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2 May 2005 - From the top of the stairs, coming from the lower ground floor. Photograph shows the bare slats. Also, some bulky items stored on the right, as well as an electric wire running on the ground, on the left hand side
2 May 2005 - Main entrance corridor. Note the floor showing the bare slats
5 June 2005 - As can be seen, the floor is still in the same state since the photograph taken on 2 May 2005
5 June 2005 - Main entrance, showing that part of the base slats has been removed, exposing pipes running under the floor, as well as wiring
26 June 2005 - Some flooring started to be placed in the entrance. The photograph clearly shows that the base slats were removed in order to replace them with this flooring. Hence, there is no insulation under the flooring.
26 June 2005 - Another close-up of the new flooring that started to be placed in the entrance