US$882,000) FRAUD:

NOTE that Andrew Ladsky - himself - admitted - to the police - that: This charge was challenged at the leasehold valuation tribunal who reduced this amount quite significantly

The Masonic mafia obviously concluded that, as the intimidation and bullying tactics worked with the majority of my fellow leaseholders - they would 'surely work on somebody with my profile'.

For 20 months Silverstone and Salim took full advantage of the 'retribution' and persecution service readily offered by the corrupt elements in Her Majesty's courts and tribunal - by making me go through an extremely traumatic, horrendous hell:

In the process Silverstone and Salim made, (among many others), extensive use of an arsenal of threatening, bullying and malicious communications to me e.g. CKFT # 3 .

Of course, in addition to the 29.11.02 WLCC claim (Particulars of claim), the Orders against them, some of my fellow leaseholders were concurrently subjected to the same highly vicious, malicious, bullying and threatening treatment by this racketeering mafia - see police # 4 / Elderly Resident ; Other Residents.

In my case, livid at the fact that I was 'daring' to challenge his 07.08.02 application to the tribunal (as per my rights: pt 64 of the 17.06.03 LVT report / 'summary' # 1.1), on 25 Jan 03, having first provoked me, Ladsky then run immediately to his henchmen at Chelsea police with the aim of scaring me, and end my challenge of his application (Overview # 16 ; police # 2 background)...

...- as, in spite of the obvious collusion and conspiring between Ladsky, his racketeer aides and the tribunal - I was going to attend the 5 Feb 03 'hearing' (LVT # 2 , # 3 ; My Diary 2003: 17 Jan , 23 Jan , 25 Jan , 5 Feb).

As the malicious, threatening letter of 27 Jan 03 from the Masons' police flunkey, who, in effect, wrote me that I had better shut-up and not challenge 'Dear Mr Ladsky', "or there may be further consequences", did not achieve the objective...

... - to add to the intimidation and scare tactics, Ladsky, describing him himself as "the tenant of flat 35", had Silverstone send me a 4 Feb 03 letter repeating Ladsky's false accusations to the police, and containing an assortment of threats and false claims e.g.

"The due process of law is under way to claim the perfectly proper service charges that are due from you" (!!!) (police # 2 background).

Other evidence that Andrew David Ladsky was (and still is) the key driver of activities:

•  The 2002 and 2003 summary of contributions I received from the ICAEW with its 29.08.06 'reply' to my complaint against Pridie Brewster show that apartment 34 , apartment 35 and apartment 5 did not paid any contribution.

(NB: However, 'according to the ICAEW', some undetailed contributions in the 2004 year-end accounts were paid for some of the apartments owned by Ladsky. No contribution had been received from apartment 5, nor apartment 21- See Pridie Brewster # 18 ; Owners identity # 4 )

•  In 2002, I approached the Tenancy Relations Officer (TRO) at Kensington & Chelsea Housing to obtain, as per my statutory rights (under ss 1 and 2 of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1985 ), the identity of the landlord, as well as the name and address of every director and secretary of the landlord.

In his 05.11.02 email, the TRO informed me that he had "...received a telephone call from Mr Ladsky. He has asked for copies of all correspondence that you have sent me"

The next day, in his 06.11.02 email, the TRO wrote:"...we will not be releasing any documents to Mr Ladsky. The councils legal department believes you are entitled to a degree of confidentiality when you have sought assistance from us and this is why we have taken this decision".

The summary for my page on Cawdery Kaye Fireman & Taylor reads: I view Lanny Silverstone and Ayesha Salim as evil, corrupt, amoral individuals - conduct endorsed by the Law Society, Legal Services Ombudsman, and some of Her Majesty's Judiciaries in West London County Court and Wandsworth County Court.

NO, I am most definitely NOT going to follow this by 'allegedly'.

To these perceptions I add: scum, vermin (I repeat my Comments under Persecution (1)(4)), racketeers, from the same cesspit as Andrew Ladsky and his other puppets - and NO 'allegedly'.

Back to list


(2)- Portner / Portner and Jaskel LLP, solicitors, "regulated by the Law Society"

Solicitors, 63/65 Marylebone Lane , London W1U 2RA - who, in June/July 2008, changed their trading name to 'Portner' - see beginning of section on Portner for detail.

(See summaries: Events ; Breaches of the law; also Extortion;

summary of my complaint to the Law Society: # 2.6)


  • Jeremy Hershkorn - A public announcement indicates that, around mid-May 2007, Hershkorn joined another firm of solicitors, Magrath & Co, 66/67 Newman St, London W1T 3EQ.
  • Ahmet Jaffer who took over from Hershkorn in relation to the FRAUDULENT claim against me.

(NB: Portner and Jaskel is covered in my 03.06.08 Witness Statement).


The first contact I had from this firm of equally, extremely vicious, cruel, sadistic, evil racketeers, was a bogus 10.02.06 "Notice of first refusal" sent by Broughton, "acting as agents Steel Services".

My last reply of 30.04.06 summarises events, the fraud and breach of statutes.

It led to a (typically) self-important, condescending and arrogant 'reply' of 03.05.06 ( Portner # 1 ; Notices by landlord - 10 Feb 06 ; My Diary 18 Feb 06 and 29 Apr 06)

Of course, the Law Society failed to act on my 28.02.07 complaint against Portner, claiming that it was "past the 6-month time-limit", and there was "nothing to suggest that it should make an exception" - Portner # 5.2.

With the aim of getting the closure of my website (and succeeding), the next communication was a malicious, highly scurrilous, libellous 03.10.06 letter from Hershkorn to my then website host, identifying Andrew Ladsky as "[his] client" - making numerous, totally unsupported accusations against the content of my website - stating that

"[my website] contains suggestions that our client [Ladsky] is guilty of criminal activities and fraud all of which are totally unsubstantiated, outrageous and false...

Our client's reputation has been severely damaged..." (I can't stop laughing at that given what is contained on this page and under e.g. Extortion)

They also threatened to issue proceedings against the ISP if it did not close down my site immediately.

My reply of 05.10.06 identifying the fact that none of their accusations were supported (Overview # 9 ; My Diary 3 Oct 06)

(NB: See the requirements for 'defamation').

In Jan-Feb 07, Hershkorn tried his luck with my current (priceless) website Host, HostDime, harassing my Host over a period of several weeks, threatening legal proceedings unless my Host closed down my website by - yet again - making highly libellous, scurrilous claims against me, stating

"all of the allegations on [my] website are clearly untrue and therefore defamatory" .

Of course, as in Oct 06, Hershkorn did not provide any evidence in support (Overview # 9 ; PJ # 2 ; My Diary 5 Feb 07 ; 11 Mar 07)

When Hershkorn backed off as a result of my 28.02.07 complaint to the Law Society against Portner, .Ladsky took over the harassment of my website Host by phoning my Host himself on several occasions - repeating the same slanderous, scurrilous accusations against me, and the same threats (Overview # 9).

In its fury, the mafia's next (previous) plan of attack translated into Hershkorn sending me a malicious 16.02.07 letter, in which he illegally threatened me with "bankruptcy and forfeiture" (copy of definition) if I failed to "pay immediately £8,937" (US$15,800) (PJ # 3) - to "Rootstock Overseas Corp" - a company I had never heard of (Overview # 10 ; PJ #15 )

(Threatening 'bankruptcy' is a typical satanic (I repeat my Comments under Persecution (1)(4)) Rachman Ladsky tactic e.g. letter to him from the Residents Association)

(See Portner # 4 and # 5 for the absolutely outrageous - but typical reply from the fertiliser for malpractice, the Law Society, to my complaints)

When that failed to achieve the objective, ignoring my 25.02.07 reply that I could not "owe" money to a company I had never heard of, and, consequently the requirements of the Pre-Action Protocol, Hershkorn proceeded with filing the 27.02.07 fraudulent claim, ref. 7WL00675, against me, in Her Majesty's West London County Court (Overview # 11 ; PJ # 6).

The evidence of fraud: 06.06.08 Notice of Discontinuance of "ALL the claim against me": Overview # 11 ; Portner # 31) (see Kangaroo court)

(Steel Services title NGL37333 was apparently transferred to Rootstock on 24 May 06)

See Portner # 27 for the 08.01.07 transfer, for "£1", of the 'airspace' title for "Steel Services" "to Rootstock Overseas Corp".

In addition to Rootstock Overseas Corp (Headlessors # 3 , # 5 ), Ladsky is also clearly behind other paper companies: Headlessors # 7 ; Overview Note.

OF NOTE: The 27.02.07 claim form states "Roostock (sic) Overseas Corp", as "the lessor" of my apartment v. the Particulars of claim, on Martin Russell Jones headed paper, which state "Landlord: Steel Services, c/o Cawdery Kaye Fireman & Taylor" (Portner # 6 ; # 15 ).

Further, in addition to stating that I have 2 "landlords", they were each represented by a different firm of solicitors, each demanding payment of a different amount of money (Overview # 11 ; WLCC # 1 , # 2 ; Portner # 6.1)

(see WLCC, summaries: Events ; Breaches of the law ; Kangaroo court).

It is abundantly clear that Her Majesty's judiciaries should have rejected this claim.

Well, in spite of my highlighting these very major issues that critically undermined the legality of the claim against me - in fact, doing this, in total - 11 times over a 16-month period - starting with my 22.03.07 Acknowledgment of Service - they forged ahead with it!.

Note also that, at the 30 Jan 09 'hearing' at the Supreme Court Costs Office I was 'reprimanded' by Her Majesty's Master for having sent back my 22.03.07 Acknowledgement of Service clearly identifying the issues (Overview # 12). Why? Because my doing that was (and still is) 'highly inconvenient' for 'his brothers' in Her Majesty's West London County Court.

The subsequent events with the mafia, over the following 20 months were, of course, in the same vein (WLCC Key pts) (see Kangaroo court). They included - among many others:

  • Ignoring repeatedly the fact I had NOT been supplied with the information necessary for me to defend myself against the claim.
  • This is evidenced, among others, by the so-called 'case management directions' of 09.04.08 that 'very conveniently' - failed - to "consider [my] representation" in the 3 additional pages I attached to my 14.03.08 Allocation Questionnaire. In these, I very clearly reiterated the issues - proving that the claim against me was fraudulent (WLCC # 26 , # 27)
  • ...preceded by having fun, by "cancelling" a non-existent "hearing" (WLCC # 5).
  • It was done in the hope they would 'get me' in the meantime e.g. one of the Rachman, racketeering mafia's tactic was to get one of their flunkeys to pose, on the face of it, as a 'helpful visitor' to my site who, of course, without my knowledge, 'opted to send' a £1,069.31 cheque to Portner as a means of 'helping me'.
  • It was the precise amount of interest claimed in the 27.02.07 claim - thereby implying that I owed the whole claim! (Portner # 14) (= Another example of how unbelievably sick this mafia is)

In other words, the blatant collusion and conspiring that had taken place between some of Her Majesty's judiciaries and Ladsky and his racketeering mafia in 2003-04, were continuing,... well as the vengeance, 'retribution' and punishment for 'my daring', 'me', 'the little person, 'the Prole', to fight back for my so-called 'rights' (WLCC ; Portner).


After Portner and HM's judiciaries (and court staff) in West London County Court had their very cruel, sadistic fun, by making me go through 21 months of absolute, sheer utter hell - Ahmet Jaffer, Portner, sent me this 06.06.08 Notice of Discontinuance of "ALL of the claim" against me - without giving a reason (Overview # 11 ; PJ # 29).

If the claims on my website are "false", "outrageous", "unsubstantiated" and "defamatory" of 'the good character' of 'Dear Mr Ladsky' (I can't stop laughing at that):

why did 'Rootstock' i.e. Ladsky drop "ALL" of his (2nd) fraudulent claim against me? (Previous claim in Nov 02 that resulted in a 21 Oct 03 'offer').

Providing further undeniable proof that the claim and 16 months of sheer utter hell were part and parcel of the 'retribution' package, criminal psychological harassment - for my 'daring' to set-up a website reporting chapter and verse of my case, in the process exposing all the miscreants (QB # 6(5)(2)):... a result of my filing an Application to get my costs back (Overview # 12 ; PJ # 32 ; WLCC # 33),

...Jaffer-Ladsky made the most outrageous excuse for dropping the claim: that

"the managing agents had given the incorrect identity and address for the landlord".

I had raised the issue a total of 11 times over a 16-month period!

Outcome of this 2nd fraudulent claim (the previous one was filed by Cawdery Kaye Fireman & Taylor):

Proof that 'threats of forfeiture and bankruptcy proceedings, as well as court claims are used as fraud tools - by this racketeering mafia.

Further, that this is done with the very active assistance of some of Her Majesty's corrupt judiciaries:

(see also Kangaroo courts)

(NB: Concurrently, Ladsky was also attacking me through my (willing) employer, KPMG - by repeatedly contacting it between Oct 06 and Mar 07, including sending this 26.03.07 letter making highly malicious, libellous accusations against me - Overview # 14 ; KPMG # 3.5.

As it was not achieving his objective: the closure of my website, (as he had done in 2003: Overview # 16 ; Overview of police page),... March 07, he also called on other Masons: Her Majesty's Notting Hill police - - by filing a so-called 'complaint' against me - of course, without once being challenged on what he said (Overview # 13).

Key to the plan, were:

Another victim of the 'Ladsky-Portner partnership' was an Elderly Resident in the Jefferson House 'concentration camp' - see Elderly Resident.

My perceptions of Portner and Jaskel, in 2006: another bunch of cowboys. They should limit themselves to being 'ambulance chasers' - 'allegedly' " In early 2007 I added: evil hyenas.

Since then, my perception has changed to: I view Jeremy Hershkorn, Ahmet Jaffer and Daniel Broughton as thoroughly evil, corrupt, amoral individuals - conduct endorsed by the Law Society and some of Her Majesty's judiciaries in West London County Court.

NO, I am most definitely NOT going to follow this by 'allegedly'.

To these perceptions I now add: scum, racketeers, vermin (I repeat my Comments under Persecution (1)(4)), from the same cesspit as Andrew Ladsky and his other puppets - and NO 'allegedly'.

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(3)- Laytons, solicitors

Solicitors, Carmelite, 50 Victoria Embankment, London EC4Y 0LS, acted for 'Steel Services' when, in its letter dated 21.11.96, it announced that Steel Services had taken over the headlease.

Three years later, acting for 'Steel Services', it issued a 22.12.99 so-called "Notice by landlord" - which was clearly a con (Notices by landlord # 1).

The following year, also acting for 'Steel Services', it issued another "notice", dated 13.12.00 - using even more of the dirty tricks of the trade:

  • claims of potential threat of litigation and costs
  • 'conveniently' omitting to supply the details of the property - while falsely claiming that they were "attached to the notice" - and subsequently stating that it could not release the documents unless we, leaseholders, formed a company
  • sending the "notice" just before the Christmas break (typical).

Further proof that it was a con: The person heading the Residents Association told us that Laytons had not bothered to reply - and c. 2 weeks later, that "'Steel Services' has withdrawn the offer because it is invalid as it did not include the annexed documents" (see Notices by landlord # 2)

In his identical letter of 25.01.01 to all the leaseholders, Andrew Ladsky tried desperately to dissuade us from pursuing the so-called "offer". This, added to the fact that Steel Services and Ladsky are/were very clearly one and the same thing (not to mention the approach used) means that Ladsky was also Laytons' client.

(Absolutely determined to stop the leaseholders from pursuing 'the offer', Ladsky harassed the then Head of the Residents Association over a period of several months - see Head Residents Association).

It 'seems' that Laytons continued to be the nominated firm for 'Steel Services' until 31 Jan 06. It certainly was still the case in April 2004, as can be seen from the Land Registry title for Steel Services, NGL 373 333, dated 26.04.04

It was then replaced by Cawdery Kaye Fireman Taylor (CKFT), as can be seen on the Title NGL 373 333 obtained at 22.02.06.

In the light of events with the so-called "notice" of 13.12.00, my perceptions of Laytons are that it is:

Not averse to giving lessees the 'run around' - and, in the process, breaching the statutory requirements set under s. 5(2) of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1987, as well as, it seems, section 4 of the same Act. (Also covered under the notices section).

Or, put simply: another corrupt, morally depraved firm of solicitors - also "regulated" by the fertiliser for malpractice: the Law Society" . NO! No 'allegedly' to that either.

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(4)- Pettman Smith, solicitors

Solicitors, 79 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7RB.

Until 'it seems' 31 Jan 06, it was listed on the Land Registry records as solicitors for 'Jefferson House Limited', the "freehold" owner (see Freehold ownership).

(It certainly was still the case at 26 Apr 04 when it was listed on the 3 Titles: 69 437 (9 Basil St) ; 101 949 (7 Basil St ) ; 69 051 (11 and 13 Basil St).

I have not come across this firm - in the context of the Jefferson House 'concentration camp'. Hence, it does not conjure up to me the visual placed on this section - and hence, nor the overall comments in the introduction.

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(5)- Eversheds, solicitors

Located at Senator House, 85 Queen Victoria Street , London EC4V 4JL.

In 2006, it was the nominated solicitors for Jefferson House Limited.

It appeared on all 3 Titles for 'Jefferson House Limited' (69 437 , 101 949 , 69 051).

Like CKFT, Eversheds is also registered in the British Virgin Islands - as can be seen on the Land Registry titles.

While I know of this firm through my network of leaseholders, I have not come across it in the context of the Jefferson House 'concentration camp'. Hence - in this context - it does not conjure up to me the visual placed on this section, nor the overall comments in the introduction.

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(5A)- Wagner & Co - "regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority" (SRA) = Law Society

Solicitors, 25 Church Crescent, Whetstone, London N20 0JR

- Mark H Wagner LLB (LLB: a law degree, then need to train as a solicitor) - sole practitioner, operating with

- Susan Claire Isaacs, consultant

They were admitted as solicitors in 1985 and 1986, respectively.

According to Wagner was "born in Sep 60, and resides in Wales".

According to - he has held 3 appointments:

The appearance of Wagner on the scene is due to, I conclude:

  • (3)- launching another attack following my defeating their Machiavellian plan, in 2014.

So, the mob found, (yet again), an obliging shyster only too happy to join the mob of assassins to rape me psychologically and financially who, I conclude from his letter, must also be Jewish.

The 19.10.16 correspondence from Mark Wagner is so outrageous (brief overview below), that I decided to look up his 'specialisation'...aside from freely dishing out criminal psychological harassment.

From the Law Society website on: (1)- Wagner & Co; (2)- Wagner's areas of practice; (3)- Mark Henry Wagner; (4)- Susan Claire Isaacs

"Area of practice"

Mark Henry Warner

Susan Claire Isaacs


Him only


Family - general

Him only


Insolvency and restructuring - business

Him only




Her only

Commercial litigation



Litigation - general



Professional negligence



Quite a list for a sole practitioner operating with one assistant - as each area requires some extensive knowledge - not to mention keeping up on legislative changes and precedents i.e. court and tribunal decisions.

I am thinking about "insolvency and restructuring" I know a little bit about, that is a highly specialised accountancy area (my time at KPMG).

What this list conjures up to me is: 'jack of all trades, and master of none - which, based on his letter, certainly holds true in relation to residential leasehold property - not mention as one of the "practice areas",...

as well as numerous non-sector specific legislation - some of which apply to Wagner, added to aiding and abetting crime.

Overview of the 19.10.16 correspondence (the letter includes my Comments):

In addition to a 3-page letter, it contains packs of demands from Martyn Gerrard for: "service charges"; "electricity"; "penalties for non payment"; "ground rent" - including some "service charges" and "ground rent" demands I did NOT receive.

Mark Wagner claims in the letter to have "looked at [my] website", including evidently the Martyn Gerrard page - but has very clearly, deliberately failed to take into consideration any of my supporting evidence against the demands = blindly endorses the conduct of his "client", "Greyclyde Investments Ltd" .

WHY? Because...

"our client Greyclyde Investments Ltd has told us that the arrears of ground rent and service charges are due to them."

and later on in the letter, makes the same categorical assertion about the "penalties for non-payment" and the "electricity" demands.

Mark Wagner has "calculated the total sum of £43,785.82" (US$76,030)

So: if the client says so, then, 'of course': 'it must be true!'

This translates into Mark Wagner finding it, 'perfectly acceptable' for Martyn Gerrard to demand I pay monies to 'a landlord' - in relation to which, in breach of legal requirement, I still do not know the details.

Indeed, while Martyn Gerrard has ignored all my correspondence - by the beginning of 2016, 'the information' reached version 5 - by providing 3 different addresses for 'the landlord'.

And to pay:

(1)- "Service charges" (my more detailed pdf summary):

communicated by the previous 'managing' agents, as a lump sum of £24,000 - while ignoring my several letters challenging the sum, and asking for supporting evidence;

when they are not asked i.e. no detail provided;

none of the demands are supported by accounts compliant with covenants in my Lease;

issued with very large variations in 'the information' provided e.g.

  • under "schedules" with different percentages, and not providing an explanation - and with the said "schedules" disappearing and reappearing without an explanation;
  • providing / not providing a global sum per item;
  • after 5 years, providing "estimates per apartment", with some missing, and a new added - of course: all without explanations;

communicating "adjustments" under the "schedules" - and subsequently, in other "adjustments" omitting to refer to them;

All of these amounting to version 8 - by the beginning of 2016.

(2)- "electricity" demands (my more detailed pdf summary) - that:

do not provide the alleged number of units used i.e. state only a total amount;

and accusing me falsely of failing to "make any contribution for the use of electricity in your flat" - by ignoring the fact that a £514.34 cheque I sent in Feb 14 was not cashed within the 6-month statutory limit.

(3)- "ground rent" (my pdf summary) - that:

has not been asked - as legally required;

I have been told "has been paid"; "credited"; and then going back on it by asking me to pay for it;

not to mention fraudulently adding more than 3.5 years of "ground rent" (£2,200) with the aim of covering up some particularly outrageous "service charge" demands.

(4)- "Administration and late payment charges"

'Because' "These charges are raised due to having to chase you for payment".

Mark Wagner has the gall to then state in his 19.10.16 letter:

We do hope that you will agree that, given you are a leaseholder and your occupation of the flat is governed by the lease, it is not right that you have not paid any service charges or ground rent for such a considerable period of time.”

"governed by the lease" - in relation to which, evidently, according to Mark Wagner, ‘the landlord’ and its henchmen and henchwomen are at liberty to ignore all the covenants they ‘do not like’ - not to mention numerous legislation.

Knowing, from having "looked at [my] website" that Martyn Gerrard has failed to respond to all my correspondence over the last 5 years and 3 months - Mark Wagner also has the gall to state:

We would hope that you understand that our clients would like to see exactly why you have not been paying your ground rent, service and administration charges so that we can have a dialogue to resolve matters

Typically for somebody who works for the mob, he then threatens me with proceedings:

If we are not able to enter into a sensible dialogue, it would appear [1] that our client will have to issue a claim in the county court for unpaid ground rent (2)...

and issue an application to the First Tier Property Tribunal for a declaration as to what service charges are payable by you.” (3)

"These steps will incur costs for both you and our clients..." (4)

"If the reason for your non-payment is due to your financial situation, then please let us know." (5)

(1)- Having repeatedly made the assertion in the letter that ‘I’ owe all the monies claimed’, Wagner is now ‘not sure’ whether his ‘dear client’ has a case against me.

Yep! Definitely a shyster "regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority” = the Law Society.

Come on! What's to lose in this totally unregulated kingdom?! It's the Wild West.

  • allowing the judiciary to fall over backwards to help the crooked landlords and their aides...(when it concerns 'little people' like me - as the wealthy and powerful who challenge one of the sector's players end-up getting 'justice' e.g. Qatari government v. Candy brothers);

added to the fact that, in my case, the gang has control over the state, and Martyn Gerrard is operating with its support.

= Opportunities galore to indulge in criminal activities - without fear of sanctions.

Mark Wagner knows he has his so-called ‘regulator’, the Solicitors Regulation Authority - controlled by the Law Society - behind him blindly saying to ignore its code of conduct e.g.:

...and instead, “act solely on the instructions of his client; in his client’s best interest” - as the Law Society kept throwing at my face in the context of my legitimate complaints against the mob's shysters.

Other examples of the Law Society's ‘replies’:

(1)- "Portner and Jaskel [above] were entitled to [illegally] threatened me with "bankruptcy, forfeiture and costs" (summary of my legitimate complaint # 2.6);

(2)- "CKFT [above] was at liberty to issue determine whether the sums claimed were due or not" (NB!!!) (summary of my legitimate complaint - in vain # 2.5).

To which can be added: concurrently relying on the ‘ever so helpful’ judiciary (kangaroo courts), as well as your mates within the solicitor and barrister fraternity (summaries of my legitimate complaints from # 2.2 to # 2.4).

In addition to the bullying and blackmail tactics, I view the mob's other objective as aiming to communicate to its arslikhancorrupt flunkeys and lapdogs...

- who, of course, like Wagner, do not want to look at the very damning evidence - that ‘the demands are perfectly reasonable’.

E.g. the scum on 12 Oct 15 who regurgitated to me the slanderous story he had been fed: “Surely, [I] must understand that [I] have to pay service charges that cannot be specified in advance”.

Not to mention giving a lot of sadistic kicks to the other assassins who also perceive themselves as being 'my victims'.

(2)- Mark Wagner could have added: and you know from your experience with:

that ‘my dear’ client’s judiciary friends in the county courts suffer from sudden attacks of extreme blindness to the evidence, as well as amnesia about the rule of law…in addition to being power-mad, extremely vicious, cruel and perverse monsters.

Thereby adding to the bullying and blackmail tactics.

(3)- As to the “First Tier Property Tribunal” - a rebranding of the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal, while keeping all the staff, including its then head, Siobhan McGrath (summary of my legitimate complaint - in vain # 1.1).. -

- you also know from your experience in 2002-03, that it is, likewise, at the sole service of ‘the dear sacrosanct landlords – and therefore ignores the performance of its statutory duty, and will happily accuse you of being ‘responsible for the situation’ (page “summary of case”).

Yep! ‘Justice’ in this island-Kingdom is ‘for people with money’…which, in your case, means a large amount of stolen money.

=Yet more bullying and blackmail tactics.

Needless to say that I am not counting on..

"Home Office to unveil fresh powers to track down organised crime associates", The Guardian, 3 Jun 14

"Serious crime bill... The [then] home secretary, Theresa May, is to announce fresh powers to track down and jail hundreds of corrupt solicitors, accountants and other associates of organised crime gangs for up to five years in legislation similar to a US-style anti-mafia law."

(4)- Hhhha! "The costs" - the other FEAR weapon used by crooked landlords and their aides to crush leaseholders into submission = rip them off.

(5)- Unbelievable!

In the penultimate paragraph, Mark Wagner states:

"...we anticipate that you will probably update your web site to say that you have received a further letter from solicitors and allege that you are a victim of fraud(1)

If you decide to do so, then in the balance of reporting matters properly, please ensure that a copy of this letter is posted on your web site [2] with an explanation as to why you feel you are entitled to live in the property (which you have unfortunately described as a “concentration camp”) [3] without paying ground rent and / or service charges.” (4)

(1)- You bet!

(2)- As can be seen on my website, "in the balance of reporting matters properly", I have - throughout - given a voice to my enemies by placing all their correspondence to me, and often include extracts, not to mention photographs and videos...resulting in a very large website.

The objective of this statement is to add further to the blackmail tactics: ‘put this letter on your website, because I know I am right’.

(3)- "unfortunately" for whom?

As the saying goes: 'You can take a horse to water, but you can't force it to drink'.

(4)- Yep! Definitely a shyster "regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority” = the Law Society.

As to my "still living in the property": I am NOT "living"; this gang of thoroughly evil supremacist racketeers have robbed me of my life since 2002.

I am still in it - against my will - as a direct result of the action by Mark Wagner's psycho client in 2004 - when I wanted to leave this island-Kingdom forever.

But vindictive Andrew David Ladsky would not let go, hell-bent on destroying me for 'daring' to stand up to him, and interfere in the realisation of his multi-million £s jackpot.

(A typical response from Jewish crooks operating in the sector).

Mark Wagner concludes his 19.10.16 letter by demanding a response from me

"by close of business on 4 November 2016 or we shall assume regretfully that the only course of action will be to issue the claims referred to above."

In my 03.11.16 letter, (sent by 'Special Delivery Next Day'), I replied:

"You will receive a reply, at the latest, by Friday 11th November."

"As your “client” has failed to respond to all my correspondence over the last 5 years and 3 months – including a statutory notice requiring a response “within 21 days of receipt” – it can wait another week."

On 9th Nov 16, on my website, I placed Wagner's 19 Oct 16 letter, with my Comments - as well as all the documents referred to.

With my 'Special Delivery Next Day' 10.11.16 correspondence to Wagner, I sent him a copy of my Comments.

The 14.11.16 Mark Wagner's 'response' to my (above) 10 Nov 16 reply: ignoring my reply, and an impending claim against me

"It is a matter of great regret that your letter contains a number of defamatory statements [1] and anti-semitic comments." (2)

"We are instructed [by "Greyclyde Investments Ltd"] to issue a claim against you for unpaid ground rent." (3)

And I "will, no doubt, defend the claim." (4)

I have added my Comments to his 14.11.16 letter.

(1)- Asking where the "defamatory comments" are, I used the first 9 (out of 13 pages) of my Comments to give an overview of 18 events that amount to irrebutable evidence of Andrew David Ladsky, his gang of racketeers and their supporters defaming my name, character and reputation - since 2002.

On page 10, I concluded with:

"The above examples are what is correctly described as "defamation"...of an ongoing kind - over (so far) the last 15 years...

- to which I add the false accusations by Wagner in his letter.

And I could add many other examples.

Any "great regret" over that, Mark Wagner and from the other members of the gang?"

(2)- Also asking where the "anti-semitic" are, I wrote that it is Jewish people's standard line of attack when challenged - I explained by capturing some of my above introduction.

(I also stated this in my July 16 letter to their chief rabbi (above, Intro-B2)).

(3)- Ignoring Civil Procedure Rules Pre action conduct (he ignored my reply) - he did file a claim against me, for "£3,600 ground rent + costs": 23.12.16.

(It makes it the third claim filed against me by the mob since 2002: (1)- also just before Christmas in 2002 (Overview # 3); (2)- in 2007, in the name of 2 'landlords' (Overview # 11))

And the rest, initially claimed in the 19 October letter, the £41,180?

The mob must be discussing the approach with their supporters: judiciaries and politicians - and perhaps also with some of their other tribe members.

'Merry' Christmas and 'Happy' New Year 2017 to me!

(No doubt, many of the whistleblowers are not going to have a great time either).

(4)- Oh! Dear, Oh! Dear! How ‘dare’ I ‘me’, a ‘little nobody woman’ (oh! and “a Nazi”), ‘dare’ challenge the ‘almighty’ Jewish male supremacists?

Why can’t I just prostrate myself at their feet and, ‘like a good little girl’, hand over to them, without any – legally justified - challenge, whatever sums of monies they ask of me…while licking their jackboots ‘in gratitude’?

Damn right I will “defend the claim” - as per my previous Comments - they have opted to ignore

As to my comments at the end of my 10.11.16 reply (captured, above, under Com 4) - Wagner wrote:

"You are well within your rights to sell your lease.

It is a matter for you, and you alone, as to whether you wish to remain living in the flat."

Under Ref # 18 of my 10.11.16 reply, I provide a link to my website’s home page - section 6 - and the gist of its contents.

As with everything else on my website, Mark Wagner opted to ignore it.

Yep! Definitely a shyster "regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority” = the Law Society.

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And their phoney, window dressing so-called "regulator", the Royal (!!!) Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)...which, in the Aug 16 FT article, "Leasehold flats: what estate agents won’t tell you" - is quoted as saying that

"[its] code cannot strike off managing agents or other “unfit persons” responsible for levying unreasonable charges because there is no compulsory register"


(6)- Martin Russell Jones (MRJ), 'managing' agents - surveyors (links to main page) - until apparently 2011 when it was replaced by Martyn Gerrard.

According to my search on the Internet, MRJ was acquired by Fifield Glyn in May 13.

The firm's 'management' activities were located at Premier Suite 115, Premier House, 112 Station Road, Edgware, Middlesex HA8 7BJ (previously at 5 Watford Way, Hendon Central, London NW4 3JN).

MRJ was previously known as Spyer Johnston Evans, and was 'managing' agents for Jefferson House from 24 Jun 89 when it was appointed by Langhaven Holdings (see Directorships point 3.2 - Langhaven Holdings)

The main MRJ contacts were:

  • Joan Doreen Hathaway, MRICS (not listed as a member on the RICS database in Jan 14);
  • Barrie Robert Martin, FRICS (still on RICS database at Jan 14).

Like Martyn Gerrard and Brian Gale, MRJ trumpeted the claim of being "regulated by the RICS".

It was NOT (above) - which is why, combined with a disposition towards criminal conduct - it very actively supported its client, Andrew David Ladsky, and others in his gang of racketeers in their criminal activities...

- see Extortion; the 'Major works' page that contains extracts from some of its key correspondence, as well as concurrent documents from others in its gang, including Ladsky.

I filed a 02.02.05 complaint against MRJ with the RICS - summary # 6.2 - which it (typically) rejected.

(NB: MRJ is covered in my 03.06.08 Witness Statement).

My complaint included my - non-lawyer - opinion of breaches of various Acts by Hathaway and Martin (list under the snapshot of my complaint), about which the RICS told me I "should complain to the police". It must have been laughing its head off as it wrote this (see police # 7).

The RICS page contains detail of events in relation to my Feb 05 complaint - namely its 'get lost' - repeated in 2010-11 - preceded by its attempt to muzzle me in 2008, including its (unbelievable) position that MRJ "should issue proceedings against me for defamation". It says it all!

EXAMPLES OF (MANY) events (between 1989 - 2010)

They demonstrate that Joan Hathaway, MRICS, and Barrie Martin, FRICS, knew no bound as to what they would do in order to help their client, Andrew David Ladsky, secure illegal financial gains - which includes lying repeatedly to a tribunal and 2 courts (with their obvious approval - as they turned a blind eye and deaf ear to the evidence (see Kangaroo courts)

Because fraudulent - Hathaway sent an unsupported and therefore illegal 15.07.02 demand of £736,200 (US$1.3m) for the "major works" (Overview # 1 ; MRJ # 28)...

...- demanding, in 'her' 17.07.02 invoice £14,400 (US25,400) from me (My Diary 22 Jul 02 ; summer 2002). (My identical Comments are attached to the invoices).

OF IMPORTANCE - Note what Hathaway, MRICS, had written, 6 months previously, to leaseholders, in a letter dated 21.12.01:

"We have to state that the sum quoted may be exceeded due to disbursements but these will be of a minor nature. Sufficient funds are held to cover the cost of the works within the Reserve Fund"

But, as also discussed under e.g. Overview # 1 and Extortion, 'Dear Mr Ladsky' decided otherwise - so that he could make his multi-million £ jackpot.

To my letters asking for supporting evidence, 'Hathaway, MRICS' responded with a malicious, illegal threat of "proceedings" in 'her' 20.09.09 letter (and did the same thing to some of my fellow leaseholders: MRJ # 26).

(As detailed above, 3 weeks later, Silverstone, CKFT, took over the baton by sending me his malicious letter of 07.10.02).

As with Silverstone, Hathaway was making the demand - and the threats - in the name of a company, 'Steel Services' - that did NOT exist, as it had been

"Struck off the [British Virgin Islands] register for non-payment of licence fee" (MRJ # 24 ; LVT # 01 ; Owners identity # 2 ; CKFT # 1 ; BVI # 1).

Further, the Jersey address was also false.

Hathaway claimed falsely that "the works" only related to "maintenance": 30.08.02 letter; there was "no intention to build a penthouse": 26.03.02 letter (MRJ # 12) v. the glaringly obvious evidence.

She continued to maintain this lie (MRJ # 9) - doing this in tandem with her 'Dear client', Ladsky (MRJ # 10); .and his surveyor, Brian Gale, MRICS (MRJ # 11 ; 'Major works' # 2).

Hathaway (at times in tandem with Brian Gale, MRICS, and Andrew Ladsky), lied on several occasions to the then London Leasehold Valuation Tribunal - which wilfully turned a blind eye to it (see summaries: Events ; Breaches of the law ; Kangaroo court) e.g.

  • Falsely claiming in the 07.08.02 application that the £736,200 demanded for the "maintenance works" was "reasonable" (in the course of the hearings, the tribunal could see that this was glaringly not true); (Overview # 2).
  • Providing a lease with the 07.08.02 application, falsely claiming that it was "representative of all the leases" (MRJ # 23)
  • (As the tribunal 'conveniently' did not provide me with the supporting enclosures to the application, I only discovered it at a later stage (Overview # 2 ; LVT # 1.3)
  • ...- which the LVT readily accepted, in the process repeatedly ignoring my letters that included highlighting the fact that MRJ was not complying with the tribunal's directions (Overview # 2 ; LVT # 2 , # 3 ), as well as those from my fellow leaseholders (LVT # 1.4)...
  • ...- thereby limiting my ability to challenge the application, by not having the information to which I was legally entitled - and consequently forcing me to employ advisors (LVT # 2.3).
  • (NB: The same situation occurred with West London County Court in 2002-04 (above), in 2007-08 (above),and was again repeated in 2011).
  • Falsely claiming that the majority of leaseholders had paid, and were "not [therefore] objecting to the sum demanded" (MRJ # 15 ) v. (among others), Joan Hathaway's letter of 26.03.04 (i.e. more than one year later) stating "Due to extensive delays in collecting the contribution from all lessees" (MRJ # 14)
  • ... - to which it, of course, turned a blind eye and a deaf ear (LVT # 02) (in the process working in tandem with HM's judiciaries who, likewise, ignored the abuse of process - as detailed above, under CKFT).
  • likewise, in the process, HM's tribunal panel ignored the content of my correspondence e.g. my 22.10.02 letter in which, on pg 3 I raised this issue.


Joan Hathaway, MRICS, in tandem with CKFT, also lied to West London County Court - which, as in the case of the tribunal, wilfully turned a blind to it - (see, summaries: Events ; Breaches of the law ; Kangaroo court) - by:

  • ... - and therefore knowing that the tribunal had told us, leaseholders, specifically, to NOT pay the 'service charge' - until - the tribunal had issued its 'determination' (LVT # 1.5)
  • As detailed under CKFT, HM's judiciaries ignored my correspondence proving the LIE.

Concurrently, continuing to work in tandem with CKFT, the contingency fund was not taken into consideration either in the demand from other leaseholders (MRJ # 20 ; CKFT # 6.3 ) (see also below, Pridie Brewster).

Because the tribunal's findings were 'highly inconvenient' for 'Dear Mr Ladsky' - who 'needed' the money to make his multi-million £ jackpot - in breach of leaseholders' rights - the racketeers never implemented the findings.

In this, they were greatly assisted by the fact that, in breach of its statutory duty, the then London LVT had deliberately failed to include, in its report, a summary of the impact of its findings on the global sum demanded (e.g. Overview # 2 ; LVT # 4.2).

INSTEAD, on the day that the last valiant Defendant on the 29.11.02 claim 'caved in' in Wandsworth County Court (Overview # 5 ; WLCC # 13(3) ; WCC # 2),... 'his' 02.08.04 letter, Barrie Martin, FRICS, informed "All Lessees" of the appointment of a new contractor, Mansell Construction Services.

In 'his' letter, he claimed that the cost for "the works" were “£513,656.70 + VAT” - failing to mention the addition of an 11% management fee. The addition of the management fee + VAT brought the total to £669,936 (US$1.182 million),

It amounted to a difference of only £66,269 (US$117,000), or 9% less than the 15.07.02 demand of £736,200 (US$1.3 million) that was the subject of the 07.08.02 Application to the tribunal - that resulted in a 70% reduction: Overview # 5 ; LVT # 4 (MRJ # 13 , # 17).

OF IMPORTANCE: 'he' did this in breach of the consultation requirements - which meant that the maximum that could be demanded of each leaseholder was £250 (US$440) - or a total, for the then block of 35 apartments, of £8,750 (US$15,429).

Contrast that with the £500,000 (US$882,000) that was paid and kept (Pridie Brewster: # 2 , # 3 , # 8 , # 10 , # 17 , # 18 , # 19).

Contrast that also with the above 21.12.01 letter that asserted that "Sufficient funds are held to cover the cost of the works within the Reserve Fund"

(As detailed under CKFT) assisting Ladsky in his 'revenge' against me (like CKFT had been doing it: WLCC # 13), 5 weeks before my (finally) getting the 01.07.04 Consent Order endorsed by Wandsworth County Court, sealing the 21.10.03 'PART 36 offer' made to me by 'Steel Services',...

...Martin Russell Jones sent me a 24.05.04 totally unsupported invoice, stating "Brought forward balance: £13,430" (US$23,680).

3 months after the Consent Order, Hathaway sent me a 21.10.04 equally unsupported demand, to which nearly £1,000 had been added. Hence, as though no 'offer' had been made, accepted, paid and endorsed by the court (Overview # 6 ; (MRJ # 18).

My ignoring them because I knew it was fraud, led to a repeat in a 16.11.04 demand.

Note that Hathaway did this - in spite - of my sending her a 31.12.03 letter stating that I had settled payment with CKFT.

In Feb 07, Martin Russell Jones, yet again, supplied a fraudulent 'service charge' demand.

This time, in relation to the fraudulent 27.02.07 claim filed against me (again) in West London County Court by Portner and Jaskel - on behalf of "Rootstock Overseas Corp" and "Steel Services" i.e. Ladsky (Overview # 11 ; Portner # 6 ; # 7 ; # 31).

Hence, this time, colluding with Portner. (See above, Portner, for the outcome)


Joan Hathaway, MRICS, and Barrie Martin, FRICS, also lied to Kensington & Chelsea housing, I had approached for assistance in getting the accounts for Jefferson House (as per its legal mandate). (Note that my not being supplied with accounts, breaches Clause 2(2)(g)(i) of my Lease).

But, there again: no problem - as they found 'friends' only too happy to assist them and, hence, 'Dear Mr Ladsky' (Overview # 15):

  • by accepting their lies as being the truth; making-up excuses to deny me assistance (KC housing # 2);


In 2010, on the order of its master, Andrew Ladsky, MRJ sent me a malicious, totally unsupported 09.07.10 fraudulent demand of £24,002 (US$42,319).

In further breach of, among others, the Fraud Act 2006, its 'response' to my follow-on 3 letters asking for evidence in support : 15.07.10, 17.11.10 and 16.12.10 - was to keep on sending me the demand: 01.11.10 and 18.01.11 (see Martyn Gerrard Background and # 2) (My identical Comments are attached to the invoices)

Etc., etc., etc with this racketeering, thoroughly evil, criminal mafia. See Martin Russell Jones

Conclusion: Martin Russell Jones was a KEY party to: Threat of forfeiture and bankruptcy proceedings, as well as court claims = fraud tools - and to my continuing to be persecuted.

It is abundantly clear that Andrew Ladsky was, likewise, Martin Russell Jones' client. Who else could it be when he is the client of:

and Hathaway was taking directions from him during the tribunal hearings (My Diary 10 Oct 02 , 5 Feb 03 , 13 Mar 03).

The summary for my section on Martin Russell Jones reads: I view Joan Doreen Hathaway, MRICS and Barrie Robert Martin, FRICS, as evil, corrupt, amoral individuals - conduct endorsed by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

NO, I am most definitely NOT going to follow this by 'allegedly'.

To these perceptions I add: racketeering vermin (I repeat my Comments under Persecution (1)(4)) from the same cesspit as Andrew Ladsky and his other puppets - and NO 'allegedly'.

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(7)- Martyn Gerrard, (links to main page), 'managing' agents who took over from Martin Russell Jones (MRJ) in 2011 (see also Extortion)...

...that then described itself as an "award-winning agency...where integrity counts" - and changed to, in 2014: "50 years of fulfilling dreams" (of criminals?)

Its "Block Management Department" is located at Martyn Gerrard House, 197 Ballards Lane, Finchley Central, London N3 1LP.

(Typically), it places emphasis on its being "regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, ARMA, ALEP"

The link is my assessment of these endorsements: I view these organisations as criminally putting the likes of Martyn Gerrard, Brian Gale and the then MRJ in the path of unwary leaseholders.

(And doing the same thing are: (1)- the Law Society with CKFT, Portner and Jaskel, Leytons and Wagner; (2)- the ICAEW with Pridie Brewster and Errington Langer Pinner).

In taking over from its, also, RICS "regulated" racketeering predecessor, MRJ, (MG Introduction , background), it is, of course, continuing in its footsteps - of dishing out the criminal psychological harassment regime:

making fraudulent upon fraudulent demands - in the tens of 000s of £s;

supplying so-called "accounts" that are not compliant with my Lease (see, below, Errington Langer Pinner);

and numerous other forms of criminal psychological harassment.

Because it was preparing the next attack, to prevent me from challenging the demands - from July 12, Martyn Gerrard opted for a policy of not providing any supporting information.

Concurrently, it is ignoring my correspondence e.g. MG # 3 , # 5 ; # 19.

My 'upsetting' the plan has since led to more ongoing reprisals: MG # 28.

See summaries:

...thereby breaching, among others, the following - which all amount to criminal offences:

as well as my Lease (which is a legal contract).

What does this vermin (I repeat my Comments under Persecution (1)(4)) do to justify its ever growing fraudulent demands? Claims to anybody prepared to give it the time of day that "[I] owe the demands": My Diary 12 Oct 15.

That's what happens when:

  • their 'professional' bodies, suffer from extreme blindness to irrebutable evidence of fraud, extortion, corruption etc. by their members - as demonstrated by e.g. the outcome of my 02.02.05 more than legitimate complaint against MRJ to the RICS (summary # 6.2)... totally unregulated sectors.

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(8)- Brian Gale & Associates, MRICS surveyors (links to main page)

Surveyors, Reigate, Surrey RH2 9BS

(NB: search for Brian Gale on the Web, as he 'appears' to 'move around')

(See summaries: Events ; Breaches of the law; also Extortion)

Brian Gale, MRICS is/was Andrew Ladsky's surveyor. He confirmed this during the 2003 London Leasehold Valuation Tribunal proceedings.

(NB: Brian Gale is covered in my 03.06.08 Witness Statement).

He certainly went out of his way to support his client by lying to the leaseholders at Jefferson House, and to the Tribunal in two "Expert Witness" reports - endorsed by 'statements of truth'...

...- to which, as in the case of Martin Russell Jones, the tribunal panel turned a blind eye to. So: might as well take advantage for the benefit of 'Dear Mr Ladsky' - see Brian Gale.


His 'gem' and that of Mansell Construction Services:

in their Nov 04 'Description of works', they described building a penthouse that spans the whole length and width of Jefferson House as: "replacing asphalt roof".

The summary for my section on Brian Gale, MRICS, reads: Corrupt and morally depraved, happily lying to a tribunal in 'Expert witness' reports, and to Jefferson House leaseholders.

NO, I am most definitely NOT going to follow this by 'allegedly'.

To these perceptions I add: scum from the same cesspit as Andrew Ladsky and his other puppets - and NO 'allegedly'.

Like Martin Russell Jones, Brian Gale was a KEY party to: Threat of forfeiture and bankruptcy proceedings, as well as court claims = fraud tools.

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(9)- Saxon Law, surveyors

Located at 24 Bruton Place , London W1J 6NE, on its website, it listed its activities as including "property management".

Its appearance on the scene was connected with my, and fellow leaseholders' attempts - in vain - at determining who controls our home (Owners identity # 1)

In its 23.01.02 letter to Joan Hathaway, MRICS, MRJ, it stated:

"...the lessees immediate landlord whose details are to be provided which is not, in this instance, our client, Jefferson House Limited." (1)

Consequently, I do not feel it would be appropriate to disclose details of the directions and company secretary of Jefferson House Limited.

"...I would also confirm that there are currently outstanding arrears on the quarterly rent and insurance..." (2)

(1)- Which was the freeholder.

(2)- Why? When the headlessor was 'Steel Services' (= Ladsky);

  • with obligation under the Lease to insure the block;
  • that was invoicing the leaseholders for the insurance e.g. the so-called "2001 accounts", and
  • MRJ's so-called 'Report on property expenses' (I have attached extracts after the letter) - that specify Saxon Law.

I repeat: WHY?

Was Saxon Law just another layer taking its cut from organising the rip-off insurance for the block? (see MRJ # 48)

NOTE that 'Steel Services' = Ladsky's 'managing' agents was Martin Russell Jones - not Saxon Law.

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(10)- Pridie Brewster, accountants (links to main page)

Located at 29/39 London Road, Twickenham, Middlesex TW1 3SZ

(See also: summary of my complaint to the ICAEW: # 6.1)

'Appears' to have been replaced in ???, by Errington Langer Pinner (# 10A, below)

Pridie Brewster is the firm of accountants that signs-off the accounts for Jefferson House (At least, those I have up to year-end 2004).

The main contact is/was Roger Clement.

(NB: Pridie Brewster is covered in my 03.06.08 Witness Statement).

Pridie Brewster signed-off accounts for Jefferson House, stating

"...the attached schedule of costs, expenses and outgoings is sufficiently supported by receipts and other documents"

This is false given the 17.06.03 LVT/SC/007/120/02 report (ref. #992 on the LVT database), as well as the terms of the Lease.

In addition, given the covenants in the Lease, it 'evidently' issued "Steel Services estimated expenditure for the year ended 2006" - which is also fraudulent...

...- given that Steel Services no longer 'had' control of the last floor of Jefferson House. ('Had' as the situation is unclear - see Portner and Jaskel points # 6 ; # 27 ; Headlessors).

As can be seen from the evidence contained in this pack, based on the 29.08.06 letter to me from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW), following the fraudulent "service charge" demand of 15.07.02 'from' Joan Hathaway, MRICS, MRJ, (Overview # 1), the majority of leaseholders at Jefferson House ended-up paying an amount that was NOT due and payable (Overview # 3 ; # 5).

(NOTE that Andrew David Ladsky - himself - admitted - to the police - that:

This charge was challenged at the leasehold valuation tribunal who reduced this amount quite significantly)

Consider this in the context of the threats of forfeiture and bankruptcy proceedings, as well as court claims = fraud tools

Following my complaint of 19.07.05 against Pridie Brewster to the ICAEW, after a long, drawn out battle (snapshot- # A), it resulted in its 29.08.06 verdict that:

"The ICAEW does not believe that there is grounds for disciplinary action against Pridie Brewster"

"...what is crucial in the decision is that the LVT stated that tenants could willingly contribute towards the extra costs should they wish to do so”


Note what the then London Leasehold Valuation Tribunal actually wrote under para.64 of its17.06.03 report:

"It should be made clear that there is nothing in this determination which will prevent all the proposed works being carried out. Even if they are deemed to be improvements by this Tribunal, there would be nothing to prevent the tenants deciding that they want them carried out...

The only caveat is that the Respondent and other tenants could not be forced to contribute in the case of improvements and/or works not determined as reasonable by the Tribunal."

Contrast that with what is contained: on this page, under Overview, Extortion, Kangaroo courts, etc.


If the leaseholders were so “willing to contribute towards the extra costs” : how come they ended-up being listed on the 29.11.02 court claim? (Particulars of claim) (Overview # 3 ; WLCC point # 1 ; # 2)

How do you answer that one Pridie Brewster and ICAEW? (Pridie Brewster # 18)

Clearly, Pridie Brewster's client must also be / have been Andrew David Ladsky.

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(10A)- Errington Langer Pinner

ICAEW-endorsed accountants, located at Pyramid House, 956 High Road, Finchley, London N12 9RX

Include Robert Norman Errington and Michael Pinner.

'Appears' to have replaced Pridie Brewster (# 10, above)

As a member of the Andrew David Ladsky mafia, its conduct is, of course, in line with that of the group - and intended to assist in the dishing out of the criminal psychological harassment regime through, among other, provocation (Header 4).

It has so far produced so-called "accounts for ":

- for an unnamed party:

  • that are not compliant with my Lease - thereby implying that they are fraudulent;
  • in relation to which it LIED by claiming that, in doing this, it "followed" an ICAEW technical release - as these very clearly state that the Lease takes precedence.

Of course: YES! it is "endorsed by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales"

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(11)- For similar types of crime - on a much smaller scale - others end-up in jail for up to 32 months. WHY NOT THEM?

A 27 Feb 12 article, on the BBC's website, headed "Worcestershire car clampers who 'milked the public' jailed" - stated that "5 people, including the company owner, who may have made up to £500,000, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to defraud", and were jailed for periods ranging "from 12 to 32 months".

The article reported the judge as saying that "they were guilty of milking the public and causing fear and distress on their victims".

It was also reported that "they intimidated drivers into parting with up to £335 to unclamp vehicles and cancel tow-truck call-outs"

Spot the similarities?

(1) Ditto on a "c.£500,000 fraud" (US$882,000): CKFT: LVT , WLCC

(2) Ditto on "intimidating their victims to make them part with money": e.g.

  • threat of "bankruptcy": 2007;
  • threat of "proceedings": 2002;
  • filing fraudulent claims: 2002 , 2003 ; 2007 , 2008 - in the process ignoring that a tribunal had specifically told their victims to NOT pay: 2002;
  • using one of their flunkies to attempt to defraud their victim: 2007;
  • continuing to demand payment after an offer they made to their victim was paid, accepted, and endorsed by the court: 2004;
  • false accusations to the employer of their victim: 2002 , 2006-07;
  • threats of defamation proceedings, including against their victim's contacts, that employer: 2002 , 2003 ; 2007;
  • sending an arsenal of malicious, threatening letters e.g. 2003-04

(See: My Diary 22 Nov 08 ; Home page - Overview for other examples)

(3) Ditto on "causing fear and distress on their victims":

  • CKFT: the whole page;
  • etc., etc., etc.

My fellow leaseholders: Elderly Resident ; Head Residents Association ; Other Residents ; their letters to the then London LVT: # 1.4.

In fact, if you are a normal, honest human being, I think you will agree that the above examples are far worse than those that caused these people to be jailed - and that the sentences should therefore be multiplied by a factor of at least 10...

- with some also dished out to those who helped them in the implementation of their fraudulent activities.

(NB: Note also Her Majesty's Masonic police and judiciary put a man in jail "for stealing a gingerbread man from a shop that had been looted" (Unbelievable!)

Where is the mafia now?... this "fantastically corrupt", worse than Wild West environment - as this island-Kingdom has sold out to crime, and is consequently controlled by crime, for the benefit of crime (I add that only the corruptible can be corrupted):

- ALL - currently free as a bird, and ALL, starting with Ladsky, laughing their head off at me, as:

Is it the job of the police to take action?

Needless to say: YES! That's what two of the 'regulators' of the above mafia told me: police # 7, plus what a Minister confirmed in Parliament on 12 Jan 12.

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(12)- ANYBODY wants to argue with me that the above, with which I have had the detailed experience (Extortion), and their gang leader, Andrew David Ladsky:

Do not amount to a greed-ridden, extremely vicious, cruel, satanic (1), sadistic, racketeering, organized crime mafia?...

For which the place is:

Where others have ended for committing similar crimes - on a much smaller scale.
And where those who assist them and protect them should also be.

Have not been actively assisted and protected by some corrupt individuals in Her Majesty's taxpayer-funded courts and tribunal; police; local council...

- as well as others in the British state and private sector? (my 50+ legitimate 'cries for help' and complaints - in vain)

That their gang leader, Andrew David Ladsky, does not continue to be actively protected and assisted by some of Her Majesty's police, judiciary, etc. (2), in the state sector and, by extension, his gang of racketeers...

...- including, for the purpose of 'retribution' against me, by continuing to collude with him, entailing also acting in tandem with his scum and thugs?

WHY? Because they are 'Jews'...who make 'such a great' "contribution to this country" = shower Her Majesty's government with money?

(1) I repeat my Comments under Persecution (1)(4)

(2) In addition to the Introduction e.g.

  • ...and, under Reason 2, his 'shock-horror' at my "describing Ladsky"as that evil, greed-ridden monster"") (QB # 4 (5)(3)) (I replied to these, respectively, under paras 47-49 and 29-31 of my 17.10.11 Appeal Request).

(ADDING credence to my conclusions - see the Jan 14 Indy articles that report on police's findings of "corruption of the criminal justice system by Freemasons").

Since 2002, I have been going through extremely traumatic, horrendous suffering at the hands of this mafia.

And those - taking my taxpayer money - with the remit to ensure my protection, justice and redress, are not just 'part of the problem' - they are the problem...

... in very sick, "fantastically corrupt" Britain - in which the state acts as one with 'certain' criminals'.

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