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July 2002 - Photograph of the back of Jefferson House - at the time that Ms Hathaway, Martin Russell Jones, sent the £736,000 (US$1.3 million) service charge demand for the major works
6 February 2005 - The scaffolding covers the whole of the facade of the back of Jefferson House
6 February 2005 - Photograph shows that an extra floor is under construction. (Particularly evident when comparing the level at which the works are taking place - against the building on the left v. the photograph taken in July 2002)
2 May 2005 - The whole area of the back of the block is still blocked out by scaffolding. As before, a small crane can be seen on the roof.
5 June 2005 - Same state as one month ago: the scaffolding covers all of the back of the building. The small crane is still on the roof.
3 July 2005 - No change for, yet again, another month: all of the scaffolding is still in place, and so is the small crane on the roof